FIGHT NIGHT – SARAH GOES OFF ON IKA! Andrew says I am not going to lie that turned me on!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

fight night bbcan2

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5:45pm In the kitchen – Sarah LOSES IT ON IKA for eating some of the havent’s potato. Ika asked if she could have some and Sarah said no, please don’t. Then she came over and said Iam going to just look at them. Then Ika took one. Sarah freaked out on Ika saying that she’s eating the only food the havenots can eat. Sarah storms up to the HOH room to hide out and calm down. Sarah says I f**king hate that b***H. Sarah says it took me 45 minutes to make those and she took one when I specifically told her not to. Sarah says and Adel is making chips right there in the kitchen. The other girls comment how they wished they had done that earlier when Ika did the same thing.Andrew says I am not going to lie that turned me on! Meanwhile in the kitchen Ika is sitting at the counter talking to Adel while he cooks his chips. Ika gives a laughing apology to Neda and says sorry I ate your potato. Neda tells Ika that she should really go apologize to Sarah. Let her cool down first though. Neda heads outside to where Sarah is now cooling down by the pool and tells her that she told Ika to apologize.

BBCAN2-2014-03-12 14-51-49-561

Right then in the kitchen Arlie comes running by b*tt n@ked with just a towel. He’s running out to the pool to skinny dip. Something glass breaks and the house guests scream. Big Brother cuts the feeds…

bbcan2-arlie skinny dipping
bbcan2 skinny dipping

6pm – 6:30pm Sarah and the other house guests are sitting out by the pool talking about the fight with Ika. Sarah says that is the Sarah J .. I didn’t want to come out. Sarah apologizes to the others for the drama. Everyone says that it was justified. Sarah says I told her not to take one and then she took one. The other girls talk about how Ika was giving Sarah a big f**k you by taking a potato after you specifically said for her not to.

6:35pm – 6:45pm In the main bedroom – IKA IS CRYING. She tells Sabrina that it was just a joke. Sabrina tells Ika that she has an attitude. Sabrina tells Ika that she gave her attitude earlier in the day too. Sometimes its too much and we’re affraid to tell you. Ika says it was honestly just a joke! Sarah comes over and tells her she doesn’t want her to cry. Ika apologizes to Sarah. Sarah says that she accepts her apology. Ika says she cares about Sarah.


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O please. Sarah didn’t lose it on Ika… She went only had the balls to lose it after she left the kitchen. Lol, I’ll love to see anyone try to ‘lose it’ on Ika then get OWNED right after!


What are u talking abou???t Sarah bitched her ass out while she (Sarah) was sitting at the kitchen table and Ika was at kitchen counter. Sarah is a badass and i ‘d be pissed too! It’s not that she (Ika) took one potato chip, it’s that Sarah asked her not to. You dont F with the have nots food….period!


Oh yeah, Ika is a real badass….she’s bawliing her eyes out to Sabrina right now! She’s all bark no bite…IMHO


Child please. The only reason ika is crying is because she wants to garner a bit of sympathy her way (she knows she is not in a good spot – she has already confided in Neda about this many time)
Her DR would say otherwise ):)


Ika is selfish. I’m sure for someone on slope, It’s freaking annoying.


“TruthHurts,” what planet do you live on? Truth obviously does hurt you, because you refuse to speak it.


@bbk- bi@tch please. What you know about truth?
You’re obviously blinded by your preconceived notions and ignorance.


Sarah… doing the most bc of ONE slice of potato. Ika kept it cool, but I know if she wanted to, she could drag Sarah to the pits and leave her scalped.

The Watcher

Id eat the whole plate while listening to Sarah go off each time I take a bite : )


Ika wont do sht, i dont give a sht how tuff she is or whos ass she can kick, its irrelevant in the big brother house. Sarah has more power and pull in the house then Ika ever will.

So with that said, Dumb move by Ika, all she is doing is putting an even bigger target on her back.

Johhny (the European one!)

LOL – Sabrina is really struggling with turning a situation between Ika and Sarah into “it’s all about ME ME ME”
Ika is crying over her clash with Sarah, and all Sabrina does is telling Ika over and over again how Ika pi$$ed Sabrina off.
Now Sarah came to talk to Ika, and Sabrina keeps on talking “well, I told her that she pi$$ed ME off”. Those 2 obviously want to talk by themselves, and you can just tell how Sabrina just can’t compute with this situation where it’s not about her.
LOL I’m really sorry for having to say that, but this girl is so pathetic.
She requires everyone around her to be extra careful and nice to her, but she treats the crying Ika like her little employee: “I don’t want to tell you you’re bad at playing Big Brother, but…” OMG.


Nope, it’s true. Sabrina is beginning to disintegrate and her pseudoparanoia will be more and more evident when more and more people are gone. With Sarah, she only has pull as long as she tattles to the boys and trails after Sabrina.


I’m hoping Adel and Kyle will stick around a little longer. They are the only entertaining thing on this show.


Ika seems to have an attitude problem. As in, she was dealt a rough card in life/made poor choices so she has a serious guard up and needs to prove just how tough and cold she can be. Closed off perhaps. Either way, I don’t like her persona and hope she doesn’t last for too long in the game.

The girls of this season in general, seem tediously stupid. They’re either distracted by being boy crazy or too dense to realize they need to start playing the game and quit these petty cat fights. Somebody needs to freak the heck out and set those kittens in line. Either take lead of the ladies or allow each of them to slowly be voted out because they can’t get their game together.

I’m still not sure who I’d choose as a winner just yet. Too soon to judge. Hopefully some more competative aspects of these houseguests shows up soon. Overall, they are boring. But I found that at the start of last season as well.


