GARY LEVY – “HOUSE GUESTS I’M HERE!! Big Brother sent me! We’re going to do an awards show!”

12:30pm The house guests are put on a storage room lock down which is shown on two of the cameras. While the other two cameras are showing the front door. The audio turns on and it’s Big Brother Canada Season 1 – Gary Levy’s voice talking about being in the big brother house. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds.

WHen the live feeds return again the cameras are still focused on the front door. The door bell rings and all the house guests run out of the storage room to see whos coming into the house. They think it could be Rachel Reilly. Gary then busts in side and says House Guests I’m HERE!! He tells them that Big Brother sent him into the house to do an awards show with them. They all hug him and are all excited to have him in the house. Jon says holy sh*t you’re tall!!! They all head into the bedroom where Big Brother has outfits for them to wear for the awards show.

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Neda & Heather play Rock, Paper, Scissors for who will go up on the block with Jon..

11am Sabrina says the one person I would not talk to is Sarah. A lot of the things she says is not my style. Sabrina comments on how Sarah was with married couples. And I would never ever be the way she was with you a 23 year old boy. Jon says that he would not hang out with Andrew outside the house unless he said the way he was in the house was not really him. Jon gets called to the diary room – Sabrina asks if Jon can’t get mad if I put him on the block right!? I mean he is the biggest threat in here. Neda agrees. Sabrina asks if Neda wants to talk in the HOH room. Neda says if I win POV I would have to choose between Heather & Jon. Sabrina tells Neda that she is thinking of putting her and Jon on the block. Neda comments on how if Heather gets to evict Jon it would be a huge move to get out the biggest player in the game.

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Neda tells Jon – The best case scenario would be if we win Veto and its you, me and Sabrina Final 3.

9:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bedroom – Jon, Neda and Heather discuss what Big Brother might be building in the backyard. They talk about how they hope its a luxury competition. Sabrina joins them. They wonder if Big Brother is making the POV and will then take it away. Jon says that it sounds like a lot of hammering .. like connecting together. I have a feeling it will be a competition like a Divergent style. They talk about how few there are of them left in the house and how there used to be two people per bed. Neda comments on how nervous she is. Jon says he isn’t. Jon says that if you had told him he would make it to jury he says he would have said you’re nuts! They discuss this seasons cast. Jon says I found Kenny attractive. Sabrina and Heather head to the bathroom. Neda and Jon continue to talk. Jon says so after one of us wins the veto we will say what’s going on.

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Jon/Heather final 2 “Neda played the perfect game It wouldn’t make any sense for us to bring her”

11:20pm Bathroom, Neda, Sabrina and Heather

Sabrina says her sister was going to send her secret codes in the HOH letter. All she was able to get from it was that Canada likes Sabrina all along Sabrian thought Canada hated her.
Neda – “Think before they did.. I think they really disliked you.. maybe not hate.. Hate is a strong word”

Neda about the fans ”We’re not real people to them we’re characters.. we’re not portrayed as real people we’re portrayed as the extreme sides of their personalities.

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Neda – “I do think now Sabrina has a very high chance of winning.. at the end.. Final 2”

10:23pm Bedroom Jon and Neda

Jon asks If Sabrian has said anything. Neda – “She said we’re OK”

Jon – “I’m tired Neds.. so tired”
Neda – “Me to”

They head to the bedroom. Neda tells him it doesn’t matter that she won HOH. They agree if Heather wins the finale HOH she will take Sabrina. Neda brings up the cheers

Neda – “I do think now Sabrina has a very high chance of winning.. at the end Final 2”
Jon – “Right now there’s not one left in this house that I will clearly beat”
Neda – “I dunno heather”
Jon – “Maybe”

JOn says getting to the final three with Neda and Sabrian ensures he gets 20 thousands dollars.

Sabrina joins them, says she’s allowed to eat come Monday.

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Jon asks ..and you threatened that whole house? What the F**K?! That was F**KED!

