Big Brother Canada HOH and Eviction – Burrito Vs Deli

The last regular Eviction/HOH Thursday of BIg Brother Canada Season 2.

Here is the skinny…

After lobbying hard Neda has been able to convince Jon that getting Adel out was what they are doing. Of course Jon was pissed at first keeping Adel helps him because he knows Adel will pick Jon and Heather over Neda in a final 3 scenario. Neda knows Adel will not take her over JOn hence Adel’s eviction.

To make sure they have Heather’s vote to evict Adel, JOn and Neda tell Heather about Adel wanting to get her out after Jon won HOH. Of Course if you follow the feeds you will know NEda and Jon were the ones that wanted to get HEather out. In fact they do not even want to take Heather to the final 3 they want Sabrina because they feel they can beat her in the finale.

As of Thursday morning Adel knows he’s not staying.


My prediction
Adel goes home
Sabrina wins HOH

Twitter leaks (Source @Hamsterwatch)
Adel goes home
Sabrina wins HOH (Tiebreaker)

Official results

Heather votes to Evict Adel
Neda Votes to Evict Adel

HOH did not finish on the show
Live Feeds down for good come Sunday morning

Confirmed Sabrina won the HOH..

With only 7 days left what happens next?
(Please note i’m going by last year in constructing this time table)
Tonight HOH will be played the winner of that gets to nominate 2 people for eviction Saturday morning. POV will be played on Saturday afternoon followed by the POV Ceremony on Sunday. The feeds will go down and the eviction will be part of the Sunday episode (Remember last year this is when Talla went home) BEtween Monday 5th and Thursday the 8th the last remaining 3 houseguests will be competing in the 3 part final HOH.

What is going to happen with the FEEDS?
Last year the feeds went dark at 2:30pm EST on the Sunday before the finale.
BBCAN2-obb-2014-04-29 05-48-29-569

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Wow. I knew they would underestimate Sabrina. Now one of them is gone. Will it be Neda?


nope its going to be jon or heather.. depending on who wins pov….


Hope it is Neda,since she was so determined to get Adel out. He probably wouldn’t have won this challenge either.


Only 1 person will get to vote this week. Now that Sab is the new HOH, it’s gonna be either Jon or Heather that has the say if Neda were on the block. Do you think either of them will vote out Neda? I don’t think so.


Sab hoh lol neda is so stupid id she was super fan she should known adel would have no chance…

Instead she hands hoh to sab instead of her self.


i dont think neda is really in that much trouble…. jon wins pov and will still evict heather? heather wins pov and will evict jon? neda is still f3 bound i think……..


i bet neda threw the comp on tie break? that way jon cant blame her to much for losing?


I doubt it b/c really its the winner of POV who decides who stays. Even if Neda had won HOH & put up Sabs & Heather if one of them won POV (or Neda) they still could’ve put up Jon. Unless she is taking a calculated risk so she doesn’t have to put him on the block & retains her ties to both Jon & Heather.


my thinking is that she wants to be the one to take out jon? winning hoh and puting sabrina and heather up just makes the two doubt her….. i think she will try to win pov and then evict jon? just a guess, thats all shes been talking about making that big move to take out jon?


jon or heather is going home this week depending on who wins pov….. neda is still f3 bound im thinking….


The thing is whoever wins veto will still keep Neda. Jon and Heather has been wrapped around Neda’s finger and are not actually comparing notes against her. Unless H&J talk about Neda, she’s in no danger of leaving. This is actually the best scenario for Neda except that they have to beat Sabrina in the final three for Sabrina ending in the finals will spell a disaster. Had they kept Adel, Heather or Neda may have win the HOH but the other is in greater danger for getting evicted since Jon and Adel are two strong pair.


that’s what I thought. She so convinced beating Sabs was easy, but she was having a really hard time remembering/studying dates, so how is it BB decides this should be this HOH comp? conspiracy aside, adel wouldn’t have had any kind of chance, and adel would have taken Jon and Neda as F3 for sure, if possible. Sabs, it’s anyone’s guess who she will put up and Neda has slim chance of beating either Jon or Heather in any Veto comp,. Possible but much more likely that her decision to cut Jon out is going to be her downfall.

fwiw, the show shows clearly before solitary confinement jon was 100% ready to vote out Adel. Heather and Neda would have spent the next 24 hours discussing and analyzing that in order to make that work, and maybe chatting up Sabs solo to see how they felt about that. Jon comes out 24 hours later with a complete turnaround, i now totally see why Neda was not ready to change her mind.


