“If those 2 and those 2 find out about each other and I’m not competing in this next HOH it’s 4 against 1”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder:
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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1:02 am Cliff, Jackson, and Nicole
Talking about Cliff going up as a pawn in the event Jess or Christie get taken off the block
Cliff – I am will to do that to play my part in the group.
They go over scenarios for nomaitnions whether or not Cliff should be used as the pawn from the get-go. It’s decided this is too risky in case Jess/Christie/Tommy win the Veto they don’t want a situation where it’s Nicole/Cliff up against Tommy
Jackson says he doesn’t want their 4 on the block if at all possible. Cliff agrees.
Cliff – start with the two of them (Christie/Jess) if one of them wins veto pulls themselves off if you want to consider me to help keep Tommy on board. I still have two votes I’m safe. If we have to do it so be it i’ll play the role and do what needs to be done. you really can’t backdoor now

1:14 am Cliff, Nicole, Holly, and Jackson
Jackson says they have been talking about putting up Jess and Christie
Jackson – if one comes off potentially having Cliff go up as a pawn
Holly – ohh sh1t
J – As long as..
Cliff – I told Michie I don’t want to volunteer but as long as I have your vote and Nicole’s vote and he’s the tiebreaker it might deflect a bit from Tommy thinking we’re all a group.
J – it will keep every suspicion at bay
H – you could be a pawn anyways
Cliff and Jackson say they had thought about that but whoever out of Jess/Christie that isn’t on the block were to win veto they are in trouble.

They decide it’s too risky “the only way that both of them can be guaranteed safe is if one of them is off the block and wins the veto”
J – I don’t want to put Tommy up because if Jess goes and Christie stays me and Cliff are f*ed
Nicole points out if Tommy wins the veto take Christie down they still have Jess up there as a target.

1:15 am Tommy and Christie
T – yo
C – hey
Tommy says Cliff and Nicole are both up in the HOH “I tried everything”
C – we have to win next week
T – I know
C – I’m so scared I’m so nervous. I’m done I don’t want to be on the block anymore. I’m so tired
C – I just have to pretend I am fine. I have to kiss their a$$es. It’s so frustrating they are so good.
Christie says Nicole and Cliff are working with Jackson/Holly
Christie says what happens if she wins the veto who goes up
Tommy – it’s not going to be me he gave me his word up there
Christie says Jackson told her he wants to take Jess out.
Tomm y- they are taking out our people
Christie – yes, because they are good
Christie say the only way they can save their Jess and the two of them is if Tommy wins the veto and uses it on her.
Tommy says he’ll do that.
Christie – Cliff has to go
Tommy says holly and Jackson will have a hard time balancing game talk with they are playing with both pairs in the house.

1:20 am Holly and Jackson
Jackson – we get another week up here.
Jackson – you’re so hot it’s insane (ZOMG)
Holly – you just haven’t seen many hot girls in awhile
Jackson – I don’t want to. I have no desire to.
Holly – Tommy and Christie were thinking of coming up and talking to you but they didn’t Christie is exhausted. She was like I’m just sick of going up on the block.
Holly says when Christie was in the DR she talked to Tommy. She wasn’t sure if Tommy knew Christie was going up as the pawn but he did before she said anything. He told her that this wee Tommy wants to “talk game” and “be involved in stuff this week”
Holly – I don’t want to f* over Tommy, I don’t want to lie to Tommy, I don’t want to betray Tommy I don’t. F* how did we get here
Jackson – I couldn’t risk Tommy going after Cliff and Nicole
Holly – I know
Jackson – when I was up there I told him we’re good.. even though we are good with him THEY (Cliff/Nic) are not good with them. We are good with them. We shook their hands we didnt’ shake Tommy and Christie’s hand
Jackson – Coming after them (CLiff/Nicole) is essentially the sam eas coming after us just indirectly
Holly goes on about how Tommy is going to want to “Play the game again” because for the last few weeks he hasn’t
Jackson says that he can’t compete in the next HOH now with Jess’ leaving “they” can take shots at each other (Nicole-Cliff shots at Christie-Tommy)
Jackson – we can’t get caught in the middle otherwise we will be the nominees for both of them
Holly – we have to be very delicate with Jess and Christie
J – Jess worries me a lot
Holly mmmmhhhmmmm me too because she’s already unstable as it is. She already loud-mouthed and her and Christie are already close. Look at how she felts when Kat was going home and then she spiraled
H – now she’s on the block next to her best friend in the house. Current best friend
J – this is still better than Cliff and Nicole on the block. I’m just trying to rationalize to myself why I won
Holly goes on about her dad liking Jackson because he’s getting the job done and he respects a hard worker.
Jackson – I got a job to do. (getting out Jessica)

1:54 am Nicole and Christie
Nicole and Christie are crying “I love you all so much”
Christie – I love you guys too but there’s nothing like them.
Christie – it seems so long now they just seem so far away

2:00 am Christie, Tommy, Jess, Cliff, Nicole
Christie crying
Christie – I forget what my family looks like.. I just miss them. I feel so drained an exhausted .. I’ve been on the block for so long
Christie says she’s been on edge for a month now.
Christie – last week I was convinced I had no more tears left.. okay I’m done
Cliff – I’ll tell yeah last week was a tough week. we were saying goodbye to someone he liked and just not that the stress of the pies and the pranks. Not knowing if there was another twist coming. I really think this week will be some kind of rewards week.

