BB21 Head of Household Endurance competition haunted WALL

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
America’s Prankster –
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

7:14 pm Everyone still hanging on.

Scary Ghosts fly at them

7:16 pm WOW! super surprised Jess was the first one to fall. She jumps off.

Jess gets hurt but is able to walk it off.

WOW would never have guessed Cliff is the next one out @ 7:33 pm

Christie is the next one out .

7:39 pm Jackson, Tommy, Nicole still in it.

7:43 pm Nicole drops.. what the f*

Jackson wins The head of household!!!!!

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J e t s jets jets jets

And down she gooooes!

Dakota Barb



Dang Jess please be shut up !! I thought Christie talked a lot !! And again Michie has to pee !! Side affect of too much watermelon !

Guy From Canada

Did he piss himself again?


Cliff down


Christie down !


Come on Nicole !! Please win this !!


Nicole down 🙁


Wtf Michie won


Tommy def threw that to keep from picking sides !!!


Now fricken get rid of Christie !!!

Sally B

Tommy will never get rid of Christie. She probably knows too much dirt on him & she’s proved she has a great big mouth.

Amy N

Kind of rooting for Nicole on this one




Yes Christie is out of hoh


I want Nicole to win!


Christie lasted 2 seconds longer than Cliff LMAO!


Well she has been eating more


Come on tommy fall come on Nicole

Bullies Suck

I really hope Nicole wins so we can finally see if she has game or if she would just nominate Cliff and Jess.


i hear she is out


She would’ve put up Tommy/Christie b/c they were never in her F4 & she’s not a fan of Christie nor did she like what Tommy did to Nick. She was the only one in the house who clued into them being tighter than tight.

Now she’ll hope Jackson puts them up one leaves & then in DE I’m not sure she’ll want to win b/c the ideal scenario would be taking out Jackson next (or Tommy if Christie leaves this week AND I’ll reiterate as much as I want Christie gone I think Tommy is equally if not more dangerous).

J e t s jets jets jets

Hey you’re back. Haven’t seen any posts from you for a couple of days. I followed you on Twitter and sent you a message so you know who I am.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Nicole’s instincts have been more accurate than others but she’s had no power or little influence. She get’s the link between Tommy & Christie is stronger than the others realize; I’ve often thought it will be egg on Jack’s face when he finds out all the righteous indignation over Holly & Kat supposedly knowing each other came from CHRISTIE who KNOWS Tommy; not a loose acquaintance, but family. Dirt bags.

Bullies Suck

That sucks. Was hoping for new blood. Now we have to hope for Michie.


What a s?!t show:(
Boo Hoo


Jackson wins (he wasn’t pushed!)


I freaking missed it. You serious on the push?

I have no bird, I have no bush

No, it’s a reference to when Helen was pushed by who I assume was a production assistant on the wall comp in BB15.

Or was it? Hmmm.


I remember a wall comp one season, where you could actually see someone pushing from behind the HG, so hope you’re not just being sarcastic? Will see if I can find that clip.

Bullies Suck

Well, if Nicole wins, she will finally be able to play in a Veto competition!


OMG, This was Nicole’s comp to win, she’s useless

Bullies Suck

Outside of the water freezing her little frame, this comp was hand picked for her.


It’s actually Tommy’s to win. Strong and stocky. Nicole has no upper body strength.

Cotton Weary

this. plus tommy has more core strength. aside from true/false, maybe puzzle comps could be nicole’s best shot.

obb community, which is more unfair: christie/tommy knowing each other, or jackson having been on “the juice”?

Guy From Canada

You mean water melon ? juice?


I hope Jess gets a penalty for falling first.

Franks fumes

Her penalty for falling first is final 3 🙁


Nicole was in a zone at the beginning–she looked over at Crusty like it was her time!!!! GO NICOLE!!!!!!


3 weeks in a row of Jackson and Holly in the HoH room, This season sucks

Jan Nan

I’m trying to be team Nicole , but she makes it hard sometimes. This wall comp was hers to win. Is she afraid to make a move ? Doesn’t make sense she has to know she can’t win the money if she doesn’t have something to back her game up.

Sally B

I’m almost feeling like Nicole is so wishy-washy that if she actually did win the $$$, she’d go back & forth in some inwardly mental battle like “Ummmmm…..should I be giving this $$$ to _________, or should I be splitting it with ______” or some such thing. Sheesh.


