Jon/Heather final 2 “Neda played the perfect game It wouldn’t make any sense for us to bring her”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots None

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 20-26-15-952

11:20pm Bathroom, Neda, Sabrina and Heather

Sabrina says her sister was going to send her secret codes in the HOH letter. All she was able to get from it was that Canada likes Sabrina all along Sabrian thought Canada hated her.
Neda – “Think before they did.. I think they really disliked you.. maybe not hate.. Hate is a strong word”

Neda about the fans ”We’re not real people to them we’re characters.. we’re not portrayed as real people we’re portrayed as the extreme sides of their personalities.

Neda asks if there was anything secret in the letter. Sabrina says there was nothing else.

Sabrina – “how epic will it be final 3 girls”
Neda – “that would be sick”
Heather – “it would go down in history”
Sabrina – ‘How cool would that be final 3 girls.. “
Neda – “Has it happened ever before.. “
Sabrina doesn’t think is has ever happened.

Sabrina says if Adel would have stayed and won it would have be Heather and Neda nominated because Adel wanted to take Jon to the end. Heather kew that is what Adel would do this is why Sabrian was kept in the game.

Sabrina says they should go over scenarios. Neda says at this stage it’s a moot point.
Sabrina – “So you don’t care about going up”
Neda – “Does it matter”
Sabrina – “I think so”

11:41pm Sabrina and Heather

Sabrina says if Jon gets Veto he’ll vote out Heather. Heather agrees says if she wins Veto she’ll take out Jon but she’s not sure what Neda will do. Heather says if she stay on the block and wins the POV she’ll leave the nominations the same. Sabrina wants to know Heather’s commitment to final 2. Heather wants their final 2 to be real but it has to be 100% for Sabrina for it to be 100% for Heather.
They agree Jon will win.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 20-56-06-924

11:54pm Heather and Jon Bedroom

Talking about how Sabrina winning HOH might be a blessing in disguise because it gives them the option to get NEda out.
Jon – “Our best chance is each other”
Heather – “It’s awesome”

They talk about how they’ve had a final 2 deal since day 1 and Neda and Adel never knew anything about it.
Heather – “Jon it is amazing”

Heather thinks Jon will win Veto.

Jon says he loves Neda he really does but when it comes to 100 thousand dollars and the game taking Neda to the end is not a good idea. Jon doesn’t think Neda is good for Heather final 2 as well.

Jon says Neda played a perfect game theres no reason for him to take Neda to the end.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 21-04-51-529

12:05AM Sabrian in the HOH Telling the camera “Dreams do come true Canada”

She starts reading the HOH letter looking for secret clues.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 21-12-57-865

12:11AM Chit chat

Neda joins them and they start speculating about how the last week will go done. You can hear Neda say periodically to Jon “Get your hands out of there” (away from his ball area)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-01 21-39-29-152

12:34AM GREMLIN in the HOH once again

Sabrina says goodnight to her family.

“Thank you god thank you jesus for this blessing”

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grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Sabrina.


is JON totally fickle????
if he getz NEDA P0’ed
is he hoping his real
life main squeeze is
happy about his new
partner? if all is a game…


Please BBCAN, give Neda her clothes and make-up back. I cannot stand to look at her anymore, she is so ugly and scary looking without them!!! UGH. *shivers*
Good for her that she is sweating now, dumb goat! I hope she leaves this week, I will be so happy!!


What a smug ass. This is exactly what w never wanted to see. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sabrina is dangerous for everyone’s game. She should have been removed before jury house time.


They really didn’t need to add a 3rd attraction to the circus, I mean sideshow with Rachel Reilly, the cartoon big mouth broad.


I know right and it’s already bad enough they have Peter Clown on every show… why make it more annoying. -_-


Agree! Bad enough they have Gar the clown and the had to add Rachel the cry baby! She is so immature and silly with her behavior! Grow up!


Go heather! Promise them all the world! Heather really needs to win POV. Sabrina would probably keep her if she wins as well, but we all know tonight was probably Sabs one and only comp win. Lol


Sabrina is the only HG this season whose popularity increased after winning HOH


Increased where??? In her own mind??


