Jon asks ..and you threatened that whole house? What the F**K?! That was F**KED!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

bbcan2-- 2014-05-01 07-52-51-630

10:50am Adel heads into the main bedroom and tries out the different ways he can wear the Big Brother Canada onesie. Adel heads to the HOH room and tells him that Neda’s still in the shower. Jon says she will come over in a minute. Jon says F**K! Jon says I think what you said might work though.. Adel says maybe. Jon says just because Neda wants jury votes so f**king bad.. could be a big game play right there! Adel says when you do talk to her don’t bring up my name or keeping me any more. Jon says no.. Adel says just be like.. Jon says what the f**K are you doing? Adel says no, be like you were my sister in this game. Every move, every decision I made I came and told you. Jon nods and says so why is it a double standard. Adel says tell her why now, why now did you do it. DOes that mean I’m game over? Does that mean I am not Neds.. You were my sister, I was going to take you no matter what. Adel was a joke, Heather was a joke! You know what I mean?! Cut us up! Jon says yeah. Jon says F**K.. Alright you probably better piece just in case she wants to come back.. Adel leaves the HOH room.


BBCAN2--2014-05-01 08-12-52-660
11am – 11:30am Neda questions why Adel is so happy. Heather says unless he saw Marsh (The Moose). Neda asks why that would matter. Heather says to have a surprise twist up our a$$. Adel comes into the bathroom and asks if he is still going? Neda looks at Heather and says Ahhh.. I think so. Adel says okay, I just wanted to know so that I can know if I need to pack everything. Adel tells Neda to be happy, its okay. Adel heads back to the bedroom to pack. In the bedroom – Jon says I’m f**ked I have to win this week. Adel tells Jon good luck. Jon says yeah it’s not what I planned at all. Adel tells Jon I did something so sneaky this year bro! Jon asks what?! Adel says you’re going to sh*t your pants! Jon asks what? Adel says think! Adel tells Jon remember my power? I didn’t have anything.. I could only replace someone in the veto. Adel laughs. Jon laughs and says WHAT?! Jon says Canada must have gone BUCK! Jon says so all that buzz worthy sh*t was all you got. If I had know that I wouldn’t have done all that girl sh*t. Jon says and you threatened that whole house.. what the F**K! That was F**KED! Adel gets called to the diary room. Jon leaves and comes back. Sabrina comes into the bedroom. Adel tells Sabrina see I told you BURRITO. Sabrina laughs. Jon asks what Adel just told her. Sabrina says just told you burrito! Jon says oh. Jon tells her that Adel made the biggest game move of the season! Sabrina asks what?! Should I be worried? Is it going to affect today!? Jon says I don’t know. Sabrina leaves. Adel comes back and Jon says that is the best that veto thing. You are the biggest idiot but the smartest idiot! Adel gets called to the diary room again.

11:30am – 11:50am When he comes back out he goes and tells Neda that he had to just go do a goodbye message to Neda too. Adel says I have to go tell Jon too! Neda starts freaking out. Sabrina and Heather say no. Heather says I just did mine and I didn’t have to do one for you. Neda goes and questions Jon about what Adel just said. Jon tells her Adel just told me he had to do a goodbye message to you. Neda asks if Adel is just f**king with me? Jon says probably. Neda leaves and goes to the diary room. Adel goes into the bathroom and tells Sabrina if twisterson saves me.. you’re done!! Sabrina asks why me?! Adel says rule number one is get your nemesis out! Adel tells Heather looks like we could have our final 2 deal! Adel walks out of the bathroom and yells WHOA!! I think I’m staying now!! Sabrina follows him and asks him why?! Adel says I went into the diary room telling them I think I’m done .. and they.. Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production. Adel tells Sabrina that she is done! Sabrina tells Adel that she thinks he’s Canada’s Player. Sabrina leaves and talks to Jon to ask him what’s going on. Jon says I don’t know, I’m staying out of the girls conversations.

BBCAN2-2014-05-01 08-15-44-877

11:50am – 12:20pm Jon goes to the bedroom and tells Adel he is going to ask Neda if she is packed. Jon and Adel laugh. Jon heads into the bathroom and asks Neda how much of her sh*t she has packed. Neda pauses and looks all freaked out. Jon says he wonders if there’s a twist today. Neda is all freaked out now that she might be going home. Jon and Neda head into the HOH room. Jon tells Neda that she has now twice f**ked him over. Jon says what is going through my mind is that you are f**king me and have been this entire season. Neda says that it wasn’t intentional. Jon says you know this game inside and out. You’ve been watching since you were 8 years old. I just started watching before coming in here. Neda says I slipped up. Neda says I’m f**ked. Jon says if you’re f**ked then I’m f**ked! I don’t have a final 2 with any one else. Jon says to me there’s no you, there’s no me… it just us!

BBCAN2-2014-05-01 08-47-47-165

12:20pm – 12:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds…

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133 thoughts on “Jon asks ..and you threatened that whole house? What the F**K?! That was F**KED!

      1. This entire season has been the Sabrina show. I don’t really give a shit, but, I want her to win (from day one). What is this program without Sabrina picking her nose, crying, and then watching the others say how much they hate her, yet still keep her around?

        Delusional and emotionally unstable is how I like my reality game-show contestants. Sabrina is the epitome of that.

  1. Neda should say to Adel. I will keep you if you promise to vote for me if I am in final two with Heather. Adel is trustworthy. He is playing great today. Bye bye Sabs.

    1. Sabs isn’t going anywhere :)
      All this commotion Adel is making is only making them want to vote him out even more!
      Good job Adel…haha

    2. I disagree with saying adel is trustworthy, he did just conspire with neda and jon to evict heather a few days ago. he’s been trying to get rid of neda for a while now. he hasn’t been trustworthy to anyone except to jon. even then, only trustworthy to jon when he gets what he wants (otherwise the comments he says to the backyard pics are lies… when he’s alone… his soliloquies). I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, I’m saying calling him trustworthy given recent events isn’t something I can get behind. no offense to you intended.

