Neda blames Adel for wanting to get Heather out “Are you f*** kidding me I would have never f*** done that”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None


6:28pm Bedroom Jon, Neda and Heather

Jon Tells them he’s 100% onboard with getting Adel out this week.
Heather says she doesn’t feel guilty about it now after she heard he was trying to screw her over.
Jon – “F*** him now he’s getting screwed”

Heather – “You know what I love about this is no one would have thought we would have all the power in the house”

Heather doesn’t know if she will be friends with Rachelle when they head back to Edmonton, she thinks she secretly still dislikes her.
Neda – “you will hate her more after you see the season”
Jon – “ she hated you” he mentions how Rachelle would always laugh at heather’s dancing.
Heather – “Like her dancing is any better”

Sabrina rolls in to change the batteries.
Jon says they are the final 4.

Sabrina and Jon banter back and forth about Jon not liking Rachelle. They agree to watch the episodes “together” while watching the episodes. They think they should use face time.

Jon – “I’ll do it”
Sabrina – “Of course I’m down for that”
Neda and Heather agree.

Adel joins them says he’s been gaining weight.
Jon laughs calls him a “Chubby little boy”
Heather says she gained 20 lbs in her a$$, Boobs and thighs
JOn – “You noticed it”
Heather – Ya of course”
Jon and Adel says she looks great.
heather- “I wanted to lose weight while I was here”
Adel – “Me to”
Heather says she has lost 4 lbs in the past two days.
everyone congratulates her says she’s only gained 16lbs.
Jon says the way Heather looks now is very sexy.
heather Thank you” She thinks she was better looking when she came into the game.

Jon – “it doesn’t make sense to me the fact you gain 20 lbs and still look like a rocket.. I would take you out for dinner”

JOn jokes that maybe Heather should join him and Janelle on a couple retreat at in the caribbean

They Tell Adel they can go to bed at 10:30, Jon Explains to him that they went to bed that time all year. Apparently they lights sometimes stay on but Big brother doesn’t try to wake them after 10:30.
Adel always thought it was much later.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-30 16-18-05-912

7:10pm LIving room Everyone but the gremlin Adel is making Mac and Cheese.

Heather, Jon and NEda are studying while Adel makes mac/cheese
Adel – “Gonads you like yours really cheesy
Neda – “YA” (Kinda grunts it out”
Jon – “MEH Me Gonads Me Gonada MEH”

Adel starts to really build up how difficult the HOH competition will be tomorrow. He thinks because the last few have been so easy they are due for a tough one. He also is certain the contest will be dates. Everyone else in the room seems to agree with Adel.

Neda and Heather head to the hammock Neda says she cannot study with all the noise

Jon follows them they go over some more dates, JOn tells them he’ll be back in a bit and quiz them some more.

Sabrina joins them says she wants to lay on the hammock so bad, “Are you talking”
Neda – “Ya sorry”
Sabrina Asks them if everything is OK because Neda was quiet in the bedroom. Neda says she’s fine.
Sabrina leaves.

They agree they are being Extra nice to Sabrina telling her she’s safe this week. Heather points out how Sabrian was a jerk to them for the first 6 weeks of the game.

7:24pm Adel and Jon
Jon tells Adel Neda’s on board he’s safe. Adel heads into the storage room but you still can hear his audio. “F** i’m a liar.. it’s horrible”
Jon comes back, “Only a few more hours in this dumb costume”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-30 16-59-59-160

7:55pm Heather and Neda

Sounds like Neda is trying to pin the plan to get Heather out last week on Adel.
Heather says she feels backstabbed, “I hate the fact that he tried for it.. pisses me off”
Heather says before she heard this from JOn and Neda she actually felt bad for Adel.

Neda says Adel was really pushing to get Heather out.
Neda – “Oh my god he tried so hard.. you know there is no way you were going to leave”
Heather says she’s still shocked that Jon actually nominated her.
Neda – “When you went up that was not the plan at all”
Neda explains that after Heather did so well at the Rope HOH Competition he was trying to use that to highlight how much of a threat Heather is.
Heather says when NEda or her do well at the game either through competition win or other it benefits both of them in getting to the end.
Neda – “Oh my god I would never vote you out of this house Are you f*** kidding me I would have never f*** done that”
Heather says she’s sick and tired of cleaning up after Adel all the time.

Neda says when Adel tried to pitch getting Heather out she thought that maybe Adel was up to something shady.

Heather – “He sees me as a threat”
Neda brings up how Adel was pushing to get Neda up Sunday night.

