Dazed and Confused “If I want a fighting chance at that HOH we gotta go to bed Soon”

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

Kyle was talking most of the evening like tonight was his last night in the house. It was hilarious. Some choice tweets have them saying goodnight for the last time.

Adel said he had to go to bed early if he was going to have a chance at the HOH. Kyle puts his arm around Adel says “The last time we’re together take a look” At one point Kyle puts his coffee mug away says to teh camera this is his last cup tomorrow he’s back on the energy drinks. As Kyle leaves the hot tub he says “We’ll hot tub it’s been a slice” when he walks by the backyard he says “I’ll be here tomorrow to do one last gym session.. I’ll do one last look at the pictures” Kyle proceeds to do his “final walk around”.
Adel says “F*** man if I don’t win HOH tomorrow I’m going grey”

Video highlighting this here

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-10 23-36-35-648

2:41am bedroom Adel and Kyle whispering, everyone else sleeping Kyle and Adel continue giggling away thinking that tomorrow is HOH and eviction.

Kyle mentions how Sabrina is now all over Andrew. jokes that Adel will get a nice foot wash when he wins HOH.
Adel says no way she can wash Paul’s feet.
Kyle makes a remark about the fungus on Paul’s feet they both laugh say “I love that guy”

Kyle goes over to wear Paul is sleeping – ‘f*** it i’m getting in the middle it only seems right’ Adel joins them (See image above)

Kyle wishes they were here for another week so they could do pranks.
Adel – “We would get our heads cut off if we did pranks”
Adel – “If I was going down with the ship this is the best ship to sink with.. bro”
Kyle – “I know.. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way us and the gas mask guy(Paul)”
Kyle – “I want to know what in store in a year from now.. this is the first day the rest of our lives.. good or bad it’s going to be a blast”

Adel says he plans on cuffing himself to Paul so they can’t evict him. Kyle jokes that he’ll put the broom stick on the HOH door and lock them all in, “No one’s voting me out yet.. the other ones I would lock them in the pantry”.

Paul blows a giant fart
Kyle jokes that it’s a sasquatch

Kyle leaves comes back ‘OHH MY GOD IT’s f**** roasting in here.. My only advice to anyone is don’t touch drugs.. ” (Feeds cut)

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I hope I’m not the only one that finds Adel and Kyle hilarious.


AND to think lil ole BB15*u$a by EPiS0DE 5 had to put disclaimers up as logic + common sense went south!!!

BBs2*Canada even with all its tensions & flaws has nothing like the same BIG train wreck looming although

Paul was in bad form when he tried to make a mountain outta a mole hill. Can we ever forget Topaz’s vote?

SEASON ONE has a legacy to be lived up to!!! On the recent Amazing Race Rachel & Brendan were almost

eliminated. Allison or Scott if arriving via the hidden door may tilt the BB*C playing field. Go!Go!Go! 3~Stooges!

SEASON TWO is now GAME ON!!! Way to go CANADA!!! Good Luck + Happy Trails!!! I miss the Talking Moose!!!


I find Paul extremely unlikable, but for some reason Adel and Kyle still like him


Huge Big Brother fan, I have watched every season, US & Canada. I’ve loved and hated many different hg but, this group are pathetic. I honestly can not watch afterdark anylonger, unless Adel & Kyle are on I fast forward through the whole show, once Adel is gone I will move on. Maybe I’m just getting to old but this cast of misfits are embarrassing to watch……good luck to all the Big Brother fans hope you can find some entertainment out of these hg…..I’m looking forward to next year.


I hope this alliance of Jon and Kenny is real – though i find it suspect, because Jon isn’t one of the first five. I hope Kenny isn’t playing him; i’d rather Jon and Kenny as an alliance to watch – Andrew is on too much of an ego trip. I’m starting to want to see him go. Along with Ika.

I don’t particularly like Heather, but just the fact that she’s getting under everyone’s skin makes me want her in the house for a while yet.

Sabrina is totally set up. But won’t be in such a good place if Andrew is gone. She’s still be solid – just not as well set up.


Kyle and Adel are so funny!
i’m really hoping Adel will win the next HOH


I am not thrilled with this cast. Kyle and Adel are at least entertaining tough. I like watching them together.