A romantic evening with Jon “look at him he’s got 268lbs of thrust behind him”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-30 19-10-58-628

10:10pm Bedroom Sabrina and Adel

Sabrina tells him tomorrow when he goes to bed she will not be in the house anymore.

Sabrina starts to cry.
Adel – “Sabrina stop that.. this is the best experience of all opur lives you are not allowed to cry”
Sabrian – “Why do you have to look at my cry”

Adel asks her what the coolest thing she did in the game.
Sabrina – You guys really think it’s a big move taking IKA out”
Sabrina doesn’t think so not for her.

Sabrian – ‘Once Andrew left I was in trouble because Andrew kept Kenny and Sarah from going crazy”

Sabrina says she saved Andrew and Kenny week one

Adel – “You never saved Andrew he won veto”
Sabrina says she stopped Ika from taking out Kenny and Andrew

Adel – Ika was a Diva she would have done whatever she wanted”
Sabrina – “She was 100% putting them up”

Sabrina says her biggest regret was getting rid of Arlie.
Adel – I should have left a couple times in this game.. my alliance was a good alliance.. f** we kicked a$$”
Sabrina – “at the end”
Adel – “Thats when it matter”
Sabrina says her Alliance was strong in the beginning and their alliance was good in the second.

Heather joins them. They talk about the Jury is probably really bitter right now.
Adel says if he goes next he doesn’t care he’ll be happy he’ll be bitter if he leaves this week.

They wonder where Neda and Jon are. Heather says in the HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-30 19-14-25-803

10:11pm HOH Neda and Jon power studying at 10:30 sabrina comes in asks them if they are coming to the bedroom to hang out. Sabrina says everyone else is in the bedroom talking. Neda quickly asks if Sabrina was “Kicked out”
Neda – “Were they talking talking”
Sabrina says no

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-30 19-24-59-238

10:30pm Bedroom Sabrina, Adel and Heather

Adel telling them about who out of the guys he thought was attractive.
Adel doesn’t think Jon is attractive, Kenny was good looking and Kyle was average.
Adel thinks William must be attractive as f**. Heather says he is.
Adel says Andrew was a bit above average, “He was a 6 i’m a 5”
Adel says his friend Moe is beautiful but his personality sucks.
Sabrina doesn’t think Adel is a 5 says Adel is just short. Sabrina like Jon but she likes tall guys and muscles.

Adel says Face wise he liked Heather and Rachelle, tells Sabrina “You are very pretty too I’m not going to lie”
Heather – “says she never found Andrew very attractive”
Jon and Neda roll in. Adel calls Jon a ugly bastard. Jon calls him a ugly bastard they both laugh.
Adel asks Jon to tell them a romantic story

Neda brings the story where Jon broke he broke his girlfriends vajayjay and had to take her to the hospital.
Jon – “Neda shut up”
Adel – “I told you I wouldn’t let you smash me if I had a vajayjay”
Neda – “On valentine’s day he broke his girlfriend”
Adel – “He beat ha girls with a wenis”
Jon – “it was valentines day and we went into the hospital”
Sarba – “WHAT like in the hole.. you broke it in her”
Sabrina – “you were thrusting too hard”
Adel – “look at him he’s got 268lbs of thrust behind him”
Sabrina – “her bone broke what happened”
Jon – “it was a very romantic evening actually”
Neda – “until you broke her vajayjay”
Jon – “that was at the end of the night.. I was sh1t faced in the hospital to”

Adel brings up have s$x the first time and hearing “the noise”.
Jon says Neda’s bum is too boney you can’t hear the noise.
Heather – “Jonathon that’s horrible”
Jon makes the noise sound.
Heather – “I still giggle when there is a noise”

Adel asks the girls if there is a ugly “D” or if they all look the same to the girls (D = pen1s)
Heather – “There’s uglies”
Adel – “Anteaters are the ugliest d’s”
Heather – “what are anteaters”
Jon – “Unc!rcumc!sed pen1s”
Heather doesn’t agree with that.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-30 19-53-48-430

10:53pm bedroom everyone

the anthem starts to play Heather, Sabrina and Heather get up and start to sing.
Neda and Jon stay on their beds.
Neda – “I’m so sick of this song”
Jon – “If I’m walking down the street and someone plays the national anthem I won’t start singing the anthem”
Jon says being patriotic too much dilutes it’s meaning.
Neda – “You were touching yourself during the anthem.. I think it’s rude to be touching your gunk”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-30 20-17-41-424

11:20pm Jon runs off to use the washroom. When he comes back more chit chat ensues. We find out that Jon’s girlfriend has a ovarian cyst that is why she had to go to the hospital on Valentine’s day.

