Neda tells Jon – The best case scenario would be if we win Veto and its you, me and Sabrina Final 3.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots None

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9:20am – 10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bedroom – Jon, Neda and Heather discuss what Big Brother might be building in the backyard. They talk about how they hope its a luxury competition. Sabrina joins them. They wonder if Big Brother is making the POV and will then take it away. Jon says that it sounds like a lot of hammering .. like connecting together. I have a feeling it will be a competition like a Divergent style. They talk about how few there are of them left in the house and how there used to be two people per bed. Neda comments on how nervous she is. Jon says he isn’t. Jon says that if you had told him he would make it to jury he says he would have said you’re nuts! They discuss this seasons cast. Jon says I found Kenny attractive. Sabrina and Heather head to the bathroom. Neda and Jon continue to talk. Jon says so after one of us wins the veto we will say what’s going on. Neda says that would be the best case scenario, if we win veto and take Sabrina to final 3. Jon says worst case scenario, we make it to final 2 and I win $20,000. Do you have any idea what I can do with $20,000 in Newfoundland. Jon says if you win veto and the 3 competition thing have a way better chance at winning in the end. If I win veto and win the 3 competition thing than I have a good chance of winning this. The house guests start cleaning the house. Neda says all they kept saying last night when you were in the bathroom – was okay girls final 3 .. never happened before. Neda says Sabrina was like I don’t want to speak for Neda though.. and I was like yeah, yeah. Neda says that’s what make me think Sabrina is lying way more to you. They realize Sabrina is telling both of them the same thing. Jon says I am not talking game with anyone any more. Neda says what about with meee… Jon says yeah with you. Jon says it all comes down to the veto if we win it we go (to final 3). Jon and Neda head down to the kitchen. Heather complains that Sabrina left her to clean the bathroom and went to the HOH room. Neda comments that Sabrina fully just went into her HOH room.. that’s f**ked! Heather knocks on the HOH room door and Sabrina says come on in. Heather says I can’t. Sabrina opens the door. Heather says I just wondered where you were if you wanted to join us. Sabrina says she has a migraine headache and was just listening to music. Sabrina joins them. Jon tells Sabrina that she is going to gain so much weight when she starts eating again. Sabrina says JON! Booger! Sabrina says I am going to start eating healthy when I’m off slop. Jon says even healthy food has lots of natural sugars that will make you blow up!

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 07-03-34-156

10:20am – 10:45am Heather, Jon and Neda are sitting on the living room couches. Neda comments on how all of the camera are pointed at Jon. She gets up and tries to get one of the cameras to point at her. It does and then it slowly moves back to Jon. They laugh. Jon comments on how The Gremlins was a good alliance .. it was like the Chamber of Secrets. Jon then argues with the girls about how stupid he thinks it is that girls say they’re fine when they aren’t. Sabrina hugs Jon and says I’m putting you on the block. Jon says you hug me and say that? Jon says I am going to be pissed if you put me on the block. I’d be twisted. I will probably win the veto and there’s zero chance I would take you anywhere! Jon says no one would take you to final two I don’t think. Jon asks who are you putting on the block. Sabrina says I don’t know. Jon asks again. Sabrina says I don’t know, there’s 3 people to choose from you a$$ bag! Jon says put me on the block, it does not matter .. it only matters who wins the veto. Neda comments that it matters.. it shows what Sabrina wants. Jon says I want to go on the block. Sabrina says I am pretty sure you have a 90% chance of winning the veto. Sabrina comments on how Jon makes it sound like her HOH means nothing. Jon says you’re nominations don’t matter! Being HOH matters, it means you final 3.

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How is Neda dangerously low on the polls now? She’s playing such a strong, well rounded game

just an opinion

Her meanness, coldness, and cultural insensitivity are what bother me. The coldness I can overlook, but the other 2 are completely unnecessary for the game and just show her character. I am liking her less and less by the day. I used to support her through thick and thin, but not anymore.


she might be cold, but mean and culturally insensitive?? what are you talking about!?


