Neda – “I do think now Sabrina has a very high chance of winning.. at the end.. Final 2”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots None

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 19-08-28-615

10:05pm Kitchen Neda Jon and Heather

Jon saying he’s eating because he’s nervous not because he’s hungry. Heather hopes if they are going Diary rooms tonight that she goes soon so she can leave her makeup on.

Jon tells her to smell his fingers it smells like Bacon
Neda says no, “it’s bacon and b@ll s@c”

Heather says she’s lost 8lbs so that makes her only up 12lbs from when she came in.

Heather walks out for a couple seconds.
Jon to Neada – “Don’t laugh this is all your fault”
Neda – “Yeah”

They talk about how Rachelle acted on the show. They think her boyfriend left her because she was all over some of the guys in the house. Heather adds if she did those things William would have left her. Jon says Janelle would have left him.

Neda says she cannot believe she didn’t win HOH.
Heather says she cannot believe it either.
Jon wants to go to bed, NEda joins him. Heather says she’s going to wait until Sabrain gets out so she can talk to the Diary room.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 19-29-19-668

10:23pm Bedroom Jon and Neda

Jon asks If Sabrian has said anything. Neda – “She said we’re OK”

Jon – “I’m tired Neds.. so tired”
Neda – “Me to”

They head to the bedroom. Neda tells him it doesn’t matter that she won HOH. They agree if Heather wins the finale HOH she will take Sabrina. Neda brings up the cheers

Neda – “I do think now Sabrina has a very high chance of winning.. at the end Final 2”
Jon – “Right now there’s not one left in this house that I will clearly beat”
Neda – “I dunno heather”
Jon – “Maybe”

JOn says getting to the final three with Neda and Sabrian ensures he gets 20 thousands dollars.

Sabrina joins them, says she’s allowed to eat come Monday.
Jon leaves Sabrina says she wants to talk to Neda tomorrow but tonight all she is going to do is listen to music.

Jon comes back. Sabrina invites them to come listen to her Britney Spears anytime. She wants them to go outside with her. Neda and Jon say they will not go outside because there’s too many mosquitoes. Sabrina goes outside anyways.

Jon tells her Heather will not take NEda to final 2. Neda thinks if it comes down to her or Sabrian Heather will take her. They start going over jury votes. Neda tells JOn she’s taking him to the end if she has the chance he doesn’t need to try anything.
Jon is convinced Heather will only take Sabrain to the final 2.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 19-36-13-028

10:35pm Sabrina in the gremlin den

10:43pm Bedroom Jon, Neda and Sabrina

Jon wishes he could fall asleep and wake up to the POV competition. Neda agrees, “Put my mind at ease”

Sabrina doesn’t think they will have the veto tomorrow.
Sabrina says she prayed to every saint on the planet because she knew if she doesn’t win a competition she’ll go home.

Neda tries to sleep but Big Brother tells them nap time is over.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 20-02-19-820

11:01pm Neda and Sabrina

Sabrina says before Adel left he told her not to trust Neda . Neda says she never talked Game with Adel ever. Neda – “Listen at this point in the game.. obviously I’m not having the best day”

Neda says there was cheers when Neda got something wrong silence when Heather got something wrong and Cheers when Sabrina won.

Neda start to play down her jury votes.

Sabrina – “Tomorrow I look forward to talking to you”
Sabrina knows Neda knows all the scenarios so she would like to go over those wth her “No bullshit”
Neda points out that Canada loves Sabrina.

Sabrina wants to talk to NEda but she doesn’t want to anything to slip.
Neda says at this point it doesn’t matter.
Sabrina – “It does matter do you want to win or not”
Sabrina tells her she will win against Jon in the final 2.

Neda says she f***d up her answer in the HOH.
They go into the bathroom to where Heather was.

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You know what? At this point I’m rooting for a Neda and Sabrina F2. It’s good that The Sloppy seconds are paranoid they could have kept Adel and easily booted him 4th this is what they get for that huge mistake.


Agree. I know it’s all in hindsight but how could Neda and Heather not think it was dangerous to keep Sabrina?! If Sabrina makes it to the final 2–she won. Hands down. She’ll get Rachelle, Allison and maybe even Arlie’s votes. All she’ll need is one more vote and she wins. It was stupid of them not to keep Adel. No one in jury really likes him. At this point, I hope Sabrina and Jon are in the final 2 and it really doesn’t matter to me who wins. This has turned out to be a dud of a season.