      1. Frankly, neither is Neda! None of them can be trusted except Heather, but even she has been making deals with both Jon and Neda. Trust is not a part of the game, but decency is!

        1. hey dani :) I agree neither neda nor the rest are trustworthy. they all have multiple deals.
          adel has deals with jon and had a deal with joneda and a tentative deal with heather post arlie pre Allison
          jon has deals with neda, heather and adel.
          neda has deals with jon and heather, had a deal with jonadel, and has a tentative deal with Sabrina.
          heather has deals with jon and neda, had a tentative deal with adel.
          Sabrina has a tentative deal with neda, wants a tentative deal with heather.
          this is just a comment on gameplay trustworthiness, not personal character. everyone lies in big brother, everyone who wants to go far makes multiple deals, I can’t knock them for it… I just can’t call any of them trustworthy because of it. in my opinion.

    3. Adel is lying like CRAZY! And you say he is trustworthy? Definition of the word does not include the term “occaisionally”.

    4. Neda has been at the top of Adel’s eviction list for weeks! He knows that she stands between him a Jon and thinks if she was gone he could manipulate Jon. Neda is no dummy …. And knows that he’s far from trustworthy!

      1. seriously, why would neda and heather EVER vote to keep adel when they know he wants to get rid of them. heather knows 100% adel was trying to get rid of her this week, and adel has been after neda for ages. they also know he has a final 2 with jon and has no intention of bringing them further.

        sabrina wants a final 3 with the girls, and even if she doesn’t follow through with that, she’s easy to beat in competitions. why on earth would the girls keep adel?

    5. Jon would be the biggest IDIOT in BB History if he kept Adel after hearing what Adel did with the Veto fake power. They could win jury votes in an F2 and Jon would be stupid to even think once of keeping Adel. But then again, Jon is not the sharpest tool in the shed, she who knows what the’d do. Jon wouldn’t even see the repercussions of keeping Adel because he can’t figure anything out without Neda.


    1. Don’t know how all the shit Deli is causing going to end, but sure is fun to see the worms squirm!
      Momentum keeps shifting by the hour.
      Amazing to see everyone on edge except Heather, at least on the feeds.
      DR sessions must be supercool.
      Great production.
      How’s is in control now? Dunno,… Fun, fun, fun. Squirm worms!

  3. Sabrina lightens up any room her laugh is infectious she’s such a jolly soul & the show would be boaring with out her…Sabs Jon & Adel Would of made a cool final 3 they are the most entertaining in the house Neda & Heather R Canada Dry…I guess It depends who wins next Hoh & veto so its anyones game still…Sabrina cant really win shit tho, hence y she’s still in the game…She’s just a number but the role she’d played may have been her game, she did get the fame she was looking for, she’s been on the block 6-7 times & is still in the game & is gonna be final 4, she gets to give adel Karma on national TV for that Speech, Trust me Sabrina’s Deserves a lil creditt

    1. Her laugh is to make herself appear nice. It’s extremely fake. She only laughs at what she says Infectious – yeah, I’m getting something from it and I don’t think there’s an ointment for it. She has not said one funny thing ever.

    2. I agree…Sabs was just the first villain of the house and so has the enmity of a lot of us feeders…I sit and read all the justifications for the same type of game play that people here are using in regard to the remaining HG’s saying they weren’t as bad as Sabs was…and the only word that comes to mind is hypocritical…I would like to see Neda and Sabs F2 but I don’t think it will happen…these are the 2 who have really had strong game play…and it doesn’t matter if you like how they played or not…Sabs has been under the gun since Canada was HOH and no one can tell me she didn’t use game play to still be in the house…otherwise she would be gone…all the HG’s have had game play to a degree I just think those 2 had the best.I like the way that Heather has handled herself throughout the ups and downs she has faced but I think she was a weak gamer…the other pair I would like to see in F2 is Jon and Heather (this is what I am actually hoping happens) because I want to hear their pleas to the jury as to how they think they deserve to win…As far as I am concerned Jon floated on Neda’s coattails (although being a feeder has allowed me to see how she played puppet-master to Jon’s marionette and the jury won’t see that till they go home) and as to Heather I wonder what she can come up with to say she deserves to win aside from keeping a low profile so that others who put targets on themselves went before her and the veto win that stopped her back door…even getting Kenny out was really Neda behind the scenes (reminiscent of RoRo’s getting Ika out was Sabs behind the scene)…as for Adel in my mind his game play (aside from the way he used his power from the veto card he held) is very much like Heathers but Heather’s was a little stronger since she tried to protect herself by having more than 1 alliance to get to the end unlike Adel who only counted on Jon…just the way I see things and know many will not agree with me (although many might) but that is ok cause there are also many on here I don’t agree with…I am so looking forward to tonight’s show! ;-) Happy feeding everyone!

      Oh and I want Jon to win just because my paternal family are newfies so I know what great people they are my Dad was born on the rock and raised in Stephenville. But if he is not F2 and Sabs is my vote goes to her just because of her game play and loyalty.

    3. Lots of Sabrina family members here on damage control lest the loon go crazy reading how Canada really feels about her. Get your sister, daughter, cousin niece, friend help please. She’s not charming she’s sick!!!

  4. OMG I Love that Adel is messing with all! Looooool They’re so paranoid that he’s not freaking out and giving them vague answers! hahahaha

  5. sabrina is the nicest most funn person she is awesome id love to hang out with her & go on an adventure…

    1. Woah, what was that??? you must be related to Slobrina, and if you are, that must mean that you care about her, So PLEASE get her the mental help she soooo desperately needs, thank you…

  6. Deli is living up to his promise of chaos, quality viewing… really is making himself a target for down the road but he is pulling out all tricks, keep up the hustle!