12:00AM Finally they are allowed to go to bed

The video contains them playing trivia. THere is a bit of game talk on the last 5 minutes. Basically Neda and Jon were filling Adel in on how the final 4 works with competitions etc. They do this while Sabrina is in the Diary room.

(Video is long)

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Jon needs to learn when to keep quiet.




Oh calm down. I don’t understand why BB keeps getting them to sing it but I’m sick of it too.


I wonder if they’ll be stricter with the next cast about the single people actually staying single before entering the house (tho I’m not sure what they can do about it)


By the time Neda gets to final 2 (if she does) Canada will most likely have forgotten about her remark about the national anthem.


If Canada doesn’t vote for her over one stupid comment then they are more idiotic then I originally thought.
I mean really? Adel is their favorite? Dude is so phony and terrible at this game.

You telling me Sabrina would beat Neda now in Final 2?
Come on


Ohhhh…..someone found the capslock button


If there’s a twist tomorrow where Adel stays, I’ll flip the bed. (With excitement of course)
Adel needs to let Heather know ASAP that Neda wanted her out, so then maybe she changes her vote and Jon would have to take out Sabrina .but at the same time Heather wouldn’t believe Adel because she’s so invested into Neda’s word.


Adel should campaign to both Jon and Heather and tell them in private they are both alone (which it’s true) and Adel is their only true friend (which it should be)


Heather and her boyfriend look like sister and brother. She’s really starting to get annoying. Jon’s Dad seemed like a really good guy!


Jon’s dad is retarded.

team adel

Omg I can’t take it, I just can’t adel bro stir some sh*t up I don’t care if all 5 of you guys are in there just tell heather it wasn’t ur plan. The guy can’t spell and is blind In one eye for f sakes Jon wake up. Grow some nuts.
My scenario if adel leaves
Heather Hoh
Jon sabrina on block
Jon wins pov
Neda goes up
Jon (please vote neda out please)


Other possibilities abound!
1. Heather HOH, Jon Neda on block, Jon POV, Sabrina up, ?
2. Etc. etc.

So no use going through all of them. Only winning comps matter onwards! Talk is cheap!

BB15 Howard's Fedora

Didn’t Adel say he had something planned for Thursday as a final attempt to stay in the house?

A Name

Adel’s last night, I’m gonna cry


Don’t worry! The fat beluga has not done singing yet!
Sabrina could screw things up by spilling the real story to Heather about her planned eviction by Joneda.
Heather is so emotional and blind that she could react adversely and ditch Sabrina!
Weirder things could happen with more interference by BB producers.


A Season to forget………….BB Can 2!

Funny thing is I think 1 has been way better than 2. I just can’t get over the lack of social game this season. Several have mistaken strategy for social game here. BB 14 ask Dan what happens when you don’t count jury votes? Because Neda may be heading for that fate. 2 weeks ago I saw her as a lock F2 verses all but Jon and basically I saw her F2 1 Hundo %. I still think she has a great chance to F2 mind you. Neda’s closest relationship other than Jon is Heather but the dirty, nasty bit is she hates Heather. They’ll be friends forever is cold hearted Neda lying and not considering the humanity of Heather. She is simply a Psychopath!

Thing is where does she get the votes to win? Heather gets Allison, Arlie and Adel and Canada decides. Hardly a slam dunk as I think Heather gets Canada by a whisker. Versus Jon it’s a big baby and I say she cannot beat him. Adel, Allison, Arlie, and both Gremlins plus Canada. Jon needs 1 of the last 3 and that’s Canada! Versus Sabby I still like Neda’s chances. Sabs has Allison and RoRo plus Arlie. Neda needs all 3 left and I think Canada never votes Sabby. Adel is a freaking wildcard and could vote Sabby as a shocker!

For those trying to lie to themselves and think gamers aren’t bitter or good game play gets rewarded look no farther than Dan BB 14. Could Neda still get Arlie or Allison perhaps. I’m not buying it. Dan couldn’t count jury votes and I think if Neda loses it’s because she started caring about them to late. I think that Heather versus Neda is a toss up at this point. If it was game play this should be 7-0 jury vote. It won’t look anything like that if they are F2. Neda tanks 7 questions and Heather takes her F2. Sabby made F3 and Jon went home F4. How/Who made it happen is the responsibility of 1 person. And a THAT would be Jon!!!