Cold? Yes, Manipulative? Yes, Ruthless? Yes….BUT what are you talking about she is mean & culturally insensitive? that is bullsh*t…you can dislike her however you want, but dont make up things….


John broke the 700$ vacuum. Oopsie LOL!


Taking anyone but Heather to F3 is idiotic.

She’s the ONLY one they are all guaranteed to win against. I don’t understand why they all have it with Heather. Makes no sense.


Do Jon and Neda not realize Sabrina is in the Final 3 already because she won HOH?. . .they can’t “take” her to final 3, she already made it. Sabrina will not be going to jury house, but she could still be part of the jury.

And, if Sabrina, by some miracle, also wins veto this week, then Sabrina decides who gets to vote off one of the others. But, that likely won’t happen. I think the other three will fight like crazy to get the veto. .. especially Jon and Heather. I think Neda might be the safest one this week (after Sabrina, of course).


Me thinks you need to do a little vote counting!

Neda- Jon, Gremlins
Heather- Arlie, Allison and Adel
Basically Canada decides 4-3 Heather. Neda could lose Jon too if she evicts him herself and Sabby could go Heather as a small possibility

Heather- Adel,
Sabby- Ro and Allison and Arlie.
I think her sure vote is Adel and even Neda(hates her) and Jon are both up in the air. If Heather gets 3-3 she gets Canada’s vote and wins again.

Jon- owns her if Heather sits beside her. Will be something like 5-2 or 6-1. Jon can sit beside any of them but Heather is his best choice.


i cant believe this poll. people think heather and jon should be in final 2?? neda has played this game HARD and DESERVES to be final 2. im baffled. i love jon as a person, but the way he’s been playing lately, even sabrina deserves to be in final 2 more than him.

just sayin.


Neda can’t count jury votes. Must of read Dan’s book. How to be a psychopath and finish second. It’s a great read and a 1st edition collectors dream. PS………… this is what bitter jury looks like when a HG is hated like many of us dislike Neda. We be Canada’s vote as well. I love bitter jury!!

By the way your horse Neda is just 1 point ahead of Sabby! ROFL

Vote on OBB feeders!!!


the fact that you insinuated that dan and neda are “psychopaths”, that you suggest neda is my “horse” and that you love a bitter jury means you have no respect for the game and no respect for players of the game, and therefore, your opinion does not matter.
btw, dan won season 10 against a bitter jury, and dr. will won season 2 in spite of a bitter jury and they are considered the best players of all time. i will take any comparisons of neda to dan as an extreme compliment to neda’s game.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a good player (by comparison of the rest of the HGs at least) if you’re a detestable person. I even hate the way she talks now.


Everyone here: Did Sabrina get a coded message or not on who to trusted from her sister? I didn’t think bb allow coded messages.


sabrina said that her sister and her agreed to a coded letter, but all she got from the letter is that canada likes her… along with the supposed “cheers” she got when she won hoh (that we didn’t even see), sabrina is pretty sure canada likes her…

reality will be harsh.


I’m sure Sabrina got more info from the letter … She’d be stupid to share the rest with the others. Hmmmm…… And it was a very long letter!


No way to know for sure. Wouldn’t be that hard to pre-arrange a simple code before you enter the house, for example using the first letter of people’s names: “Uncle Jim really misses you” could mean don’t trust a male who’s name starts with a J (Jon in this case). We’d never know unless the houseguest was dumb enough to blurt it out on camera.


You Sabs are a lying, backstabbing, evil, insecure, delusional, psychotic bully. Here you go putting down Sarah, again, making up things.


