Big Brother Canada 2 GIRL DRAMA – Heather CRIES / Rachelle SPIES / Ika doesn’t care!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

BBCAN2-2014-03-12 08-18-59-481

10:45am Out in the backyard by the Hot Tub – Andrew and Kenny talk about when they think they’ll learn about the BBCAN2 TWIST. Kenny thinks Arisa the BBCAN Host will tell them about the twist this week. Andrew wonders if they won’t know till week 3.

IN the bathroom – Sabrina, Ika, Arlie and Heather are getting ready. Ika and Sabrina comment on something and about Sabrina. Sabrina says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. It gets awkward and Ika says that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Heather thinks they’re talking about her and ask them to say it. Ika says no its something personal about Sabrina and I don’t want to say it with boys (Arlie) around. Heather clearly thinks they’re talking about her. Ika and Sabrina leave the bathroom. Neda talks to Heather and tells her to go talk to Ika and Sabrina so Heather heads to the bedroom to find out if the girls have a problem with her. Sabrina says that what she didn’t want to talk about with the boys around was that was a bruise in her a** h*le that she got in the hot tub. Sabrina says that’s what I didn’t want to talk about. Heather/IKA/Sabrina and Neda talk it out. After Heather sits there in silence. Neda then asks Heather to leave so they can talk. Neda, Ika and Sabrina talk about how they’re annoyed with each other. Sabrina tells Neda that she doesn’t need a mother. Neda apologizes to Sabrina.

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BBCAN2-2014-03-12 08-21-56-743
11:40am They leave the bedroom and head to the bathroom. Sabrina finds Heather in the bathroom stall crying. Sabrina joins her and tries to calm her down and explain the situation to her. Sabrina tells Heather not to talk bad about Rachelle because she’s my friend and I like her. (Rachelle is in the bathroom and possibly heard Sabrina talking about her.) Ika then joins them in the stall. Rachelle then spies on them. Sabrina and Ika give Heather space. Sabrina then tells Ika that she needs to be more sensitive about others feelings. Ika says I don’t care about her! I care about you and Rachelle but not her! She has no idea what I was talking about! Sabrina says I defend your a$$es and then I get s**t on!


BBCAN2-2014-03-12 08-28-03-688

11:55am – 12:25pm Heather asks Neda if she can talk to her. Neda says yeah. Neda says I really need to stop trying to fix things. Heather says I don’t not like Rachelle. She’s a nice girl. Heather explains that she is just overwhelmed with everything. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Sabrina, Rachelle, Sarah and Ika talk about the conflict between them and what happened.
BBCAN2-2014-03-12 08-54-57-578

12:35pm The girl drama continues as the bros practice the backyard games. Ika and Kyle are in the storage room. Kyle campaigns to Ika about keeping him and how people should be going after the strong players in the game. Ika agrees. Heather goes to the storage room and asks Ika if she wants to go somewhere and just sit and talk about other things like life. Ika says I’m okay, you don’t need to. Heather says I want to. Ika and Heather head to the chairs on the balcony. Heather tells Ika that she was her first friend in the house and that she really likes her. Meanwhile out by the pool – Sarah and Sabrina are talking about life inside the house. Sarah says that she will never audition again. She says its a lot like being pregnant and giving birth… you hate it when its happening but enjoy the experience of it after.

1:15pm The girls continue to talk about all the drama between them. Neda talks to Ika about how Sabrina had a problem with her. Neda says I waxed your v@gin@!

1:45pm The house guests in the kitchen notice that there’s water leaking into the house near the living room/kitchen. They use a pot to catch the leaking water. Meanwhile in the living room Ika, Rachelle, Jon Sarah, Neda and Andrew are talking about random things on the circle couch.

2:15pm Kyle and Paul are in the bedroom talking game. Kyle says that he wishes he was going to be here for the drama that’s going to go down next week. Paul says what if someone gets to come back into the house.