  7. I really hope Neda can get past this.She is really losing the trust of Jon and has to win the next HOH to ensure her safety and TAKE JON OUT. Otherwise Neda is screwed.

      1. Specially since Jon as acting like an azz that last few days. I loved Jon up until yesterday. Now I can’t wait to see Neda vote him out the door. He’s trying too hard to push a girl around. And I always stuck up for him because he was such a gentleman and stand up guy. True colors have just been shown. Bye Jon!!

    1. She clearly thought she was so masterful – even saying to Arlie he was of no use to her anymore – that she thought she could do this and sit in small posture and say sorry I fucked up. She knew exactly what she was doing but overestimated her power. She’s a cold-hearted bitch who would cut you in your sleep for money.

      1. You realize that these people are competing for 100,000 and not here to make friends… Plus you’re assessment of Neda is extremely biased and ridiculous. Cold hearted bitch no, genius, yes.

        1. Neda’s not a genius. She’s just a nerd that knows the game inside and out. She lucked out with her HOH win because her guess was moronically off. The other mental competition was the airline one and she did the worst by far. She didn’t have the first clue what she was doing. She’s not any smarter than anyone else in that house; she just knows the game better.

          1. Neda didn’t luck out. She took a gamble that Allison would go over and lowballed it. Smart move, not luck. The other one she won fair and square. She also won the POV fair and square. The airline comp she threw. Watch the episode again. She didn’t start trying to win until DE week. She has pretty much run the house since then and in my opinion nobody deserves the win as much as she does, but there are still competitions to win and backs to stab. Some of the biggest threats in the house went out because of her: Kenny, Arlie and Allison. She and Heather should put us out of our misery and evict Adel tonight. Nobody else has the creds she does, but if Heather turns comp beast going forward, it could be a tight vote if they go to the end together. I like Jon, but he is being a baby. I don’t even understand why he is so pissed about Adel going home. It isn’t as if Adel can do anything to help Jon this week. Even if Adel stayed and put Neda and Heather on the block, if either of them wins POV, Jon has to go up, and at that point, Adel has zero power because there is only one vote, the person not on the block. Jon is pissed, but its his own fault, not Neda’s. If he had been smart, he would have thrown the HOH to Heather, that way she wouldn’t be able to play this week, the most important HOH and Jon would be playing. I don’t think Heather would have put him up, she would have gone with Adel and Sabs, so Jon needs to man up and accept that he put himself in this position. I wouldn’t mind seeing him go this week, he has played well enough, winning comps, and his social game is good, but without Neda’s strategy, he probably would have been gone by now. More than once she stopped him from doing something stupid.

            1. She didn’t gamble on Allison going over. And if she did that would be just as stupid as her guess was. Why would you leave it up to a coin toss at that point? This isn’t Price is Right; in that game the last person low balls it because they KNOW what the other people guessed. So it would be pretty stupid if she banked on Allison going over, but even so that wasn’t the case. She gave a shrug when they said her answer like ‘I don’t f*cking know…’.. you can see from her body language that that was her best guess. Also if she was low-balling it she still could have still put it a little closer than 200 under. It was a terrible guess in any scenario.

            2. And the other one she won fair and square?? She didn’t even want to win it! She got mad at Arlie for not winning it, even though if she wanted to lose she could have just guessed wrong the same way Arlie did. But I guess she never thought of that.

      2. Btw nedas nose job: I happened to see your picture profile and have to say you’re not that good looking either! Hey no offence :)
        It’s so redicilus to see a grown up woman can be disgusting toward 21 yrs old girl!

        1. I am a 34 year old man. My ‘picture profile’? WTF are you talking about. Neda is not a good liar – that’s all I have to say.

    2. next week is all down to hoh and veto, there is only 1 vote to evict. jon and heather are the primary targets. sabrina, heather and neda all want jon gone next, jon wants heather out next and sabrina and neda could be convinced of this too. i believe the only way that sabrina and neda won’t make it to final 3 is if neither wins hoh or pov and they are both on the block together.

  8. Neda telling Adel was 100% premeditated! For someone SO maniacally calculating, it boggles me that she would have anyone fooled to believe the contrary. You could see it clicking in her mind back when Emmett was telling her that one of his biggest moves was to tell the person leaving that they were to be evicted, and that it was something goes a long way as the soon to be jury member, would be so grateful. She completely absorbed EVERYTHING Emmett told her; and ever since he stressed on the importance of jury votes, she has been especially overcome with jury votes; changing her game, getting close with everyone, leaving kinder, fawning exit messages, and is now beginning to throw people under the bus to cement the votes. She is finding it easier and easier to lie as no one is catching on and she is getting away with everything…so far. She already admits she will do anything and does not flinch when she offers up that she is a liar and a schemer and above all completely greedy. I guess she forgets that Canada is also a jury member.

    1. There is no way to prove out Emmett’s strategy. He was not F2. So he was just blowing smoke. She bought it…

      1. As I remember correctly, Emmett telling Talla was so stupid and didn’t make Talla want to give her vote to him. As I recall she had a DR session where she expressed how pissed off she was and had a “who does he think he is” attitude, I remember watching it and thinking ” Note to self, never tell someone they’re leaving”, as I always wondered what kind of impact it would have, but I remember it wasn’t a very good one. I suppose given the right circumstance or personality it could work, but it just seems like playing with napalm as the result doesn’t seem positive or predictable in the least.

        Emmett wasn’t a very good player, and it shows by how he thinks that move was a good one, when anyone with half a brain recognized it was anything but.