Dude, everyone lies, back stabs, is insecure and delusional within the big brother house. It’s a GAME. It’s how the game is played. You need to lie. You need to backstab. It happens. It has happened in past seasons by SO MANY people. It’s getting old hearing people mention how sabs is the only one being evil. It’s GAME PLAY. and not just by her. It’s also getting old watching people throw the word ‘bully’ around and just attach it to someone whenever something they dislike is being said. Everyone has said something bad about someone in this house at one point or another. Is everyone in this house a bully then? Come on. I think we are all mature enough to understand that this is a game. And that even we as viewers dissect and talk shit about the house guests. Does that mean we are all bully’s?


sabrina has said personal comments about jon/neda hooking up, sharing yeast infections (clearly not true and vindictive). she’s also said that she “hopes relationships are ruined after this show” and she said she’ll “never talk to sarah and kenny again, they are not good people”…. how is all that personal stuff part of “playing the game”?? you tell me. I definitely respect her game, but she adds lots of emotional, negative, personal comments in there, which i don’t respect and that’s why i personally don’t like her.


I HATE SABRINA!! Power trip in the works!


Does Anick cast spells? Maybe (and I am half-heartedly joking) she can get Sabrina to never appear in our lives again – on TV, radio, anything…. it’s worse than if someone tied me down to watch half a minute any real housewives franchise show. Unfortunately, Sabrina comes with this package and is usually on mute now when she is on camera or microphone.


anyone but Sobrina!!

at least her lying 2 faced ace won something.

All of a sudden she has fans? get out of here!!


can big brother give some sort of punishment to sabrina for the coded letters? thats against the rules, im sure shes not the first, but she admitted it on camera…


Well here we go. If she puts Jon and Neda up, one of them is going. They are way bigger threats than Heather.


False. Noms dont matter. All about veto. Heather very well could still get evicted.


Right. But only one can win VETO, so if the other houseguests are smart they would get out one of the strong players. The two strongest players left are Neda and Jon. You are right, they can still evict Heather, but IMO that would be a dumb game move.


I Hate Sabrina!! She should of been gone long time ago. She better not win this game.


I don’t agree with Neda playing so hard…….to be honest I think she took a lots of credit when it wasn’t really her doing all the planing……when Jon was the last HOH he wanted to put Heather up just because Neda said that she was trying to make think Jon came up with the idea is not true…he approached her about it….for her to take all the credit is bullshit…..Jon in my honest opinion has played the hardest because he has had to win no matter what and he would probably take Neda final three where as Neda knows she can’t take him and if she does win the veto her biggest game move ( and the one move that might win her big brother) is to take Jon out. Her biggest move to far was taking Allison out and convincing Jon to put up Arlie ….I like Heather because they continue to underestimate her and it is better for everybody’s game to take Heather for final 3 and then duke it out. If Jon wins and keeps Neda then he is stupid…Neda has to vote out Jon for the ultimate game move. That would seal her win for sure a against anyone.


Heather was actively involved in the Arlie eviction. She deserves equal credit for getting Jon to think that way.


Too funny. Sabs can not get any one of them to agree to bring her to final two


i just dont see jon winning pov and evicting neda? thats messed up because if neda wins pov neda will have no problem evicting jon……. jon really need to take heather to the end if he wants to win the grand prize….. the 3 remaining house guest need heather as f2 for them to have and easier win…..


Its killing Sabrina that she is HOH yet powerless. Nobody cares to talk/trash etc..cause they know that Veto only matters—after Veto things will get more interesting for sure!


Sabrina has a migraine so she is listening to music with earbuds? I get migraines and I can tell you that the last thing you want is any sound blaring in your ears. Such a bullshit artist. She has a knack for making every fart into a windstorm. She’s on my list as one of my least favourite players in big brother on both sides of the border…ever.


Heh! Sabrina is being Sobrina, manipulative and self-serving? Anyone surprised?
That’s what BB is all about!
Others do it – with various tones but same thing, bottomline.
Let’s take our preferences out of it.
These HGs are there to make $100k while entertaining the audience, not to make Supreme Court rulings or ethical decisions.

Winning HOH is not negligible: guarantees F3 spot and depending how things turn out, one of those put on the block gets evicted and holds a grudge.
Always a balance.
Winning POV is also significant for the remaining 3, saves one for sure.
Sabrina has to be careful who she puts on the block: hoping to win jury votes among the 3 while setting the best odds for her to get to F2.
So many scenarios, not worth it being backseat driver, folks!