In fairness she fell yesterday & had to see the doctor- ice her back every 10 minutes which is pretty excessive so it sounds more than just a small injury. I think someone said her tailbone which would’ve been brutal on that wall. It’s not like she threw it b/c she knows Tommy would come for her potentially.

I’m more in shock that Jackson is under the belief Jess is the priority boot over Tommy/Christie & that somehow she won’t be angry going up again or that he can convince Tommy to target Christie next week if he keeps him safe (yeah – right).


Ok Jackson put Christie up and get her ass out this time

B $

I’m sure he will put her up with Jess and they will take out Jess bc they are soooooo dumb.


I’m out…can’t stomach watching Holly and Jackson another week as HOH. I’d rather stick a fork in my eye.
Hopefully next season is better.


Nick should have nominated Jackson instead of Christie…..a much smarter choice. He would probably still be in the game and might have won it.


Worst case-Jackson wins veto and THEN he could have put Christie up

B $

Same thing would have happened. Jackson wins veto and he puts Christie up and still goes home.

another name

So did I hear correctly after Nicole fell, Jackson lean over and tell Tommy he’s good? I know I heard “you want it?” from Tommy, and Jackson say “I don’t care.” but before that. Did Jackson tell Tommy he’s good?


Never thought I’d be routing for Michie.


August 29th. Holly just won Big Brother. Check back next month


Agree. Is anyone even really targeting her?

Bullies Suck

Michie is ?


Now the question is: Who will Jackson put up?

Dakota Barb

Oh boy! Now we get to watch Crysty kiss a$$ BIG TIME!! Sorry Bi@#H, ya gatta GO!!!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The ? is how will Christie get Jackson to nominate Cliff?

J e t s jets jets jets

Not a chance he’s going to nominate Cliff.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

if Tommy wins veto….


Jackson and Holly have built quite the resume. Never thought they become such a power couple.


(pasting this forward from previous page – didn’t know you opened a new page)
This had the makings for Nicole especially when Christie fell but Nic readjusted her hand and fell doing it (DAMN). Tommy either feeling safe if he sits beside Christie or believing he has Holly/Jackson snowed falls so once again Jackson is the HOH.

Another week of kissy-kissy & what should be either a Christie-Tommy nomination or Christie-Jess.

This should be a week where we see Christie go ballistic trying to make up every possible story about Cliff, Nicole & Jess to avoid the block & we might finally see Tommy-Christie throw each other OTB. Jackson will likely not be happy he had to win again, but given Nicole hurt her back yesterday & their friendship has grown he hopefully won’t be too hard on her.

The big question is whether he puts them both up immediately which at this point makes the most sense so Tommy can’t win & pull her down.

AND this will make Jackson very vulnerable for the DE next Thursday

another name

I’m pretty sure that jackson told Tommy he wouldn’t be nominated. So Tommy dropped thinking that his deal with Christie and Holly and Jackson is real.

J e t s jets jets jets

I really hope he goes with Christie and Jess. California has been in a drought so all the tears could help a little.

Watch from a distance

I hope Christie and Tommy so that if he wins he can’t take her off!


Now an official chit show. Time to get him out. What Xactly did momma say!


Surely since Nick is gone Michie will finally get rid of Christie !!


He just solidified his final four with Cliff and Nicole, while he was consoling Nicole . This is a total new Michie ! I think he has def realized he’s come off looking bad . You have to give him props for trying to make amends .

another name

pretty easy to ‘make amends’ when he openly talks about d/r giving him suggestions on how to clean up his image.



Big Brother Fan Anyway...

I agree. Ever since the field trip, we have seen a new and improved Jackson. I actually like this version.

Kat's Alien Bitch

3 HOH’s in a row for Jax and Holly: not my favorite people but pretty impressive.
So C and J OTB?


So predictable. Boring season!


So if it looked to you like Tommy threw that – it’s b/c he did —- Jackson told him he wasn’t putting him up & cue the groaning followed by the swan dive.

BUT Jackson never said he wouldn’t backdoor him!