        1. Situations like this make me wonder how much of a superfan Neda is. Few of them seem to remember much about last season. That Talla moment at F4 was a big deal on the episode. Neda should have recalled it.

        2. I love LaLa!

          What Emmitt and others do when they tell someone they are leaving is try to soften the pain of being evicted. In LaLa’s case she never saw who she really was in the game. That being a number for a vote and fun to be around when sober. She had little game and Emmitt was trying to consider her feelings. She didn’t handle it well. :P If he hadn’t told her the water works would have been flowing during the eviction ceremony. With some HGs you can’t win either way.

          So Neda has done all but conceded she is taking Jon out if she has a chance. That’s a shame as it would have been good BB TV if the played the whole season for each other. Neda fans might want to start counting Neda votes in the jury if Jon votes for who ever sits beside Neda F2. Heather wins for sure F2 and Sabby wins if she gets Arlies vote. Allison and RoRo are locks for Sabby. The game was, could still be, her’s for the taking. Why is she letting Jon in on her little secret? Neda loses HOH and Jon wins POV what is she going to do start crying and lying? She had F3 in the bag now there is a 1 in 4 chance she could actually go to jury. Her strategy has been real good the second 1/2 of the season. This is a very bad strategic decision to let Jon know he was lied to.

          Last point…… Arlie saw Neda “play” the game 2 weeks. Week one what kind of strategy is it to get rid of both Kenny and Heather? Hardly BB genius calibre stuff and all of slops on board. Arlie saw 1 game move getting rid of himself. And we know the nasty message she left him. Arlies vote could very well decide whether she gets 100K or not. When Neda’s fans defend Neda the lay about 1st 1/2 game play and you say it was great strategy…..really. Arlie saw nothing that made her look like a super fan/player or strategist. And she didn’t play a social game worth a pinch the 1st 1/2 either.

          You fans should start preparing yourself for an unpleasant possibility and that is a less deserving person might win the money. Especially Heather on a 3-3 Canada’s vote. Neda’s played the best in a season of weak players which isn’t bad but you need to have humanity to gain jury votes. Neda is devoid of the qualities that a “nice” young woman should have. 2 weeks ago she was a lock versus anyone but Jon F2. Her fans better hope the last week of the game goes a lot better for her as bitter jury is heading your way.

    2. I don’t think they know definitively that Canada is a jury vote – they guess at many things, not all are true. And if you think about it, if she does “know”, then she is telling us her game and blow by blow underhanded machinations. She might think Canada would respect her game play.

      1. To bad Canada, not unlike Sabrina, is a huge emotional player and will vote based on emotion and not game play.

        1. Neda’s DR sessions up to this point have been pretty cocky. More so during the episode that Heather was the target. Her sister would not have seen the episode prior to the family moment but is aware that viewers are not to receptive to Neda’s DR moments.

          This might be what her sister was cautioning Neda on. And I don’t believe Neda thinks it is referring to being like Adel.

          We’ll see tonight if there is an amped up softening within Neda’s DR moments.

    3. Please, her message to Rachelle was patronizing as hell. “You were SUCH a big threat!”. The girl has no clue how to deal with people; that’s why she messed up telling Adel that he was leaving, why she told Rachelle about the syrup, and why she tried too hard in her eviction message. She doesn’t have any people skills because she’s just too cold.

    4. I am from the U.S. and may not be able to vote from here, but Canada please do not vote for Neda! I realize this is a game, but she has no decency at all.

  9. This is what everyone that is on their way out should do, they should go out guns blazing and play hard because they have nothing to lose…everyone else just gives up and accepts it, but you might as well play hard…you might end up staying…do I think it will work out for Adel…NO WAY!!…since everyone is so paranoid about Jon now…but at least he is putting up a fight…

  10. Adel is the best character in bb canada. ( that is my opinion)
    He is so entertaining i will miss him when he leave.

  11. WTH?! I’m still playing catch up but what a couple of days. I am totally disgusted with Heather and Neda. They are worst for me now than Sabs is and I’m leaning towards throwing my vote to her if she’s standing with either of them. If Jon is there then he gets my vote even if he appears to be so dumb when it comes to Neda. Yes, I’m playing an emotional feeder right now and I admit I’m not a superfan so I would accept and appreciate the wisdom of the super fans on here. How do you keep emotions at bay to vote or even root for certain players? I’m 20 years old and don’t have the BB experience that many feeders/views may have. I definitely have more brain cells than these girls have. At least I hope I do and would never even in a game treat people like they do. Nor would I be so delusional to convince myself with what they have done. Heather is an oblivious, Neda is selfish and I’m not sure what Sabs is. I hold down 3 jobs and have been in foster care and homeless for a time but I find these girls all disgusting and self indulgent and so unappreciative. And no I’m not looking for pity or being jealous of these girls good fortune. I am pissed that they are all so mean and disrespectful to each other and to us the viewers and votes. REally…Neda is a super fan and didn’t know and doesn’t seem to care about jury vote? If she did, why would she keep Sabs over Deli? What am I missing? They have so much and will continue to have more than most yet they treat the BB house like a dive. I would like to see BB give those less fortunate a chance at the $$$ and really vary the age groups more. Then again, Paul was a bit of an idiot so that may not wash either. Maybe, spoilt middle and upper class girls make good TV. I know I’m watching and have become emotional with their actions. Yes, I know it’s a game but man do they piss me off. I really hope they read the feeds and learn something about themselves and how their actions affect them in life. Okay…enough from ‘really tired’ me. Seriously, I would like to hear how others keep emotions out of all this. Maybe, it’s as simple as giving oneself a day or a few hours to get over the pissed off feelings and then commenting on the feeds. lol Forgive my rant, please. I appreciate this site and all the comments even when I’m pissed off at the bb houseguests. Thank you Dawg and Simon.