More drama to entertain us! On that point, neither Heather or Jon rank high.
Neda and Sabrina provide sharper reactions.


However, Sabrina was by far the happiest person to win HOH this season.

just an opinion

Was it her maniacal cackling that made you think that? It’s all an act. I think everyone that got HOH was really happy about it, even her.


One would think that Jon was from a 3rd world country. ( do u know what $20,000.00 would buy in Newfoundland? smh!!! ) Yes, I’ve been to the prov. of NL.. So, as in Ontario…it would buy diddly squat!


They all say they would be happy with the 20G, except Neda.


Wish I could tell how I feel about Sabrina !!!!
I’m starting to believe that she is someone very close to BB production crew otherwise She has no place to be in house.


Neda is devoid of any charm that is garnered in exchange for loyalty and honor when playing a game. She is eager to throw people out or under and quickly dig them back up if she needs them; only to blame others for it, and assume role as savior. I hope Jon is smarter than he is letting on and can read how Neda has realized that the odds are heavily in Jon’s favor to win veto and is keen to how she is now- of course!- throwing the girls under the bus, divulging their all girls final thing, adding extra weight to their conversation; and just to add her particular dose of douchiness to her warning, then claims to be the only dissenter to this plan. Im hoping he is still fully perturbed from this past week, with Neda’s selfish and stubborn game play; her smug behaviour, offiering up nothing but her gut as reason for not budging to get adel out; and her generally cockiness that she thinks she has orchestrated a scenario where everyone plans to take her…well up until now, as her paranoia has ignited operation secure jon. I REALLY hope he is aiming to get poetic justice at how frustrating she has been; and morevoer I feel that if he decided to axe Neda’s this week, the Jury will GO NUTS and absolutely LOVE the move!!! He’ll delfinitely garner more respect for it. I would cheer out loud if he did this.


First: I respect & appreciate your opinion.

Second: It’s no secret I’m a Neda fan so take this with a grain of salt if you disagree

However with that said let me please point out that Neda has spoken like this with Jon the entire game.

Early on he REFUSED to believe Kenny didn’t have his best interest at heart, nor did he listen to her about how Andrew wanted him gone. She was RIGHT on both occasions. As for Arlie when Jon fought her on that she told him Arlie would never take Jon to F2 and in fact Arlie admitted he would take him out at F5 (which would have been this week, 1 additional eviction longer than when Jon took him out).

So, Neda has always tried to protect Jon and her read on the game has ALWAYS been better.

Also, to paint Neda with the brush she is playing things up now that it’s convenient for her just in case Jon wins veto how is that any different than what Jon does? He put Heather on the block so he had Adel/Neda to take him to F2 (best for HIS game) and ignored Heather not even giving her a heads up or going to her following the nomination preferring to make fun of her in front of Adel, Sabs and Neds instead. Immediately AFTER she won POV he was back to saying us for F2 & you Neda and I F3. So, they are BOTH/ALL doing the same thing. The difference is Neda speaks to people whether they are on the block or not and is able to separate game from personal. She was the ONLY 1 to talk to Heather initially after noms and remain polite to her, same for Sabs (though this is harder for her b/c she sees through Sab).

Finally, considere the fact that part of the game is adjusting and adapting to the ever changing environment. I believe she DID see removing Jon may be her best bet prior to Sabs winning HOH. Also, given Sabs got cheers and reminded them all of WHO SHE IS once she won HOH Neda once again sees her best bet is to stick with Jon as she adjusts and adapts to the game realty.