That’s a STUPID move by Jackson b/c if Tommy plays POV & Christie is on the block he’ll take her down. UGH

Jackson confirmed the F4 with Nicole/Cliff/Holly & that none of them are going up but by telling Tommy he’s safe by process of elimination that means Jess & Christie go up. Soooooooooooooo Jackson better think this through & go back to Tommy & tell him I may need to use you as a pawn b/c otherwise Tommy wins POV takes down Christie & one of the Cliff/Nicole or Holly have to go up OTB. Sure, Jackson would still control the vote but that’s a dumb way to handle nominations & taking too many chances. He NEEDS Tommy OTB to ensure Christie stays up & leaves.

B $

100% agree I’m not guessing Jess could win a comp again so she can be replacement nom if T/C win veto

Summer Gowen

They should have let nichole win that, since next week is double eviction and jackson can’t play now. But they dont think there is a de so surprise….


When is finale night

Ovi's tongue

Wednesday September 25th, after the Survivor premier.



BB Crusty Crab Shack

Wednesday . September 25th

Ovi's tongue

It finally hit me that Holly has that Nicole Kidman plasticky facial effect. Another week of her and Jackson in the penthouse is lousy and if it doesn’t result in Tommy and Crustie on the block, very disappointing.


So if Jess survives this week – wins DE HOH (which tend to be questions and she does well at those) & gets out Jackson (after taking out Jack) does she suddenly gain momentum as being a deserving BB winner (Yikes!)


I have said it thus far that Jess stays she can be the one who claims she took a big target out.
One small issue is she led the charge that Nick was a huge threat allowing others left to use the Nick being a BIGGER target, therefore invalidating her only good big move thus far in the game.
They all don’t count Jess as being a contender to win and will be sure to discount anything she does as not that great. However if she can change like in there like and like win a comp like and get like Jackson or even Tommy out, it makes the hgs look pathetic in big move game play. Especially for a player that was never in the loop.


I hope Jackson finally gets out THE OLD BAG


Wanted Nicole to win!
Jackson said he wanted to throw this comp n save a win for the double. Too bad he can’t play next week!
He should have let Nicole win because now he will be put up if he doesn’t win a veto.
Wonder how that keeping Christie plan is gonna pan out for the double??

Jolly Fan

I fear the double could be Jackson’s undoing. Christie will go after him (or maybe Holly) the first chance she gets. Better hope one of the weak competitors (Cliff-Nicole) pull off an upset HOH next week. Christie-Jess? Christie-Tommy are his best noms this week. Too bad I won’t be able to watch the double. First episode I’ve missed in years.


There was three of them up when Nicole fell so he really couldn’t let her win unless Tommy did too and Tommy wouldn’t do that I’m sure.


What a Sh!t show! This will def go down as the worst season’s ever!!! Not one person besides jackson/holly will go for hoh/veto…. These ppl are pathetic and don’t deserve to win any money playing the pussy game!!!


Jackson just told Cliff he is putting Jessica and Christie up. Christie is the pawn. Jessica really scares him.



I get it, but Jess is gung ho on putting guys up if she wins an HOH. I kinda see it from his perspective even tho Christie gets on my last nerve and I want her out. I hope Nicole and Cliff vote Christie out or Jess wins Veto and Tommy goes up.


Love the sarcasm, Simon. Hahaha!


Aaaand Jackson wastes another HOH week by targeting the furniture…

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

And clearing the way for a Christie/Tommy finale.

Franks fumes

At least we’ll have a week of America’s sweethearts play acting their lines to the cameras making sure the angles are flattering for the old Buzzard……3 weeks of them in that god damn room f@ck……


I really hope he puts up tommy and Christie ???

Just a game

He loves tommy .. he also can’t let himself having another male competitor out


So how many watermelons we thinking for this HOH win?

Michael Testa

this season fuckin sucks


It’s all about deciding who is worthy of the money. They decided from day one who were going to be the top 5. Jack was supposed to be one of them. These are the most self entitled bunch of people I have ever seen on this show, usually they act like they are playing a game. Can you imagine what those diary room sessions must be like for that self entitled manifesta woman. ” wah wah wah, I deserve to be here! at least 5000 dollahs worth, plus my stipend, I don’t ask for much. ” UGH! I thought I disliked Evil Dick.
I would take a houseful of Paul’s compared to this. And I am tired of the gender thing, who cares if it is a man or a woman or a eunuch that wins.