FIGHT NIGHT – SARAH GOES OFF ON IKA! Andrew says I am not going to lie that turned me on!

5:45pm In the kitchen – Sarah LOSES IT ON IKA for eating some of the havent’s potato. Ika asked if she could have some and Sarah said no, please don’t. Then she came over and said Iam going to just look at them. Then Ika took one. Sarah freaked out on Ika saying that she’s eating the only food the havenots can eat. Sarah storms up to the HOH room to hide out and calm down. Sarah says I f**king hate that b***H. Sarah says it took me 45 minutes to make those and she took one when I specifically told her not to. Sarah says and Adel is making chips right there in the kitchen. The other girls comment how they wished they had done that earlier when Ika did the same thing.Andrew says I am not going to lie that turned me on! Meanwhile in the kitchen Ika is sitting at the counter talking to Adel while he cooks his chips. Ika gives a laughing apology to Neda and says sorry I ate your potato. Neda tells Ika that she should really go apologize to Sarah. Let her cool down first though. Neda heads outside to where Sarah is now cooling down by the pool and tells her that she told Ika to apologize.

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WAR ROOM – Allison, Nate and Scott discuss who they would nominate if they won HOH!

3pm Big Brother puts the house guests on an outdoor lock down. Some of the house guests head out into the backyard and big brother warns the stragglers numerous times that the house is off limits. Sarah and Kenny start playing the bean bag toss game. Most of the other house guests find a spot on the grass and lay down. Sabrina, Rachelle Ika and Andrew are together in one spot. Sabrina whispers to Rachelle that she isn’t that attracted to Kenny today. Isn’t that weird. Ika starts arm wrestling the girls. Rachelle complains she’s weak on slop. Ika says she be sloppin’

3:25pm Big Brother announces that the garage door is about to open but only Neda is to come inside and go to the diary room. All the house guests wonder why only Neda was called into the house.

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Big Brother Canada 2 GIRL DRAMA – Heather CRIES / Rachelle SPIES / Ika doesn’t care!

10:45am Out in the backyard by the Hot Tub – Andrew and Kenny talk about when they think they’ll learn about the BBCAN2 TWIST. Kenny thinks Arisa the BBCAN Host will tell them about the twist this week. Andrew wonders if they won’t know till week 3. IN the bathroom – Sabrina, Ika, Arlie and Heather are getting ready. Ika and Sabrina comment on something and about Sabrina. Sabrina says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. It gets awkward and Ika says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Heather thinks they’re talking about her and ask them to say it. Ika says no its something personal about Sabrina and I don’t want to say it with boys (Arlie) around. Heather clearly thinks they’re talking about her. Ika and Sabrina leave the bathroom. Neda talks to Heather and tells her to go talk to Ika and Sabrina so Heather heads to the bedroom to find out if the girls have a problem with her. Sabrina says that what she didn’t want to talk about with the boys around was that was a bruise in her a** h*le that she got in the hot tub.

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Scott says “The battery person can’t be the f**king bathroom person! This f**king room is such a F**KING JOKE!”

9:15am IN the WAR Room Scott is awake and wants to go to the bathroom. Nate is also wake and wonders what Scott is doing. Scott tells him he needs to go to the bathroom. Nate says bathroom? Say it. Scott says I f**king said it into the mic under the bed. Scott says the battery person can’t be the f**king bathroom person obviously! Scott then says “Ah this f**king room is such a F**KING JOKE!” Scott says into his mic “Wakey, Wakey!” Big Brother then cuts the live feeds on the war room.

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Sabrina is “Crushing” on Kenny “let it bloom babe”

9:45pm Living Room Sabrina and Sarah
Sabrina says she’s not sure if she likes him or it’s a big brother thinkg, “Our Characters get along”
Sarah – Totally I agree
Sabrina says that Kenny is identical to her boyfriend, Body shape, Body size, pimples, Tattoos, hair the body type. Sabrina – “he’s nicer you can tell he wouldn’t call me a f*** b1tch”
Sarah – “Ya maybe.. I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of Kenny yet”
Sabrina – You think he could be evil
Sarah No I don’t think he’ll call you a stupid b1tch
Sabrina – “I’m crushing.. ”
Sarah – WOW.. I totally see why you would.. But the only thing for me I get what you are saying but literally my husband is unreal so I don’t look at them that way.