A psychopath? Neda is blunt, sassy, focused, and yes, her social game needs some work. However I really don’t see Neda and think: psychopath. I think Neda’s eyes are on the prize and at times she is forgetting the human element of the game. It is a good strategy to get to the end but not one to garner votes as you pointed out in the case of Dan from BB14. I enjoy reading your well thought out analysis of the game on the comment boards but sometimes your hyperbole distracts from your arguments. It is a game and most of these HouseGuest’s will forgive and forget what happened inside the game and will become friends in the outside world.


Look up the definition of Psychopath in the dictionary. Then look up reality in the dictionary if your having trouble.


Could you be more condescending?


Maybe you should follow your own advice, Stan. Keep reading the dictionary, and I will continue reading and writing my scholarly articles.

another name

I’m not sure if we agree about how the jury votes would break down. I watched the way arlie and Allison conversed about joneda. I’m expecting bitterness from those two. rachelle will be bitter because the other two are (doesn’t think independently).
listing the jurors and the order from most to least likely they would vote
arlie: adel, heather, Sabrina, jon, neda.
Allison: sabrina, heather, adel, jon, neda.
rachelle: Sabrina, jon, heather, adel, neda.
because they’re still in the game I’m listing the order they would presently vote with everyone still in the house as they would vote right now:
adel: jon, heather, neda, Sabrina. (he’s always been favoring jon no matter what happens)
Sabrina: heather, neda, jon, adel (she’s mentioned loyalty and resents that only her lies are called out)
jon: neda, adel, heather, Sabrina (even if neda slits his throat he’ll still vote neda… he’s very rachelle like that)
neda: jon, heather, adel, Sabrina (if she can’t win she won’t care but will vote by friendship not game)
heather: neda, jon, Sabrina, adel (she’s always been the sentimental I want my friends to win type unless betrayed)

Canada (right now I’m guessing, but I think based on current episode edits it would be): heather, jon / sabrina (current tie), adel, neda.
a lot of viewers don’t watch feeds, but still get votes. current edits are starting to turn on neda as a villain, and adel and jon are being portrayed less favorably. heather is the new golden edit child. Sabrina’s edits are getting better as the underdog. Canada loves the underdog theory applies.
I could be wrong. I’m guessing by current behavior and final impressions.


Some differences with my take but a really good comment. 🙂



if you are a true gamer to bb you will understand at the end of it all it doesnt matter who f*kd you over and who lied to your face you will APPRECIATE those elements which brought her to final 2. people will go beyond the hate and jealousy and realize damn she fooled us and she manipulated us.
arlie would have done the same damn thing.
neda has it in the bank if she wins final 2
the only person she has a struggle with is jon bc they honestly played the exact game. one was the the brains and the other was the brawn
plain and simple

another name

in past seasons I’ve been apt to see the true gamer scenario in the juries.
this group has been atypical in that they’ve taken every chance to be petty and vindictive. with the shunning and personal attacks that have been so pervasive, it’s hard to think they will suddenly become objective.
it would be good if they did become fair and impartial in their analysis of game… but i still don’t see most of them being able to separate the personal from the strategic long enough to do so.


How many true “gamers” make it to jury in an average BB season? Part of the casting process is to get people who don’t know the game well and aren’t super fans into the house as part of the mix. Your blinded by your desire to see Neda win so lies you tell yourself become truths in your own mind. Just keep telling yourself there is no such thing as “bitter jury”. Just keep saying Arlie being hurt by that good bye message doesn’t matter and the way Neda treated Allison on Neda’s HOH meant nothing to. If you cannot count jury votes you don’t win the game….period!

Well we are at it who are you to tell “BB gamers” how to think and behave. That’s your bloody problem at it’s core. You have the same sense of entitlement Neda has and devoid of the empathy needed to play the game well at least as far as jury votes go. You think everyone is a lemming that will follow you over a cliff. If Neda loses in the finale don’t come here crying about Neda played the best game, she did other than counting jury votes and caring about her fellow HGs. How often has she said she HATES these people? She can win but it is no lock any more.


bye bye delamore


I thought Heathers boyfriend was going to ask…
Would you like fries with your order?


