Jojo says they will be left with a bunch of beast guys and a genius.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

12:40am Danielle and Ian are sitting on the bathroom couch talking quietly. Ian tells her next week nobody here is safe. Ian tells Danielle that JoJo blew any chance she had to stay this week. He tells her that he is voting to keep her (Danielle). Ian says that he has no reason to keep JoJo. He says that she has nothing that I need. Ian says that JoJo has dug her own grave. They break up the conversation and leave the room.

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Joe, Frank, Janelle, Wil and Ashley are talking. Janelle asks Joe if he is giving Jojo a vote. Joe says that he isn’t if it bothers the others, he says unless we wants a couple extra packs of cigarettes. Janelle says that they should offer her some memorabilia she can sell outside the house in exchange for a carton of cigarettes. The conversation turns to how Big Brother doesn’t allow them to tell the evicted house guests they are the one going home. Ashley is surprised by this and wonders if she broke the rules by telling Jojo she’s the one going home. Big Brother tells them they are not allowed to talk about your diary room session.


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Frank leaves to head up to the HOH room. Ashley tells them that Jojo was telling her that if she goes home this season is going to be so boring. They talk about how they can’t believe Jojo would say that. Wil says that if Shane wins he is going to be gunning for Frank. Janelle says that because there are so many men in this house, Big Brother will do a challenge that a girl can win. She says that she the lighter you are the better chance you’ll have to win, meaning it’s suited for a girl to win. Wil says that he will hold on until his body caves away. They worry that Ian could win it. Janelle says that Ian is like a hundred pounds. Frank joins them again. Janelle says that she feels bad about Jojo leaving 6-0 and says that she should get at least one vote. They talk about how they don’t want Danielle to win HOH because she won’t put up Shane. Joe says he’s got the HOH. Janelle says eagle eyed Joe! Frank heads to bed. Janelle wonders if Ian might throw this competition because he thinks next week will be endurance. She says that Ian knows Big Brother like she know it. The talk turns to whether or not the coaches will enter the game.


Janelle says that if someone is coming back, it would have to be this week. She says that you can’t send someone back when it’s Jury. She tells them that Jury will start after this week. Wil says so Dan and Danielle would come back. Wil also thinks maybe JoJo will have to compete against Kara and Jodi to re-enter the house. Janelle says that she hates to put things in their head, but did you ever think why did Boogie and Frank never say we should get rid of Dan? Joe and Wil tell her they have said that in the past. Janelle says that she was told Jojo has to go from those guys and that they might be trying to keep Dan to work with him in the future. Joe says that Frank did want to get Danielle out. Janelle says that this week it has to be Ian and Shane on the block. She says that trying to backdoor Shane will just piss people off so Shane has to go up right off the bat. Wil says that Shane’s nice guy act is a shame, it’s bullsh*t. Joe asks Janelle how Britney is? Janelle says that Britney is a mess. Wil says she misses her husband but she needs to pick up the pieces. Janelle then calls Britney a bit*h. They all head out to the backyard.

1:30am In the kitchen Joe and Danielle are talking. Danielle asks Joe if she is still staying? Joe says that she’s 110% good. He says that it is going to be a 6-0 vote to keep Danielle. Danielle says she was getting nervous because Shane and Jojo are outside practicing really hard for the HOH. Joe tells her not to worry he was going to throw Jojo a vote for some cigarettes but he isn’t going to anymore. Jenn joins them and they talk about someone coming back into the game. Danielle and Joe head out to the backyard. They sit on the couch with Dan and Shane.

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2am Ashley and Jojo are talking. Jojo says that she want Ashley to do what she think is best for her. She says that she is not Willie. Ashley says that she feels compassion for Jojo. Ashley says that she thinks she is taking it really well, Jojo says that she is trying not to cry. Ashley tells her it’s not over yet. She says that people are talking about someone getting to come back into the game. Jojo asks so I’m going? Jojo tries to convince Ashley that the best move this week is to get rid of Danielle because that means they get rid of Dan at the same time. She says that this game has had a new twist each week and a possible twist could be that the players will get shuffled and each coach will have two players. So why wouldn’t you want to get Dan out, Dan with two players is really dangerous. Jojo tells her that they will be left with a bunch of beast guys and a genius. Jojo says that if she stays her and Shane will be huge targets. Jojo says that tomorrow when she leaves she is only hugging her, Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle. She says that everyone else can go fu*k themselves.
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2:20am – 3:30am In the backyard Wil, Janelle, and Joe are practicing the game in the backyard. Dan, Danielle and Shane are on the couch watching. Dan is giving Danielle pointers and tells her that he thinks the game will be twice as big. Dan and Danielle then go and practice the game. Joe, Wil and Janelle sit down and start talking about past competitions. Joe heads to bed. Wil and Janelle head inside to get some tea. Janelle says that Frank is dangerous and makes her nervous! They talk about whether it is best to get rid of floaters first or the strong players. Janelle says that she wishes Wil would have watched her season because she says she was left with a bunch of strong people in the game she couldn’t beat at the end. Janelle says that things Frank says don’t add up. She says that he scares the sh*t out of her. Ashley says that she feel like Joe is hypnotized by him Frank. Janelle says that when people finally realize it is time to go after Frank it will be too late and he’ll start winning POVs. They talk about back dooring Frank to get him out. Dan joins them. Janelle tells Dan that Frank scares her and if her team wins HOH they are going after him. She also tells Dan that he is safe. Dan smiles and laughs and then heads to bed. Janelle tells Danielle not to be nervous about tomorrow because she is staying. Danielle asks if Janelle’s team wins HOH if she will be safe. Janelle tells her yes. They starts talking about make-up and then head to bed.
5:45am All the house guests are sleeping..

