Sabrina is “Crushing” on Kenny “let it bloom babe”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-11 19-54-25-570

9:45pm Living Room Sabrina and Sarah
Sabrina says she’s not sure if she likes him or it’s a big brother thinkg, “Our Characters get along”
Sarah – Totally I agree
Sabrina says that Kenny is identical to her boyfriend, Body shape, Body size, pimples, Tattoos, hair the body type. Sabrina – “he’s nicer you can tell he wouldn’t call me a f*** b1tch”
Sarah – “Ya maybe.. I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of Kenny yet”
Sabrina – You think he could be evil
Sarah No I don’t think he’ll call you a stupid b1tch
Sabrina – “I’m crushing.. ”
Sarah – WOW.. I totally see why you would.. But the only thing for me I get what you are saying but literally my husband is unreal so I don’t look at them that way.

Sabrina said to Kenny she thinks he’s “So cute” and he said to her “let it bloom babe”. She thinks that he’s into her a bit.

Sabrina – “I’m crushing on him .. but it’s a cross between Andrew and Kenny”
Rachelle joins them
Sarah warns her not to come on too strong she needs to let it organically happen

Sabrina says that Andrew told her all these nice things at the pool. Sabrina thinks if Heather wasn’t single he would be saying theses things to her
Sarah – Andrew always looks at at me and blows me kisses


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-11 20-09-10-712

11:08pm Heather and Sabrina

Heather says she noticed in the HOt Tub everyone was trying to get someone elses attention. Points out that Rachelle was always trying to get Sabrina’s attention. Sabrina says that IKA is pissing her off so much because she is being mean to me.
Heather asks if people are talking about her.
Sabrina says no except that Rachelle is saying she’s really making an effort to be your friend.

Heather says Rachelle is an annoying brat. Sabrina doesn’t see it. Heather says it’s because sabrina is always busy talking to people she doesn’t notice. Heather brings up today when Rachelle saw her in her Bikini she immediately said she needed to change her bikini because her “Boobs” weren’t big enough.

(Sabrina relays this conversation to RAchelle about 5 minutes after)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-11 20-18-18-830

11:20pm Diary room door
Kenny scares Adel


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-11 20-21-38-570

11:23pm Hot Tub Dream team

Kyle tells his famous stripper story. Adel talks about his jaded past and how he cleaned him self up and god sent him an angel. (Adel’s girlfriend)


11:47pm Kitchen Kyle and Adel Adel says he dropped 75K into his tongue toothbrush invention

11:50pm Hot tub Paul and Kyle Paul asks Kyle if he’s actually going home tomorrow or is it going to be Paul. Kyle says “I swear on my dog that passed on to me I’m 100% going home.. right on his grave.. 150% percent i’m going home.. if i don’t i’ll be like what the f***”

Paul doesn’t sound convinced..

Kyle – “It’s like I’m walking around with a bio hazard symbol on me”

Paul wonders if it’s good for his game to start mingling with the other players. Kyle doesn’t think it will matter they all associate Paul with Kyle.

Kyle says he has a brother who is Skinner than him, “I got the extra chicken on the plate”


12:11am NEDA and Jon living room

Jon tells NEDA if it’s a physical competition on Thursday he won’t be able to do it. He thinks he’ll probably keep the sling on tomorrow it’ll hurt tonight.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-11 21-21-11-005

12:24am HOH bed Rachelle, Sabrina, Kenny and Andrew

Sabrina flirting up a storm with Kenny. Sabrina – “I’m attracted to you my ex boyfriend looked just like you but he was bald”


Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-11 21-48-40-525

12:48am HOH Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina and Kenny flirt around for a good while. Once she leaves Rachelle starts to massage Andrew’s back. Sabrina comes back and starts to rub Kenny’s.

1:00am HOH Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew and Racehlle everyone but Racehelle are talking in french. Sabrina is telling them something about production and they get called out about it.

1:08am HOH Arlie, Kenny and Andrew Arlie is sleeping on the couch. they joke around about alternating winning HOH between Andrew and Kenny.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-11 22-06-18-606

1:11am Kyle, Paul and Adel are having a picnic in the backyard..

1:15am Sabrina, Jon and Racehlle Sabrina tells Jon if he cannot compete in the Head of Household competition he will get immunity. Jon didn’t know that.
Jon – I’m so glad to come back
Sabrina – Ya cause if you are gone for longer than a day you’re out
Jon leaves.

Sabrina is trying to talk Rachelle into sleeping on the HOH couch. Rachelle is tired and can’t sleep on the couch.
NEDA joins them and they start chatting about Heather, Ika and how they don;’t trust Paul, Adel and Kyle.

SAbrina – “IKA needs to stop giving attitude.. She has a serious attitude problem and people are getting annoyed”
Sabrina starts gossiping about IKA.