As much as I’m starting to dislike Heather and Nedz I hope they pull the trigger and boot Jon. Dude deserves to wallow in self pity and get f**ked for leaving his game in the hands of Neda. She has only ever looked out for herself in the game ..he didn’t open his eyes soon enough.. they may be playing as a pair but hes basically just been nothing more then a useful pawn to be used and sacrificed..

Ideal scenario for most drama..

Sabs win hoh
Heather wins POV
Bye bye Jon

Arlie n Adel rub it in Jons face for being Neda’s bitch.

Heather wins 1st in final 3 comp
Sabs beats Neda in second
Sabs beats heather in 3rd
Sabs takes heather final 2 … dont care who wins..

Neda whines like a little bitch .. and Jon rubs it in her face

highly unlikely but damn id love to see jon/neda unravel..

Possible Scenarios
Neda vs Jon
votes Arlie-N Allison-J Rachelle-J Sabrina- J Adel – J / N probably J Heather- N Canada – Close N/J
She basically has 2 possibly 3 votes..

Neda vs Heather
votes Arlie-H Allison-H Rachelle-N Sabrina- N Adel – H Jon- N/ H depending on how bitter he is Canada – H
Has 2 possibly 3 ..

Neda vs Sabrina
votes Arlie-S Allison-S Rachelle-S Heather- N Adel – N Jon- N Canada – N
Highest probability of winning 4-3 still an outside shot someone like Adel/Jon can be bitter but not as likely.

Neda played the best game but shitty jury management will bite her in the ass.. GAME OVER


If by some crazy miracle Sabs actually wins something and wins HOH, you better believe she will spilling everything to everyone to try to secure a final 2. Even though everyone is aware how she operates, there’s already so much doubt between Neda, Jon & Heather, there is a chance Sabrina could reinforce the doubt they are each Individually feeling.


A Sabs HOH before F4 would have been epic fun. I can see her looking to everyone to kiss her ring? 😛 F4 unfortunately she has little to get her ring or anything else kissed for!


Man, Jon has been a real dick these last couple of day.


Actually, I thought he and the others were really funny last night. The banter between Sabrina and Adel; the wrestling between Jon and Neda–it was like siblings annoying each other but laughing uncontrollably. Made me laugh. Something about Adel’s giggle is particularly infectious. I think my favourite moment was when Jon did a really quick Shakira dance while singing “My hips don’t lie, do da lee doop doop.” So silly, but funny. It was fun to see them all laughing and being silly together–like a hiatus from all the strategy. But then again, I can be pretty goofy. So to each their own I guess.

go adel

Hey how much do you guys want to bet that Sabrina and Adel are gonna go out after the show or at least be really good friends


Heather’s boyfriend is way different than I had imagined, and not in a good way.


The housemates believing that there’s a Canada’s vote means you can’t even believe what these people are saying in the DR is true. I liked the Canada HoH but Canada’s vote sucks. I want them to be completely truthful in the DR about how they feel about their other housemates.

Who I now want to win:


I can’t stand Jon.

Nana Jo

It’s hard to judge fairly after just two minutes, but Heather’s boyfriend was a disappointment to me. She could do way better than that, in my opinion. I’ve heard her talk about being bullied a lot when she was in her teens, and that creates a lot of insecurity. I think she underestimates herself sometimes. Personally, I think she’s a lovely, strong, kind-hearted girl. If my son brought home a girl like her, I’d be thrilled.

Neda’s true colours game out during that veto competition. She declared loud and clear that she loves money. It’s obvious that is her one and only true loyalty … the money. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing because it is a game to win a big prize… but … Jon needs to wake up. When it comes down to him or her best chance to win, she won’t be choosing him ever! When her sister told her not to be cocky, that is exactly what she meant … no hidden meaning.


@nana jo who do you think you are to judge who the dude is… she can do better for what reason? based on 2 minutes and his looks. stfu


Have you heard and seen Bill Gates. I doubt woman find him the most attractive man in the room. Heather may simply care about brains and a good heart. The guy might be a great catch for all we know. I actually am guessing that Heather’s secret is she is really very smart and either a doctor or working on a doctorate. She might have fooled us all this season… except me of course.

I’ve lost my mind! 😛

another name

wouldn’t be so surprised if heather said her secret is she’s smart. only thing I’d be surprised by is if she said she was born a dude.