10:50am Adel heads into the main bedroom and tries out the different ways he can wear the Big Brother Canada onesie. Adel heads to the HOH room and tells him that Neda’s still in the shower. Jon says she will come over in a minute. Jon says F**K! Jon says I think what you said might work though.. Adel says maybe. Jon says just because Neda wants jury votes so f**king bad.. could be a big game play right there! Adel says when you do talk to her don’t bring up my name or keeping me any more. Jon says no.. Adel says just be like.. Jon says what the f**K are you doing? Adel says no, be like you were my sister in this game. Every move, every decision I made I came and told you. Jon nods and says so why is it a double standard. Adel says tell her why now, why now did you do it. DOes that mean I’m game over? Does that mean I am not Neds..

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Neda tells Adel shes voting to evict him! Neda asks Heather did I just f**k UP!? Heather says you f**ked up a little!

9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bedroom Jon noticed that Sabrina is still sleeping and motions/points at her to get Big Brother to wake her up. Heather brings the batteries and then leaves the room with Sabrina. Jon says I wish we could just evict both of them. Neda laughs. Jon says he had a bad dream that Neda won the veto and evicted him. Jon comments on how freezing it is in the house. He looks at the camera and says way to go Canada voting on temperatures. Sabrina asks Jon what one of the competitions was called and Jon tells her he won’t tell her. He says what if they ask that one. He tells her no and shakes his finger at her. I know exactly the one you’re talking about. Jon leaves the room.

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A romantic evening with Jon “look at him he’s got 268lbs of thrust behind him”

10:30pm Bedroom Sabrina, Adel and Heather

Adel telling them about who out of the guys he thought was attractive.
Adel doesn’t think Jon is attractive, Kenny was good looking and Kyle was average.
Adel thinks William must be attractive as f**. Heather says he is.
Adel says Andrew was a bit above average, “He was a 6 i’m a 5”
Adel says his friend Moe is beautiful but his personality sucks.
Sabrina doesn’t think Adel is a 5 says Adel is just short. Sabrina like Jon but she likes tall guys and muscles.

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Burrito asks Deli why he wanted to Marry her “Cause you’re a Hairy Gremlin”

8:50pmPM Deli and BUrrito
Sabrina demands he tells her why he doesn’t like her. She keeps asking him over and over. Adel says it’s just a game, ‘Give it up already”
Adel – “This is a game”
Sabrina – “You mean outside you will be my friend.. you told me you’ll block me”
Adel jokes says he’s Italian. Tells Sabrina to talk to her in Italian. She asks Adel in Italian why he doesn’t like her. The truth is exposed.

Sabrina keeps trying to sit on the bed next to him and he shoos her away.

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Neda blames Adel for wanting to get Heather out “Are you f*** kidding me I would have never f*** done that”

7:55pm Heather and Neda

Sounds like Neda is trying to pin the plan to get Heather out last week on Adel.
Heather says she feels backstabbed, “I hate the fact that he tried for it.. pisses me off”
Heather says before she heard this from JOn and Neda she actually felt bad for Adel.

Neda says Adel was really pushing to get Heather out.
Neda – “Oh my god he tried so hard.. you know there is no way you were going to leave”

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Big Brother Canada 2 – Neda tells Jon I’m sorry I F**KED UP!! Jon says BIG TIME! BIG TIME!

4:15pm – 4:30pm Sabrina goes to the HOH room and talks to Jon. She tells him that Heather and Neda just told her that she is staying. Jon says okay didn’t Neda and I already tell you that?! Sabrina says yes but Heather hadn’t told me yet. Sabrina asks if Jon was on board with it. Jon says yes, it was Heather and Neda that haven’t been sure whether to keep you or not. Jon heads to the bedroom and talks with Neda. Jon asks Neda when you talked to Sabrina what did you tell her about me? Neda says I said she would need to talk to you. Jon asks why did you just say that I was on board?! Neda said you were. Neda tells Jon that he is so annoying!! Jon tells Neda that she is being annoying! Jon asks when you were in the bathroom talking to Heather what exactly were you talking about?!! Neda says she can’t remember exactly what we talked about. Neda says we were talking about keeping Sabrina over Adel.

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