Sabrina as HOH, that’s depressing 🙁


Being HOH this week only secures the presence in the final 3 and nothing more.The next POV is the one that really matters since the winner decides who get to the final 3 (and who goes home).


LOL at Neda’s plan backfiring on her LMAO!!! should of kept Adel dummy!

Toronto kid

Sabrina is going home based on how dressed up she is vs how not dressed up adel is!!!! Wtf changed?


Neda’s not a psychic, she took as good of a guess she could with who she thought would win the next HOH. Adel could have just as easily won the HOH and would have definitely been targeting Neda whereas Sabrina may not. I think it was great for her game


Adel had a good shot at winning that specific comp.


Stupid….Now one of the final three are going home -_- (Heather, jon and Neda


Neda is officially the dumbest big brother player in big brother history.


I’ll save the Neda fans my list of what’s wrong with Neda. But to say she is stupid, ie BB stupid is so far from the truth. I like some here think that Sabby was way better to evict for her game(Neda). See the one thing the evict Adel crowd weren’t thinking is could Adel win a comp to make his relationship to Jon relevant. Doesn’t matter at this point but other than Sabs sitting in the finale versus Neda I think she just p*ssed away another jury vote. She better stop the bleeding in the jury if it isn’t already to late.

Sabby FTW……………..hehehe

I cannot stop laughing at the thought she makes it F2. Since Sarah broke her leg in the back stretch, vet euthanized Sarah humanly, Sabs has been my horse. Bet a fiver on her to win and she is coming from way back. Still no hope she wins but she has grown on me in a vile sort of way! 😛 A couple of those 1st 1/2 HOH’s she masterminded were truely BB All Star worthy.

For the Neda fans you have one worry only. Jon wins POV and because Neda admitted she wasn’t taking him F2 he says to himself his best game decision is to evict Neda. No Neda fan could have a problem with that though? After all your excuse for everything Neda does is “it’s best for her game”. I don’t think Jon will do it myself. Neda and F2 looks like a near lock unless Sabby takes Heather to the finale.

RIP to the dream season of BB. Someone actually making the finale without an HOH or POV win. It was a great run while it lasted Sabby!


Neda wanted Sabrina to be HOH ,so that she would do her dirty work and kick out Jon. It didn’t backfire, it is going according to her plan because she realized that if she sent Jon home herself, that would be one less vote.


nope. her plan was to keep Sabrina because she thought she could beat her in comps this week and now she’s definitely gonna be put up on the block with Jon. One of them is going home no matter what. Sabrina is guaranteed final 3.


Joanna, HOH doesn’t really decide who goes home at F4 unless that winner also wins POV. The advantage of winning HOH at this point is to secure ones position in F3.
If Neda wins POV then she would have to evict Jon if she doesn’t want him in F3.


Your delusional or just don’t understand the game period! 1st off Sabby cannot take out Jon winning HOH what a pile of BS that is. This is F4 do you not know it’s POV that matters. HOH just gets you an F3 spot. How anyone doesn’t understand this by now I have no idea. If this is Neda’s plan she just became a BB idiot and has no strategic understanding of BB. Neda should have gone all out it guarantees her an F3 spot. Her winning HOH NEVER puts Jon out the door. AND I SAID NEVER!!! It’s like folks have lost their sanity tonight with a Sabby HOH win. Trying to justify it as Neda throwing the comp. It’s not as bad as Marcellus but boy it is BB dumb in the worst way.