9:30am Big Brother is letting the house guests sleep in..

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58 thoughts on “Jojo says they will be left with a bunch of beast guys and a genius.

  1. No suprise that Brit has quit helping her team again. Ok, time for Brit to blame JoJo for her bad coaching skills. Hell, Brit…you should be stiring up chit in this house and let Frank know it was Joe and Janelle that talked Willie into putting him up. But, no Brit …she doesn’t have a CLUE. Now, if Dan can only trade Danielle for Shane and watch Brit cry, cry, cry….lol.

    1. She should have done that during Willie’s HOH. Now it will just sound like desperate campaigning to save the unsavable. It would be best to tell him Thursday night or Friday after he is out of power and she doesn’t have any “benefit” in telling him. Of course it will benefit her when Shane is on the block again.

      Think about it.

    2. Brit did not make 1 strategic move her season except for taking a bath with Rachel, which dd not end up mattering since Brit won the pov that week. After that, she was just on the bandwaggon of getting rid of Brendon and Rachel, not thinking about her own game. She assumed her safety the entire game through her friendships without making a move.

  2. Thanks AG. You have killed another season with your obsession for has beens that we’ve seen before and people who know someone (Willie and Frank). I keep hoping that tonight Jo Jo goes to the door and it won’t open, and Julie says there is no eviction this week, or Jo Jo competes against Kara to come back, and Jo Jo wins. She is annoying, her mouth gets her into trouble, but she isn’t a liar and a coward like the rest of them. This final 6 plan is just stupid. Frank should have put Wil on the block instead of Danielle. Or Joe. He is mistaken if he thinks Janelle’s team voted to save him last week. No. They voted to piss Willie off. And his ass is going on the block this week if one of Janelle’s wins HOH. I am amazed that Boogie doesn’t see it, since he is supposedly such a great player. It makes zero sense to take out Jo Jo and keep Janelle’s team at even strength, when Boogie’s strongest player can’t play HOH tonight. The only way Frank will be safe next week is if Jenn or Ian win HOH, or if Boogie wins the coach comp. I don’t think Shane is that convinced of Frank’s loyalty either. Their main beef with Jo Jo is that she was loyal to Willie, but none of them would have done any differently if Willie was on their team. Hell, none of them have the courage to vote against their coaches and other team mates to further their own game, even when it’s bleeding obvious that the coaches have picked the horse they want to ride to the end, and the other two are expendable. They are all playing to get their coaches further, the exceptions are Shane and Jo Jo, because Brit has pretty much held up the white flag. When they find their asses sitting next to Julie they will remember the newb meeting and wish they had listened to Willie instead of pushing his buttons to make him leave (egged on by the coaches). Of course the coaches hated Willie. He was dangerous to them. They want compliance from their players and Willie was trying to make them see that they don’t need the coaches, it’s the coaches that need them. I thought I’d hate Shane, but as soon as Jo Jo leaves, he is the only one left that I can get behind. He got royally screwed because of the coaches twist and is at a disadvantage just because he had the misfortune of being on the same team as Willie. If he goes, I really don’t care about any of them. I would rather go camping than watch Janelle and Boogie ride their horses to the end. Unless there is a good twist coming, this season is going to the dogs.

    All I can do is hope that BB Canada doesn’t use AG’s formula, hopefully they do the show more like the early seasons and put a good mix of unknown people in the house with new competitions and no meddling from production.

    1. i so agree! I have a feeling (maybe Im wrong) that there will be no eviction this week, and if shane wins hoh, they will all be kissin his ass! If I were jojo I would make them kiss her ass as well. As for Britney, she’s a whiny, weak, evil little bitch and I wouldn’t even let her in the hoh room…

    2. I doubt Frank’s dad being a pro wrestler that was popular 15 years ago carries that much weight, especially since he tried to get in three times.