    1. Well, Annabella rumour has it that all you or the houseguests have to say to yourself is ‘It’s just a game’. Sounds good in theory but that is how this whole show was born. It was intended to be a social experiment of sort based on Orwell’s 1984. Some can and do successfully keep out emotion in their game (Dr. Will comes to mind) and can still maintain their humanity in my opinion. Some might just very well be sociopaths, not unlike a lot of people who rise to the top of politics and other powerful positions. We cannot disconnect emotions and that is the whole point. Some jury members have to go deeper when faced with the decision – I hate this person, but they played an extraordinary ‘game’. We shall see. Keep up your good work (God’s work) Annabella. Money does not make one rich in my very humble opinion at age 51.

      1. Whoops…I thanked the wrong person for your referral of Orwell’s 1984. I’m loving it, by the way. Thank you for your thoughts and the background to the BB franchise. I really don’t buy into the whole ‘it’s a game’ notion as a way to excuse one’s behavior. $100K is a ton of money for sure but it isn’t enough to throw one’s manners etc. (especially for the world to see) out the window. Fifty bucks is a ton of money to me so that’s saying something. I don’t know if my jobs are God’s work but they sure aren’t glamerous by any means. But they’re legal, pay for the basics and help pay for a trade. Onwards and upwards to one full time job and a more secure life! All the best and thanks again.

    2. I can’t say I’m a Superfan (I don’t remember all the crazy statistical facts about every season) but I have watched all the BB US seasons and last years first BBCan and what I look for in a BB winner is a person who can encompass it all. It doesn’t always go according to plan and sometimes a winner is crowned that got there by fluke or winning the last few comps but for the most part the person who wins is the person who:

      1. Had a connection to most of the people in the house
      2. Was able to infiltrate each group without arising suspicion
      3. Maintained a level head and stayed out of most of the heated drama.
      4. Made strategic moves with little blood on their hands.
      5. Could win comps when they needed to.

      BB is a great game but it’s just that, a game. I question their character as well because some of the disgusting antics that go on in the house make me want to tune out but how would we act put in a 24 hour pressure cooker for 3 months? Would we act out or say things we might not mean out of pure frustration? I can only imagine how BB production antagonizes the houseguests in their diary room sessions. BB is like a mouse in a maze experiment.

      As for this season my vote is going to Jon if he is in the final two because I think he has played the most consistent game and encompassed most if not all of the points I mentioned above.

      1. Thank you so much, Ann, for taking the time to share your insights. They are just what I was looking for and are very helpful and so appreciated. Going forward I will definitely being using them and attempt to be more mindful. Compared to most, I’m a BB Newbie for sure. Definitely a newbie with the online chats. Also, I think I’ll wait a day after watching the feeds before commenting. I just get too wrapped up. A friend told me that’s what they do and I think it will help. Wow…how invested we (that is to say I) get into the 24/7 lives of BB houseguests, their personalities, their characteristics, their lies. I’m a big Jon fan for sure. Kudos to those who enter the BB house. I could never do it. Even though I lived in survival mode for a few years where one had to be super careful about everything. I still couldn’t be as mean spirited and ungrateful as BBCan 2 houseguests were. Again…thank you so much for reply. P.S. Went to the library and got Orwell’s 1984. I’m really getting into it. All the best.

    1. Not sure why she would listen to Emmett, he didn’t even make the final 2. He seemed to only be included because he is Jillian’s boyfriend.

      1. Jillian was the winner so she kind of had to be in it. Many believed Emmett played a better game socially and strategically coupled with comp wins. And they played as a team

      2. Jon needs to think this through. If he really wants Deli to say he needs to give Deli the go ahead to throw Jon and Neda under the bus to Heather. Jon can do damage control later both if it works and if it does not work (re adel staying). Either way Neda gets exposed.

  12. Adel, if they put Peter and Gary on a show, they gotta do the same for you. You are incredibly entertaining. One of the most entertaining people I have seen on Big Brother. If you go out tonight, you are going out when Andrew went out last year – and I really liked him too. I wanted him to win. You’re going to go on to great things after this. It is just a game, and I think this game will open doors for you. I think that the lasting friendship for Neda and Jon will not be as close as once thought. She is so going to screw him over. He knows it, but he found it out a little too late. I liked you too Jon, except for your constant pecker touching. The funny and most entertaining thing is Sabrina is going to win this, if she stays. The next target is John. Even if he don’t go up initially, if someone wins veto he will be the replacement (if he’s not the winner). Those girls will surely vote him out. He knows this. Jon, your biggest mistake in this game was not having Neda be the replacement nominee. She was never taking you to the end, and this is why she was crying yesterday when you called her out on stuff. Again, just a game – but you spent many days in that house to become a member of the jury.

  13. I am certain it was no accident on Neda’s part. She is very calculating and doesn’t let anything slip, ever. No, she told Adel purely to soften his stance on her when he is in the jury. I also think she thought she could truly go on manipulating Jon, and for the first time, is actually panicking because she now fully realizes that she doesn’t have the same hold on him. This is exactly what your sister meant by not being too cocky, Neds! Her possible jury votes dwindle daily.

    I love what Adel is doing. He’s doing the only possible thing he can to try and save himself, given the circumstances. Create chaos, make Neda and Sabs paranoid, cause dissension, reveal hints of truths and half-truths. I’d much rather see someone fight up on the block than be a sad, accepting bit of furniture … hello, Rachelle and Andrew.

    1. He could go to Heather and offer her a real F2. Reveal all and highlight Neda’s involvement. Tell to think back on the Arlie eviction and how he wasn’t in on the planning but just told this is the way it’s going to go. Heather would believe him as she was also involved in planning Arlie’s eviction.

