Neda tells Adel shes voting to evict him! Neda asks Heather did I just f**k UP!? Heather says you f**ked up a little!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

BBCAN2-2014-05-01 06-21-19-380

9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bedroom Jon noticed that Sabrina is still sleeping and motions/points at her to get Big Brother to wake her up. Heather brings the batteries and then leaves the room with Sabrina. Jon says I wish we could just evict both of them. Neda laughs. Jon says he had a bad dream that Neda won the veto and evicted him. Jon comments on how freezing it is in the house. He looks at the camera and says way to go Canada voting on temperatures. Sabrina asks Jon what one of the competitions was called and Jon tells her he won’t tell her. He says what if they ask that one. He tells her no and shakes his finger at her. I know exactly the one you’re talking about. Jon leaves the room.

BBCAN2-2014-05-01 06-28-42-206

BBCAN2- 2014-05-01 06-41-09-974
Neda comes into the room and tells Jon and Sabrina that she just told Adel that he’s going home. She says that he asked her and she just couldn’t lie. He asked me if I should go pack all my stuff or not?! Jon asks Adel what did Neda just tell you? Adel says something that a good friend should tell you.. she told me the truth. Jon turns around and heads downstairs and tells Heather and she asks him why she did that. Jon heads back up stairs and tells Neda that he wants to talk to her in the HOH room. Jon asks her what did you do that for?! Neda says that she just wasn’t thinking. Jon asks her why she did it? What for jury votes?? Neda says NOOO.. I didn’t even think of that. Jon says what if he goes and talks to Heather and tells her about how the plan to evict her was our plan. Neda goes to talk to Heather. Neda tells her how she told Adel he’s going home. Neda asks Heather did I just f**k UP!? Heather says yeah you f**ked up a little!
BBCAN2-2014-05-01 07-09-27-409
Adel asks Neda when she made her mind up. Neda tells him that she just made up her mind last night after what Sabrina told her. Adel says it’s okay. Its a game. People are going to be bitter. If I stayed I was going to campaign my d**k off for you! Neda says she just doesn’t know right now. Neda goes to talk to Jon again and tell him that she told Adel that she said she only made up her mind late last night. Jon says that he just doesn’t understand why she did it. Some times you just march to the beat of your own drum sometimes. Jon is pissed. Neda goes to talk to Heather in the storage room. In the storage room – Neda talks to Heather about how pissed Jon is. Heather says this could be a good thing. Neda says I should have just lied. I need to work on my lying skills! Neda says Im more scared of Jon now than Adel.

BBCAN2-2014-05-01 06-40-28-973

9:55am – 10:10am Jon is sitting pissed in the HOH room. Adel comes in and tells him it’s okay bud. I am just going to go campaign. Jon tells him now I will be going right after you. Jon comes down to the storage room and tells Heather and Neda that Adel just told him that he is going to campaign and throw my name under the bus. Neda asks Jon what he told Adel. Jon says I just told him that I f**ked up. Neda asks about what? Jon says I told him I f**Ked up by putting him on the block. Jon tells Neda and Heather that he is just going to stay away from them. Jon heads to the hammock. Heather and Neda continue to talk. Neda tells Heather not to leave her so that Adel can’t get to them.

BBCAN2-2014-05-01 06-54-46-091

10:15am – 10:30amAdel comes into the storage room and tells Neda and Heather that he is going to leave bitter towards Neda. Adel says that he loves Neda like a sister. He tells them that they need to stick together. Adel tells Heather that she has his vote. He says I have a business mentality and we both live in Alberta. It makes sense to have the winner closer to me so that we can do events together. Heather says that the person that wins $20,000 is also great too. Adel tells Neda again that he will be bitter towards her. He says that jury is already a bitter jury and I’m going to add to the bitterness. Adel leaves. Heather tells Neda that she has played a flawless game. Neda says no I haven’t. Heather says we’ll until this point. Heather and Neda talk about how bitter the jury is. Heather says that Allison is bitter. She can go suck a d**k. Arlie is bitter. They continue to talk about the people in jury. Neda says they way we’ve just talked about it .. Sabrina is going to win this.

BBCAN2- 2014-05-01 07-14-55-918

10:30am – 10:45am Adel heads out to the backyard and starts talking to his photo about how he will likely be going tonight. He talks about how he needs to stop talking with slang and needs to educate himself. Its not all about the paper. Adel asks him photo how did you get hustled you used to make over $100,000 a month! Adel laughs. Who sleeps with over $300,000 under your bed?! And you got hustled!? You’re done with the streets, you’re a good boy now!