I’ve not seen a feed where she talks about dropping the HOH comp. Anyone actually seen/heard that happen. Or are the folks commenting speculating Neda was throwing it. That would make her I stupid HG. I’ve given her credit for her BB IQ hope she didn’t actually hatch this insane idea. Now Neda tanking the POV comp so she doesn’t have to vote out Jon makes perfect sense. Would I giggle if Sabby won POV and takes Neda of the block and she has to do her own dirty work. ROFL


The winner of the next POV decides who goes home and Neda won’t afford the luxury of throwing the competition in order to not send Jon packing because she herself might go home.


i kinda expected sabrina to win this hoh.. more drama this way…..


Yeah Sabrina get a clue and vote out the snake aka Neda


she cant vote neda out…. person not on the block has that power…..


I knew this would happen :D. The final few comps are always about memory and dates and Sabrina is good at them whereas Adel would have had 0% chance of winning. So now Sabrina is in final 3 and she will most likely get to F2 and undeservingly win at least 20k but may even win 100k. Thanks to Neda and her masterplan…..WAY TO GO NEDA 🙂

go adel

I love big brother man!!! The main reason why Jon/Neda/Heather wanted to keep Sabrina is because they were confident that they could beat her in qny competition. Now one them is for sure going home. And also it is completely unpredictable who she(Sabrina) will want to go home. She’ll probably put Heather as a pawn and go after the other two. Should have kept Adel #suckstosuck


it won’t really matter, at this point the veto is the thing to win, regardless if you are HOH, a nominee or the solo voter. it is one of the best HOHs to win in that you are assured of F3, and the only HOH where going forward you still get to play the next HOH.


Is it just me or does Sabrina already have Rachelle, Allison and Arlie as a lock for the win, I don’t know why they think that Sabs would be easy to beat in the end. That never even occurred to me once, ALL HER FRIENDS (save Adel and sorta Arlie, but Arlie votes Sab no matter who she is next too) are in the jury. Sabrina is actually the biggest threat to win this game. She is not a goat at all.


They all said Sabs would win F2. And Arlie’s vote is not on lock for Sabs. I don’t know why you think this.
Arlie would vote for Neda, and may vote for Heather…but only if she is sitting next to Jon.


Neda screwed Jon up ! He should have known better and not trusted her!


I was secretly hoping Sabs would win, this coming from a girl who didn’t like the First Five at all. Can’t wait to watch Sunday’s episode where a smug Neda reveals how she threw the HOH.


Neda didn’t throw the HOH comp, because she told Jon the best case scenario would be for her (Neda) to win HOH, and Jon to win veto. Neda definately wanted to win this HOH, in order to guarantee herself a spot in the final three. It would be stupid to throw an HOH comp that guarantees a final three spot. Also, I’m not really a Sabs fan, but I’m OK with her winning this HOH, because it could result in Jon and Neda being broken up, because, lets face it, a Jon, Neda and Heather final three would be predictable and boring. Now, Neda has to win Veto if she wants to make final three. If Heather wins the Veto, she should vote out Neda, because that move would basically guarantee her a final two spot, since both Sabs and Jon would take her to final two. If Jon wins Veto he will vote out Neda also, because he’s most likely guaranteed the final HOH win and the $100 grand against Heather and Sabs.


I can’t believe that it has come to this…me being glad that Sobs won HOH. I really want Neda and Jon up on the block together. This is the only way that it could happen. I hope that if Adel didn’t tell Heather the truth about the real plan to get her out…then Sobs tells her, keeps her off of the block, and either her or Sobs wins veto. As long as both of them go on the block and one goes home, I’m happy. But it would be sweet karma if Neda is the one to go since she blatantly disregarded her sister’s advice about getting too cocky and did exactly that. It would be even better if Jon won veto and sent Neda home…but I don’t think he would go through with it…even after realizing she is playing for herself.


Since Jon is unaware Neda won’t take him to F2 it makes ZERO sense for him to take out Neda who he believes would take him to F2 He knows Heather & Sabs would NEVER take him to F2 no matter what they say.


How is Jon so snowed by Neda? It boggles the mind.


And that’s why he should have kept Adel in the game.


If its true Sabrina won HOH it will make things more unpredictable makes it more interesting to watch. Nobody wants to see them glide through, we want to see them sweat a little climbing that mountain for the win.I will miss Adel,he really was a funny guy! Allison’s comment on Adel making a bad move, coming from her was just to funny…………..