Cliff – we’re final 7 nine people have gone home.
Nicole – as we sit her crying we’re so luck
Cliff goes on about how lucky they are for competing in the competitions points out that Ovi and Kemi “they didn’t get to do any of these Iconic competitions”
Christie – well that was my emotions for the night. I really love all of you I care about every single one of you

2:30 am Jess, Nicole, and Christie
talking about Jess screaming when she fell in the HOH competition
Christie says when jess fell and was laying on the ground Christie didn’t see her just heard her moaning “It sounded very sexual”
Christie – I was like ohh my god is she in pain for pleasure

Jess – that hurt so bad.. you don’t understand I couldn’t breathe for a second.
Christie – I felt your pain. oh my god you poor thing
Jess – I feel so hard on my side that umm .. that it knocked the wind out of me which is really weird.. I feel on the side of one of my lungs basically
Nicole says one of the ghosts knock her and it was painful
Jess – it wasn’t that bad for me
Christie says it was hitting her right between her boobs
Christie says the rain they felt during the HOH felt real.
Jess – I was worried about my mascara. am I going to look like one of these clowns that are next to the house

3:14 am Jackson and Holly
H – game-wise potentially risky but also potentially perfect. I hate having to turn on Tommy. It breaks my heart to think of that
H – I don’t know where to get there yet in my head

H – It’s good that we’re including Christie/Tommy and Nicole/Cliff
J – just not at the same time
H – yeah THINK .. as long as no wires get crossed. We are playing with FIRE. we need to be extremely delicate or we’re completely screwed. We’re in a really good position that could completely explode

Jackson – If those 2 and those 2 find out about each other and I’m not competing in this next HOH it’s 4 against 1
H – be careful with what we say to Tommy and CHristie. I don’t want us saying Final 4 thing at ALL
J – if we do that’s two jury votes that we lost
H – and morale I don’t want to do that
J – I shooked Cliff and Nicole’s hand
H – I know that’s why I want Cliff and Ncioel’s hands to be the only ones we shake.
J – we need to be careful what we say to Jess
H – she’s going to be PISSED. She’s going to go around telling everyone we told her we were good. She thinks she’s good. She’s very Chipper
J – I hate the fact that she’s even brought gender into the conversation
H – I know
J – That’s one fo the biggest reasons I’m putting her on the block because she has emphasized she is going after people simply because they are males.
H – yeah I know
J – well there’s three of us left. I have no reason to get Nicole out. You aren’t going on the block. And Me and Christie we’re on decent terms and I’m not really on her radar so Jess I’m sorry there’s only so many people to pick from
Holly says part of her is thinking maybe they should get Christie out “I don’t trust her loyalty”
J – if Jess is gone there are 6 people left what is she going to do Leave Tommy to go with Cliff and Nicole
J – she will pick Tommy there’s not anywhere for her loyalty to go there are 7 people. After jess is gone there’s no army left to be made this is the end of it.

4:38 am everyone sleeping

9:49 am Waking up slurp kisses

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Southern Girl

Call me crazy but I really wouldn’t mind a twist where Holly went home this week. There’s just something about her that I don’t like and it would really shake things up for the double next week.


I think the one to get out is Jess, she is a sleeper and going to win this thing otherwise.

Holly is a sweet girl playing a decent game, I’m hoping she pulls it off.

Tommy and Christy – the most powerful power couple of all time, no one suspects a thing.

Weekday an awesome season!


I’m not sure if they’re really a power couple though. I think everyone has been giving Tommy and Christie more credit than they deserve, myself included.


Well Christie’s only asset is her mouth, the only thing she has won was the secret power, so her not so much. Tommy wins when he has to, I’m 1000% convinced he’s a chicken $hit and has thrown comps to keep from getting blood on his hands . If and when he starts trying, he might be a threat. They are a power couple in that they are powerfully hard to watch !!


