Big Brother Canada 2 – Neda tells Jon I’m sorry I F**KED UP!! Jon says BIG TIME! BIG TIME!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

BBCAN2- 2014-04-30 13-14-51-350
4:15pm – 4:30pm Sabrina goes to the HOH room and talks to Jon. She tells him that Heather and Neda just told her that she is staying. Jon says okay didn’t Neda and I already tell you that?! Sabrina says yes but Heather hadn’t told me yet. Sabrina asks if Jon was on board with it. Jon says yes, it was Heather and Neda that haven’t been sure whether to keep you or not. Jon heads to the bedroom and talks with Neda. Jon asks Neda when you talked to Sabrina what did you tell her about me? Neda says I said she would need to talk to you. Jon asks why did you just say that I was on board?! Neda said you were. Neda tells Jon that he is so annoying!! Jon tells Neda that she is being annoying! Jon asks when you were in the bathroom talking to Heather what exactly were you talking about?!! Neda says she can’t remember exactly what we talked about. Neda says we were talking about keeping Sabrina over Adel. Jon asks and what else?! Neda and you go! You tell me! Jon says how would I tell you what you and Heather were talking about!?!! Neda asks Jon why he is so pissed? Jon says he isn’t. Neda asks do you trust me?! Jon says 95% yes. Neda asks when did the other 5% go? Jon says in the last few days. Jon tells Neda that she sketches him out. Neda says don’t tell me that I sketch you out. I am not going to screw you over. It doesn’t make sense for me to do that now. Jon tells Neda that he hasn’t had an emotional connection with anyone other than her. Neda says that she hasn’t cried to anyone but him.

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 13-41-11-046

There was also a very quick LIVE FEED leak of the backyard:
What’s going on out there? Planning for tomorrow night’s HOH competition?
live feed leak obb-bbcan2-april-30-2014

4:50pm – 5pm Jon, Neda, Heather, Sabrina and Adel are in the kitchen eating. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds…

5:05pm – 5:25pm The live feeds return and all the house guests are in the bedroom. Neda grabs a glass of water and tells Sabrina that this is your hand what do you want me to do as Neda walks towards Jon. Sabrina says no, I’m on the block that’s not a good idea. Neda then throws the water at Jon. Jon then grabs a glass of water and pushes Neda onto the bed. He then pours the water into her ear. Neda says that was actually physical torture! They drag Heather out of bed and Jon throws water in her face. In the bathroom – Jon throws more water in Neda’s face. Neda then throws water in his face and throws baby power on him.

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 14-12-34-617

5:25pm – 6pmAll the house guests are sitting around in the bedroom talking about the season and about what they’ll do when they get out of the house. Adel laughs that Rachelle never got called to the diary room until episode 8. They all say happy birthday to Rachelle. Adel says happy birthday butt plug you big turd! They start talking about how they haven’t been that bad this season. Adel says yeah no one dropped the N-BOMB. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds come back the house guests continue to talk about random things. Adel says that BURRITO smells like fish! Sabrina says that’s a really mean thing to say because people are going to think my parts smell.

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 14-57-14-824

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 15-16-39-064

6:10pm – 6:25pm Sabrina tells Adel that he is a thorn in her side. Adel says don’t say thorn that’s my word. Sabrina says I swear you go home and you’ll see that all his diary room session are about me. Adel tells Neda that her butt eats her onesie! Neda says I know I asked for a smaller one but they won’t give it to me. Adel says Janelle – Jon tries to rub his dizzel on the girls when he hugs them!! Jon says that Heather tried to rub her WHo-HA on his DO-Da! Adel tells Sabrina I will never vote for you. Heather says well you won’t because you’re both on the block together. Adel says I mean if I get evicted and you weasel your way to end.

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Where is neda saying she fukked up? I didn’t hear that anywhere?


Yhat video @26:26, approximately.


Jon, you’re going to see how Neda never planned to take you to final two. Keep your feelings to your girlfriend, there’s no room for you with Neda.

Dr. Will

Come on now, Let’s give her some credit….he’s been toying with her all game and he’s the one who is spoken for. Good for her, for playing her own game and because of that I would vote for her 100% hundo!


So very true. I do not understand why everyone is hating on Neda for turning on Jon. She’s alone in life, he’s only a friend to her. And frankly, he has also turned on her too. So why is her word so much more valuable than his. And before today, Jon had my vote in the F2, but after the way he treated Neda about Sabs and her BS, he’ll never get my vote. I have defended him 10000 Hundo x’s and he final proved so many people right. He is a rude SOB and total disrespected Neda, something I thought he’s never do. Neda for the win!!! She’s played the best game and has had to pull Jon around by his weenis because he knew nothing without her. And he did nothing without Neda saying so. His a big baby!!


Looks like Hundo just ended


Thks! Hopefully it ended! If he’s gonna win it has to be without her! I wish adel was staying!



A Name

No he knows he’s in trouble but he’s trying to lay low


Neda or Heather will win HOH tonight preety predictable


leaning towards Neda though and she’ll have her first full week HOH of the season


Jon and Adel could diffuse the assertion that Heather was Adel’s target. What rational reason would Adel want Sabrina to stay. Jon could suggest that Neda is throwing Adel under the bus to assure Sabrina stays and throw doubt to Neda’s intentions.




my bad tomorrow


Also winner of tonight HOH goes too on too Finale Week


I think Jon will understand at the end of the game (when its Neda and Heather at the end lols) and have no hard feelings about it.He will be sucky mcsuckerson for a while but he knows its just a game (at least that’s what he keeps telling everyone else haha) . Him and Neda have a friendship right now and hopefully it will last. He clearly loves his Girlfriend and there is nothing that has gone on with these two (Jon & Neds) that has been inappropriate. Its a hard house to be in Esp with no one to hug or cuddle with or just touch. I think Jon is an affectionate guy and I don’t think it is anymore then that.

