Scott says “The battery person can’t be the f**king bathroom person! This f**king room is such a F**KING JOKE!”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

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9:15am IN the WAR Room Scott is awake and wants to go to the bathroom. Nate is also wake and wonders what Scott is doing. Scott tells him he needs to go to the bathroom. Nate says bathroom? Say it. Scott says I f**king said it into the mic under the bed. Scott says the battery person can’t be the f**king bathroom person obviously! Scott then says “Ah this f**king room is such a F**KING JOKE!” Scott says into his mic “Wakey, Wakey!” Big Brother then cuts the live feeds on the war room.


9:30am – 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Sarah heads up to the HOH room. Sarah questions if Heather is part of a twist. Sarah says that Heather doesn’t answer questions like what she wants to be. She colours in her tattoo. Sabrina says something about money. Sarah asks you think she’s a prostitute? Sarah asks why would you colour in your tattoo and make it look worse? Sarah asks Kenny – don’t you think that’s weird? Kenny asks what? Sarah says that she doesn’t answer questions. Kenny says I don’t ask her questions because I don’t care.

In the main bedroom – Kyle prays with Adel. After they’re done, Sabrina asks if that’s okay in his religion for someone else who isn’t a part of his religion prays with him. Adel says he doesn’t know. He’s a good guy and he asked so I said yes. I honestly don’t know if its okay and I hope no one is offended by it.


10am All of the house guests are now up and eating or getting ready for the day. In the bedroom – Kyle and Paul talk about how there’s hours and hours of nothing to do in the house. Kyle says I am pretty sure I’m not getting called to the diary room because I am not campaigning and crying and sh*t. Paul and Kyle discuss the POV and what would have change had Kyle played/won it. They think Adel would have been going home in that circumstance. Kyle says we can do my eulogy today. (Last week they did Paul’s eulogy and Paul got upset at them (Kyle/Adel) for doing it.)

10:10am – 10:20am Kenny and Sarah head out to the hot tub room. They open the door to the hot tub room and discover that it snowed. Sarah screams and they head back inside the house.


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That room must really suck. The production crew doesn’t pay attention to them at all


I’d have no problems whatsoever being in that room for a week. I’ve been alone in a single room for seven months and loved every second of it! I didn’t have a TV, either. Well, I did have the internet. (No, I was NOT in prison! I was unemployed during a long, harsh winter, without a car to go anywhere and lived in a small studio apartment.)


Heather is now a prostitute?! LOL, Sabtina and Sarah and tittering on the edge of slander, by making comments like that. *Smdh*


“Sabtina” . Too funny.


Hey Simon, who are POV players on week 2?


Andrew. Neda, Kenny, Arlie, Paul, Jon and Sarrah,


That’s me done. I can’t take anymore. I’m disgusted every time I see or hear one of these vile women. Hopefully BB16 will have some nice people. The last two BB’s have had way too many awful people.


Alison is awesome. I hope she teams up with Neda and Sarah. They are the best girls there.


Sabrina is truly the worst…. And Andrew/Kenny think they are the f**kin bees knees with all the ladies following them around.


I really hope Scott does NOT make it into the house. He’s b^tchy, catty, and sees everything in a sexual way. I can’t stand him. And the hypocrisy of the girls when they talk to Heather is so blatant. “We’re not talking about you.” They all say that they’re honest but they’re not. No wonder all of them wonder whose talking about them! They’re constantly talking about everyone else!


The King and his Prime Minister
and their evil witch sinister
think that the house
they will always administer.
The Fool and the Pawn
will bow and fawn
until there’s a Coup,
then one will be gone.
Intrigue and deception
with few exceptions
will greet the ex-royals
when the next Court’s in session.

Impressions –
is Rachelle really playing cautiously or is she overwhelmed?
too much “I” in Ika.
Ssssssabrina is a viper.
I feel bad about Jon’s shoulder. I am afraid it may have neutralised, if not badly damaged his chances.
With Jon hurt, Kyle out (almost), Paul & Adel self-defeating, Sarah being BLAH & Heather hopeless I am not optimistic this will be anything more than annoying.
Of course, Allison coming in and an unexpected HoH win could change everything!!!


If Kenny gets rid of that disgusting beard and trims his body hair I think I can totally crush on him too. Move over Sabrina.


I have no respect for Sabrina at all. She has a boyfriend at home and she’s all over the men, especially Kenny, in the house. Even the guys are saying that’s too much. Kenny is a major manipulator. The gay community is all about being Out and Proud but he’s hiding who he is in the house so he can manipulate and play people. (His words.) No respect for him either.


Uh Sabrina is single dude. The only single girl in the house.

Kenny, like a heterosexual such as Jon, can play the game however he wants. Did we hate Evel Dick’s gameplay strategies? No, most of us loved the conniving entertainment he gave us. Kenny is playing heterosexual for the show to improve his game, and that says nothing on his sexuality and it being a disgrace. The girls are flocking to him and can protect him if he goes on the block.


i totally understand what both (jack and somebody) are saying but as someone who is openly gay i do feel some sort of way about kenny doing this. maybe if being gay were 100% accepted by society (which there is no excuse why it should’t be – people are born gay and don’t choose to be) i would be totally fine by him doing this… but because there is such a long way to go in terms of gay acceptance i do feel some sort of way about it.

AND i do take offence when straight people tell gay people what they should and shouldn’t be offended by.


they cant use the bathroom on their own in the war room> wtf?


The war room doesn’t have a bathroom?? LOL what kind of poverty set is this. That’s ridiculous. I’d be losing it too. What if you get Diarrhea or have to puke? You’re ****ed then


lol Kenny is a model in an ad on your website! for Frank & Oak Premium Menswear. maybe it’s bc i googled kenny brain previously. funny!!