Okkkkkkkkk….I didn’t think of it that way…but you’re right…in that way..they def ARE a power couple…lmao :p But yea…Tommy has for sure played a MUCH better social game…but I really expect Nasty Nick to hammer his voting record to the Jury…which really does weaken Tommy tremendously. Because would anyone have targeted him for voting to keep his good friends, Jack and Sis? No. It goes to your saying he’s chicken sh%t and that does him in I think.


Totally agree !!


Thank you.


Everyone says Tommy has been playing a great social game because he gets along with all the HGs. Why am I the only one that seems to think that his game is the most duplicitous? Nothing he says is sincere except what perhaps he says to Crusty? IMO

Everything has a double meaning because we all know he has that connection with Crusty. If anyone tells him something, he’s spying for Crusty. He’s playing for two people for himself, and Crusty. Allegedly if he doesn’t protect Crusty his family will be upset with him, (friends supposedly have posted online something about this I’m not sure).
Anyway if he had gone in there without Crusty, he might have been a different HG. I don’t dislike him. I seen him in a couple of movies. In the house. Ugh! I think he’s a backstabbing a==&hle and not because he has played the game well but because instead of doing what should be done, like killing the beast, that is voting against the HOH.

He has been nothing more than Crusty’s bitch.


Oh I agree with you. But that’s playing a good social game. Everyone feels like they’re safe with him, even though he has no intention of keeping anyone, except Christie safe. He’s playing slimy…but people in the house feel safe because of how fake he’s able to be.


All the fake “ I Love You” comments has now given me diabetes. I just hope Christie and Jess are the next 2 out, followed by Tommy. I’ve only read this site for the majority of the season. Listening to Jess and Christie’s conversations gives me a migraine. Thank God for Simon and Dawg!


Tommy has to remember he’s not playing on the theater boards. It’s not broad comedy for television although BB has become tragic. Slimy is a good word for Tommy.

I wonder if Tommy will regret getting on BB hoping to become more famous and finding out he’s getting infamous?


i don’t like tommy’s game play, but he hasn’t been on the block at all. that seems to me to indicate a good social game, considering he’s only won 1 hoh and christie has only won 1.


One more thing…I do think Tommy or Christie HAD to win last night. Not sayin they can’t go on to win the game…but last night was crucial. You heard Tommy say to Christie we’re going to lose another number this week. As it was crucial for Michie to win. I think deep down, he was not throwing it. If Christie, Jess, and maybe Tommy had won…Michie and Holly were otb.


Christie’s mouth might have made us sick to our stomachs but it has served her well. I can’t stand her but she has been on the block so many times and has managed to manipulate others into keeping her. If she makes it to final 2, she deserves to win. If Jackson is sitting next to her, boasting about all of his wins she can argue that he did not use wins to his advantage by making poor decisions. (The biggest being he had so many chances to take her out but chose not to.) He can be blamed for blowing up the six by turning on Christie. Sis did not go out on a happy note and she is in jury with Jack and Kat, who is not exactly a fan of his. Christie would probably have Jack, Sis, Tommy and Jessica’s vote….possibly Kat’s. I think Kat probably only went along with aligning herself with Jackson because of her connection with Holly and thinking he would protect her. Nick hates Christie but might blame Jackson for sending him out. IDK. Holly was HOH but it seems they believe she just does what he wants.

At 1 point Jack might have chosen Jackson over Christie but it’s hard to know just how much influence Sis has with him. You never know what information gets spilled in jury house, how/if they connect the dots or influence each other. If it comes down to jury management, Jackson might have screwed his self over. These days the jurors have a hard time keeping their personal feelings out of it.

All I’m really saying is Christie is good at spinning the situation to work in her favor. She has some ammunition to work with. She might win a comp. Tommy probably will, protecting her. Christie could squeeze by. Unfortunately for Jessica, even though she made the big move as HOH, that’s kind of it (so far). She has always been at the bottom. IDK, maybe she’s just been our bottom. Jackson would probably have a better shot at winning sitting next to her.

Having said that, they are all fools if they don’t take out Jackson if given the opportunity, including Cliff and Nicole.

Sorry! I’m just rambling, scribbling thoughts. I’m bored.


I’m not sure about Nick blaming Michie. I think he knows he was Holly’s target, because Holly was his target. He also believes, falsely, that Michie didn’t want him out….but had to go with the house. That was smart on Michie’s part because Nick is going to be a big advocate for him in jury. Sis is mad that he sent her out…but she’s gotten over the anger. And Jack is going to explain it’s a game, everyone is trying to win the money. Nick will also remind Sis of all the things she was saying about Michie that got back to him, thus making him believe Sis was a bigger threat to him than Christie. Christie also will respect game play even though she’s angry she’s otb. Jess is the one person who I think, maybe Sis, will not vote for Michie. This is all supposing he makes it to final 2, which is far from a done deal. And this is also pretending his opponent has played a less strategic and comp-beast game. Bottom line…I think he is setting himself up well for the finale…if he can make it there.