      Give Heather the ‘Neda is the mastermind’ talk he gave Jon. And also tell heather he really wants her to win so even if she votes him out at least she has a heads up on going forward.

    2. We will miss Adel as he is the most entertaining HG out of them all! Keeping Sabrina will only win the game for her. Neda will be a fool if she takes Sabrina all the way….I have no respect for Neda.

  14. Go through the videos from the first one – where Neda disappears and supposedly gets asked by Adel with tears in his eyes if he should pack his bags. The story gets more embellished. She is a horrible human. Jon is way smarter than she thinks. I hope this totally screws her and sends her stupid ass to jury. Why didn’t anyone think of asking Adel how Neda came about telling him to see if the story checked out. Maybe they did afterward.

      1. Isn’t it odd that when Jon outed Neda twice regarding the condiments … purely to make her lose credibility in the eyes of the other house guests … no one called him a traitor to his alliance or that he was trying to take jury votes away from Neda. He constantly and rudely interrupts and talks over anyone (especially Neda) who is trying to have a conversation with him. And if he’s wrong about something he just laughs and tries to joke his way around it. People seem to forgive him for everything while he hides behind Neda. He’s a spoiled jerk and a big baby who rudely plays with his privates and farts constantly. To rate him as a better player than Neda is ludicrous … If you want Mr. Or Miss Congeniality vote for Jon or Heather, if you want the best game player you have to give it to Neda.

  15. I sooo wish Neda was going. She floated for most of the season. The only thing she succeeded at was manipulating Jon. Really hope there is a twist to shake the house up.

    1. She floated? Nope. She made a deal with Jon before the feeds even came on. She stuck with it and defended him above anyone else. She was on the fringes of the faux girls alliance and that was the smartest move. She never actively participated in the badmouthing of Heather, but she wasn’t stupid enough to protest and get caught up in drama, and that is why she is still there and Ika, Sarah and Rachelle are gone. I never once saw her talk game to Andrew, Kenny, Sarah and she only talked game with Arlie through Jon. That was actually Arlie’s fatal mistake. He underestimated Neda, when he should have approached her one on one instead of via Jon. And if Neda didn’t approach them, its because they were targeting others and not even noticing her. The 5 (except Arlie) were very exclusive and excluding of the others, so Neda did the smart thing and stayed out of the drama. She started winning when she needed to and put out 3 of the biggest threats in the game. Who did Jon put out? Arlie and Adel. Think about that. Both of his bros went out on his HOH. Meanwhile Neda did everyone a favour and put out Kenny and Allison, who she had no allegiances with. Jon put out the two guys that were part of his final 6 alliance. Yet people say Neda is the nasty one for not doing what Jon wants. The best part is that Neda caused Arlie and Adel to be in danger in the first place. Sorry, I love Jon, but Neda deserves the win. If he is in danger right now it’s his own fault. All four of them have to realize that alliances don’t mean anything from tonight on, it’s about making the end and winning. I hope all four of them play hard for themselves and may the most deserving player win. Neda could still mess it up, nobody is safe next week until HOH and POV are played. Anything can happen between now and final 3.

  16. Adel is creating lots of irrelevant’ crap when all he should be doing is going up to Heather and explaining that’s she’s actually aligned with her enemies.

    1. I’ve been trying to figure out why Adel wouldn’t talk to Heather, other than Neda now has Heather glued to her to save her from Adel and Jon.

      I think it boils down to Adel not believing he has a chance of staying. With that he doesn’t want to ruin Jon’s game anymore than it is.

      1. I suspect he doesn’t respect Heather as a game player, which is why he stopped talking game with her a few weeks ago. Big mistake on his part. He should have been campaigning with her all week.

  17. I just don’t buy that Neda out of nowhere decided to tell Adel going home. 100% sure BB production have interference on her game. She’s calculated every move she’s had made so far and this one really doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Yeah and this was her calculated move on the last day to get on Adel’s good side before he’s carted off to jury like she did with Rachelle and like she’s doing with Sabrina. Don’t forget that when Jon went up to Adel and asked him what Neda said to him, Adel said something like “What a real friend would tell me”. Unfortunately for her, Jon saw right through her lies for once. But it’s also a few days too late for Jon to do anything about it and unless he wins veto next week (fingers crossed).

    2. She miscalculates people; like she did when she confessed to the maple syrup. She doesn’t really understand people that well and often misjudges how they will react to things. It’s due to the fact that she has a selfish nature and is not very empathetic.

      1. But she’s young and only 21 yers old! She has done her best based on her knowledge &experience. After all it’s only BB game and you can’t really fault any of them for playing the game.
        And about the condiments I still believe it was good strategy sneaky but great on the other hand Ratchelle peeing in hottub ??!! At least neds had balls and admitted but Svetlana aka Ratch &slob never mentioned till BB exposed them to others.
        you guys don’t hate the players hate the game .

        1. For me personally, the condiments things struck a nerve because I go bananas when someone messes with my food. That is a very clear no-go area for me. I never really liked Kenny or Sarah but that’s just something you don’t do. Dumping it down the sink was another thing altogether and just shows her lack of respect and decency. She could have just as easily hid it with her belongings.

          But that’s not what we’re talking about anyways. We’re talking about her decision to tell Rachelle and Sabrina to gain trust; something that was 100% strategy, but which was very foolish and short-sighted on her part. Sabrina and Rachelle did not take it well, and yet they took it as well as anyone would have.

          My point is that she just doesn’t know people that well, so a lot of her moves are bound to backfire.

          1. The thing is, you don’t know her (or any of them) outside of this game. For all any of us know, she could be a nice person in real life.

            Are some Machiavellian behaviours in the house indicative of behaviours outside of the house? Maybe, maybe not. The fact is–BB is not real life. It’s a construct in which people are competing for money. You go in knowing that you’re going to have to betray people–even people you like.