Sabrina says that Kenny told her he likes her and he thinks she’s pretty with her makeup off.


2:08AM Kyle and Adel hanging out

Kyle – “what kinda name is Adel anyways sounds like a computer company”

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Sabrina is absolutely clueless and she seems like a bunny boiler and a stage 5 clinger. Sound the Grenade Horn (I can’t beleive I am referencing Jersey Shore -___-)


That’s it I’ve had it with Sabrina…I give her two more weeks before the housemates learn of her antics. She tells all the info someone told her to another a second later and constantly replays conversations over, and over..and over. “Adel said this to me, Ika said this”. Like I don’t know, SHUT UP.

People are going to have to start comparing notes soon, this shit is out of control. Do we really need an Andy 2.0? At least he moved much, Sabrina seems attached to Andrew at the hip. And really….crushing on Kenny…lmao, I can’t wait until his secret gets out. If he finds out that Sabrina has a crush on him ( and he will with all these big mouthed Hgs) I wonder he will reveal his secret. Probably not..


Of course Kenny knows Sabrina has a crush on him. He said before going in the house that he wouldn’t tell anybody he was gay and would use it to his advantage. And it’s working with Sabrina.


Sabrina should be in the movie shrek not on BB


Sabrina is definitely a clinger… though, I think Rachelle is hitting on Andrew now.. I’m confused by these women….


Sabrina is really starting to annoy me and Andrew too. They need to be brought down a peg or two. I am not sure, but from some conversations last night and this morning, I don’t think Kenny, Arlie and Sarah are at all tight with the first 5 alliance. It looks like the real alliance once Andrew is not HOH anymore is Jon, Kenny, Neda and Sarah, maybe Arlie. Maybe I am reading things wrong, but Jon and Neda had a very interesting conversation last night, where they were saying that it’s not time yet, but they have to get Andrew out before too long. Then Jon had a similar conversation with Kenny and Sarah. And as far as I know, none of them ratted Jon out to Andrew. I am hoping that Allison comes into the house and aligns with the other 2 newfies. I don’t know, but I guess I just have a soft spot for newfies, because Andrew was my favorite last season. Andrew and Sabrina overestimate how well people like them. I will be glad to see how they react when they figure that out.

One thing I am really missing about this cast and last seasons cast is no French Canadians! Come on, BB!! There are plenty of bilingual French Canadians that would love to do BB, and they should be represented. Honestly, they are guaranteed to shake things up, make us laugh and keep it interesting. After all, it is Canada and we have 2 official languages! In fact, my French is bad, but I would watch and all francophone season if there was one. That would be insane!


Quebec needs to be granted sovereignty. I dropped French in Grade 11 because of mme savoie and would prefer if English was the only official language.
Sabrina is going to hate this dude for playing if her attempt for a showmance is more than just game strategy


Sabrina and Paul NEED to go. They’re going to float their way through. Ika brings entertainment to this season!


I am going to miss Kyle and his posse after he is gone, they were the only comic relief in this goof of a big brother season. Makes me laugh how Sabrina REALLY thinks she has a chance with Andrew or Kenny, newsflash : THEY’RE JUST USING YOU FOR A VOTE. Can’t wait till she finds out Kenny swings with the other team. She is so delusional and desperate for a showmance it’s sad.

Overall, beyond Kyle, Adel and Paul this season reminds me of a season of The Hills with the cattiness, jealousy and isolating.

NOTE TO IKA: STOP OBSESSING OVER HEATHER!!! We get you don’t like her but the constant making fun of her is just so annoying and immature. you and your big forehead need to get over themselves.

Andrew is becoming more and more of a tyrant by the hour, thinking he owns the house and everyone, can’t wait to see this blow all up in his face.

Already wanting a new season to start, this one is going to be the same fate as the last BB…. FLOATERVILLE


Maybe the secret guest is automatically HOH and has to put up noms based on first impressions and what they saw in the secret room. Whoever it is will need some sort of immunity to stand a chance. They still have Rachelle and Sabrina mixed up, and their perception of what’s going on is kinda mixed up, so that could be random and fun! LOL, I enjoy watching the three of them comment on the house feeds. I will miss the secret room.


I love Neda and Jon! Their friendship is so cute! I wish the feeds would follow those two all day. They make me laugh and they are actually smart about what is going on in the game!


Totally agree – I think they’re the most ‘rational’ and not taking things personal. Neda’s nomination – she handled it with grace. Jon is pure-Canadian-heart-born-and-bread-in-the-moment-East-Coaster with enough self-confidence to handle this game. 🙂


JESUS stop looking into the mirror every moment you get!!!!! So SELF Absorbed. Play with your hair again and it’ll probably start falling out lol.