Sabrina is one of the most detestable disgusting women I’ve ever seen on BB.


Sabrina needs to tell Heather about Jon and Neda’s plan to evict her.


She doesn’t know it was Neda’s plan b/c Neda made Jon believe it was HIS plan & he actually told Sabs that as well.

Remember everyone, Sabrina is a known manipulator in the house so none of those 3 people remotely trust her. No matter what she says to them they will question it as being a lie. She has stepped up and admitted to convincing Ika to take out who she wanted as well as RoRo.

Sabrina’s real flaw was BRAGGING about her accomplishments, if she hadn’t then she’d have a lot more sway at this point in the game not to mention believability.


Revisionist history at minimum. 1st off it was Jon who wanted Heather out and he was HOH. Neda definitely wanted Adel on the block. ONLY when Neda realized she wasn’t getting any where changing Jon’s mind did she go along with it. It’s true she hates Heather but Heather staying was better for Neda’s game period. This woman knows what she is doing BB wise. Unless this foolishness about tanking F4 HOH tonight was true. She clearly on the feeds only went along with Jon because she had no choice.


Stan, Neda’s DR’s suggest otherwise.


The Sabby F3 plan…………………

Telling Heather is definitely an option but when I think is key. To start Sabs has to put up Joneda and leave Heather off the block. Though this is symbolisc Heather would appreciate it. Then I’d suggest the best strategy is to wait until after POV is played. Who wins POV will likely determine whether it is relevant to tell Heather the truth. A Sabby POV win makes things tricky. That likely won’t happen though. The other 3 will be going all out for the POV.

Jon evicted either wins POV
Heather evicted if Jon POV(90%)
Neda evicted only a Jon POV(10%)

Sabby POV likely means Heather or Neda make the deciding vote and Jon goes to jury. Jon is in very tough he needs physical not mental and definitely no crap shot luckbox questions comp. About time for a good old big puzzle with a physical component.

Chances to F3:

Sabby- 100%
Neda- 95%
Heather- 80%
Jon- 25%

Best scheme post Sabby HOH:

I think most of this is written in sand at this point. For example I don’t see Sabs being able to get a real F2 with Heather unless Neda is evicted next. Thus telling Heather about evicting her by Joneda likely means very little. Neda only has to sure up Jon keeping her if Jon wins POV. Heather has no sales pitch to Jon if he wins POV. She would need to rely on Jon evicting(Neda) based on what’s best for his game. No deal is worth the paper it’s written on made between now and the finale. Only variable is the small chance Jon evicts Neda. Oh the other is does Neda take Sabby or Heather? Neda hates her and can beat Sabby no brainer. Be fun if Neda brought Sabby F3 only to see Heather and Sabby F2. ROFL That’s how to write a great script. I hope production is listening!!! hehehe


Seems Allison is still up to old tricks in the jury house – her and Arlie are snuggling under the blankets…. good old hand job Allison.


Thank God Adel is gone. I just couldn’t take him anymore. If Jon doesn’t win that veto, he might be gone.


What kind of a farce is this show? Twice now they’ve been unable to finish a question comp before the show ends. The best part? Follow it up with a half an hour crap fest that is the “side show” instead of finishing the comp. As usual Canadian tv embarrasses me.


And what was that fashion critique discussing images the viewers weren’t granted the privy of viewing. Like, HUH?
It was a waste of air space truly.


It’s called a cliffhanger. It was done on purpose to get viewers to tune into the next episode. No need to insult all Canadian TV. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch.


Considering who won HOH more interest would have been piqued as to what would happen.


Perhaps you weren’t able to tell this but I already watched it. That’s why I was commenting. I thought that was pretty clear. What a juvenile response, I find it weird that you enjoy 100% of everything you watch without finding a negative. People like you are why 80% of t.v. is garbage.

As a Canadian, I’m more than qualified to comment on how Canadian television makes me feel.


