GARY LEVY – “HOUSE GUESTS I’M HERE!! Big Brother sent me! We’re going to do an awards show!”

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BBCAN2- 2014-05-02 09-24-12-269

12:25pm The house guests are put on a storage room lock down which is shown on two of the cameras. While the other two cameras are showing the front door. The audio turns on and it’s Big Brother Canada Season 1 – Gary Levy’s voice talking about being in the big brother house. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds.

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 09-25-30-972
12:30pm – 12:45pm When the live feeds return again the cameras are still focused on the front door. The door bell rings and all the house guests run out of the storage room to see whos coming into the house. They think it could be Rachel Reilly. Gary then busts in side and says House Guests I’m HERE!! He tells them that Big Brother sent him into the house to do an awards show with them. They all hug him and are all excited to have him in the house. Jon says holy sh*t you’re tall!!! They all head into the bedroom where Big Brother has outfits for them to wear for the awards show. Gary didn’t know that Sabrina had won HOH and he congratulates her.

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 09-32-55-897

1pm They head to the bathroom and the comment on how dirty the bench is. Gary then heads to the HOH room with Sabrina where she show him all her photos. Sabrina starts name dropping about meeting Kanye West and Kim Kim Kardashian. They head back to the bathroom and they continue to get ready. Gary does Jon’s make-up. Jon says just don’t make me look like a clown face. Jon then says na, just kidding I don’t care! Jon then congratulates Gary on last season.

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 09-57-27-886

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 10-20-19-031
1:15pm – 1:20pm Gary asks what was the best moment of the season? Jon says getting rid of Andrew! They all laugh. Jon then says seeing his dad. Gary says Heather says I have a lot of really good moments. I really do love Adel trivia and the one on one time with Neda. Neda says she can’t say her favorite moment. Sabrina says because you were taken away from us. Jon says you just blew it Neda. Neda says wait what are you guys talking about. Sabrina says when Arlie exposed my whole entire game to the entire house and then everyone back stabbed me except Andrew because he was my favorite in the house. Jon asks Gary what his favorite moment was. Gary says winning HOH. Jon congratulates Gary on getting Tom out. Gary talks about how this will be the best experience of their life. They ask Gary why they didn’t break up Jillian and Emmett in his season. Gary says that they were just such a scary alliance that no one wanted to mess with them.

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 10-22-06-560

1:20pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

2:15pm Still blocked..

3:15pm Still blocked..

4:15pm Still blocked..

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LOL at Gary doing Jon’s makeup. Gary’s makeup isn’t all that great.. hope he doesn’t make a train-wreck of Jon! #teamJon


He just put concelar to cover is under his eye bags settle down mate.


Everyone got what they deserve this week – Sab winning HOH. That’s what happens when you keep an enemy instead of an ally because you think they can’t compete.

just an opinion

And I am sure if the kept Adel, and if by some miracle, he tripped and fell into another HOH, “others” would be saying the exact same thing! (Just have to love that 20/20 hindsight!)


Adel was hardly an ally to Heather or Neda. Adel was an ally in name only and he was ready to cut them out of the “alliance” as quick as they wanted to cut him. Adel was only truly allied and loyal to Jon. The game has an element of risk, and they gambled on keeping Sabrina safe. True they all believed Sabrina was not a comp threat, but Sabrina (along with the Heather and Neda) is likely to view Jon as the big target this week. Great for all the ladies. Bad for big Jon. In the end, veto is what matters.

What the...

What the heck is Neda wearing??? It looks like she’s going to a fancy restaurant in space haha


It ages her way to much.

Last years ‘awards’ wardrobe was far superior to this year.


Neda looks like Cruella Deville. hide your puppies.


The colour of the dress and the shape look exactly like the beached whale in NFLD they’re afraid will explode. Seriously!


They all look fabulous ..except Sab lol


Jon & Heather for F2!!!! But that’s probably impossible because under no circumstance is Neda going to leave this week (Jon would probably keep her over Heather because he’s too nice for his own good, and Heather will probably keep her over Jon because Jon is too big a threat)


Heather looks like the good witch of the east and Jon looks like Ryan Gosling.