This is why he had such a hard time being alone for 24 hrs. Someone like him, that would drive him nuts being alone. It would have been the same way for Sabrina a few weeks ago, but not now. Having Sabrina on slop was perfect for her because BB knows how much she hates it.
Neda loving clothes and fashion ect, that is a harsh punishment to have to wear the same clothes for days and days never mind the fact its a onsie (Yipes) and you cant wash it.
I think Adels was perfect for him because he is usually the first one in bed or at least the first one who is always tired.
Heathers punishment sucks too not being able to be in the HOH room to get some peace or get away for a while. (Jeez Jon, relax, I could have done his punishment no problem)

They really need to get rid of Sabrina. I don’t know why they think its not dangerous to keep her. Come on, think!


Come on now. Half the shit Jon does is inappropriate. You’re talking about a guy that whipped his dick out in front of 3 of the girls when he was hammered. He’s not exactly one to stay behind the line.


oops tomorrow


tommorow not tonight tonight we will see the pov comp which heather won…………


I’m excited to see that. Heather’s making a great case for herself with the competition performances. She just needs one or two more good ones.


yup i i corrected myself, for some reason i thought it was Thursday


I really don’t have a favourite. Just watching to see who backstabs each other to get to the end……


im really hoping if jon wins f4 pov he evicts neda that would be a move worthy of winning bb…


Wow John. You believe everything she says – maybe? I see the doubt, but she just reels you back in. Be prepared to try and win everything, because you are the next target.


bye bye adel sorry adel fans……


not enough backstabing in my books this season


Everyone in there right mind knows Sabrina’s gonna win this game.. cant believe that any of them even want to suggest taking her to the end they will lose.. its easy to figure how this game will play out.. Adel goes home…hoh played Sabs wins… heather neda on the block, plan backdoor jon, jon goes home..neda /heather wins either one of them two will take her to the end and LOSE…… Even Peter said the samething taking her to the end they will lose… come on jon and heather wake up


Sab will go next week unless she won the next HOH or/and the next POV.


if i was on bb i would throw in there more hinky votes to get people more paranoid… im kinda surprized that house guest pretty much vote unanimously on who to evict…..

another name

about this point in the game, everybody throws jury vote threats.
a week ago when Sabrina and rachelle said jonedadel broke their word, so they wouldn’t get sabrachelle’s votes, jon got offended and reacted with don’t threaten me your votes mean nothing do what you’re going to do (paraphrasing).
a week later and jon and adel are throwing the jury vote threats around. they actually seem surprised that their threats don’t have the immediate effect they desire. if the girls suddenly switch to keep adel overnight, ignoring that jon is fighting too hard on Adel’s behalf… it will be another one of those don’t look at the man behind the curtain wizard of oz moments imo.
using the jury threat is an immediate desperation strategy, and this week jon has no reason to be desperate, the girls should be more apt to push adel out than keep him seeing such desperation. he jumped the gun a week to start making jury threats.
btw, adel threatening Sabrina with jury votes? pointless. she doesn’t have a vote this week so it’s complete posturing. at best, if he stays and Sabrina goes, she’s going to feel more vindictive against adel. she will use all of her manipulation abilities (that for some reason they all fear) in the jury to push against jonedadel.


This season has become predictable/boring. Neda got what she wanted. She’s in the best position right now. The only person that might choose to evict her would be Sabrina and Sab probably wound’t make it to the final 3. If Jon, Neda and Heather were to be final 3, then the final jury member would either be Jon or Heather. That means Neda has secured herself at least $20,000. I even dare to predict Neda would evict Jon and take Heather to be the final 2 if Neda became the last HOH of this season because she would think Jon would get more votes to win. Because she’s such a rational, cold-blooded person, she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and the money. So there’s not much drama to see unless there’s gonna be another twist.


hey canada bring svetlana back she was a hottie…………..


Neda don’t do this to your one true alliance! I’m rooting for you but it’s been really hard this past few days. Just take Jon with you. The jury knows that you are Geppetto!


I ask again, what is their logic keeping Sabrina? They (all 3 are going to regret this for a long time). She’s got all kinds of things she pulls out of her ass and they keep working. Dum-dums.


It would be funny if Jon got Pandora’s box and it changed his nominations were Adel would be switched with Neda. That would be interesting.


Well I gues Neda is playing a good game. Jon is playing a piss poor one, should have nominated Neda. It is very easy, just ask, what would I do if I were xyz?

If I were Neda why would I take Jon further now? I would not it would make zero sense

If I were Adel, Jon is the only person logically it would make to take forward. Eliminate Jon and you have 2-3 girls who are working close together.

Jon is just not that smart. So I guess Neda deserves to win, too bad, I really liked Jon but if he doesn’t win veto next week, he is a G-O-N-E-R


Damn looks like Sabrina will win. I don’t like her but look how the game is going. Adel is gone, then jon can’t compete, heather wins, and jon or neda goes this week as no one will want sabs gone because of her perceived weakness. If Jon wins veto then probably neda goes home if Jon has any brains left in his alcoholic brain. If anyone else wins jon goes home. At some point Heather will figure out neda tried to screw her and will take savrina over sabs, and sabs win with 2 guraneed votes and biter jurors. I really don’t want her to win, but it is looking really good for her. For someone who just ate and cried all season, she couldn’t be closer to winning. She been on the block like 6 times, talked people into all type of stupid stuff and has bosom buddies on the jury, which constitute half the jurors.