LOL — GOOD NEDA!—U DESERVE THIS—–now you are playing it up big time —-also trying to play it up for canadas vote now——-too late—-dum,b move—-you woul;d have won—if ya woulda kept Adel!!!—as you wouldn’t be this freakish now——LOL—–U R DONE!—–GO JON GO!!!!


Neda did this on purpose so either Heather it Sabrina could do her dirty work and oust Jon! I hope she gets ousted instead. If she goes to F2, you can bet on my life, I will not be giving her my jury vote. Neda doesn’t deserve anything at this point. I hope Adel convinces Arlie and Allison not to vote for her either!


I won’t vote for Neda if she doesn’t take Jon to the end, if it is up to her of course. I won’t vote for Jon if he doesn’t take Neda, again if it is in his power to do this.

Neda screwed up her game by not realizing that Adel would take her and Jon, and sabrina is very unknown. she only thought about beating sabrina, and she failed to do that. She was 100% sure she could, and she didn’t. Now maybe she didn’t want to, and she wanted to make sure sabs and heather were the ones to make it impossible for her to keep Jon, but realistically, unless she wins the veto, she has as much chance going home as anyone else. is she likely to win the veto? she doesn’t have any kind of track record of being able to win them. She is relying on getting in a good relationship with Heather, Sabrina and Jon. Will that work? not if she doesn’t win the veto. There is still a great chance that if heather wins the veto and is the deciding vote, she will vote out jon. Same with Jon and heather, him voiting out heather.


Adel would not have kept Neda – he would have taken her out first chance he had.


oh boy jon is screwed,,,,, jon u have to win pov…….


Woot hoo!! Wanted Neda to sweat …. should have kept Adel!!


Same. Shoulda kept Adel! He would have lost that HOH comp. so bad!


I would think that this is what Neda secretly wanted. Because whoever wins veto won’t take her out. If Jon wins veto, he votes out Heather. And if Heather wins veto, she votes out Jon. If Sabrina wins veto, her target would be Jon. So… there you go…


Adel would have taken her out, for sure. With the other three, she has a chance to say. Just because Adel might (big if) have sucked in that last HOH challenge, doesn’t mean he would have been the better choice for her.


Sabrina the dark horse is just galloping through to the finals…nobody can stop her!


Heather or jon win first part of final hoh. Neda or heather win second part. Neda or heather win final part. Neda and heather will both take each other or jon over Sab. So final 2 will be either Neda/ heather. Neda/jon or heather/jon. My prediction heather is going home this week.


Heather will not win if she takes neda to f2 the are not there..
Votes for Neda – ( Arlie, Adel, Rachelle, Jon, Sabrina)
Votes for Heather – ( Canada, Allison)


Lets say Heather, Sabrina f2
Votes for Heather ( Canada, Adel, Jon, Arlie, Neda)
Votes for Sabrina ( Rachelle )
– Allison could go either way


What about Jon, Sabrina f2
Votes Jon (Adel, Canada, Neda?, Heather?)
Votes Sabrina ( rachelle, Arlie?, Allison )
I think this is the best for Sabrina’s game if she would have a chance at winning the 100k


Jon , Heather f2
Votes Jon ( Adel, Sabrina?, Rachelle?)
Votes Heather ( Allison, Arlie, Canada?, Neda?)

Jon , Neda f2
Votes Jon ( Canada?, Adel, Sabrina?)
Votes Neda ( Heather, Arlie, Rachelle, Allison)

Neda , Sabrina f2
Votes Neda (Canada, Adel, Jon, Heather, Arlie)
Votes Sabrina ( Rachelle, Allison?)

Seems to me it’s best for everyone’s end game to get rid of Neda more so than any of the other players


Neda , Heather f2
Votes Neda ( Arlie, Sabrina, Rachelle, Jon, Adel )
Votes Heather ( Canada, Allison)

Why Not?

I know I may get a lot of hate but I really like Neda. Even if you DO hate her you have to admit she is playing a really good game! I really hope she makes it to the final 2 along with Heather!!


She has played one of the best games; but against this lot that’s like being the fastest turtle. It’s not saying much.

There are a lot of things that her fans overlook though; such as the fact that she launched into power via Canada’s twist and probably wouldn’t have gotten there by her own. And her Stupids alliance probably would have gotten mowed down if it weren’t for Sabrina dissolving it.

She’s had some lucky breaks that Arlie didn’t have. It’s between those two for best player, but it’s not fair to say that because she’s still there that she’s automatically the better player. That’s not how it works.