Maybe Nick saying the only alpha Male left in the house was a dig at Tommy? Hmmm


Hmmm…didn’t think of it that way. He was pretty hurt by Tommy. But then again…Tommy doesn’t exactly try to be one.


She won HOH.


Agreed. I thought Tommy n Christie were “doing” something. Collectively as a duo Tommy n Christie suck and have a crappy win record compared to Jackson n Holly. Production had us all hyped up with Christie/Tommy duo connection there including the backyard incident which also turned out to be an entertainment dud! Jackson n Holly were also at the bottom, overcame it, then smashed the last 4 or 5 comps.

Just a game

Its not over..
I wish tommy can start winning now!


Yea…I just can’t figure out how I thought they were so lethal. I guess it was more to do with the fact that they have known each other for years…and also, they were dangerous as a 4some back with Sis and Nick.


Tommy IMO has been too busy trying to play his social game. Protecting his secret and at the same time having the burden of protecting Crusty which meant covering for whatever mess she concocted.

I do think Tommy would have benefited had Crusty gone to jury. I think he would had fought more in the comps. Perhaps he and, Nick would have taken on Jackson, and Holly and they would not have taken up residence in the HOH penthouse for three weeks?

All the HGs have become spineless automatons that seem to have their programming reinforced with each, “I love you.” Ewww Honestly I’ve mentioned before should be translated to “f-u”.


I’m very confused WHY is no one going after Christie/Tommy. Isn’t it obvious by now that have known each other before entering the house?
What about the leaked recording of Christie in the DR talking about it. Didn’t a single person hear it? I thought Cliff def heard it.


Didn’t someone say that production spoke to Cliff and was told it was a hoax and not to believe the blasts to protect Tommy and Christie? SMH This season s_6ks!


jess needs another big hoh or veto win to win. no one respects her game and everyone is stupid not to carry her to the end unless her resume improves.

J e t s jets jets jets

Isn’t it amazing how Christie is in a group of 5 who been in the house for 70 days just like her but she’s the only one suffering the effects of missing her family and friends. It’s always all about her. I CANT REMEMBER WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!


They are making a very big mistake if they don’t get Christie out now!


They are stupid I can’t believe they think Christie is not coming after them if Jackson thinks Jess is the best choice to send out he’s sadly mistaken she can’t win a comp to save her life and they just keep building Christie resume putting her on the block n not sending her out 4wks on the block and she survives again they are handing her 500,000 like here take it smh lol

Stella Smith

They might as well sign the check.


If you’re not smart enough to take advantage of the power that comes with winning comps you don’t deserve to win the game. If the others aren’t smart enough to take out Jackson if given the opportunity, they also don’t deserve to win. (Cliff, Nicole … make your vote count. In a game of deceit for 500k abiding by a handshake or your “word” equals ZERO!

Truthfully, can they just nullify the whole season? No winner?


You know these juries have been voting with emotions. This year’s majority of the cast has even been playing with emotions. They will be a bitter bunch for sure.

Just me

There’s no one left to vote against her. Cliff and Nicole are simply doing what Jackson asks them to do (insert eyeroll) and not thinking of their own game. Obviously Jess and Tommy aren’t voting her out. Jackson is going to get a major case of HOHitis this week.

Stella Smith

I agree. Christy should have been gone weeks ago.

Sis's Werewolf

No, they should be taking Tommy out…. Crusty hasn’t won a damn thing


HUGE mistake

BB makes me sad

I’m usually not one to complain about Big Brother because it is my guilty pleasure, I even tend to enjoy the more “krakenish” seasons. However, watching these people are making me die inside. At this point I hope Christie wins, because the rest of these people are so damn dumb they deserve to lose to her. I forced my Boyfriend to watch this season with me for the first time and I have to apologize to him every single episode because of how horrible it is. I was really hoping they were finally getting things back on track, because last season was just such a delight to watch. I swear Big Brother takes one step forward then 10 steps back. I’m just sad. On that note, I can’t stand her in this game, but Christie FTW and like David or Ovi for AFP because these people need to know they suuuuuck.


Last season was so predictable, watching Level 6 March to the end. Yawn. This season has never had a ‘chosen one’ and there’s no telling where it will go. Cliff has played smart, not loud. I like seeing the wheeling and dealing strategy , christy is a nightmare, but watching her stay after both Holly and Jackson have put her on the block is fun feeds. I stopped watching feed last season because they offered nothing.

BB Casting Call

What have the offered the past few weeks? Suntanning, backgammon…


The vanishing viewers?


No sh.t! I’m embarrassed to tell people I watch it. I always punish myself. It’s like a really bad movie. It’s horrible but I still watch it to the very end, kicking myself the whole time.