Stupid stupid stupid !!! So angry at Neda !!


Umm and Rachel ugh… the worst side show ever especially with that big mouth …


Scott had a big mouth too, but at least Rachel is cute.




Out of frustration it’s understandable saying I can’t wait til so and so gets sent home or I hate that SOB but `Heather is the creepiest, ugliest girl I’ve ever seen` and wanting to flush Heather`s head in the toilet bowl? Yeah Sabrina’s real precious. She`s a crude, disgusting wanna-be Kardashian trash who thinks she was born for stardom but is nothing more than a girl among millions who think they are way more talented than they are.

just an opinion

Now THAT is the best synopsis of Slob I have heard/read all season. I just want her GONE. Never to appear again.


I knew she would win HOH. It all comes down to the VETO now. Doesn’t really matter who initially goes up, because unless you are the POV winner you may be the next houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. I think it would be poetic if Neda was that houseguest. Win the VETO Jon!


I am a bigbrother fan, have been for a long time. But I don’t remember Jon and Heather ever talking first day about alliance. If they did have a deal the whole time, there’s two things with that, both good and bad. The bad thing is that alliances from day 1 are really dumb, alliances only become worth something near the final 6-8. Good thing is that Neda will be blindsided the whole time, thinking she had everyone on a string.
If this happens , Jon vs Heather in F2, then that’ll actually be an interesting vote. Cause both of those players are equal when it comes to it.


Maybe it wan’t on line. The first reference I recall to this alliance was when Heather was on the block during Ika’s HOH. It was in the main bedroom whenHeather was getting the guys to sear to keep her.

The next time it was suggested was during Heather’s HOH and Jon was talking about putting Kenny up. (Kenny was also who Heather was pushing Ika to put up).

So it is unclear if this alliance is strong or if it is one that flew under the radar.

Them talking together wasn’t caught much on line…but Heather wasn’t on camera much until her HOH and then receded again until lately.


I disagree! Last year, Bb15 in the US (I am American), Andy and GinaMarie had a f2 since the day they met so it happens! They just have to be quiet about it.


Both Andy and Gina Marie deflected talk of others putting the other on the block and refused to consider putting the other on the block within their respective HOH’s.

This has not been the case in this series as illustrated by Jon during his last HOH.


Neda anf John on the block and let Heather know about them wanting Heather to be the target..then heather will 100% work with Sab in final 2 once that game play is revealed….hahaha wondering hoe Neda and John will get out of that 1..neda blaming adel for it..


Ugh! HATE that Sabrina won…but you can’t predict competitions!!! Anyways, all will be sorted out once the POV is played… I don’t believe Sabrina will win another one so it’s all up to Jon, Neda or Heather!

Sounds like Sabrina will nominate Jon and Neda…

So…if Sabrina wins…nominations will stay the same and she will let Heather vote out Jon. If Heather wins…she will vote out Jon.

The more interesting scenarios come if Jon or Neda wins… Will Jon pick Heather or Neda?!? This “we’ve been in a F2 since the first day” thing that Jon is saying to Heather is interesting…it’s never really been discussed before and they haven’t been working together the whole game! He even put her up hoping to get rid of her! So is he just covering his ass in case Heather wins or is he serious?!? Heather is more physical than Neda so she would be more dangerous…it would be smarter to vote her out and keep Neda.

Now if Neda wins…what will she do?!? Cut Jon because she has a better chance competing against Heather and Sabrina or stay loyal to Jon because he would more likely take her to F2 over Sabrina…

I just hope we get to see the POV winner before they cut the feeds!!!


Actually, I think Neda will cut Jon at this point… Sabrina and Heather would both then want to take her to F2!

Healthcare Professional

Sabrina would take Heather.


Hard to say…she might think that the Jury hates Neda too…


I completely don’t understand all of this newfound love for Sabrina?!? Does everyone forget her “real” personality that we saw at the beginning of the game? Would you all start to love Andrew again if he was in her shoes?!? Don’t get it at all…


Evil people loves evils. That’s why sabrina/tresita has so much love from them. I never liked her even from beginning when she was acting (actually being true to herself) like a rat on the ice you guys remember that?


