Neda & Heather play Rock, Paper, Scissors for who will go up on the block with Jon..

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11am Sabrina says the one person I would not talk to is Sarah. A lot of the things she says is not my style. Sabrina comments on how Sarah was with married couples. And I would never ever be the way she was with you a 23 year old boy. Jon says that he would not hang out with Andrew outside the house unless he said the way he was in the house was not really him. Jon gets called to the diary room – Sabrina asks if Jon can’t get mad if I put him on the block right!? I mean he is the biggest threat in here. Neda agrees. Sabrina asks if Neda wants to talk in the HOH room. Neda says if I win POV I would have to choose between Heather & Jon. Sabrina tells Neda that she is thinking of putting her and Jon on the block. Neda comments on how if Heather gets to evict Jon it would be a huge move to get out the biggest player in the game. Sabrina tells Neda that if it comes done to me I am choosing you to go to final 2. Sabrina says and you should take me. Heather should too. Sabrina says if Jon wins the veto .. he wins the game. Neda agrees. Neda says worst case scenario is he wins veto, we would need to win the final HOH. Sabrina agrees. Sabrina says I am scared you would get soft in that moment and not evict him. Neda says I have been prepping myself for that for awhile. Sabrina says if he wins the veto .. pack your bags .. I’ll pack mine. If he wins the veto, we lose this. We would have to win the first part of the 3 part HOH. Sabrina tells Neda either way you don’t go home in two days.. Heather won’t evict you and he won’t.

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11:20am In the bedroom – Jon and Heather are talking. Jon says that Neda cannot with this Veto. Heather agrees. Jon says if its physical .. Neda is not physical at all. It all comes down to who wins the veto. Sabrina calls Jon to come to the HOH room. Sabrina tells Jon that she is putting him up on the block. Jon says I don’t care, I knew you were going to put me up. Jon asks if she is going to put up me and Heather or me and Neda. Sabrina says that she isn’t sure yet. Jon says you should put Neda up with me. Jon says it all comes down to who wins the veto. If I win I choose. If Neda wins she chooses. If Heather wins she chooses. If you win you decide who chooses. Jon is annoyed Sabrina didn’t want him in the room with her and Neda. Jon tells Sabrina be careful what you say ..anything she told Neda will get back to him. Sabrina says if anyone brings me they 100% win. Jon says you obviously don’t want me in the final 3. Sabrina says because you wouldn’t bring me, you would bring Neda. Its smart if you would bring me because you would win .. but I know you would bring Neda. Jon says he loves this situation because I get to decide my fate .. if I win veto I stay if I lose I go home.

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 08-29-29-002

11:50am IN the bathroom – Heather and Neda play Rock Paper Scissors for who will go up on the block because it really doesn’t matter who goes up. Sabrina says you guys decided this. Neda wins and so Heather and Jon will go up on the block. Jon keeps telling Sabrina that it doesn’t matter who goes up on the block. Sabrina gets mad that Jon keeps making it sound like her HOH means nothing. JOn and Neda head to the bedroom and laugh about how they just played rock paper scissor and took all the power away from Sabrina.

11:55am – 12:15pm Jon gets Neda to play Rock Paper Scissor and she loses. Jon says Neda just lost, she’s on the block with Heather. Neda says NOPE that wasn’t official!!

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i stll think its jon and neda…. sabrina is not going to give her power up,,,,, sabrina needs heather f2 thats her best chance at winning the game…… also no one should take sabrina to f2 because she already has 2votes to risky to take sabrina to the end…………


Dawg, Simon & BBCAN2 fans…

Do you think Neda is still going to evict Jon, should the choice be in her hands? I’m rooting for Jon to win Veto but I want to know if he’s going to be in hot water if Neda wins, because I’m 50/50 about her loyalty now…


They’re ALL going to evict Jon and he KNOWS he has to win the veto or he goes to jury.
The question is, who will Jon vote out if/when he wins that veto? He doesn’t sound honest when he makes his final 2 with Heather, but I think she’s his best bet for winning in final 2 even though he would probably win against Neda too. So my guess is that he’ll send Heather out which is too bad because I’ve been loving her game, especially recently.


Neda is his emotional F2, Heather is his non-emotional F2.
He is more of an emotional player though and seems tied into his primary alliance going to the end.


I might be alone in this, but i actually do not think she will evict him if she wins VETO.
Keeping him in F3, will secure her spot in F2
Incase Sabs win last HOH, she is not taking Jon & Jon if he wins final HOH, as Neda took him to F3, he will be even more loyal(if that is possible) & take her to F2..
So…yea, i am 90% sure Neda will NOT evict Jon in F4 if she wins VETO….just my opinion


Neda cut herself off from Jon so I certainly hope he has no qualms about voting her out!


Thanks for the speedy response Dawg!


this is why i think jon should really think about evicting neda also…… i hope jon wins veto and evicts neda.


I’m not sure I can take people being nice to Sabrina and letting her blab, blab, blab on, it is almost torture because she is just so stupid. Though I hate Adel more and am glad he is gone. I really don’t know what will happen. It will definitely depend on the veto and who wins it, but top 4, that is always the case. I think both Jon and Heather will take Neda to final 3. It’s been smart of her to act like she can’t win in final 2 because of one thing, Canada has turned against her.