    1. I couldnt agree with you more..Cant stand Janelle, and its funny how Wil bad mouts literally everyone, but he seems to think hes some great guy..cant astand them..somoene needs to take them out already..

  3. If Jo Jo has to go I hope she has a memorable speech that will set Boogie and Janelle’s teams against each other. Out Janelle for being the one that wanted Frank up last week. Share some of the nasty things Wil has said about the rest of them. Out Joe for going through Frank’s bag. Tell them that they are all much worse than Willie when it comes to talking smack about each other. Tell Joe that he can keep the smokes, he will need them next week in the jury house. Apologize to Danielle and tell her that Janelle made that shit up about her being fat, because she is insecure about her own fatness. I don’t know. I wish someone would grow a pair and play the game.

  4. Squabble, If you listening. We need your funny post! We miss you. I promise I won’t re-edited. If I re-edited, Just let me know.

      1. i Know we need Squabble to light up some comedy up in this joint. Squabble if you are reading this we need you back fast!

  5. Tonight we’ll find out about the twist and we can start planning moving forward with the season…

    Anyone want to take a stab and what the twist will be?

    1. Totally just wishful thinking and there’s no chance, but Dick Donato was featured in some of the promos before the season started. Bring him in with HIS team. In order to be fair, though, he starts with just two people. Again, just wishful thinking, but Dick is a true badass.

      1. Agree. But I think Dick was offered the chance to come back but he wanted to play and not coach. All rumors of course. But then again when you see the calibre of coach and then…erm…Britney, you can kind of tell she wasn’t top of the list. t think Evel is a true lover of the game and he was crushed to leave last year. If and when he does come back, it’ll be for an all-stars edition.

    2. Also, wasn’t this season billed as having the biggest cast ever or something? Never heard that bit, but I’ve seen people mention something about it. Therefore, adding another team would totally work with that, plus, it’s not like AG is against pushing for Dick to win.

    3. First off thanks for all the handwork Simon (& Dawg). Much appreciated & grateful! I feel like BB have sort of put themselves in the corner. Obviously Willie getting ejected wasn’t on the cards. I think only a few things can happen:

      1. Coaches enter the game (Doubt it since it’s an obvious twist plus they’ve been save for 3 wks which is a little unfair)
      2. One from Kara and the next couple evictees are voted back in. Perhaps a similar scenario to Brendan returning last yr
      3. Re-draft of HGs which would be interesting
      4. Coach comp for HOH
      5. Brenchel return. Lol.

      1. I think 2 and 3 will happen. All production needs to do is mix up the teams and throw the underdogs a small bone and this season takes off.

        1. First thanks Simon/Dawg for this site, without it I would not be a BB fan. I disagree that they are not bringing back a sequestered guest. As lame as the option of Jodi, Kara or Jojo are BB needs at least one player to fill out the season. The coaches competitions are the most important part of season 14. Like I’ve said before, the ratings are down again and the drama has to be driven by the ‘stars’. I see a shuffle this week in order to spice things up and if Frank moves to Janelle or Britney, Joe moves to Brit or Dan, watch all the scrambling by the coaches and strategies blow up.

          1. Thanks Rob69245!,

            Jodi isn’t in sequester so the choices to come back are Jojo, Kara and whoever leaves next week. Your right lame options. Ratings are starting dip low.. expect a Shake up soon. :)

      2. I like the idea that after Jojo is evicted the HG are redrafted (2 to each team) and a new coach enters the house with Kara and Jojo on his/her team. Talk about shake up! AND to top it off: To give the new Coach and returning players a chance to get into the game, they have immunity from being put on the block for a week. (They don’t get to play for HOH either AND can be have nots)

      3. to be fair, the ONE thing about the coaches being safe til basically jury, is that they did this last year just in a different way. they had keys to keep people safe, and did their best to make sure every vet made jury.

      4. please, no bringing back jojo. its the first time ive turned off bb after dark because I just got so sick of someone(jojo) and her complete airhead ways. I hate to attack her in that way, but she still doesnt understand why she is getting evicted, her argument about willie is just so freaking stupid. Listen, Honey, you sided with willie, shane and your alliance, the alliance fell, then you spent the next 5 days talking about it, seperating yourself from the house, and claiming you shouldnt be punished for being “Brainwashed”.

        sigh. jojo, you should be eliminated because your alliance crumbled and you had nowhere to turn, its big brother, it also helps to have SOMEONE on your side, even shane is playing her at t his point(which by the way, made me LOVE shane, lying to brit was a great move, you know he wishes he coach was boogie or janelle.