BBCAN2-2014-03-12 11-32-34-376

2:40pm – 2:55pmIn the bathroom Sabrina goes into the bathroom stall and starts talking game with Rachelle’s head in the stall. Sabrina asks Rachelle to promise her that she won’t vote her out if Paul or Adel win HOH next week and put her on the block. Rachelle says that she promises she won’t vote her out. Sabrina is really worried one of them will win HOH. They head up to the HOH room and lay in bed with Andrew. Sabrina talks to Andrew about how worried she is about being nominated and voted out. Andrew tells her he won’t. Trust me you’re safe. Sabrina says I just need to win HOH, I’m the only person I can trust. Andrew says I’ll look after you girls! I am a protector. Sabrina laughs. Andrew says I am, a big strong protector. You know my name means big strong manly protector. Sabrina leaves. Rachelle says all the girls are pretty right, like more than last year. Andrew agrees. Rachelle says Jillian was pretty but really anyone else. I can’t really remember. Rachelle says I want a showmance to brew between people who are single .. that would be entertaining. Big Brother tells them that the house is off limits. They all need to head out to the backyard for the lockdown.
BBCAN2-2014-03-12 11-36-08-551

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I can’t stand any of the girls in the house. They’re all hypocrites. The things they gossip about are the things they’re doing themselves two minutes later. Ika and Sabrina are the worst. These girls are not even thinking about the game. They can’t get past the usual girl jealousies. They’re exhausting to watch and I find myself changing cameras a lot when it’s just the girls.


Agreed. Even Kenny and Andrew are just as bad as the girls… I had high hopes for Kenny, but he is just a big disappointment.


Truth be told, I don’t really like anyone in the house anymore. I’m not happy with this cast in the least.

Pinocchio Obama

Amen Jack.


I can never support a girl in the bb house because they are all catty and only there to upstage one another or desperately seek a showman. I miss the day’s we had Janelle Rachel and Danielle or Jillian. I am hoping either Kenny or arlie win this’


Rachel and Janelle were completely catty.


Yes but they were also awesome at winning competitions, they were great at this game.


Unless you’re talking about Danielle bb3, I don’t want to hear it


I love Dani BB3! Best female to ever play.


I want Adel to win HoH just to kick some of the attitudes down a notch…


I want adel to win 2 just to make everything more interesting


Heather is a grown woman and doesn’t need sympathy. This isn’t high school. If she’s really so upset she needs to say something to them.


Sabrina is actually the worst


You should hear Ika and Heather chatting over tea right now. Heather pretty much had to BEG Ika to talk to her. Ika is talking out of all six sides of her face and being completely sweet and “Oh my gosh, you’re the person I never would put on the block!” Wasn’t Ika the one that continually said she doesn’t care if people don’t like her but they should be honest about it to her face.


I wish there was a female in the house I loved. Just once maybe there will be another Jordan <3 beautiful and a good person. I am sure it is hard to be seen as a good person in a BB house, but Jordan was just …different.


can’t stand Adel but yes I guess some of you are right, he needs to win HoH to make the next week/weeks interesting.


What this house needs to quell all this drama is a pantie and bra pillow fight between Heather and Rachelle. Cue up the video Simon or Dawg.


Kenny’s beard (Sabrina) needs to be shaved and waxed and then summarily evicted.


Interesting HOH winner for next week!

I’m not taking into account likely hood just who would be/make things interesting.

Adel- obvious he’d go after Andrew, interesting marginally and he has already stepped outside the door figuratively. It would be a bitter week likely not getting the intended result as a pawn likely goes home unless he noms Kenny and Andrew upfront and Brina is the replacement if POV used.

Jon- this is my favourite choice(clearly won’t happen because of the shoulder unless he wins metal). I say this because he has hints of alliances and strategy but other than chatting up Neda where is he at. From 1st 5 discusions it appears he is well liked. Just seeing who he noms might be interesting.

Ika- sh*t disturber number 2 could send the house in a tail spin. Pick a fight with Brina, go after Andrew……………. Who am I kinding? Other than Adel anything else I write is BS.

Fact is it’s a lay up week. Paul and Adel on the block and Adel goes home unless he wins HOH or POV. I think the house is focused enough that Allison will get through her 1st week in the house. The Newfie alliance if it happens could be great fun, Allison, Jon and Kenny.

One thing I’ll mention from BBAD last night that I’m noticing a fair bit. Where’s Waldo is becoming where’s Arlie? Paul and Adel not on the deck. Everyone is accept Arlie. Great edit Sunday but the boy better start playing something. Very clear he’s low man in the 1st 5 alliance.


I wan’t Sabrina and Rachelle out the house, Rachelle is just useless and boring, it’s like why is she even there?
Sabrina is doing too much, causing too much drama.
Heather seems so sweet and innocent 🙁 IDK why they’re going after her.

