Ring Reward – Big Brother says “HOUSE GUESTS have FUN!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah


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1pm – 1:50pmBig Brother says House Guests have fun! The house guests start screaming and they all run to the backyard door. When the back door opens the house guests see that Big Brother has given them their “ring” reward which is a bunch of ring type games and hula hoops. Half of the house guests didn’t even come out into the backyard or care about the reward. The others head out and start building the games and playing with the hula hoops. Kyle says I would rather have booze! They others say they aren’t going to complain about anything that big brother gives them.
BBCAN2-2014-03-11 10-04-31-412

The three in the war room watch the spy screens of the house guests getting the ring reward.

BBCAN2-014-03-11 10-11-34-071



BBCAN2-2014-03-11 10-57-40-994
2pm – 2:10pm The hot tub room opens up and Andrew, Kenny and Jon head out to smoke. Andrew & Kenny wonder if the ring reward games have something to do with an upcoming challenge. Kenny says he’s so happy they got this reward to help pass the time in the house. The guys talk about how the girls have said they’re coming after the guys. Kenny says they’re especially after me. Jon asks who said that? Kenny says Ika. Andrew says okay, well lets go after Ika. We’ll put her up with Paul. It will scare the s**t out of her. Andrew says it doesn’t change anything letting them know that we know.


2:15pm – 2:30pm UP in the bathroom – Sabrina and Ika are talking. Ika talks about how when Andrew and Kenny went out to the hot tub to smoke … 4 minutes later Jon followed them. Their in an alliance. Neda doesn’t think so but they’re in a very strong alliance. Neda and Rachelle join them. Ika says Jon isn’t on the outs with the guys, he’s in it. Neda asks Sabrina if Andrew would have any control over Adel if he won HOH. Sabrina says no. Ika comments that Heather looks like Chucky’s Bride. Sabrina tells the girls that those things outside are a challenge ..so we need to practice. Sabrina says that she thinks right now we need to lay low for the next couple weeks. They talk about how they think they need to get rid of Adel first. Jon joins them and they change the conversation.


BBCAN2-2014-03-11 11-29-08-599

2:45pm Sabrina, Sarah and Rachelle head up to the HOH room. Sabrina is going to wax Andrew’s back. Sarah yells saying that she hates Heather. Sarah comments that the guys won’t want to keep that stinking little b***h around. Heather and Andrew join them. Sabrina starts waxing his back.

BBCAN2-2014-03-11 11-46-46-824

3:15pm Sabrina waxes Andrews back while the other House Guests watch.

The girls Ika, Rachelle, Neda are talking game in the backyard. Ika’s new name for Heather is Creepzilla. Rachelle says we need to make a power move if we win HOH. Ika says if I win HOH she would put up Adel..


In the war room Allison and Scott pluck Nate’s eye brows.

BBCAN2-2014-03-11 12-24-13-843

3:55pm In the HOH room – Sabrina tells Andrew that Jon is telling the girls to take you out. Kenny says we just need to win HOH next week. Sabrina asks if she did the right thing by telling him. Andrew says yes of course. Sabrina leaves and Kenny and Andrew talk. Kenny tells Andrew that Jon didn’t specifically say your name. Kenny tells Andrew not to react and to not give it away that we know. Andrew says he won’t. I’m not sharing any more darts with him any more. Kenny look at what happened with Ika. Andrew leaves. Sabrina returns and Kenny tells her that she needs to be careful about the way she words things with Andrew. Sabrina asks did I do a bad thing? Kenny says no, I just had to calm him down though. Sabrina says that Jon didn’t specifically say his name but that was confirmed in the bathroom from the other girls.


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Love it


IKA needs to win Big Brother she is hilarious !


Go Ika!!


I’m entertained so far. The houseguests are all funny. I thought Sarah was going to be a bore but she is actually pretty hilarious. I really love Kenny and Jon.


I hope Paul or Adel win the next HOH.
I’d much rather see Adel win over Paul, seeing that Paul already has an overtly high opinion of himself and his ego will become super inflated (even though the first HOH was given to him)


I kinda like Paul to be honest, he grew on me. The key is to not take him seriously and just laugh at him, that’s what Kyle and Adel do. They just constantly make fun of him, and to be honest Paul is a good sport and takes it well.

All the other houseguests have a high school cliquey thing going on, don’t find them entertaining at all. It’s too bad Kyle’s going home. Him, Adel and Paul are the weirdest most random trio ever and it’s actually hilarious.


A very very loose comparison

Adel = TAlla
Paul = AJ
Kyle = Andrew


Oh and the girl alliance is already breaking apart. Started last night with IKA and Sabrina turning on each other.


Sarah is by far in the pest position in the house right now


I’m not a fan of Heather’s, but the girls need to get over themselves when they talk about her looks. Looks alone she is the prettiest. Once she opens her mouth though it is all downhill from there….but calling her ugly and names or saying Sabrina is prettier? LMFAO


How is Ika hilarious – I haven’t heard her say anything ‘funny’. Just wondering….

Upsidedown Pancakes

Adel, Paul or Heather for next HOH. I’m sure they will have plenty of friends next week.


It would be pretty funny if Adel got HOH. I’d like to see Jon get it too; but Adel or Paul would be funnier.

Heather would be ok – but she’d just go after Rochelle. There is no drama there.

Adel would be fun.

I want to see Ika go – i don’t think she’s funny at all. Just full of herself.


looks like Jon just hurt his arm out by the pool. The other HG’s were calling for a Dr.
feeds cut after this. Hope he’s ok


So it turns out that Sarah – who I liked – is also an insane hateful bitch.

Can the men not see how Sabrina is intentionally creating friction within the men’s alliance – which I’m not criticizing by the way. Good game move. The men are idiots, especially Andrew. The women are all vile bitching scumbags. Maybe apart from Ika.


Right on


Hey everyone Julie Chen just announced that BB16 will start June 25th !!!!




Sabrina is the worst. She and Sarah are the reason there will never be a girl’s alliance. She whines, pouts, wails, tattles and blubber at the drop of a hat. She’s like a mini Amanda. Well, there’s a good chance her crap will be put on blast in the next couple of weeks, her scheming can’t last that long, unless the rest of the house is just plain brain dead.