Jon rolls through tells them he’s proud of them for studying so hard, tells them they have to win HOH tomorrow. Jon leaves. Neda tells Heather that Jon will not take Sabrina to the end becuase. Neda says her sister told her not to be cocky, Neda is certain she was meaning stay away from Adel because he’s been getting so cocky lately. THey seem convinced that Sabrain will win Canada’s vote if there is one.

Heather – ‘I wish Will would have given me some input on the game”

Neda and Heather both agree that JOn and them are not cocky.
They start studying.

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Heather is a complete idiot if she actually believes this and doesn’t put 2 and 2 together. People from your own alliance don’t *magically* become targets. It was the plan to keep Sabrina for as long as possible all along. Be smarter than that Heather. Split the vote.


That was a real stupid move by Neda, and a display of arrogance IMO. Almost mockingly the way she was saying “I would NEVER do that!”, like it was a private joke to herself and the audience.

It was really dumb though because if Heather were to confront Adel about it, he would easily be able to blow up Neda’s game. And then Heather would have no trust in Neda left. Heather probably won’t bring it up to Adel, but it’s not worth the risk that Neda took.

another name

would it actually be to heather’s advantage to split the vote? no. that gives jon Adel’s biggest defender the ability to control the results.
she doesn’t trust Sabrina, but Sabrina is a known threat with no power. she is not 100% on trusting jon anymore and shouldn’t want jon to have two people behind him with deals.
if she keeps adel, knowing that there was a plot, no matter how many of her alliance were involved, she’s being foolish. if she clues in that all three were involved, she would vote out adel anyway. keeping adel does nothing to get her closer to top 3.
to get to the top, heather has to either win hoh, and / or win pov. she has to take out jon in order to become the biggest physical threat. one of the first two final tasks in the top three competition is a physical task usually. she’s proven she can out-physical neda and Sabrina.

it makes little sense to keep adel for his jury vote, when everyone thinks it goes to jon if jon gets anywhere near final two.
splitting the vote, imo, is a ridiculous thing for a final five member to do. it negates all of your ability to chart your own course in the final 4.


Neda the scum. I hope she gets voted out and Heather wins the game.


Well I guess Heather won’t be throwing any contacts for styling work towards Neda once she see’s those diary room chats.

Considering how much emphasis Heather places on friendship and loyalty this is one relationship that will tank post season.


This was never a friendship! Neda has made it clear multiple times that she hates Heather. Neda would take the last dollar out of a homeless mans pocket if it furthered what she wanted.


funny neda says my sister says dont be too Cocky. then says oh she must be talking about adel. um she was saying it to you. im pulling for Jon but he needs to play his own game not Nedas. it would be different if it was a real showmance not a nomance. Hes fighting for him and Neda when he shouldbe fighting for himself.


Neda I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re sister was trying to say.

When she said ‘don’t be cocky’, I’m pretty sure she meant ‘don’t be cocky’.


The truth Heather is they all wanted you out.


Ha! ha! Clearly remember Neda was so of herself proud to have planted the idea in Jon’s head to get rid of Heather!
If she can sell a different story to Heather, more power to her! Maybe she deserves to win, eh! Hundo!
Jon is going to get shafted by the next HOH! He’s got to win POV or else he is gone!


Clever, cuz Neda knows that Adel doesn’t know she and Jon had the convo about getting heather out before he went to Adel and they fake come to her to bring it up for the ‘first’ time to her.

And he acts so sketchy around Heather she wouldn’t believe him denying it anyway.

I am just surprised it doesn’t occur to Neda that Sabrina knows, and is just waiting to tell Heather when it becomes clear she will need to soon.


Doesn’t matter what Slobrina says… Heather knows she’s a liar and won’t believe her….unless Slbrina wins HoH or POV…she’ll be gone next…there will be no saving her! She’ll try to get Heather on her side…but it won’t work!


Sabrina is very confrontational though, and good at getting to the bottom of things. She could easily confront the whole house all at once. Neda is a nervous person so when she’s called on it, Heather would know she was lying.

Sometimes you just know the truth when you hear it, and I think if Sabrina did make it a public thing, it would be easy for Heather to figure out.


I thought you watched the feeds genius? HOH wins F3 the noms DO NOT MATTER! POV decides who goes home. JON is a mooocho risk period. Second is Heather and not Sabby. Jon is simple as Neda now says he’s gone next(unless he wins veto). That means all 3 will send him home. Next comes a Jon POV which IMHO means Jon and Neda deciding to send Heather to jury instead of Sabby. I’d put that at around 99% unless Heather is HOH. Her recent comp strength makes this a natural. The one scenario I see is Heather HOH and Neda POV and a very slim chance she doesn’t send Jon home but rather Sabby or Jon POV and Heather HOH.