Kenny is so full of himself.


Ok…time to get the hourglass ready – If someone doesnt put that Sabrina in here place soon (on the block would suit me just fine) I’ll be sending in my flying monkeys! She is the worst backbiting whiney biotch. STFU already!


It seems that all the ‘women’ (who have sadly not developed enough maturity), expect for Neda; are on some weird mission to hate someone. They are taking this girl down a trippy mind-f**k so they don’t come off as bit**es on national television. There is no rational explanation for this (as far as I can gather). Instead of turning on eachother – which they can’t do without risking a hell-of-a lot – they’ve chosen one baby at a time. Heather IMO is just naturally naiive and has made numerous attempts to just sit in the same room but it seems it is their awkwardness that gets in the way and not hers. I dunno; I’m kind of hoping she has a bar of iron in her that’ll show itself. She is showing a lot of grace under E X T R E M E pressure.

Julie Chen

Yes neda is the only non-bitchy one. Team Neda!


Yes, definitely TEAM NEDA FOR THE WIN!

and I really think they all could benefit from the BBCC Big Brother Canada house CAT (like the australian version had a dog, BBCA needs a cat)!


lol, cats don’t give a fuck about anything or anyone. Hence why most of these girls are seen as catty.


Well her best hope would be to align with boys not named Paul or Adel. Those guys look all taken thanks to Brina, Sarah and Neda. Heather dug her own grave repeating everything she was told 1st ten days. The “cat” is out of the bag sort of speak. Rather sad really sitting around trying to find a corner in the room that offends no one. It reminds you of a condemed man on death row. Can’t break out of the cell and down to 1 appeal hoping the supreme court takes a long time to decide. Truth is she murdered her own game. Appeal will be declined then she waits for the phone call!

What I seem to get generally is folks aren’t thrilled with the HG, thus “kasting” and production. Compared to Grodners BB15 bigot fest BB Can 2 isn’t that bad. Some facts not helping…. Simon and Dawg! hehehe But seriously the coverage is so good here BBAD has become redundant and frankly a bore fest! Second there appears to be very little leap forward from BB Can 1 regaurding strategy and game play. In some ways it’s regressed IMHO. Add in 3rd no showmances that many enjoy which doesn’t help matters. Fourth is typical early season predictability. Don’t blame production 3 guys just plain stepped in it big time. There is nothing in the house to get that funky smell off their shoes.

Some things always happen season over season. Catty girls always. Testosterone boys who think they rule the house early. Alliances that are too big to sustain themselves. Missing BB Can 2 longterm strategy! Other than “ASK” who is really thinking back 1/2 of the game. We don’t even hear a lot about making the jury. Talk almost from the outset in BB USA. If production/casting has a fault it’s perhaps not paying enough attention to BB fundamentals rather than personalities. You need to cast BB Can players who have been long term fans.


Ika seems to give off an air of ‘If I look perfect and dress flawlessly’ it’ll distract you from the total bit** that truly lies waiting just under the surface. if you so much as….. well I don’t know this is exhausting conversation to try to even listen to. It has zero to do with the game. Sabrina the beard needs to hop on something and take some Rancho Relaxo pills. This is quite a clusterf**k of nonsense. I want to move into next week after the fireworks (you know it’s coming.)


If Arlie is smart he would pull an Ian after Paul and Adel potentially get voted out, and tell Jon, Neda, Rochelle, Ika about the First5 alliance and make a new 5 since he’s obviously at the bottom of his alliance now

The Watcher

What in the world is wrong with these girls?

Its like watching deleted scenes from the movie Mean Girls…… If she plays with your hair and keeps being cuddly with you she will back stab you and talk carp about you.

Neda is alright tho.

But Chewbacca Sabrina is the worst, she is on another level of annoying. OMG!

I miss season 1 <3


I HATE Sabrina! I actually thought I might like her because she would be entertaining, but she talks WAY TOO much. Also, she tells Neda not to POLICE other people or be their mom……………and Sabrina was doing just that when she was telling Neda not to. WTF?

People fear Sabrina because she has a power with her words. And her accent doesn’t even sound Italian ?


Honestly, can Adel or Paul (even though Paul is annoying) please win HOH. I am sick of all these “big guy” up in the HOH room acting as if they run this place, and that include Sabrina. She is such a snake in the garden.