I think that is just crazy that they didn’t get rid of Emmett or Jillian because they were too strong of an alliance. That is usually the reason to get rid of a pair. Find that theory strange, and obviously did not work out for the houseguests of BBCA 1. That was incredibly epic when Topaz thought she was voting to evict rather than vote for who wins. Jon, if you get the chance – and you win the veto, vote Neda out, because this will be your big move. Win the VETO Jon. Win this thing.

another name

hey kellym,
agree that the explanation for not splitting jemmett was a pile of poo. all last season as the showmance was being more and more promoted as a huge storyline, I kept thinking well, they’ll never get rid of them. ratings. same as announcing a houseguest return for gary. ratings.
same as jillian winning due to a topaz ‘error’. became a big brother history moment.


Are you suggesting that Topaz’s error was rigged? Because that looked like a legitimate (and huge) blunder to me!

another name

do I think a reality show would rig competitions, votes, perception of characters? yes. sometimes blatantly. all about the ratings.
do I think the final vote for bbcan 1 was rigged? I go back and forth on the idea. my immediate reaction when it happened was rigged. sometimes I am convinced it was a weird error. but other times when I see other fixes happen, my mind goes back to my immediate reaction. I have no proof, but I’ve always had a lingering doubt/suspicion.

Pinocchio Obama


I threw you a vote but it is not looking good.


Simon but it appears from the poll he was already evicted.


Yeah I usually don’t last past week one



another name

just thinking about factors that may come up in terms of jury:
head of household wins (what did they do with the power)
Neda: took out Kenny, took out Allison, Heather: took out Sara, Sabrina: secured a spot in final three, Jon: took out Arlie, took out Adel
neda wins that factor for taking out two of the opposing side if the judgement is based on tactically sound choices, Jon comes out worst, for taking out his support structure. the only way neda loses in this judgement is if Allison is bitter, taking out a jury member you had a final four with… in that case heather is considered the winner of this judgement.
likability to the jury at present time:
Sabrina 2 votes, Jon 1 vote, 1 vote wildcard (arlie will he vote strategy or bitterness)
At present Sabrina has more jury pull, but that will shift with jury make up.
strategy and effectiveness:
neda play under the radar, throw challenges, then manipulate socially, get others to do the dirty work
sabrina manipulate socially, then play up weakness and dislikability and loyalty to play under radar
heather spread dissension, play dumb, show not dumb, throw challeges, play weak, show not weak
jon play social likability, play physical game, strike multiple deals, seek council of others to make moves.
neda and Sabrina have the most effective strategies in this analysis. heather would be higher imo, but she showed she was a physical threat one week too early. instead of giving her a stronger game, it made her a target. she was initially made a target for lying about what people were saying and getting caught.
she made good survival moves later when in danger, but each time she was in danger, it was because of her own strategic errors. Jon’s strategy of being likable is good, his physical game has been good, but he’s been so easily manipulated into cutting off his own support system that he has become even worse than rachelle. he has been manipulated into endangering his strongest or most faithful allies more than once.
blood on hands:
arlie blames joneda, Allison blames joneda, Rachelle will blame who everyone else blames as long as they’re sloppy, Adel will blame nedhead.
Sabrina has the least actual blood on hands.
so… in my opinion, at present, any girl that takes jon to the end wins if they use the reasoning that all of his strong moves were actually neda’s and hurt his game in the end. say you took him because he didn’t do anything for himself and therefore doesn’t deserve to win. a likeable stooge is still a stooge.
in my opinion, at present, it is worst to take Sabrina to the end. she has no blood on her hands in jury. she’s survived six eviction nominations on the block. she’s strategically manipulated the first half of the game. if she mentions it took Canada to end her strategic game because none of the house even knew about it, she could win over Arlie’s vote.


When I think of the assertions of Heather lying at the beginning of the game I can’t myself from thinking that she didn’t lie so much as mis-hear or extend conversations she eaves-dropped on. 🙂

another name

I probably should have said that the houseguests thought she was lying. whether she mis-spoke or extended, everyone believed she was lying or could not be trusted. and that initially put the target on her back. I thought there was a dr commentary of heather saying she knew she was spreading gossip to put targets on others in the first couple of weeks of episodes. maybe I imagined that, but I remember thinking that was risky at the time.
it is still a tactical error, because over-hearing things and telling others or telling others things she was told in confidence or mis-speaking, it made her a target.