If I was a betting man I’d take all the bets I could get that Sabby gets F3. You really need to read the comments and watch the feeds. If Heather doesn’t win HOH either Heather or Jon get evicted F4!


Sabrina will let her know but not before eviction.


Neda didn’t need to lie about Adel wanting Heather out. She was voting him out anyways. She’s playing dirty now.


She’s covering her bases, when Arlie and Adel was on the block she joined in the gremlins the night before eviction in bashing Arlie’s game to ensure that he will go home. It’s actually really a smart gameplay, she’s never confident and always paranoid but she always gets the job done.


Neda is starting to realize that Heather is a bigger threat in comps: what if the next HOH is Heather. big headache for Neda.
Hence, both Neda and Jon are on the block as Sabrina will not miss the chance to spill the beans about their original plan to get rid of heather.
If Jon wins POV, Neda is screwed.

Unless she reconsider the eviction “agreement” and keeps Adel.
Then, Heather is deep trouble if she does not win HOH or POV.


She’s always been playing dirty. What do you call mocking Arlie the whole week he was getting evicted, and making a balloon of his corpse to rub it in his face? She just can’t keep her ugly nature contained.

another name

not surprised the plot is coming out and that adel is taking the fall for it.
somewhat surprised neda is letting heather in on the plot… heather never suspected neda having something to do with it.
but then, it should have been expected in hindsight I guess…neda has felt the need to control every situation because of her paranoia.
missed that scenario when I thought about it.


It is unclear why Heather is not questioning Neda giving her a heads up and why this was not one of Neda’s arguments for not trusting Adel.

Hopefully Adel has a direct conversation with Heather tomorrow. She might indicate that she knows she was his target and hence can’t give him her vote. Adel could then come clean on the situation. Adel is aware that Neda had a key part in targeting Heather.

another name

as far as adel knows though, he and jon had to convince neda to join the plot. he isn’t aware that neda wanted heather targeted.
neda’s lie to heather is a lie of omission, not a 100% falsehood. she’s exposing Adel’s part without exposing herself or jon. and adel did want heather gone, that part isn’t a lie. if adel had thought of it first and gone to heather to expose it was jon and neda’s idea originally (he could have lied by omission before they did), he could have swung her. he got to the party late on that one. at this point, he’s sketched her out too much by pulling away from her and cozying up to jon.
if the plan is still to get out adel, and sabrina is in on it… adel got his wish during his marsha test… he got to see sabrina fake cry.
I still laugh in amazement that sabrina and heather are the most loyal people left in the game. how did that happen? no… really… how DID that happen?


Hope Jon and Neda get knocked off of their high horse and sent to jury house. Hoping Sabrina tells Heather that it wasn’t just Adel that had this plan to evict her so they can team up together.The only problem Heather is so naive with Jon and Neda and never will go against them, mostly Neda. Wish her or Sabrina will make a big move that is Big Brother worthy.


i think if heather win hoh she will take a shot at jon…… jon has to win veto or his jury bound………


Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Neda is doing a great job, I hope she wins!


Sabrina will screw up her game if she tells heather they
We’re going to send her home. She would really show she has a very big mouth. There is no need for her to tell
Heather now. She will if heather wins next HOH. Does anyone know if sabrina
Spilled the beans yet?

another name

neda and jon have incriminated adel so far.
so far, Sabrina hasn’t dropped any word yet unless I missed a feed.
she should have either just after adel was nominated, to turn heather away from adel,
if she is going to use it now, she should only use it if heather is hoh, and only out neda or jon, not neda and jon. if heather isn’t hoh, use it only if heather wins pov. that makes heather the final vote.


neda is pissing off to many jury remember, bb14 dan pissed off to many jurors and he lost the game to ian………..

A Name

Jon and Heather are total idiots and are falling prey to Neda’s lie. So stupid


It doesn’t look like neda really has any jury votes.
Not Arlie. She sent him out. Definitely not Allison or Rochelle.
Adel will be super pissed at her for manipulating Jon.
Sabrina (if she gets evicted) will go to Jon. Heather not sure about.
Seems kinda shitty for neda, no?


Yep! Can’t find a scenario where Neda wins.
So Sabrina or Heather wins handily against her.
Jon wins only if he wins POV, else he is gone.


whoever goes into the jury house next as in
the next two arrivals will be furious at neda.