10:50am Adel heads up to the HOH room and talks to Jon about his conversations with Heather and Neda:

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71 thoughts on “Neda tells Adel shes voting to evict him! Neda asks Heather did I just f**k UP!? Heather says you f**ked up a little!

    1. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Adel kind of ruined his game at this point, especially by saying he’s gonna vote for Heather to win, that will give her much more of a reason to vote him out and Neda can’t go back on what she did with Jon, so by keeping Adel at this point, she’ll be having 2 people come after. Adel goes and Sabrina stays.

  1. sounds like that plan back fired on Neda ie for jury votes… look out if Jon decides to tell Heather that it was Neda`s confirmation to get her (Heather) out this week … oooops on Neda

      1. And Neda’s been pre-empting that strike. Deli could do it in front of everyone though in his off handed manner. He could assert it was just like the Arlie backstab. Jon could argue if it was his idea he would have back doored Heather. That could be another reason why Deli throws Heather his vote…he supports underdogs.

  2. And this is where Emmet and Jillian strategy session could potentially screw Neda. Has she continued her cold exterior player mode she would have sailed through the final two. Neda campaigning for jury votes has damaged her “under the radar but in power” position in the house, hopefully she wins HOH or veto to guarantee her safety this week. Right after the E&J, the “manipulator gameplayer image” that Neda had have changed into a “fake friend” image; still think that she done the most in this season and deserves to win though.

    1. Emmett’s plan did not work for him either. Recall Talla and Andrew. Both those votes went to Jillian and would have went to Jillian even if Emmett was in F2. This is one of the reasons that strategy session was so messed up. Emmett had nothing to back him on his tips as they never played out.

    1. Greedy? They’re all there for the prize. And from the sounds of it, Neda’s one of the few who doesn’t come from money. Didn’t she say she wanted to buy her mom a house? What a horrible person! Lol.

  3. Over thought, over analyzed, over extended their stay, can’ t keep the lies straight and can’t get away. With that being said, the social and intellectual immaturity of this bunch, they all should be in diapers. Wow some really great non game convos there! Broken dicks, how many times jacked off and ” do I look good on TV?” And don’ t forget who’ s the best looking.
    Before everyone gets starts bashing here, just for the record am a wild bb fan here and love and read all your comments.. Great job Simon and dawg

  4. I wish Neda had not done that. Adel might end up doing something that will make him stay, he is going to throw everything at the wall and see if it sticks. I really just want him to go home. I find Sabrina more entertaining to watch on the feeds than Adel.

  5. I’ll miss you, Adel. People forget about how you were for most of the game how good of a guy you were. I enjoyed your run.

  6. Very happy to see Neda sweating- I think Adel is going to stay. They’re starting to see how Sabrina could win.

  7. Hey Dawg, is there any chance the 1 event they’re all talking about and will all be talking about all the time got caught on camera?
    Neda actually TELLING Adel? Or were the feeds (conveniently) blocked for that period of time?

    1. The cameras weren’t on them when Adel asked Neda if he should pack his bags. I was watching all the cameras and unfortunately it wasn’t shown :(

      1. ok, thanks!
        weird (?) that BB didn’t “catch” this conversation. first meaningful and dramatic one in a long time…

      2. neda and heather should agree to split the votes, so that Jon has to break the tie and loses 1 jury vote, either adel or sabrina. that would get the baby exposed.

        1. I said the same thing a few nights ago, but if Heather and Neda both want Adel out, splitting the vote likely wouldn’t work, as Jon could vote to keep Adel. I wish they would split the vote though, and keep Adel. If Sabrina stays, I think she’ll win the whole thing.

      3. neda and heather should agree to split the votes, so that Jon has to break the tie and loses 1 jury vote, either adel or sabrina. that would get the baby exposed!

  8. Woah! Did Neda’s plan to capture Adel’s jury vote backfire? Check the video.
    Smart move of Adel to go straiht to both Heather and Neda and state that Heather has his jury vote and that he favours them over Jon?
    Now doubts in their head about keeping him instead of Sabrina?
    That would mean that Neda, Heather and Adel would put Jon on the block and that if the big baby does not win POV, the final F3 is set!
    Brillant gamble to throw Jon under the bus along with Sabrina – will Heather and Neda seize this superb twist?
    Even if Adel gets one vote, it forces Jon to vote and play his hand in the open. No more backstabbing of Deli – out in the open?
    ha! ha! Adel may be the best gamer if he pulls this one!
    For sure, this is greatly advantageous to Heather, to a lesser extent for Neda.
    Cool stuff, Deli!