Christie or Tommy got to go this week !! I guess since he promised Tommy safety, hopefully it will be Christie !! So basically that means Jess has to win veto for that to happen .

Cotton Weary

holly & jackson need to start eavesdropping again whenever tommy/christie are in a room alone. the sketchy stuff they hear would justify breaking the safety promise to tommy and have him be a potential replacement nominee.


So let me get this straight….. Jackson told holly that jess is a bigger threat than Christie???? This guy is either the dumbest person alive or christie is really manifesting some voodoo shit from the universe.

Just me

He considers Jess a bigger threat because she has openly stated she is only putting men up and in Jackson’s eyes, he’s THE MAN. He can’t change her mind or his gender, so she becomes a bigger threat to him personally. She isn’t a threat to Holly, Christie, or Nicole, just Jackson and Cliff. Holly is stupid if she doesn’t see that he is protecting himself more than her with this move.


Too bad jess will never win a physical comp, or any comp for that matter…. she is clueless when it comes to game strategy lol. She can say she will put up guys all she wants but she is too bad of a big brother player to put herself in a position too do anything. I dont understand why Jackson would be scared


But Jackson knows Christie has specifically named him as her target. They talk about how untrustworthy she is and how she backpedals on deals. I mean WTF??


I’m just throwing this out there because I’m just starting to come to this conclusion….but maybe Tommy and Christie aren’t as smart and powerful as we’ve all thought they were. Seriously. Christie won an HOH early…but it wasn’t a serious mind one. Tommy won one. Jess won one, and came close in 2 others. Everyone and their brother wants to be sitting next to her on finale night. And she specifically wants to go after men, only men. I count myself as someone who has overstated Christie and Tommy’s strength all season because now I don’t really think they’re all that dangerous. I think Tommy, Jess, Nicole, and possibly Cliff lose to almost whoever they’re sitting next to on finale night, as of now. This can still change. Christie can play up surviving the block 3, maybe 4 times. Great! Her campaign was not extraordinary…it only succeeded because it was against Nasty Nick. I think winning tons more comps, while still maintaining strong ties with most in the house beats her (Christie). This is just my current opinion.


I’ve always thought it was odd giving Christie all the credit for Jackson to change his mind. Sys played her way out, not the genius of Christie.


Looking back…it was odd. I guess because Tommy and Christie were so dang loud in their group…it seemed like they were dictating directions and everything…so I thought they were stronger than they were. Completely agree about it being Sis playing her way out. It had nothing to do with Christie playing well.

another name

Christie was never running the game. Christie was the loud spokesperson for whoever was in her ear (tommy or jack or even sometimes jackson) to go around the house pushing agendas. Her own game agenda was to play the middle keeping two targets ahead of her at all times. The two roles didn’t mix well… hence the inevitable blowing up of her game.
I don’t diminish her role in staying vs. Sis. She campaigned her ass off. I also think that there was tptb suggestions going on to Jackson (who, let’s face it, after so many saves in terms of image and rule breach passes, is their bitch they pay in watermelons). In terms of both of their campaigns: Christie deserved to stay over Sis, but i can see Grodner’s flying monkeys in there too.
Christie hasn’t been playing a great game since Tommy outed the flamin five to Jack. Her ability to play the middle was blown by Nick and Sam, who blamed her instead of Tommy. That was week 4 into week 5.
The best of Christie’s game was when she had the trust of the 6, while at the same time the trust of the flamin 5. Tommy screwed Christie’s game. I beleive intentionally, thinking as long as she gets to jury, he’d have his first vote to win. He’s been planning on that for a while.


Now looking at it…I agree her game has been in decline for weeks. And I think I mentioned in a post that I guess it was how loud she was that made me think she was the leader lol. And I also agree that Tommy did intentionally harm her game to get her in jury, but now with very few weapons…he needs to try and keep her. We’ll never know the truth for sure from him about that…I don’t think…because he won’t want to harm his relationship with Christie out of the house.

another name

Think sabrina bbcan 2 after canada’s HOH. That is what Christie’s game has become. staying on the whim of others more than staying on the strength of game.

Roll Tide

Grodner changed Jackson’s mind.


I must have missed a lot of intelligent conversations between Jess and the rest of the house guests. Because I don’t understand why they think she’s a mental threat ;/

Just me

She won a mental competition??? That’s the only thing I can figure out. I know she’s 38, but she acts 14.


She also came 2nd in 2 others. When the memory/mind comps really ramp up…if she’s still there, I expect she’ll do well.


38? Wow!

another name

it isn’t as much intellect as it is an idiot savant style ability to recognize pattern, and useless trivia.
Jess doesn’t know her days. Jess can remember images or sounds.
So any image repetition comp… and possibly any who said it comp falls within her wheelhouse.