I agree. Neda has played a great game. She has made mistakes though and still has to get to F2.


haahhaah, ive saying this for a week who will win this hoh and the game

>>>Everyone in there right mind knows Sabrina’s gonna win this game.. cant believe that any of them even want to suggest taking her to the end they will lose.. its easy to figure how this game will play out.. Adel goes home…hoh played Sabs wins… heather neda on the block, plan backdoor jon, jon goes home..neda /heather wins either one of them two will take her to the end and LOSE…… Even Peter said the samething taking her to the end they will lose… come on jon and heather wake up<<<


There are those in the BB alumni that disagree with Peter Brown and believe Sabrina is the one to take to F2 for Neda. But that was a couple of weeks ago. The same alumni think it’s possible for Heather to take the game.


i bet 1 million hundo neda threw that hoh to sabrina so she wont have to put up someone on the block,, i think what neda wants to do is win veto and evict jon…..


Your a 1 million Hundo fool if you think Neda tanked or that it’s a good idea to throw that HOH. Tonight people have lost there common sense or understanding of the F4 game. I’m puzzled to say the very least. As for the noms 2 of the remaining 3 go up right? So of course the standard nom speech goes like this……….virtually always. It doesn’t matter who’s nominated I like you both and your great game players. Nominations don’t matter it’s who wins POV that decides who goes to the final three.. It’s boring and it’s predictable and it is also the truth about the F4 game. Heather would be a little pissy but that won’t change a single jury vote. Neda would/should not have dropped that HOH comp. From her response I’m guessing she just plain lost to Sabby. Now what she tells Sabby….like I threw it to you Sabby that would be golden BS and I think would backfire on Neda. Try to steal another persons success can really p*ss them off.


sabrina played dead & they bought it…she’s gonna make it to final 2 HundO!!


SABRINA & JON For The Win!! I Love Them Both Game Wise & Hats Off…They Are Both The Bestt HG Of The Season…Gremlins & Big Jon…HUNDO!!!!


Sabrina’s in the best spot ever immaginable!! its down to numbers she doesnt even really need an excuse two out of 3 must go up & she really could care less which one of the 3 goes home or stays itas all the same to her she has no loyalties with any of them if anything Jon but thats not even strong so ya Sabs is in the best spot & she will go final 2…the dark horse played dead but is now ready to gallop…Giddiup Canadad Wake Up Canada!!!!


I think Sabrina will try to take out Heather and Jon over Neda- Sabrina seems sincere, I think Neda is relatively safe, Sabrina will put up Heather and Jon and even if either wins the veto, I think both Heather and Jon would pick Neda to stay if she got put up on the block, so I do think she has the best chance of being safe. I think Neda will eliminate Jon if she or Sabrina win the veto and keep the nominations the same. It may be her only chance to do it.


This is gonna be a very interesting HOH. Everyone’s gonna have to throw someone under the bus, and Sabrina could use it all against them.


I kept saying how this would happen and I always got thumbs down for it… Glad people are warming up to Sabrina now(: like her or not she deserves 20k at least. Neda should sit with her in the finale. As strong competitors that Jon and Heather are physically, Neda/Sabrina out smarted them. Sabrina evicting Neda/Jon would be a HUGE move! She should take Jon out this week and team up with Heather to take Neda out and ensure her winning the 100k. I know I know, I like Neda, but Sabrina went in there playing since MINUTE ONE!


i agree i think everyone best chance at winning is to take heather to f2…… jon wins against heather , neda wins against heather and sabrina definetly wins against heather………

A Name

Please don’t get it twisted, Canada does NOT love Sabrina. They just wanna see things shake up


She does have a growing fan base, and I’m glad to see that she’ll have at least some support coming out.

Rooting for her to get mercilessly attacked online when she gets out doesn’t make you a better person than she is.


OMG! I’m so happy Sabrina won! I don’t even like her she’s annoying but I love the game she played I knew she would pull a win out when she really needed it, and Neda was dumb enough to get rid of Adel I hope her and Jon Both go on the block, Jon wins veto and then votes Neda out! Then it’s Jon , Heather and Sabrina for final three. I probably won’t happen I’m just hoping plus I want Neda to go to Jury after Adel so he can throw it in her face that she should have kept him.


Newbie question – is it still possible that Sabrina can go out next right? In other words, is she guaranteed a final 2 position at this point?


Sabrina won HOH so she can not be the next one out. And she has secured her position in F3.