How sure are we of the social media leak? Maybe it’s not Sabs??


lol oh well final 3 just got blown up, Delamore would have failed miserably they all knew dates were coming up too…. Sabs will be so annoying now that she is safe (true colours will show)


Sabrina smarter than that—if she wins Pov too—than Neda is gone! She can’t take any chance against Neda in finals! Sabs would win against Jon and she would win against Heather! She would lose against Neda!


hi there.. there is no way neda goes to jury…. who is going to evict her? the person not on the block gets to choose who goes to jury…… if its jon and neda on the block heather will evict jon…. if its heather vs neda on the block jon evicts heather….even if sabrina wins pov the person who is not on the block is the one who evicts not sabrina…


If Sabrina is HOH and wins POV she could remove one of her nominees. This enables all HG’s to campaign and gives her the ability to change her mind.


And Sabs could negotiate with Jon and Heather, (both better in comps than Sabs or Neda), that if she takes them to F3 then they guarentee her F2. This is the only way I see Neda out.


Sabrina if you’re really smart take Jon out! and Heather girl betta work you ass out again and win that POV girl, love yah.


lets not forget theirs a veto too be played which Jon will most likely win

The Watcher

As much as I dislike her, Sabrina will win HoH. She’ll put up Jon & Heather. If they’re lucky, 1 of them will win POV. If they’re smart, they’ll talk game & backdoor Neda.


jon really has no options except to win pov… he should have listened to adel… if jon does not win pov he goes to jury …… also there is no way in hell jon evicts neda if he wins pov.. jon is pu??? whiped when it comes to neda… the fact that he is having wet dreams about her shows that ……


How was Adel’s evection speech?

The Watcher

Sucks about Adel! I wanted him to win


BBCA screwed the game up by not having a endurance type challenge. I’m sick of these pathetic so called challenges.
Where is their “creative staff”? Boring……………………..
As far as Neda .. If I’m not mistaken she has mentioned throwing the challenge so she didn’t have to vote Jon out.
Looks like it might be Sabs/Neda/Heather F3?


Rachette is in jury house. Poor little rich girl. Allison the ho and next maybe Heather the innocent little girl (with nipple piercings). These people are so disgusting and I hope they don’t actually think they have ‘fans’. Jon is a great gameplayer and really deserves the win. Sabrina is just a pig with dreams of being a rich pig.


I agree. Jon will win the Veto 100%. Plan to backdoor
Neda is perfect but only if Jon agrees to take out neda.
Sabrina just has to work her magic to convince him.


Sabrina winning actually plays into Neda’s hands as any of the other 3 would keep her over Jon or Heather if she sat beside them.

As for Jon if he wins POV he stays if he doesn’t he’s gone, same for Heather unless she is sitting beside Jon.

It all comes down to the POV and who wins. We’ll know who BB Can Prod want to stay based on what the POV comp is. If it’s a strength based comp they want Jon to win, if it’s endurance they want Neda to win. If it’s a skill it’s a toss up.

It may be in Neda’s best interest to not win as it will be super hard for her to take out Jon BUT… if she wants to ensure a victory that is what she SHOULD do.

Heather will still want Neda as her F2 as will Jon. Not sure who Sabs would want but I’m pretty sure they ONLY way she gets there is if Neda takes her (which she might, but I’m not sure it’s in her best interest with guaranteed votes from Ro and possibly Ally).

Generally at this point in the season they’re aren’t any surprises left, but this season is going to be exciting right down to when F2 are decided.

The Truth

Now that’s Karma!


lmao so Heather, Neda, JOn before this week had won a combined of 9 comps Sabrnia had won 0 she wins now she off too the Finale Week


Of course Neda was gonna let Sabs win HOH. That was her plan all along so Sabs can put up Jon and get rid of him.


Hopefully Sabs will put up Neda and Jon, Jon will win POV and Neda will go home.