BB Casting Call

Add in that most of the memory comps are true or false type questions, 50/50 questions.
If it was a written test, I think she’d flunk!


so much can happen in a week, so our only hope this week is that they see the light between now and Thursday!


So Jackson is going to put up Terminator Jess, and Pawn Christie .
Tommy wins POV pulls down Christie Jess goes
Anybody else wins POV, noms remain Jess goes
Jess wins POV, Cliff goes up Christie goes home !!!
Side note: I believe Cliff knows that Christie and Tommy know each other, but because he heard through the speaker he refuses to use it thinking that wouldn’t be fair, which SUCKS !

BB Casting Call

Or he was told by TPTB that it isn’t true/ can’t be used, which refers to his comment that whoever did it is not going to get the outcome they were hoping for.


So his resume will be he took out two of the most threatening, powerful people to ever play big brother , just look what all Sis and Jess have done this season !! What a waste of two Hoh’s, least his girlfriend took out Nick, I guess that’s something.


Taking Sis out was only vital for Michie’s game. If the 4 of them had stayed intact, he would have been toast. But I do agree that in the game as a whole…that HOH was a waste. And I want Christie out this week 1 hundo P….but Jess really is a threat, secondary to Christie though. P.S.- I’m saying this as if I’m Michie and eating some watermelon as I do lol Just trying to explain why I think this would make sense to him.

Stella Smith

Will Jess vote for Christi to go?

another name

Cliff and Nicole were both taken into d/r and told that any information that is gleaned from outside of the game cannot be used in their game play. They have to get them to admit it, or overhear them talking about it in detail within the house in order to use it in the game. Hence Nicole’s thought there is something weird about them, but no admission. Hence Cliff’s cliffnotes the next day saying the speaker broadcast had the opposite effect.


“Jess – I was worried about my mascara. am I going to look like one of these clowns that are next to the house.”

In the infamous words of Simon – ZOMG!!

Really Jess? You’re playing for $500k and you were worried about your freaking mascara??

I can’t EVEN!!
Somebody please…just shoot me now and put me out of my misery.


She really is…hahahahaha :p

Roll Tide

In her own mind


So Nicole gets all high and mighty on Cliff, ratting out his game and hers (idiot) when he had no choice but to take a deal that didn’t include Jess because he was on the block. But now Nicole makes a deal willingly to stab Her good fried Jess in the back because that’s the way the current has floated her. She has zero morals just dingy floating around.


Jess abandoned Nicole and Cliff a few weeks back. Of course Nicole would rather get out Christie/Tommy, but she never wins so she will not get a chance.

production rigged it

This is why i quit watching after they were dumb enough to evict Sis instead of Christie. Every season i think well this is the dumbest cast ever and then the next season starts, this season is no different. Jackson is a moron, 4 weeks in a row on the block for Christie and unless Jess wins the veto she’s going to survive all 4 weeks. Christie/Tommy are much more dangerous than Jess/Tommy and if Christie had won the HOH who does he think she would have come after, not Tommy/Jess so who does that leave genius. It leaves you/Holly and Nicole/Cliff, but if you’re too stupid to realize that and get her out then you get what you deserve when she or Tommy wins HOH and puts your dumba*** on the block. Again this is why i can’t watch anymore because you can’t fix stupid.


Is anyone else having problems with the cbs app shutting down every 5 minutes… ??? it’s driving me crazy! On both my phone and iPad!


Is youriOS updated on both your iPad and iPhone? There was a recent update. I have iPhone X to iPad in all models and all work. I’m not an expert but an iOS update could possibly fix the problem.


Thank you!

Let's get real

Part of me sees the logic of Michie wanting Jess out over Christie. I think he’s in a terrible position moving forward no matter which one he gets out. My preference is get rid of Christie, but I could see Jess winning the next HOH and gunning for Jackson.

But I dont feel too bad for him. I think it’s his own fault for flipping the vote to keep Christie two weeks ago.


I really hope Jess wins the freakin veto so that Jackson/Holly have to choose a side. Send Crusty home already, I can’t stand the stupidity!!!!
Keep Jess since she will be easy to beat, I just don’t understand the reasoning and all of this after zingbot told them they are a bunch of morons!!!!


“you just haven’t seen many hot girls in awhile”

Wow, Holly’s elevated superiority is bizarre and unfounded. The remaining ladies are hot in ways she could never even understand. I hope the douchebag and buzzard get sent home soon. Then I hope CBS creates a cop show called, Douchebag and Buzzard.


She was saying that she (holly) is not that hot. It’s just that Jackson hasn’t seen different girls in 80 some odd days so it skews Jackson’s idea of what hot is.