Guys, Sabrina thinks we love her, ugh.


Don’t fool yourself guys, you know we all secretly crushing on Sabrina, she’s a gorgeous hunk of female.

just an opinion

EW – just EW!


Only someone just like her will love her Ela ! Not everyone is blind such as you are.duh


Guys, Sabrina thinks we love her…….ugh.


Sabrina for the win, 100% Hundo ! She’s BBCanada 2 kick-a** babe.

Healthcare Professional

Why is everyone voting for Heather? She’s played a shitty game.

heather has no game



Because she’s a blondie?! I like the girl but unlike Neda she’s got no game whar so over.. anyone offers her deal takes it then move to next 🙂




How so when she’s still in the game at the final 4? She’s survived the block, won comps, joined alliances and laid low. No one can call her a floater or say they carried her because she’s won HOH and the veto to save herself. Sounds like some pretty well rounded game play to me.


I hope with every fiber of my being that Jon wins veto and in effect, sends Neda’s obnoxious self to jury.


Not sure if my messages are going thru or not.

There has never been all female final 3 in BBCanada but there has been in BBUSA.


Well there’s only been one previous season of BB Canada so for them to say “ooh there’s never been a [insert here] before” is kind of dumb.


Let’s not forget that no woman has ever beaten a man in a final two on Big Brother (last BBCan doesn’t count since Topaz was a moron).

Unless Jon wins out, he’s done and it will be an all girl final.

I’ve been rooting for Sabrina since day one, as far as I’m concerned she’s television gold. I only watch these shows for the trainwrecks.


Not a fan of Sabrina but at least it has caused Havoc in the last week of BB. I just hope Neda goes home as she is the one I cannot stand…


Neda is the only one who played a perfect game, she deserves to win.

mark anthony

jon sending home neda would be priceless. that move would earn the respect of the entire jury.


What we know for sure:

1. Sabrina’s sister is bending the truth saying everyone has always loved her in Canada. Certainly their family/friends loved her & she isn’t going to tell Sabrina the truth

2. These conversations occurring between all 4 people are happening b/c everyone is working to ensure getting to F3 and hopefully to F2. So if you watch After Dark Jon has a convo with Heather to say let’s get Neda out and follows it with Neda saying we have to get Heather out. This is going to occur with each person one on one. The thing is we know for a fact Jon will NOT take out Neda over Heather b/c he truly believes she could beat him at anything. Heather has repeatedly said she wants to go to F2 with Neda & based on how upset she was regarding Jon’s nominations I’d say she doesn’t completely trust him.

3. Based on the above Neda will stay this week no matter what.

4. Sabrina’s true target this week is Jon b/c she’ll believe he is the hardest to beat in comps at F3 and she believes he has the best chance of winning

5. Before Sabrina’s HOH is over (thankfully it will be short lived) we will be reminded of how obnoxious she is and why we detested her in the first place.

What we don’t know:

1. Who Neda is really going to take to F2 given the option or who she would vote out should she win POV. Her heart is beginning to affect her thinking and she truly has a bond with both Heather and Jon. Does she believe Heather would really take her over Sabs? If she does and she wins POV then Jon is definitely gone in that scenario. She can’t afford to throw the POV just in case so it will put her in an awkward spot. (personally I think Neda would take Heather)

2. Is Canada truly fickle enough to have forgotten how cruel Sabrina was? Do we not recall what she said to Jon’s girlfriend? Do we not recall the nose picking, whining, fake crying, bragging? I guess it’s a natural instinct to want an underdog to win but I would have rather seen her not get to F3 and I pray she comes no where near the money.

3. Who Sabrina’s true F2 person would be. I think her order of preference would be 1: Heather 2: Neda 3: Jon

4. How bitter the jury is. Sabrina is SO CONFIDENT she knows what people will do (revisit point 2 above please) it annoys the crap out of me. She is still insisting she has Rachelle and Allison on lock down i.e. she will get their votes and that they will vote how she wants. The thing is how exactly will Arlie and Allison self-professed super fans vote? I honestly believe the ranking for them should be 1: Neda, 2: Jon, 3: Heather, 4: Sabs but depending on how much they want to show their bitterness may affect the vote.

