A Fort, A Goth Girl, Creepzilla, the Undertakers and Ex-lax pasta

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 19-37-22-844

10:25pm Cam 1 Andrew, Neda, Racehlle and Sabrina

They are going over the argument between Adel and Andrew over the dishes. Sabrina share a story about this morning where Adel, Paul and Kyule ask her to do their dishes after she made breakfast.
Andrew- ‘F*** them.. I should make ex-laxs .. make ex-lax pasta so they sh1t their pants’

Sabrina – The only person I cannot stand is adel.. I do not like Kyle and I have no respect for Paul
Andrew says he has no feelings towards paul, “I don’t hate him cause that would require energy”
Andrew – ‘Kyle, I don’t respect the way he talks to women’ Andrew explains that when he says questionable things about women it’s a joke but when kyle does you can tell it’s part of his personality.
Andrew – Adel, I’m confused by him I feel sorry for him cause he picked the worst team to be on

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 19-50-54-819

10:48pm HOH Sabrina and IKA

Talking about Heather and how jealous she is of Rachelle’s looks. Ika keeps calling Heather Fake.
IKA says Heather reminds her of a really creepy person. Ika “She’s an insecure creep” IKA says she’s been calling Heather Creepzilla in the diary room.
Sabrina tells her that Neda explained to her who what she met about not putting Jon up. Sabrina thinks they can trust NEda for now. Adds that Neda is telling Jon a lot though.

Sabrina – “Did you hear what Jon said today.. no girl in this house is going to beat me, there might be girls outside but not in this house”

11:14pm WarROOM
Scott points out that an hour ago the girls ( Rachelle, IKA, Neda etc) were piling on the makeup and now they are taking it off. He mentions that if anyone ever finds out that they had Feed screens in the war room their game is done. “WE’re seeing the game from every single angle”

Scott: “It’ll be the worlds most ultimate ultimate lie say we weren’t even in the house”
Scott wonders if the house guest know anything about the twist.

Scott chuckles at the girls doing their makeup again, “Why are they doing their makeup it’s time for bed.. she just wiped it off”
Nate – Sabrina is the makeup lady’

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 20-25-12-366

11:21pm Hot tub Adel, Kyle and Paul

They are talking about their eviction speeches. Adel is trying to get Paul to say something that will rattle Andrew. Paul – “Then at the last minute they change their minds and I go home”
Adel says it’s all just a game and it’s up to them to make the game memorable and exciting. Kyle – ‘I came on here to make the afterdark shows interesting.. you’re welcome” (Too bad the feeds were blocked for 2/3rd of it 🙁 )

Adel says Paul has to let the world know that he apologized to Andrew two times.. “Nobody watches After Dark it’s the day show”

Kyle thinks the only way they can beat Andrew is to get into his head, “those guys are all blunt force trauma all horsepower”

While this goes on Sabrina is doing Rachelle Halloween makeup

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 20-38-59-964

11:38pm Bedroom IKA and Neda (Girls alliance is starting to fracture already)

They are getting worried about Sabrina. IKA says nobody is going to put her up and whoever goes up against her will be going home.

IKA is worried that Creepzilla is talking sh!t to Sabrina and Sabrina is staying in the middle in case she needs Heather’s vote. IKA – ‘She’s playing it smart” IKA says that Sabrina uses her makeup and her cooking to get close.
NEDA – Andrew will take her to final 2 that’s what I think

IKA – I like Rachelle but Sabrina said Rachelle said things about me..
NEDA says her main alliance is IKA and Rachelle.

IKA and Neda call Arlie (Or jon hard to hear) Creepzilla number 2

Neda – ‘I would love if Paul won… Andrew would go home’
IKA – “No I would’

(Video uploading)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 21-02-59-525

12:05am Jon joins them says that Andrew and Sabrina are holding hands out in the living room. He hops on the bed wearing nothing but his underwear and a cat calls himself the undertaker.