She basically said that the only reason he thought she was hot was that the other girls currently in there were not hot. (especially compared to her) So she was self-deprecating within the whole world, but within the house she was not.

Botox Crabs

Compared to Holly the other girls are not hot but Holly compared to girls outside of the house is not hot is a shot at the girls in the house. I’m only considered pretty in here because everyone else in here is dog ugly.


The comment wasn’t directed at the other girls, it was self-deprecating about herself.

BB Casting Call

Why would you want to watch more of them?


My power went out during the middle of the show last night….and I was not upset at all. Tells you how riveting this Season has been for me.


Xactly. Used to kinda schedule stuff around the show. This year I don’t even care much about the only live show. I still like a couple of them but the rest—bleh. Disappointing season.


great comment! sometimes i forget big brother is on until it’s half over, and i think to myself, “oh well, not missing anything interesting.” even the zingbot episode was weak, and that’s usually my favorite episode of the season.


I no longer watch full episodes of the show. I fast forward through the majority. I did see the exit interview with Nick.

I found his perspective of Tommy kind of interesting. Tommy it seems or rather has claimed that he is ‘the Kaycee’ of this season playing a social game and has been trying not make anyone mad for jury votes, yet Nick pointed how Tommy had voted against him, against Sis, and against Jack. Nick thought Tommy wasn’t who he was now we, the viewers know he really is only loyal to Crusty because of the outside friendship. Imagine how the votes in jury would go if they all knew the information about them?

Jackson wanting Jess out before Crusty is the BB21 script writers just telling the viewing audience ‘ the more you want her out, the more we’ll keep her’.

Just a game

I don’t think jack and sis are mad at tommy.


So true about Tommy. Funny how I never thought about any of that until last night/this AM. I wonder if he too is thinking about how screwed he is with the jury. The thing is…if you’re a lover of the game, and he burned you…you could look past it if it really accomplished something for himself. But with all 3 of those votes, he accomplished nothing. Sure it proved he was loyal to Christie, but she’s already voting for him, if she’s in jury. But the damage to everyone else is not worth it.

Roll Tide

It is CBS saying “F U” to the viewers. We are keeping Christy.


Slurp kisses….roflmao!!


I think at this point Jackson and Holly are thinking about Jury votes in case they don’t go up together. Their plan is final 4 with Cliff and Nicole. But if that doesn’t work they have sent themselves up that they can do a final 4 with Tommy and Christie. Getting rid of Jess will have the other two duos take shots at eack other instead of Jackson and/or Holly, potentially saving jury votes. I get it. I don’t like it. There are tons of holes in it. But I get it.

I actually think Jackson is the biggest threat in the house. And while I, as a viewer, want Christie out, the hg should really be targeting him and Holly. They are way too powerful and have exposed themselves as comp beasts. At the end it will be Holly and Jackson.


True. I want Michie to win it…but you’re absolutely right. However, I think Cliff and Nicole were right to make a final 4 with Michie and Holly, because if Cliff adds some more wins….or Nicole gets a few wins these next few weeks…either of them could go toe to toe against Michie or Holly on finale night. They both can come up with a good explanation of their various social game moves to accompany the wins for a decent resume. (ie. Cliff not taking and then taking certain deals and Nicole fostering a relationship with Nick to benefit her game up until it didn’t.) And I would then be happy because we would be presented with 2 strong finalists that are both worthy of winning.


I almost peed on myself when Christie said they r taking out their people because they are good. U mean Sis n Jess???
Plus u said use u as a pawn Christie in your pitch to them. They r only doing what u told them to do
And why take anyone down with the veto?? What happened to respecting what the HOH wanted? It’s been the theme of the season. NoW Tommy wants to start playing?? This is crazy
He shouldn’t have threw all the comps!

Danger Will Robinson

Jackson targeting Jess instead of Christie/Tommy is just another example of how he SUCKS at playing “chess”!!!!!!

another name

So. Anyone still willing to give Jackson and Holly higher ratings on the ranks because they’ll be the ones to take out the plague that is Christie? side eye.

Of course, it’s easier to see a change in their character presentation when they spend 80% of their time alone together. Most of their worst offenses were made when they had a douchebro or a meangirl with them to bond with. What, is Holly going to meangirl chat with Nicole? I think not. Is Jackson going to douchebro with Cliff? I think not (though i’m sure Cliff douchebro’d plenty… before the wife).
Now that the people that were the foils for most of the offensive talk are gone, and they’ve been counselled in d/r on how to behave if they don’t want to be hated: what’s not to love. I’m not falling for it. Redemption involves acknowledging that past behavior was bad, and hurtful to others. That’s not what we are getting. We are getting pseudo redemption because they have been told past behavior was bad for their own image. Just my two cents (might not even be worth that).