5. I’m worried based on how Neda’s edit has been of late they are trying to sway Canada to not vote for her. HOWEVER, they did show how torn up she is regarding this decision tonight with honest tears so perhaps it’s not too late for her. If you remove the personal she truly has played the best game in the house by working with both Jon and Heather early in the game and keeping them close. She won when it was absolutely necessary (though she wanted to not win her first HOH once it was down to her & Arlie) but she used it to get out Kenny, then she took out Alison and convinced Jon to take out Arlie followed by ensuring her/Heather took out Adel. For my money removing the fact I like everyone remaining except Sabrina, Neda deserves to win.

Personally for me Jon and Heather are similar and rank second. I like Heather a lot because she really is a kind soul and think her pluses over Jon are her ability to be close in her “real friendships”, she does see the game pretty clearly and she overcame cruelty early in the game to survive. With Jon he excels at his inter personal relationships and is a comp threat. For both, their downfalls are how easily influenced they are especially by Neda and how desperately they work to make F2’s with everyone so obviously. For example: Neda is able to seamlessly make both believe she wants them each as her F2 without appearing fake (very U.S. BB Dan-like) whereas Jon only ensures his F2 when he feels threatened which is very obvious and Heather has a hard time being fake so her voice becomes more childlike when she is pretending.

For what it’s worth that’s my two cents. 🙂

Nana Jo

Excellent summary! I’m rooting for a Jon/Heather final two with all my being!


You know, isn’t this always the BB way. The one who should be out or going out next, wins the HOH , MAN that always happens. I told hubby that it would be a huge mistake to take out Adel right now. Sabrina first then Adel and that would have been perfect. Drag Heathers non gaming ass along (even tho I like her lols) to F3 and take it from there.

Don’t forget that Neda wanted Kenny(or Andrew) but Kenny first to be out of the house and pushed for it when she could when Ika was HOH, Ika’s mistake (and she knew it) but Neda was right there saying, “Lets get these guys out”….

It will be a shame to see Sabrina’s big ass sitting in F2 with any of the people left. If they keep her, then these last dummies deserve to lose to her Period. They let her hang around until she now won power to get rid of players most people like. Looks good on them.

I think there were a few BBUS where there were women left at the end. It wasn’t any popular people and they were not very liked in the house and with fans. From what I remember (I will google after) … Maggy and Yvette (remember the “Friendship” alliance *?) *Shudders* ….And Allison and June (another pair of Jerks) . I cant remember anyone else ATM.

That season with the Friendship at the end was hard to watch, good lord and that was a good season too!. Why doesn’t anyone ever mention James? Loved him (another one who won when he really needed to). Danielle and Jasons Alliance was one of the best and I always liked her.

Anyway, back to this gong show right now… I am sooooo annoyed at Sabrina’s HOH win. They are now kicking themselves knowing damn well that Adel wouldn’t have had a chance to win that comp.

*Stomps Foot*


I still think that keeping Sabrina is better for Heather and Neda’s game. Had they kept adel, even though one of them wins the HOH the other one is in peril of leaving because they are against Jon and Adel. While in this situation, it benefits Neda the most because Jon and Heather will take each other out. Honestly Neda just needs to not talk up until the final three and she’s golden.


Huntress, don’t forget Heather was also targeting Kenny ahead of Andrew. She presented solid arguments to Ika. Neda asserted Kenny but her arguments were not as strong.


I agree, she (Heather) also wanted Kenny out from the beginning along with Neda but both of them had no impact on Ika (Ohhhhhhh Ika lols) ;). I like both Heather and Neda I am just more of a Neda fan. (I love that shes into the show like a fan is and reads the comments and watches the feeds ect) I would love for her to win .