            In the case of Neda–as a self-professed super fan, I suspect her plan going into the house was to emulate the evil masterminds of US seasons past. Hence the cockiness in the DR. It’s a role. She’s somewhat successful at it, but she’s also really young–I think that’s why she can’t really pull off the same bravado as Will or Dan. Plus, she sure as hell can’t hide her emotions as well as either of them–it’s obvious to others when she’s pissed off. If she were really an evil genius, she’d never let her emotions show.

            I think viewers are simultaneously giving her too much credit (evil genius) and too much blame (cold-hearted bitch).

        1. No Drunk Jon took the credit for it. He did it to take the blame/suspicion off of her. Then she started giving him the worst evil eye ever, and he got confused and thought that she was mad because he was taking the credit from her, so he said it was her instead. But Sabrina and Rachelle would have never known about it until she confessed to them.

  18. Ding Dong, the fauxmance is dead … apparently! Love it.

    I can’t wait to see Jon out of that baby outfit! BB, that went on way too long, and was only funny for the first hour.

    I can’t wait until tonight’s episode. I’m having Live-feed shut-downitis. Sad, but true.

  19. i’ve always thought it a mistake for neda to want adel out. She still thinks it better to have heather around, but she can’t beat heather, she just won’t accept that it does matter that she can’t beat her. She thinks well she can beat Sabs, and that is all that matters, but it isn’t all that matters. What matters is how many people can beat heather, and sabs isn’t one. Adel isn’t much of a competition, but at least he have a shot.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t see any chance of Adel staying. He tried to stir up some paranoia this morning but it hurt him more than helped him. The only chance he would have stayed is if he could have gotten the girls to turn against Sabrina.

      1. I agree with Dawg (Woof Woof). The only thing that can save Adel now is production and seeing how this is Big Brother Canada I wouldn’t rule it out ;)

  20. adel is a innocent person he doesn’t know how to be calculating evil so when he does we notice it immediately…its not his nature to be evil…but neda is using her beauty and sexuality to control jon and the other girls….she is evil…and jon is a complete goof….I come to the conclusion this show is rigged…first sarah was on the slice tv program say yes to the dress…the adel was on dragons den…like how can that be a coincidence..???…same slice programs have two houseguests?….then all the twists and Sabrina is suppose to be gone long ago and she is still there…no real big game play all for any of the house guests…its so childish and complete torture to watch….even when the house guests were drunk they could even be drunk that is how childish they are….

    1. I don’t buy that one bit, Adel is not an idiot and loves to stir shit around. But because he acts stupid no one realizes he’s doing it on purpose, they just brush it off as him being nuts. And sometimes he doesn’t even do it for strategy, I think he just likes to cause drama. He was a great dad with the fake baby and all but buddy has a shit ton of maturing to do, he acts like he’s a fourteen year old kid most of the time.

    2. What are you talking about? He was talking on one of today’s spoiler videos about making 100K a month. How do you think he was doing that; motivational speeches?

      1. Lol exactly Michael I was about to ask the same question :)
        He even said 300.000 under the bed ?! You won’t make that kind of money by just being a welder or anything unless something Illegal !

        1. And right after he bragged about the money he said something along the lines that he was a good boy now and didn’t do that shit anymore …………….

      2. Adel’s my cuz he never made 100k a month. But it was around 30k he might of over exaggerated. But he had a shit load of cash under his bed. His was a “welder”.

    3. What? Adel doesn’t know how to be calculating? That is such a naive and silly statement. Adel has made several references to his ‘former’ ways as a hustler of sorts. Adel is reformed but he still can get into that mind set. Triss your statement about innocence makes Adel come across like he is a wee little fishy in a pool of big nasty sharks. Adel can hold his own. What is considered ‘evil’ calculating is relative.

  21. Out of everyone in the house right now, I want Jon to win. If he can’t, then Heather. If heather can’t, Adel… If he’s still in the picture. If not Adel, then Sab. Pretty much anyone other than Neda. “How do I look on Tv?” “You look like a cold-hearted, 5 faced, manipulative psycho”

  22. okay. I’m going to stop with my theory that neda’s telling adel was a production fix to get more drama for tonight’s eviction episode.
    i’m going to try to see why neda would possibly do it.
    i’m not buying the sudden growth of conscience.
    so why? to get Adel’s jury vote? maybe maybe not. not by telling him so early.
    to intentionally distance herself from jon so that the target on her back as part of the last remaining pair isn’t so large? going in to the next hoh comp she’s playing against heather and either sab or adel. if she can’t beat heather at a physical comp, she has to make her target smaller than someone else’s. she thinks she can’t beat jon in the end because of his likability. bus, meet jon.
    if i’m going to stop thinking season of fixes… this is the only thing I can come up with given neda’s personality and previous gameplay.

  23. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched…Adel still had time for a heart to heart with Heather after the live feeds cut and Jon is finally starting to question Neda’s allegiance. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Sabrina is heading to jury tonight.

    1. They probably won’t let Adel get a moment alone with Heather. Which should make Heather suspicious, but the girl is way too trusting. Bless her heart though.

      1. Neda has already set it up that Heather won’t be left alone as she will be protecting Neda from Jon and Adel.

        But as Adel has shown, he does not need Heather alone to present his case.

        1. It would probably be better for him anyways to do it while Heather is there. It would put more pressure on Neda and she wouldn’t be able to stutter her way out of it.

  24. Sabrina isn’t there because of her fantastic gameply but because people think she is so bad at comps they’ll beat her in the end. Really bad reasoning I think. She should have been taken out when (just a couple of weeks/last week), they were saying how they want her gone so bad and joking that she thinks they’re keeping her and ‘is she stupid?’ ‘doesn’t she know she’s going home?’ Things change so fast there and it seems a lot of thinking gets lost along the way once a new idea gets put into motion. They are going to regret keeping the Slob.