Opinion: Christie threw. I just don’t know why. Because she’d made so many promises? That’s never bothered her before. What, did she and Tommy have a plan that she should only outlast Cliff, and he should only outlast Nicole?
Opinion 2: Jackson does have reason to worry about Jess. Jess doesn’t consider Tommy one of the boys. On five occassions she has said if there was a woman’s group Tommy would have membership, or that Jess wouldn’t target Tommy as one of the guys, because she doesn’t see him as one of the guys. I’m not going to treatise her opinion, but it’s mildly offensive to me that the only difference between Tommy and Cliff and Jackson is sexual preference, and she doesn’t consider Tommy one of the boys.
Opinion 3: The real test this week isn’t whether or not Christie leaves. The real test this week is whether or not Cliff and Nicole follow the HOH’s wishes and get rid of Jess. don’t tell me they are setting up a 3 vs. 3 scenario where it’s Tommy and Holly and Jackson vs. Cliff and Nicole and Jess. The slight pushback when he said Jess over Christie to leave should have been a warning. Cliff has been telling Jess and Nicole they are still a group looking out for each other. Nicole… I think Nicole just doesn’t want to have to bond with Christie as the one leaving like she does with every other potential evictee (gee is it starting to scream jury management yet?). We all know the reason that the 8 was a no-go for Jackson is that when he would say what everyone should do, people said no. How is Jackson going to respond if he is told no this time?

It’s stupid not to get rid of Christie. It always has been. But there is always some logical excuse. or semi logical.


you are right in being offended by jess. why doesn’t she see tommy as “one of the guys?” is it because of his sexual preference? why does that matter? if she views homosexual men as not men, then she has deeper issues bottled up. i find it hypocritical that fans bashed the houseguests for racism, rightfully so, but jess gets a free pass for being openly sexist, but only to heterosexuals. why??? it seems like some people only want to stand up for minorities (technically there are more women in the US than men) and the belief that everyone is equal when it’s convenient.

another name

Every time a woman’s alliance forms and they include the token out gay man for no other reason than his sexual preference i find it a wee bit offensive. This isn’t the first time or the first season. it’s just the most recent in a pattern. And for some reason it usually does come down to sexual preference defining which side of the line they are viewed as sitting on. The token could walk into the game saying they want to form a strong men’s alliance to rule the house, but be handed a skirt once they arrive because… token.

Miss Conception

Since we know that next week will be a double evic,if the first is comics or mental,Nicole or Cliff has a really good chance. The second almost has to be skill because of time limitations.Holly and Cliff again have a really good shot since they both have won skill games.
Jackson needs to wake up and get Tommy and Crusty on the block,because if he does not,Tommy will win the 500k and dance all the way to the bank,while telling everyone how much he loves them!

Just a game

Nicole and cliff will be craaaazzzyy to go with jackson and holly to the final 4!!!

And I’m dying for a jackson backdoor in the double
It will be gold!


it’s the better option than christie/tommy. the jury is much better friends with them than jackson/holly. ideally they should try to go to 4 with jess and holly though.


Same odd couple in hoh, same annoying entitled brat on the block… feels like groundhog day!

PP Redneck

production is going to need a crew with hazmat suits to clean the HOH room after Holly and JackJaw are done with it….

Bullies SUCK

Third week. Possibly having the HOH bounce back and forth between the two bouncing each other week after week is the biggest joy-kill of this season. Production needs to do their job and give as a wholesale change in the HOH locker room…I mean bedroom.

another name

A side note for the escaped the block x number of times argument:
would you have voted Victoria to win 16?
That argument doesn’t work on permapawns. Jackson and Holly are using Christie as their Victoria. Doesn’t mean Christie should gain votes for it.


Jackson has totally misread the house. Production has gotten involved! This is the first year that this show has made me mad!!!! What a bunch of chickens!!!! They don’t trust themselves to win comps–always trying to stay safe!!! What a bunch of weiners!!!!! Afraid of making someone mad at them!!!! Goes to show what the word is coming to!!!! Crusty needs to go up with Tommy–what the heck are they thinking???Cliff better figure out something quick–he’s next!!!!! WEINERS–every one!!!!!!

Roisin Dubh

Wow, Christie escaped again. If she get to F2, sorry folks, she deserves to win it all. The person everyone says they want gone is the ultimate pawn. I was hoping she’d win HOH, put Jackson and Holly up, if one of them got the veto then throw Tommy up there. I’m liking this season. Six shooters are taking each other out. Nicole needs to step it up, if Jess goes this week, and she or Cliff don’t win HOH, she’s next and then Cliff. I gotta give Aquadouche some props, he realized his screw ups and owned it.