I honestly believe everyone in the house is a nice person (I’m sure even Sabs is nice OUT of the house) however I cannot get past the zeal with which Sabrina bragged about her manipulation of people like Ro/Alison; something btw Neda has NEVER done in reference to Jon or Heather. I can’t get what I want which is a F3 of Neda, Jon and Heather but I can adapt to this change due to Sabs HOH and still hope Neda makes it with either her and Jon or Heather at her side to take out Sabs at F3. I still want Neda first based on game play alone and would enjoy her defying everyone by taking Jon to the end and beating him. Though I’ll be happy if any of those 3 make the F2. My rationale is although everyone has vented and ranted in the house the hurtful things Sabs said about people was/is unacceptable and unnecessary in the game. (re: Sabrina’s rant to Jon’s girlfriend and disparaging comments about Neda as soon as she didn’t get her way).

Just my humble opinion. 🙂


Beautifully said!

just an opinion

Now if Neda actually takes Jon with her to F2, I might just change my opinion of her. Might. Of course, bearing in mind that Jon was not useless in this game either.


I agree HUNDO
It really annoys me when people say she played Jon, THEY PLAYED TOGETHER. All her targets were based on who will target Jon…hence coming after her next. Last eviction, both wanted what is BEST for their game ….but ofcourse Neda is the one getting the bashing.
As for the F2, Jon had no reason to not take her to F2 until few weeks back, as it was agreed he would probably win, but for Neda that was not the case, so why would she not consider the possibility of taking some one else to F2, to increase her chance of winning??


Jon is also nothing but a 2face jon… but of course all east coasters want him to win in price of bad mouthing neda or her game…whatever… I hope neda wins that’s all it’s matters 🙂


As for the poll I find the person who wins HOH or is under dog always rises in the polls weekly.

As for Sabrina I told you it wouldn’t take long before Sabs started to annoy us as HOH. Funny the house guests are cleaning & she feigns a migraine to avoid cleaning (but don’t you know “she is the one who cleans the most”) meanwhile she is listening to music in HOH. For the record I suffer from migraines and the LAST THING YOU WOULD DO IF YOU HAD ONE IS LISTEN TO MUSIC!!!! It’s typical Sabrina.

Oh, & I can’t say I blame Neda for being annoyed with Sabrina who continues to take credit for all of Neda’s moves. Sabs is saying Adel was evicted b/c of her & the same thing regarding Arlie (both were a direct product of Neda’s work).

Based on Neda telling Jon conversations occurring with Sabrina I’m now of the belief Neda will NOT take Sabs to F2 and may actually take Jon. Given she manipulated his game it might be the best move for her especially if Jon is the one to vote out Heather this week if he wins POV. Surely Heather, RoRo, Sabs, and Arlie would pick Neda over Jon. Adel is a guaranteed vote for Jon and I suspect Alison will play true to form in that she SAYS she is a super fan but she’ll vote for Jon b/c “she gets along with boys better” instead of voting for the best player and Canada likely will pick Jon over Neda (sadness) even though she played a better game. Either way it’s too close to call.

Jon keeps telling housemates & the viewers how far a dollar goes in Newfoundland so much so that it actually makes me hope people recognize he isn’t kidding that $20k goes a lot further there. When he was talking about housing costs I was gape mouthed (I live in Toronto) you couldn’t buy a basement here for what a house costs there. I think if Jon is right about costs Newfoundland (which is beautiful) may in fact have a ton of people moving there b/c the cost of living is almost too good to be true.


I was almost begining to root for Sabrina and then she starts slandering Sarah and Kenny. Starting to think Jon and Heather would make a good final two.


Jon carried neda through the whole game. She did nothing in this game. I hope Jon wins he’s the man he’s all Canadian well mannered guy and deserves to b the champ. Really no one compares to him.


Actually it does matter who goes on the block – Heather, Neda and Jon seem to be forgetting that by a fluke Sabrina could win the veto and in that way, she would decide who goes home. It’s bad strategy to be rude to her. If I was friendly to her and on the block, she might take me off with the veto to ensure I don’t go home. So it’s dumb to keep telling her she doesn’t matter.


jon never shuts the f up!–he wont let anyone have spotlight–he needs to one up everyone (during their dinner talk)