    Let’s see how Sabrina reacts.
    Jon is pissed, obviously, big baby!

    1. wish there was video to check. conveniently it wasn’t on camera. yeah. that’s not fishy at all. cough, cough adel thank production cough. okay, i’ll stop rolling my eyes and won’t bother outright saying production manipulation again. even though its soooooo blatant. yup, it was a complete nonsensical move with no rhyme or reason, but hey, a complete control freak is going to slip up that big. riiiiight.

      I fail to see how it helps heather to keep adel. neither Sabrina nor adel are an advantage to her. she was right when she said she’d have to do it on her own in the dr commentary of the Wednesday episode. adel just guaranteed her a vote in jury. take him at his word.

      neda saying she didn’t think about what she was doing and needs to work on her lying…. not even her closest allies buy that.

      1. Neda’s “tell’s” are exposed. Jon will be re-reading many of their conversations. With Deli gone Jon is on his own. At least now he can be proactive. He is in the same position Heather was and we seen what happened with that realization.

      2. Neda overthinks things all the time. Another classic example was when she confessed to dumping the syrup, hoping to build trust, when in reality it just made Rachelle pissed at her.

        She just doesn’t know people that well and always misjudges how they’re going to react to things.

    2. It will not affect anyone in jury. Adel says he will campaign for Heather in jury. Who the hell is going to listen to Adel in jury? No one. No one even particularly likes him, he is not going to be able to change anyone’s mind. Adel is a bitter person, he would be bitter next week if he went, he is going to be bitter, regardless.

      1. You and the HG’s are underestimating Adel’s persuasive capabilities. He convinced Allison and the Gremlin’s to keep him over Arlie when it was better for their game to not keep Adel.

    3. I don’t understand why Heather is not questioning that. Why would Adel feel burned by Neda and Not Heather? Think Heather….go talk to Adel and be direct. You are not in F3 plans for some, especially now that Adel has asserted his vote for you. Why keep you?

  9. Surely Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel (my original fave 4) realize Sabrina must go. Never a favorite but, got to admit she’s played on heck of a great game and chances are she’s got it in the bag for jury votes.

  10. adel tell heather that neda was the mastermind behind taking her out this weekk.. tell heather that if she did not win veto this week she was going home because neda was going to vote her out…. u need to create chaos now u got only a few hours to go………………

  11. um. ya. here we go. the whole reason I’ve been reticent to predict Sabrina vs. adel as any more than an 80/20 split. here comes the nonsensical event that turns the tide. just like the nonsensical events that kept adel over arlie. back down to 60/40 after this complete nonsense. by noon Sabrina should be packing.

    1. It is still 80/20. Neda has Heather on lock and is anticipating the revelation of Neda’s failed move on Heather. Meanwhille, Jon is now under the tires of that bus.

    2. Since the feeds cut we don’t know how Sabrina will factor into todays events. Sabrina has been campaigning to get Adel’s vote in jury as she thinks he will be bitter. Her trying to regain her progress might spin this a bit more.

      Even during rehearsal Sabrina could profess not knowing and Adel blurting out that she knew all along just like she did when Heather was on the block.

      A lot could be happening if Sabrina is not keeping her head low.

  12. I hope Adel tells Heather that Joneda wanted her out. She’s got to win the next hoh or pov or she’s gone!!!

    1. Looks like a possible f2 alliance with Adel-Heather if he convinces her tha Neda and Jon were the ones planning her eviction.
      In one fell swoop, Deli would have cleared 3 hurdles!
      That would be amazing.
      Nothing done yet! Until the vote. And later the comps.
      More twists and turns to expect.
      Hang on to the wild ride.
      Have to admit that Deli has a good strategy going forward if he survives this round.

  13. Please I swear on my head if I have to listen to that female gorilla cackle over every comment she says (she’s the only one that finds herself funny) I’ll shoot out both my eyeballs. Neda and Jon have ratted each other out a couple of times ‘by accident’ and apologized. Red flags were shown earlier but they both need someone to trust and they picked each other. Heather is playing way too emotionally a game – kicking someone out for not washing pots and pans? She’s there to make ‘lifelong memories’ and a scrapbook. Sick of her pretending to be so innocent only when it suits her. At this point I feel Jon has played a masterful game and hasn’t really trashed anyone along the way.

  14. Dawg I just thought you should know…I vote for you in every poll. There’s no way you should be in last place here!! I’m voting for you to win!!