OMG Sabrina won! I’m so happy for her……….this my be a twilight zone. LOL
If Sabs puts up Heather and Jon which I think she will then Heather/Jon should ask why they were put up instead of Neda and then they will realize that Neda wanted to keep Sabs for her own selfish reasons.
If Heather somehow wins Veto, I hope Sabrina begs her not to use the veto on Neda and she lets Heather know that it was Jon and Neda’s idea to get rid of her last time.
This is going to be interesting!

another name

at final four, hoh is guaranteed final three. beyond that, it is irrelevant who they nominate. the power of veto is the power of the week. the veto holder has the only vote, and decides who goes home.
Sabrina can actually get through the week without dirty hands. she can put up jon saying he’s never been up. she can put up neda saying she’s only been a pawn once. she can put up heather saying it doesn’t matter who is nominated. its all about the veto. no matter who wins pov, Sabrina can skate from blame saying you weren’t my target. sorry.
if its a physical or endurance comp, neda had better hope heather wins to take out jon or she wins to control the game. she can’t have jon win. because she believes she can’t beat him in jury.


im thinking pov will be physical with mental in it ,,,,, like a puzzle with running involved advantage jon…….. putting a puzzlle together with running is a good comp for jon………..


I hope this bites them in the ass. Seems like it will. Sabrina is going to win the game. Karma bitches!


Neda and Heather should have kept Adel. Hopefully Jon wins POV and next HOH and evicts one of them. He deserves to win. Neda is a snake. Heather would be my second choice to win after Jon.


Yess sabrina i love her!! sooo happy she won since she is a survivor…I hope she puts up Jon & Neda & Heather should still try & win POV to secure the nominations do stay the same & she could also throw it since sabs just did her dirty work. If Jon wins POV Heather goes up & will go home over neda & if Neda Wins POV Heather stays over jon & Jon goes home…I Hope Its Sabs Jon & Heather Final 3 & Jon & Sabrina Final 2


Yess sabrina i love her!! sooo happy she won since she is a survivor…I hope she puts up Jon & Neda & Heather should still try & win POV to secure the nominations do stay the same & she could also throw it since sabs just did her dirty work. If Jon wins POV Heather goes up & will go home over neda & if Neda Wins POV Heather stays over jon & Jon goes home…


Sabrina’s the Dark Horse Survival of the fittest…her mental & social Nurturing fun loving personality was her game…She played dead & they bought it…On the block 6 times will be final 3 & Won hoh right wen she needed too…i give her soo muchh props!!!!!


I Hope Its Sabs Jon & Heather Final 3 & Jon & Sabrina Final 2…Sabrina is the life of the show her & jon are very outgoing funny & both played a great social game & stayed happy spirited while still gaming

Nana Jo

This is what you call poetic justice. We should have kept Adel will soon become a mantra. He would never have won a question contest. Sabs will be insufferable this week, but I suppose when you drag the cat in, it meows! Talk about nine lives! I think she’ll put up Jon and Neda, and Jon will win PoV, thus sending Neda to jury. If Neda or Heather win PoV, then Jon goes. Either way, Joneda will be no more and it will be a moot point over the agony of either Jon or Neda having to decide whether to take each other to final two. I think Sabs will think she stands a much better chance against Heather in a final two.

I don’t think Sabs has a prayer to win 2/3rds of the three part HoH. It will likely be physical/brain/endurance. She may win a question thing, but nothing else. I think both Jon and Heather would take her to final 2. She won’t win against Jon, but may against Heather, although I hope not!


i don’t believe Neda threw the HOH,why would she give up her safety.Especially when its the pov who has the power.Taking the chance that the other girls has her back at this part of the game would be stupid.


Neda did not throw the comp. apparently it was a tie breaker between herself and Sabs.
I wonder why no one even questions the fact that Heather purposely lost? She thinks she’s safe with all of them and doesn’t want to get her hands dirty. I think that by blowing the first question she sent out a silent challenge and message to Neda that it was going to be up to her to win. Don’t forget that they all knew Sabs was excellent at this challenge and as a result Neda spent all her time studying the dates.


Was never a fan of Sabrina but now hope she uses it to get out Neda……


i am sore torn, was Helen’s soccer mom cheerleader BB*15 “icewater” in veins colder than NEDA’s steely resolve?

Now i feel sorry for DELI, he played with his heart on his sleeve. He almost didn’t deserve this. Is lil SOBs a vampire?