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Neda to Jon about today – “It’s really good for you to I know it’s fuc** but it’s really good”

9:16pm Hot tub Kenny and Sarah

Sarah – I want Jon to trust me but when I told Sabrina that I didn’t want her to run and tell Andrew.. honestly I adore him
Kenny – I love the guy I really did I really wish he entered the house with us so he could be with us
Sarah – I know
Kenny explains that Jon told him he won’t be able to compete this week so he pleaded with Kenny to help him from going home.
Kenny – I was like DUDE I’m not going it have you go over something like this.
Sarah – I trust Sabrina but I swear to god you are the one person I 100% trust
Kenny tells her he feels the same way.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Jon back in the game his arm in a sling

8:15pm Hot tub Kenny, Andrew, Sarah, Arlie

They are calling themselves chillville.

Kenny says that they shouldn’t feel too comfortable because if the girls win a HOH and pull Adel/Paul in they can do some damage and make a big move.

Sarah says the ring leader for making a big move is IKA. Sarah asks them who will the put up.
Kenny and Andrew answer together “Ika and Heather”
Kenny – I think it should be maybe IKA and Paul and we’ll leave the option to Backdoor”

Kenny saying that HEather is watching him like a hawk.

Andrew thinks they need to take out Paul followed by a girl. They should leave Adel in the game cause he has no strategy.

Andrew – “Keeping Adel around it not a threat he thinks like a idiot”

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Big Brother Canada 2 – JON PARDY POPS out his SHOULDER! The others SCREAM for a DOCTOR!

4:10pm The house guests are put on a backyard lockdown. All of the house guests head out into the backyard until the lock down is over. Jon strips down to his boxers and jumps in the pool. He’s jumping in forwards and backwards. Jon ends up popping his shoulder out and screams in pain. The girls freak out and Sabrina runs the backyard door which is locked and starts banging on it and screaming for the doctor.

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Ring Reward – Big Brother says “HOUSE GUESTS have FUN!

1pm Big Brother says House Guests have fun! The house guests start screaming and they all run to the backyard door. When the back door opens the house guests see that Big Brother has given them their “ring” reward which is a bunch of ring type games and hula hoops. Half of the house guests didn’t even come out into the backyard or care about the reward. The others head out and start building the games and playing with the hula hoops. Kyle says I would rather have booze! They others say they aren’t going to complain about anything that big brother gives them.

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Dazed and Confused “If I want a fighting chance at that HOH we gotta go to bed Soon”

2:41am bedroom Adel and Kyle whispering, everyone else sleeping Kyle and Adel continue giggling away thinking that tomorrow is HOH and eviction.

Kyle mentions how Sabrina is now all over Andrew. jokes that Adel will get a nice foot wash when he wins HOH.
Adel says no way she can wash Paul’s feet.
Kyle makes a remark about the fungus on Paul’s feet they both laugh say “I love that guy”

Kyle goes over to wear Paul is sleeping – ‘f*** it i’m getting in the middle it only seems right’ Adel joins them (See image above)

Kyle wishes they were here for another week so they could do pranks.
Adel – “We would get our heads cut off if we did pranks”

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A Fort, A Goth Girl, Creepzilla, the Undertakers and Ex-lax pasta

11:38pm Bedroom IKA and Neda (Girls alliance is starting to fracture already)

They are getting worried about Sabrina. IKA says nobody is going to put her up and whoever goes up against her will be going home.

IKA is worried that Creepzilla is talking sh!t to Sabrina and Sabrina is staying in the middle in case she needs Heather’s vote. IKA – ‘She’s playing it smart” IKA says that Sabrina uses her makeup and her cooking to get close.
NEDA – Andrew will take her to final 2 that’s what I think

IKA – I like Rachelle but Sabrina said Rachelle said things about me..
NEDA says her main alliance is IKA and Rachelle.

IKA and Neda call Arlie (Or jon hard to hear) Creepzilla number 2

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Andrew calls a final 3 with Kenny and Sabrina “I love you, seriously dude you’re an awesome girl”

9:07pm Living Room Andrew, Jon, Sarah, Sabrina
(Before this Andrew asks Kyle and Adel if they want to help clean the pots. Adel Said sure later. As soon as they got into the room Adel said f*** that)
Andrew is pissed at Paul, Adel and Kyle, Sabrina tries to talk him down and starts cuddling close to him. Kenny overheard Adel saying “F*** that” when Andrew asked him to do the dishes. Andrew called Adel out for it and Adel told him he makes food to and doesn’t ask people to do his dishes when he’s done.
Andrew start to raise his voice “I don’t eat your overcooked f*** burgers and overcooked f*** steak”
Andrew says Paul, Kyle and Adel are rude. Sabrina wants to go wash the pot it’s not a big deal to her. ANdrew says no. Andrew – “It’s a big f*** deal to me.. I don’t give a f** they are rude”

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