Btw you’re so transparent with the tactics you’re pulling to get Andrew’s attention….


I hate the lip puckering too. She plays with her hair and puckers her lips. She is a meme girl.


OK, OK, …so I just get caught up on your updates after having watched no content at all and impressions have worked themselves into this: I don’t get the ‘hate-on’ for Heather; if it’s her voice – sure; annoying, but I find it more irritating and hard on the ears to hear girls (ladies) called another girl ‘creepzilla’. Doesn’t Ika have children? I mean what’s more childish and not impressive ‘game-play’ to me is name-calling. That goes for all the players who do that – DON’T DO THAT. As for floaters; I don’t see one in the bunch. I LOVE THAT YOU TYPED IN Arlie Slithers In at Some Point. Beautiful work guys.


Did anyone see when Andrew fell into the hot tub? He was SOOOOO mad!! It was classic karma. LOL


This crush could lead to Sabrina’s unraveling


Here’s to hoping.


Sabrina blabbing to Andrew will also be her unravelling with Sarah …who isn’t going to want sabrina to ruin her game. Now sarah should know where sabrinas ultimate loyalty is. Andrew is basically a Tom like character from last season, letting hoh power get to his head. Sabrina and Andrew are both playing too hard too soon.

For a physical guy, Andrew has too much blood on his hands already. Neda, Paul and Adel can all easily put him up without much fuss or backlash. Kenny should cut andrew soon, so as not to sit on the block with him, when someone guns to take him out.

Johhny (the European one!)

Sabrina has adopted one more trait of Danielle from BBUS 14: Clinger in heat.
OK, let’s compare:
Desperately seeking attention: check.
Having that dramatic hyperventilating way of talking, making it sound like the other person she’s gossiping about did something OMG to her, even when she’s whispering: check.
Crying and being an emotional wreck to get pity: check.
Spending hours every day plastering make-up on her face: check.
Having discussions with everyone around her about “I like him. Do you think he likes me? I think he does”: check.
Extremely exhausting to watch (at least to me!): check. doublecheck.

The biggest difference so far: Danielle spent hours each day squeezing her zits where Sabrina prefers to focus on other people’s zits, hairs and feet.


Sabrina doesn’t know the scent of ‘oak’ when she smells it. Barking up the wrong tree – big time. His pimples are the same as her exes? WTF? That is not one of my requirements for sexual attraction but I’m not knowing for being ‘the usual’. This is super duper new on Big Brother, eh? I didn’t see this on any other season (US or CDN) where a chick crushes on the most unattainable guy in the house.

Johhny (the European one!)

In her defense:
I could totally picture BB WANTING some girl to crush on Kenny since the whole “I’m gay but I won’t tell anyone” twist kinda led to nowhere. They’d love that kind of drama / deception.
So I could totally see BB “directing her” towards Kenny with their Diary Room sessions: “what do you think he meant when he said sth nice to you?” “do you think he likes you?” or even more direct. “go fetch!” 😉




Nah, Kenny and Jon all the way!


I just don’t get why Paul, Adel and Kyle are isolating themselves. Paul was a goner until Kyle went up. He should have started distancing himself from Kyle and tried to work his way back into the good graces of the others. Kyle should have done something to work the votes and send Paul home, and Adel isn’t going anywhere, so isolating himself is suicide. He is missing all of the game play by hanging with the other two, it does nothing but hurt his game. The only thing that will save him is if he wins the next HOH, and he has done nothing to change his own fate. People make mistakes early in the game and can recover if they work at it. These three don’t deserve to be there. They aren’t even trying. I don’t get it. Paul has nothing to gain by isolating himself, he hasn’t even tried to recover. Kyle has everything to gain by playing to stay in the house. If he had been paying attention, he would have noticed the cracks and played the “I am the only one that can take Andrew down, you need me for that” card. It’s like the three of them self evicted as soon as things went against them.


Kyle and Adel’s friendship is too cute. If the girls had any guts they would try to keep him over Paul- he’s is a ticking time bomb anyways. Kyle has the potential to get revenge on Andrew ( whose bald head is swelling by the day because of all this power) and break up his alliance with Kenny. As for Sabrina-ugh! – i was actually watching her pluck her pubes at some point in the feeds and gagged in my mouth. She’s gonna be heartbroken to find out about Kenny and I will laugh my evil Cruella laugh. Pretty sure Kenny and Andrew could ask to run a train on her and she’d be like “1 AM ticket please!” (too much? maybe…). I CANNOT wait until her game unravels. They say Heather can’t keep anything to herself but I think Sabrina’s got her beat. She just doesn’t have the high-pitched annoying voice of a child. So far I’m #teamNeda. I would be team Ika but she’s being too aggressive with the girls too early on in the game. She needs to chill.