  25. whoever neda takes to final two is going to win, those that are in jury now see her as jon’s puppet, Canada won’t vote for her, Adel won’t vote for her ..she f’d herself. i would say if she goes with heather she gets three votes, sabrina , rachelle and jon’s if she goes with jon she won’t get any..she goes with sabrina she will get jon’s . if she lost the attitude Canada would vote for her if she kept adel and got rid of jon in final four i think everyone would see that as great game play and she would get the votes..right now everyone sees her not as a ruthless game player but as a heartless bitch…. tough to be a woman in this game and have great game play..but saying that i still don’t want to see her win, i would like to see heather win just to see Andrew and kenny’s face didn’ t they say they would do something to themselves if she won..karma is so nice to witness

    1. Heather could potentially get Sabrina’s vote. They seem to be genuinely bonding now; especially when they were holding each other in fear during the night of terror. Sabrina also said that Heather is the only one that would get her vote.

      Also Rachelle is a wild card. Even though they didn’t like each other, Heather still had really the only respectful eviction message. Neda’s was fake and patronizing, Jon humiliated her (maybe by accident) by bringing up the hot tub thing, whereas Heather was very tactful and respectful. It honestly looked like she may have earned some of Ro’s respect in that moment.

  26. BIG BROTHER IRAN!!! —-is where Neda should be after her making sarcastic comments outloud during “oh Canada” last night while lying in bed rolling her eyes and making faces—- she lost my Canadian vote for sure!–so I guess her citizenship meant nothing to her after-all eh? (at least jon still sung it last nite!)

    we all know its coming down to Canada breaking a tie no matter who is in final 2!

    I so lost respect for her—-against jon she would have won in a final 2—-I don’t believe she would now —if it happens

  27. F2 speeches part 1…………. :P

    Neda- I controlled the whole game and no one other than Jon knew it. Jon was a pawn I used for the whole season. I’m the best player give me the money!

    Heather- I’m the nicest person ever. My baby voice is infectious. My big secret is I am working on my doctorate in Psychology and I’m super smart! The thesis is the game of big brother and I’ve studied every season of the game in the US and Canada. BB is a SOCIAL game!!! WTF happened to you people? ROFL :)

    Sabby- I stayed to the end and you hate the person in the other chair so do the unthinkable and give me the money. Let the “Laval Mist” into your hearts. After all Neda has no heart! Right Jon and Heather? Heather has to be wondering why Neda kept Sabs over her? Because she used you and hates your guts Heather! …………………………Sabby FTW

    Jon- A sad end to a little soldier who was sent over the hill 1st. I believe it can be summed up as “nice guys finish last”. Well it will be 4th and that’s the same as Arlie and the person who finishes 3rd as well. He only makes the finale IF he wins F4 POV, wins part 1 or 2 of the 3 part finale and 7 questions. Bye bye little soldier(BB RIP May ?, 2014). [To all the real veterans out there thank you for your service.]

  28. As an aside guys, why do I get the feeling that there is some attraction between Sabs and Adel ( I just finished watching the After Dark Show). I think that attraction was there for Adel in the earlier part especially when Sabrina did all the cooking and making sure that everyone ate. Adel, coming from a similar culture where women look after everyone else first found that endearing in Sabs. Unfortunately when she aligned herself with Andrew who was rude and crude, Adel became embittered. Last night’s After Dark which showed them having a heart to heart chat sheds a different light, to me, on their relationship. If only Sabs was not that vulgar, I think she and Adel would be a match. Adel is from a culture very similar to Sabs……where men are men and women act like real women – old fashioned, caring and nurturing.

    1. They have a very strange relationship. It really does seem love / hate at times.

      I’ve thought that Sabrina had a crush on Adel since the time that she told him that the used tampon in the shower was hers, and then Adel said just don’t say anything and then threw it away. Right after that she was saying how Adel is the nicest person in the house, so I think it may have all started there.

      And I definitely think Adel likes her more than he wants to admit. He did say she was the most photogenic person in the house, and if he had to marry one person it would be her.

      Anyway whatever the case is, it’s been really fun watching them interact, and it’s a shame that it’s all over.

    2. “a culture …where men are men and women act like real women”? So a real woman is one who cooks and cleans for everyone, and a real man expects this? Oh brother. Not the culture for me, thanks. I prefer a man who pulls his weight and doesn’t expect me to be his mother.

  29. So as I mentioned earlier today that a very reliable source told me that Miss Rachael Reilly herself will bee on tonights episode, well her hubby pretty much confirmed it on his twitter tonight! Should be epic, floaters get your life vests! lol

  30. I will apologize if I am wrong, but my source is extreamly reliable, and if she is on tonight, I cant wait to see what she has to say about an entire household of floaters, this year has been beyond disappointing IMO! I think the money should be divided amongst us for actually putting up with some of these characters! (could have used more descriptive words but I am being nice!) lol

  31. hey simon & dawg…. great job. u are appreciated.
    question: is hamsterwatch ever wrong?
    just read hamsterwatch spoiler saying adel is evicted, Sabrina wins hoh in a tie breaker.

      1. thanks. it actually does my heart good to know that one of my conspiracy theories about production manipulation proved false.

        to adel’s fans, sorry adel left I respected the initial twistos power lie, I wasn’t really liking some of his more harsh outbursts, but doesn’t mean I thought he was a bad guy personally.

        to Sabrina’s fan (s)… wow. ok. looks like she’s final three. who saw that coming. haven’t seen the comp yet, but I’m pretty sure i’ll judge it as harshly as I’ve judged all the other comps.

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