*Pom Poms , leg in air*…………..Goooooo Neda 😛


Does anyone else think that Heather and Neda beside each other in their pink onesies totally look like Thing One and Thing Two????

Mr. Bill

SABRINA..SABRINA…GO! GO! GO! ADDING HOH To your resume earns you more jury votes. I really hope that you win it all.


Neda did make the right decision to vote out adel. If he had stayed, and won veto, he would’ve picked Jon to stay over her.

What is with people hating on Neda for having to go against Jon. THIS IS A GAME. AND SHE IS PLAYING THE GAME TO WIN. She stayed loyal to him up until this point, now she has to focus on getting him out because she thinks he will WIN if he gets to the end (and correctly so).
I don’t understand why people don’t blame on Jon about this either. I think he was ONLY staying loyal to her all along because he thought he would win against her so it was easy for him to make the decision to take her to F2. Now that he is realizing that maybe he can’t win against Neda, and he has a better chance against Heather, he is throwing Neda under the bus a lot lately. I have observed he has been doing this in the past week (and even way before but it wasn’t much before). However, no one dares lashes on his doings against Neda. They are both playing the game, as they should be. I do think he is a little bit two-faced can kind of see the real him sometimes like how he was with Heather after he put her on the block. I just don’t quite understand the double standards.

Also, to people saying things like she (neda) needs to sweat or karma is going to get her for weeks now: are you serious? if she hasn’t been get put on the block or people don’t vote against her, that is a result of good game play on her part. She has earned that spot every week.
I think Jon has only got this far because of her (from her teachings and advices to him) and I believe she has played a better game than him. So imo she deserves to win this game (even if she is in f2 with him). However, Neda may have taught too much to Jon, and he MIGHT not take her if he wins veto. Hopefully she wins veto and evicts him next.

okay, done.. just had to get all this out. 🙂


Hope Neda goes home.


Sabrina either you don’t understand code, or you’re sister is lying to you honey. You’re despised by the viewing public!!! LOL!


No “None of the above” option?


Hi hope Jon wins Veto and he does send neda home she’s rude I can’t stand her face anymore and she got no game when she did win something it was given to her Sabrina and heather would make good final to although it would have been fun to see Sabrina and adel lol.


And how do you think Jon girlfriend feels with him all on neda even though he says it’s a game but if he was my man I would be pissed.


Heather wins veto and takes out Neda. Goes to the final with a giant killing brave girl narrative. I definitely think Allison, Arlie, Adel and America would love that.


Oh I just forgot. Adel being a Muslim man will never vote for a women – unless he’s forced to. Hate to say it but if you analyse his game, you will notice that he never wanted to work with any women in the house. He couldn’t even be bothered to campaign to Heather for her vote.


I think Neda was very surprised at the HOH challenge that the audience booed her and cheered for Sabrina. I’m really not sure if Jon would vote Neda out but she would do it to him. Also believe she didn’t throw the HOH it was a chance to be safe, she is to much of a paranoid person to give that up.


I miss Adel.


Look out everyone NEDA is going to WIN this season and
Will return for all star..


The only reason Sabrina was not obnoxious in the end because she didn’t have any one to vent to like Rachelle and she knew that Adel would put her in her place.If she was in power like her 5 alliance she would of been her true obnoxious self. She also had to watch her tongue so the others would not vote her out. I think her family also had sheltered her all her life, because she has no clue what people really think of her. She has a delusional disorder of herself that is clouded by lies.


Am I the only one who doesn’t like Heather? For some reason she really rubs me the wrong way and I would hate it if she won. I’m rooting for Jon, So far he’s played a smart but clean game. I suspect Neda is as ruthless and cold in real life as she has been on this show.


Ooops! I meant to say SABRINA! I don’t like Sabrina. I do like Heather and think she’s a lot smarter than she acts. arrgh we need an Edit function


Again Sabrina is playing it smart, this time trying to see if she’s got secret codes in the letters to get a real idea of how things are going. The letters supposedly say she is well liked. She’s popular in the sense she was delusional but not necessarily well liked in making stories up about Ika, offending Adel, showing signs of jealousy against Allison, and being weak with Andrew.