Both Allison and Arlie are aware of Sabrina’s moves. However each respect Neda’s game more as they each, in their own way, tried to play to play it. Neda out maneuvered both and will receive their vote regardless of who sits with her F2.

another name

since entering the jury, I haven’t heard a sound bite of either Allison or Arlie respecting Neda’s game. I don’t remember either of them saying they respected Neda in the house. did I miss a thread or a dr commentary sound bite where either said they respected neda’s game? I’m not asking to be argumentative, I just don’t remember them actually saying they respected neda’s game so I am asking.
I know that as “superfans”, arlie and Allison should respect Neda’s game, but that’s if they don’t begrudge her for it. I don’t know what they will do… that’s why I’m trying to analyze what the factors could be in consideration. I’m hoping someone will tell me where I am missing something. if they did say they respected neda’s game, then I agree that’s something I should consider when trying to analyze what’s going on.
I’ve heard neda say she doesn’t respect Sabrina’s game. looking at strategy they’ve been more similar than different in how they’ve chosen to play the game (in my opinion). I’ve heard Sabrina say she respects Neda’s game because she sees what she’s done.


They didn’t say they respect Neda’s game, but they said she is the ”mastermind”….
But Arlie said, if Jon some how makes it to F2, his vote goes there….as for Alli…not sure


I think you are right. Sabrina or Neda will win this. Tough choice if they are final 2, but I think Neda has pissed off many of the jury as you have stated. If Jon and Heather think logically, they need to take to each other to the end. Neda needs to be the one to go this time if this is even a possibility.


Can someone please tell me if Sab has already nominated Jon and Heather? Cuz that’s already on the BBCan2 wikipedia page, but I can’t find any proof. Thanks!



I’ve been using wikipedia for years and most contents are reliable. I’m glad to see the BBCan2 wikipedia page is now under protection against vandalism now.


Heather and Neda Rock/Paper/Scissored it and Heather lost, meaning they ‘agreed’ heather goes up next to Jon. Sabs already told Jon he is up.

i think in the episode last week it clearly showed Allison and Arlie are both very aware of Neda’s hand in what went on with their nominations and evictions, and that she was behind anything Jon did, and possibly what Heather did. if she makes it to F2 they both would hands down vote for her, simply because they are BB fans and know how things should go. They won’t feel she is weaker or smarter for whatever she does to Jon to get there. i think that they know she can make a great case against him for being behind the scenes to come out on top.

I doubt that sabrina has as many votes as people might think. Other than managing to get to the end while other higher threats were taken out, she has done little to get herself there. She is delusional enough to think she did, but that doesn’t mean at this point that anyone actually bellieves that. i think there are two sure things about adel: he will not vote for Sabrina, and he will vote for Jon. If neither of those two are F2, it is anyone’s guess as to who he will vote for. I am leaning to Neda, if she is there, simply because arlie and allison are likely to point out what went on behind his back. he will probably see Jon making that ‘let’s get heather out’ and them bringing it to Neda as the ploy that it was, and that neda knew before he did that was the new plan. if it were heather and neda, he would vote for neda even based on that being what Jon would do.

I am not 100% sure either heather or Jon really believe in their first day F2 alliance. but since they are both F4 it is a good idea to bring it up now lol


Unfortunately, if Sabrina makes it to final 2, I just don’t see her losing. I think Allison and Arlie will be bitter enough to vote for her–even if they try to justify it by saying “we’re voting for her because she overcame huge odds to make it to the end, etc.”


It will be epic if Neda evicts Jon this week!


So is live feed going to be down indefinite from her on out ???


Who picked the clothes?!!! They chose to make Heather look like a princess and they gave Neda the ugliest dress you can imagine! Does production really think we are unaware of the blatent favouritism


sabrinas speech is gonna be good…they hated her for most of the show talked reallly badd neda wanted gremlins goneeee gone gone, they kept het cuz they thought she was dead wieght but the dead came alive & went to final 3….lol they have been had by the good witch sabrina & she’lll be laughing while she flys away with the money????????

The Truth

Neda looks like she is about to take flight and orbit into space.