IKA – ‘ya they’ve became very close
Jon – A day agao they hated each other

Rachelle joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 21-06-37-386

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 21-18-37-338

12:20AM Kyle, Paul and Adel building a fort

Kyle – We need more decor
Adel – I’m going in
Paul – Dude it’s not going to work dude.. the walls are coming down on Kyle’s side
Kyle – i’m panicking i’m all strung out.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 21-38-10-908

12:30Am Fort done

12:40AM HOH Kenny and Jon

Jon is worried about Sabrina and Andrew. Points out that they are holding hand right now while they sleep.
Jon – I guarantee you Neda will be a good vote whenever we need it
Kenny knows says she’s nowhere near being a target. Kenny says Heather, IKA and Rachelle no matter what have to go first out of the girls.
Jon – after those three do you and I make that move (To separate with Arlie/Andrew)

Kenny reiterates they have to win HOH cause if they don’t the girls would be stupid not to take one of them out.

12:50am Bedroom Jon and Ika IKA saying she has a feeling there is a girl thing going on but she’s not part of it. Jon asks if it’s Heather. IKA doesn’t know.

IKA says everyone is saying Adel as a target. IKA suggest that Sabrina is a strong player she’s really close with all the girls. IKA adds if Sabrina goes up whoever she is up against will go home.

IKA – She’s also really close with Andrew.. She knew the nominations
Jon -Wow.. I didn’t know
IKA says she thinks that are being said about Heather are being spread by Sabrina.
IKA sums up that Sabrina is close with the majority of people in the house, stresses that Andrew and Sabrina are very close.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 22-07-09-911

1:08AM Bathroom Rachelle and Neda
More game talk… They also touch on Sabrina and Andrew getting so close.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 22-23-20-589

1:20AM HOH Sabrina and Andrew getting close.

1:40am Girls in the have nots

1:50am Adel thinks tomorrow is the HOH and Kyle think she’s being evicted LOL

2:00AM One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on Big brother Canada before. Kyle and Adel think that tomorrow is HOH and eviction.

Kyle – “The last time we’re together take a look”

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I am impressed with Neda. She didn’t melt down or even break a sweat on the block or being a have not. I am watching her talk with Jon and the girl is smart. She has a good handle on her place in the house. She is becoming one of my faves so far.


i like neda, ika and rachelle. they seem real and like they know the game. im glad they are figuring out sabrina’s shit. i also like jon and kenny, not sure about andrew. im going to miss kyle. he actually seems like a good, funny guy.


Sabrina is officially Amanda 2.0 and Andrew is now McCrae 2.0 w/muscles and tattoos


The only thing common between Sabrina and Amanda is their body size but gamewise Amanda could manipulate people whereas Sabrina has no game. She keeps bringing some alleged slurs about Adel and says she hates him, yet she talks about him almost every other hour. lol


Sabrina NEEDS to be in control and in a dominant position AT ALL TIMES. She obsesses about her relationships and all of the events that happen in her life. She can’t LET GO and repeats herself endlessly like a tape on a loop. I watched how carefully she folded and re-folded her clothes in the drawer under her bed – not one stitch out of place. She likes being the top banana and the best in everything she does. This may explain why Adel is her mortal enemy. Adel also likes to be the top banana (spider monkey), likes being the center of attention, repeats his thoughts over and over again and also enjoys drama. BIG CLASH. When Sabrina showed her domination and control of the kitchen territory by ordering Adel to stop using the knife on the teflon-coated fry pan, Adel pushed back and used his steak knife as a pointer to emphasis that he will not bow down. BIG CLASH and the BATTLE WAS ON – Adel was in Sabrina’s radar as a threat and she began obsessively disparaging his behaviour at every opportunity. Sabrina likes to be in control of the information that passes among the various alliances. Sabrina likes to be in control of the cooking. Sabrina likes to be in charge of the hair and make-up for the girls. My guess is that she’s very good at hair and make-up because she is so compulsive. I mean, going after all those stray eyebrow hairs with a tweezer demands laser-like concentration, taming all those long locks requires steely control to make that hair lie just-so-perfectly. The only thing Sabrina cannot control is her mouth and her compulsive eating.


that comparison is complete bs. although amanda and sabrina are both outspoken, amanda was WAY more strategic about everything. sabrina just goes with her emotions, overshares everything and targets adel, who is a super weak player. i think/hope she will go sooner than you think. and how can you compare andrew, the beast, with mccrae is beyond me.