I’m confused, so is what Heather and Jon are talking about and there F2 just Jon and Heather each covering their own grounds? I still think Heather and Jon would both take Neda to F2. I don’t know anymore‚Ķ

just an opinion

Aw, poor Sabbie Wabbie, no one is interested in an audience with her Queenship! She is acting as if this is the most important HOH and game strategy (her self-proclaimed specialty!) is super, super important. The HOH is important, but only for securing a spot in F3. Other than that, Slobs is, once again, irrelevant. The sole vote is the real power. Silly girl!

just an opinion

Forgot to say, it is rather rude of the others (mostly Jon) to just decide that RPS is going to be the way to go. Sabs can still choose who actually gets to sit on the block. Give the whiner at least that much – it is her only HOH.

Just Visiting

Truthfully I could almost see Neda gambling and throwing veto, leaving Jon and Heather to duke it out. Winning is a lot of power but the H-N-J trio has lied incessantly to one another and whoever wins is almost guaranteed to lose the vote of the person they evict (assuming it isn’t Sab in the F2). For one glorious competition Sab defied her mental and physical limitations, even reality itself, and won something. Since I don’t believe the laws of the known universe can bend twice in one week I’m assuming she will be a veto non factor and it will all come down to the 3.

I now think Neda will send Heather home if she wins. Jon is guaranteed to take her to F2 over Sab and Sab won’t take Jon. However, why would Sab take Neda over Heather? Why would Heather take Neda over Sab? Once Jon goes she is the biggest threat remaining. Neda’s best bet is to keep Jon.

As well, if Neda ends up in F2 she is going to have to tear Jon apart to get the money. Her ‘I was the mastermind’ argument will only work if she portrays Jon as a meat shield and a simpleton. This will be much easier to do if she doesn’t also need his vote!

Unrelated, but Sab getting the one essentially meaningless HOH is hilarious! She is dying to power trip and can barely pin Neda down to talk to her. I don’t want her to get F2, but she has been really entertaining over the last few weeks after being stripped of power. She now reminds me of some minor Disney villain, incapable of causing real harm but there for comic relief!


Simple reason for NO ONE wanting to take Sabrina to F2.

They had to sit and here Sabrina CONTINUALLY take credit for everyone else’s work AND with Sabrina’s inability to stop bragging they are all well aware she has Rachelle and Alison’s vote. Prior to last night it didn’t factor in since Sabrina was obviously not well like by Canada. Based on the cheering last night for Sabrina winning they have quickly assessed that situation has changed. They do not realize b/c they aren’t privy to any outside intel that Sabs remains on the bottom in popularity so they all assume she would get Canada’s vote. THREE guaranteed votes is way too many to take a chance on hence NO ONE will take Sabs with them and most of that is Sabrina’s own fault. IF she had been able to resist bragging or taking credit for things not of her doing she would have been sitting in a great place.

Regardless of her sad need for attention and recognition it is obvious Sabrina is bright. I wonder if she had of manufactured a fight between her and Rachelle her last week in the house where Ro screamed I’m sick of you telling me what to do it’s why I voted to evict you and will be thrilled to pick WHO I WANT to win instead of you thinking you own my vote. It would have been really smart and it would have helped her argument to take her to F2. Alas this girl is so self serving and insecure that was impossible.

Oh and IRONY OF ALL IRONY: was anyone even remotely surprised Rachel likes Sabrina? Pot meet kettle (on an emotional level at least)


UH, Rachel clearly stated she wasn’t big on Sabrina but that over the last couple of weeks she has been growing on her. Rachel would not have liked Sabrina’s game and lack of comp wins. Rachel’s favourite is Heather’s game…which is perplexing as she cited Heather’s social component as an aspect Rachel admired.


Love your analogy “just visiting says”! Can’t stop laughing!


Gotta lov the Newfie just all around great guy hope you win Jon 3>


I would be on cloud nine if Jon evicted Neda


It would be “epic”.


Once again shows how clueless Sabrina is in allowing Heather and Neda play rocks/paper/scissors to decide other HG on the block. Neda will 100% vote out heather over Jon and they have been a couple since day 1. Sabrina will never be able to win the last HOH and will be sent out the door as Jon and Neda laugh out loud how dumb this contestants were all season.


I’m sure the irony is not lost on Neda and Heather that, while Sabrina is high on her non-existent HOH power, letting this game decide who goes up beside Jon has completely stripped Sabrina of even the slightest HOH power! Jon volunteers to go up and a game decides who’s beside him! Hilarious!

A Name

Jon’s being the most annoying idiot right now. So arrogant and passive aggressive. It’s not helping him at all


Jon volunteered to go on the block…Oh what a dope.


It’s a bluff. Daring Sabrina to do what she was already going to do.
Thus taking away her “power”.


Sabrina’s stupid. It doesn’t matter who she puts up with Jon, if he doesn’t win the veto, no matter what he will leave the game. So her hoh kind of doesnt matter, she just wants to believe she isn’t a useless cow. Moooo Sabrina.


sabrina’s the worst HOH in big brother history! She has no control, she is literally sharing her hoh she’s sooo DumB & annoying right now!!