No. Sabrina is definitely in the f3, but the next/last HOH gets to decide who’s in the f2.


Does anyone think Neda would throw the pov so she doesn’t have to cut Jon or Heather herself aka keep the jury vote secure?


That would be the boldest move of this season. If Neda wanna secure her position in the final 3, she should really bend over backwards to get the upcoming veto. I’d like to see Jon or Heather win the veto and vote out Neda though, cuz ever since Kenny’s eviction, Neda has got all her game moves come true. Her eviction would shake up things.


I’m so pissed Neda didnt win that HOH. Like furious. She’s done in this game unless she wins veto, which she probably wont.


I’d love to see Heather win this POV. It’ll be very interesting

Nana Jo

I’m rooting for a Heather/Jon final 2. SHeather has shown true honour, kindness and grace, battled through weeks of bullying, and won competitions. Jon has been true to himself, is funny and very genuine., and has been a beast at competitions. I think both he and Heather are the most real of those left, and have always been their authentic selves in the house since day one. Personally, I want Heather to win, but I’d be happy for Jon, also. Neda really has played a great game in terms of BB deviousness and manipulation, but I don’t like her. That’s an emotional response, I know. The only one I don’t want to win at all is Sabrina. I don’t like her meanness, her constant lying beyond the realm of game play, or her histrionics. I think she has tenacity, and the power of persuasion, and I give her those. That said, I still don’t think that’s enough for me to give her my vote. I will vote for any of the others over her.


Don’t forget how cruel Sabrina was in the beginning of the season. She is entertaining when she is emotional but other than that I want heater to win for taking so much crap from everyone in the beginning. Neda, got cocky and opened her mouth early that she had plans on taking Jon out. This could explain why she got cheers for making a mistake and hence why Sabrina got cheers for winning. Sabrina had not redeemed herself, peopw just like the shake up. Back and forth power shifts. Jon, is the only one who was committed in taking his ally. It would be awesome to see Jon and Neda in the final but they should of gig Sabrina when they had the chance!


I think its funny that Sabrina in the last week has been , what was the word people used, Oh yes, Nice now. Well of course she has been nice for the last week because she hasn’t had anyone to bash other people with. Im sorry but I just think someone who needs the money should win (who has also played the game and not been a floater) instead of some whining smart ass name dropping self absorbed person like Sabrina.
Im sure shes extra nice outside of the house , but inside the house she has been an Ahole. I have not once cheered for her, not once. Usually if someone is the underdog at some point you do feel bad/sorry for them. In her case, nu uh.

Go anyone else at this point!! 😛

just an opinion

Yeah, I’m still NOT warming up to Slobrina. I just can’t stand her. Her NICE is all fake. I am sure we are going to hear from Sab about how she campaigned and changed EVERYONE’S mind to vote out Adel. I didn’t like him either, but please taking credit for the manipulation? She was good at that in the beginning, but the second half, she was pretty much irrelevant, just baggage. The only place she is wonderful is in her own mind. Other than defending her for putting up with Adel’s sucky attitude toward her, I cannot understand why people like her. She hasn’t changed who she is – self absorbed, delusional, center of the universe – and pretty disgusting to boot.

I have lost admiration for Neda because in addition to good game play, meanness became her mantra. Not something I can get behind at all. Sorry, but i just have to drop my support from Neda.

My choices are Heather and Jon for F2 – throw yourself on the voter’s mercy and either for the win is fine with me. I will NOT vote for Slob. If it is Neda and Slob F2 – Neda gets my vote. but that is the only scenario where Neda gets that from me.


I am glad to see Sabrina win HOH, and hope she wins it all.


Well I guess Sabrina will win the game, well I guess its not all bad. She didn’t play a bad game. She lied, back stabbed, was loyal to the first 5 even when it was sinking. Can’t blame here the other houseguest took her to the end. I would like to see jon win but at this point he needs a veto and then to win on finale night. Who can beat sabrina after being nominated 6 times. Ironically Neda will take her to f2 if she had the chance. It almost has a dr. willesque feeling about it.
-both were in big alliances that ran the game early but got decimated
-both hardly won any comps
-both were liars, backstabbers etc.
-Both won not because they were better player but due to bitter juror syndrome. Even though Nicole played the better game and manipulated alot of people, much like Neda, she did it overboard and really screwed over people close to her.

I personally hated Sabrina but hell if she makes it to the final she deserves the win, she should have been gone the first time she was nominated by Canada.