Who’s bad mouthing McCranda? hehehe

We are only in week 2 pretty hard to figure out all the strategies. We know this for sure. Brina has a 5 person deal with Sarah, Arlie, Kenny and Andrew. And a sub F3 deal with Andrew and Kenny both very formidable players in their own right. I’d say she has had a pretty good 2 weeks. Most effective alliance so far in the game and a reasonably solid F3 deal. Brina isn’t Manda but who want to be “just like her” I ask you?

As for the girls alliance cracking…..Dah!!! You got drama queens and catty babes all wanting to be the prettiest girl in the room. Ask Rachelle how many mirrors there are in the house? She has looked in everyone playing with her hair ect. Ika is a sh*t disturber that wouldn’t be happy if she was running the house and she definitely knows she’s not top dog by along shot! Neda has gotten more “screen time” because she stays in proximity to Rachelle and IKA. Some here have said she has game. I laugh at her lack of game play and no plan to get to the end. She should make jury by default UNLESS the dreaded “pawn goes home ” week happens. She’ll be on the block again and again IMHO. Brina is playing with a purpose and that’s 100K plus, plus! More folks will target her as the weeks go by but the key is who can win an HOH even to nominate her? And who of the girls can get the coveted HOH early on and would they risk the wrath of Andrew and Kenny? Not likely.
I’m worried an early fav of mine has/is in the process of shutting down. Sarah looks very different from the start of TV til now. Right now she looks like Brina’s follower and that’s not good. She seems late to convos and worse little HOH time while Brins lives up there this week. She is still a solid jury member but F3 can only happen if “ASK”(Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina) can be broken up. Kinda like “ASK” myself as a tag LOL! I’m hoping Arlie develops a second option because he looks to be 5th in the 1st 5 alliance.


It might just be me, but Rachelle is really not that pretty so why is she justifying her jealousy of Heather’s good looks? I dunno Rachelle’s face is too big for her ‘face’ and she looks dead inside. Opinions?


i think it’s just a thing insecure girls like to say when they’re fishing for compliments. Kind of like when girls ask “do i look fat in this?” As a women, i find this really, really annoying, and offensive. It makes females look needy and desperate.


Rachelle would look very attractive with a short,m edgy pixie-cut and I agree with Name about her looking ‘dead inside’ – she’s not one to put out any facial expressions which may explain why Sabrina’s zombie make-up suited Rachelle – perfect look for her personality.


Oh yeah, I forgot – I wish Rachelle would close her legs more often. Too many screenshots of her like that.


By the way Simon, are there any picture of you and Dawg anywhere online or is that private. Just wondering what you guys look like – not in a ‘creepy’ way. 🙂


I respect that – thanks. 🙂


Right now my pick for the guys is Arlie because he’s obviously in a good spot. For the girls it’s either Neda or Heather. I know Neda is in a good spot, and even though the girls are hating on Heather it doesn’t seem like she’s going home any time soon. So those r my picks for now. I’m usually wrong though! lol


These idiots are clueless on how to play the BB game, this cast reminds me of the last psychotic group of BB America, the way they are isolating Paul, Kyle and Adel is just ridiculous.


I see what you mean but I think people who are ‘ostracized’ can still play smart and be ‘extra nice’ or cook dinner or just act like they’re not going anywhere instead of counting themselves out. This game changes by the minute and you just never know. If you play the cards right and make some deals things could change dramatically.


Bunch of “jr. high school acting” bullies that didn’t get enough play time growing up. They were to busy on their iPods so now that they are not allowed those devices, they are reliving adolescence. Pathetic! Wait till they watch and see how ridiculous they are acting.


LOL @ Sabrina’s sudden attitude change when Andrew asked Rachelle to sit on his lap, she was SOOO MAD! She needs a wake up call, as if Andrew wants you!


I’m now hoping Adel wins HOH. I’m tired of Andrew and Sabrina’s being so cocky. I know people don’t like Adel but admit the power will shift dramatically if he won HOH.


I agree that Rachelle is not as gorgeous as they make her out to be. She has prominent long front teeth that make her look like Bugs Bunny when she leaves her mouth open, her eyes are narrow and life-less with black makeup, and she has a very round face that makes her features look too small to fit her face. She has a good body and good hair, so I think that’s all people base her ‘attractiveness’ off of.

IKA and Sabrina inflating her ego saying she is much prettier than Heather is not only not cool, but also pathetic to watch as they paw at Rachelle’s feet.