I genuinely get the feeling (for all the nasty things Ika has said or done), this was not done with the intent to hurt anyone. She really looked remorseful and childlike after getting ripped a new bleached a**hole by a fierce hungry momma. Oh, well – bigger fish to fry (hopefully). This bubble they live in can NOT be easy. I live with a dog and neither of us is ever on slop and gratefully, we both have food and some to even spare to give to people who need it (if I’m not going to eat it.) Gratitude after watching that.


I only like Jon and Neda now, they don’t seem like petty b*tches. Andrew and Kenny are annoying me, they’re getting so cocky. The real gamers are Jon and Neda, they’re laying low, well liked in the house and are strategic, they’re already planning how to take out Andrew. At this point I’m hoping for Adel or even Paul at this point to pull out an HOH and for Jon and Neda to join forces with them and use them to take out Andrew or Sabrina. I don’t want to see Andrew or Sabrina in jury. It’s week 2 and people are already getting too comfortable in their spot in the house… But anyways… Let’s go Jon and Neda!


I agree with everything you said, except Paul winning HoH. I won’t be able to watch the feeds if is. I just can’t…


I agree with you, it would be difficult to watch. However, I wouldn’t mind it happening to see the effect it would have on the house. Andrew, Kenny, and Sabrina need to get kicked off their high horse that they are comfortably sitting on.


TEAM JEDA for final 2… and NEDA winning lol


I think I could have given Ika too much credit there on that last post. Upon seeing the above video she says, “I don`t care – welcome to Big Brother“ and laughs about it. That`s cold… Anyways…..Next.


Ika girl, I had high hopes I wanted to love you but you’re letting me down…putting a target on your back over bullshit. You’re too high school for me?…where’s Allison she’s my last hope for the girls…or neda


None of these girls should win except for Allison if she gets in, otherwise i hope a guy wins.


Seriously, Sabrina is such an opportunistic feeder. I know it is a game and being in the house is tough because it is difficult to differentiate between true emotion and “game playing,” but when there are true moments like crying where it apparently is not fake… Sabrina always uses it to make the person feel worse.

Ika obviously is crying because she is upset and whatnot, but Sabrina keeps making it about her and when someone is upset you calm them down, and then tell them why they might have been wrong (which is the total OPPOSITE of what Sabrina does).

Also, Sabrina should really stop bashing people and then acting as if she’s in an alliance with them, like how she is doing with IKA. You can fake alliances, without having to talk ill and poorly about the person…such as how Neda is doing.

Johhny (the European one!)

“Sabrina should really stop bashing people and then acting as if she’s in an alliance with them”
OMG yes!!! I was thinking the entire time: “WE know that the Girls Alliance is fake… But shouldn’t Sabrina at least TRY to make Ika believe that they could actually be in an alliance together?!?
LOL at the girls always starting off with “we’re just so different”… like it’s a justification for not getting along and strongly implying (!) not being able to work together in an alliance.
Anyone remember the 80s TV series The A-Team? They had a crazy guy, a muscle guy, a pretty guy, a brain guy… And they were able to work together just fine! LOL


I think I know what’s wrong with Sabrina – she has what is called “Histrionic Personality Disorder” HPD – I looked it up and it describes her personality to a T. I still hope she goes home soon, she drives me nuts!!

Johhny (the European one!)

That’s the condition with a picture of Danielle Murphree from Season 14, right? 😉
(I’m really a nurse, but I’ll say that I’m a kindergarten teacher to hide the obvious THREAT to everyone of being a nurse)


Thanks for mentioning “Pimple Popper MD”. Wonder if she misses the 50K she threw away thanks to Dan! ROFL


Haha I also am psychoanalyzing the housemates and as of now only Sabrina and Heather are the ones who I think suffer from a REAL psychiatric disorder.

Heather…maybe not so much…I think she’s just used to being the center of attention and getting by due to her looks and voice, which obviously is not working in this case.


There is a much bigger issue at hand here. Andrew was picking his asshole in the bedroom under his underwear. He then proceeded to cook and touch everything and everyone in the house. Also he was playing with himself in the kitchen moments before he infested all the food. Lets not forget about him picking his nose earlier and complaining about cold sores. Hmmm…? If you pay close attention to his hands in these videos you can see his spreading of disease upon many household objects/food. The fecal king rises!


You’re so right – he’s a filthy pig and he works in a restaurant?


He cooks from scratch


Yea, that actually is really disgusting.

I don’t understand why some of the housemates (especially the 1st 5 alliance) burps, farts, etc. so much in front of each other.

I’m not in the house. I don’t do that in my house or public lol. Its just weird and GROSS.

And its so obvious that Sarah and Neda are grossed out by it, but don’t call anyone out on it yet because they don’t want to ruffle any feathers.

People need some manners yo

Upsidedown Pancakes

Pass the Potatoes


I forget – what is Ssssssabrina’s non-human form ?
Wish list – all the women shave their heads
– everyone gets diarrhea at the same time
– Heather wins HoH


If Heather wins HOH she won’t even care about putting people up on the block. She would just be happy that she is safe and people will not praise her/suck up to her.

She would literally be a “PUPPET HOH”. Heather is looking for social support and warmth, which Sabrina Kenny Andrew and Sarah would giver her in a heartbeat if she was HOH.

I actually feel bad for Adel, Kyle, and Heather.


Sarah is a crazy a** b**ch, she has an abusive personality. I wonder if she acts like that infront of her children. Did she not have enough food to eat growing up? Or was she fat before? I mean her reaction was way over the top. Anyway I like Adel’s spirit, Kyle and Neda.


I must agree, every time you see Andrew, he is either picking his nose or scratching his ass. I don’t understand how anyone else in the house can not see this. He must love the fact that their is no hot water. because he really does act like a pig. Sooner or later someone will get sick in the house because of this.