  15. I’m so glad Neda told Adel so he’s not blindsided. Poor guy, I feel so bad for him. Ahh I’m gonna miss him and his humor! And Jon you better pack your bags BUD cuz you’re going next

    1. Nice twist?
      And bring back someone from the jury at the same time? A swap!!!
      Come BB, throw Canada some excitement.

  16. I don’t care about your diet; I don’t care that you stole pictures off the internet, printed them on t-shirts and sold them as your own – you are not as smart as you think. You’re horrible for cheating in the game and dumping the condiments, you’re egotistical, jihadist type playing is getting you hopefully going out the door before even the disgusting Sabrina.

    1. I love how my comment was deleted, but the above poster’s comment about Neda being a “jihadist” is still there. I guess the owners of this site are just as racist to allow such a post.

    1. nah, it’s usually a “fast forward” week:
      regular eviction today, then between now and finale, someone else gets evicted. they’ll probably block the feeds just before we know who finished 4th…

  17. if adel pulls off a miracle save im voting for him to win bbcan2…… go get them make them more paranoid……………

  18. God, I hate Adel, I am going to hate Adel giving speeches all day. Who is he to give anyone advice on how to finish the game? What has he done the entire game but run his big mouth?

  19. I don’t get it. Weren’t they all going to tell him anyway? Was she doing that to make herself look good compared to the other two who didn’t tell him, or truly did just jump the gun?

    I don’t think it was a mistake, fwiw, but a calculated move so she could spin it as i’m just going along with those other two. I don’t think he means it when he says Neda won’t get his vote, he just finished saying she told him something a good friend would say. I think he is paving the way to make it look like she would be a good F2 person lol.

    1. No they were not going to tell him. Neda suggested that he would just cause shit if he knew, so she planned this to get jury votes (see Emmett strategy session). May have backed fired on her.

  20. I was informed by a very reliable source Rachael Reilly will be on BBCAN either tonight or finally night, I know it is an eviction night for sure! Quite honestly I think it is tonight! This should make for an epic episode we all know she will tell it like it is and not hold back one bit! Don’t ya love it! So floaters grab a life vest! lol

    1. Yes, Arisa said last week on the side show that Rachel Reilly will be the special guest on tonights side show episode following tonights live eviction episode.

  21. I don’t know what Jon is so pissed about! He has nothing to do with the eviction … although they all agreed on this decision, it is just Heather and Neda who are voting. Neda is not stupid, she knows that Adel is well aware that she is the ring leader and that she would lose his vote anyway. I really think that she told him on the spur of the moment because her heart took over.

    1. People are so focused on Neda’s strategy that they forget she’s a human being. Maybe it was just a strategic move, or maybe she just felt bad. Either are possible.

      1. yeah, it’s completely likely that neda who doesn’t trust adel to keep his mouth shut about anything is going to spill the beans 6 hours early out of humanity. I still believe it’s far more likely that neda was part of a moment. ;)

        1. was supposed to read STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION MOMENT. I used the wrong parentheses and the phrase disappeared.

          1. Lol – ah, technology… Anyway, all I’m saying is that these players are still human beings. To assume that people can completely shut off their feelings for more than 60 days is pretty unrealistic. And, frankly, if Neda was completely emotionless, she’d be much better able to hide her annoyance and frustration when things don’t go her way (see Dan G.).

  22. Out of the houseguests left, the person I would like to see win is Neda. But this is where she is flawed. First telling Arlie to win the HOH comp during the double eviction episode because she probably would have done better in the future comps and failing to do so. And then now blabbing to Adel saying that he is leaving making him mad. I feel like up to the start of jury week she was seen as a floater but only because she was a thinker. But now she’s blabbing to people. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but Neda really needs to be careful of what she says. She’s supposed to be getting jury votes at this point.

    1. hey ela. I agree with you. remembering Emmett’s reactions to being caught cheating, and his reaction to not being taken to final two by gary (complete pout angry spoiled entitled bitchiness) still leaves a bad taste. but what were either of them going to say: be a physical comp powerhouse, be a mental comp powerhouse, lie to everyone and smile and be a ‘nice’ person while you do it, cheat at comps hoping you don’t get caught, snog someone enough that they will keep you out of trouble in the game, and then move in together when the game is done hoping there won’t be a prenup. does that about cover the jemmett season last year?

      1. Jemmett, season 1 Big Brother Canada, boring ! Too much Hoh wins for that couple made for one sided television with predictable results. Big Brother production should keep “Hoh room restricted to the winner only for sleeping arrangements”, with regard to show romances, no guests after bedtime notification call. As for this season BBCanada 2, all guests should all enter the house together as one, eliminating what transpired with the bullying original secret 5 alliance.

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