        I just want them to either remove coaches, or give them more power, to piss off the hg’s even more. soon, the hg’s wont listen to the coaches. other than frank, who is probably going to win because he can bounce ideas off of boogie.

    4. a good twist for a week would be if only coaches can be nominated for eviction by a newbie HOH and the newbies become their coaches – and then after a coach is evicted new teams are chosen by the newbies getting to choose which coach they want to be with – if a coach gets no newbie votes they are evicted too.

    5. Just curious Simon, how do you know their will be a twist tonight?

      And I think it will be something to do with the coaches being given the option to enter the game or continue coaching…

    6. I always get the twists wrong whenever I guess, but I’ll take a few guesses:

      1. Coaches enter the game (it is too predictable)
      2. Whoever wins the coaches competition can get an evicted HG back but on their team (like if Janelle wins, she can choose to bring Kara back) –if this is the twist, is see them holding off on this since it’s pretty much a done deal who they’ll want back (Kara) –unless Britney wins which would mean she would want JoJo back (if Jojo goes today)
      3. Whichever’s the first 2 coaches that losses all their players will get to enter the game or those 2 coaches will have to compete for a chance to enter the house (and to make it a little fairer for them –they get the HOH || I see this happening only because even if they get the chance to re-enter the game, they’ll automatically be the target)
      4. Winner in coaches’ competition can trade teams (like the entire team) (Extreme and unlikely)
      5. HG can choose which coach they’d like to have
      6. Reshuffle of the HG and coaches (random by whichever color pebble –or something- they choose)
      7. Maybe america will vote on who to send back in the house?
      8. Who knows, maybe there wouldn’t be a twist (highly unlikely of course)

      1. These are some great ideas..

        The only thing that makes me think they will not bring someone back is the choices of players, JOjo and Kara? this is pretty slim pickings if you ask me.

        I’m hoping for option 6….

      2. I like option six, but I would like a ‘lock option’…As in each coach got to lock a player and then the ‘shuffling’ would happen.

        If this did happen,

        Britney would lock Shane (even if JoJo wasn’t evicted)
        Dan would lock Danielle (by default)
        Boogie would lock Frank
        Janelle would lock Wil.

        Hows that sound? I have a feeling it could be something really dramatic tonight!

    7. Who knows – I just want to get the twist over with. However, I’d like to see new coaches enter the game & let the “teams” decide if they want to make a trade. Just a few more hours & we’ll know.

  6. Am I missing something? Please clue me in for real. I thought the object of the game is to win the money. I don’t have anything against Dan or Danielle but this is not about who you like (well it should not be for the house guests anyway)…it is about winning. If they get Danielle out, then that is it….Dan’s team is gone. One team gone and 3 more to go. Why is that so complicated??

    I don’t care who wins. I watch ONLY because I have been a fan since season 2 or 3. I watch more to see who will be evicted vs who will win. I’m not overly excited about any of them winning. Last season I was passionate about Dani winning it all; and it was fun coming on here arguing with people who were team Rachael and/or team Jeff/Jordan…..but this season I really don’t think that much about it….I can only say that I want Frank to be evicted next.

    I don’t know why CBS won’t listen when the majority of viewers keep asking them to bring in ALL NEW PLAYERS or do an ALL STAR GAME. I thought the coaches would be interesting an interesting change; but they are not. Dan walks around looking sad or confused….I don’t have the spoilers but on TV he looks like he is ready to go home and be with his wife (and what type of coaching is he doing…he should have took his players and they all go up to the HOH room to cut deals (notice Janelle is in the HOH room every chance she gets and that was with Willie and Frank) do what is needed to WIN.

    1. I agree. It should be all new players or all-stars only. I think BB are worried that they won’t find a Brenchel or Jordan/Jeff or Donatos. And keep bringing former players back. But they should just trust casting. After all, they did manage to find the mentioned players in the first place. This season, it’s so disappointing that Willie gave KOed. He will be remembered far more than most of the ppl in this house. Good or bad.

  7. JoJo, here is my advice. Try correct your mistake and deal with it. It make things worst and you are pretty hard yourself. Janelle is nothing, she not a celebrity and even she never won in everything. She always be a third place finisher twice. Beside, Rachel is much better than Janelle. JoJo, just ignore her and you will be fine.

  8. Simon, how about who ever gets voted out doesn’t get evicted but gets put on the block for next week but 1. can’t compete for hoh and 2. can compete for the power of veto. This way we don’t lose anyone this week and it stirs things up a bit.

  9. All I know is that this is turning out so far to be THE most hypocritical season I’ve ever watched… and that’s saying alot. If an epidemic of douchebagunderthebusitis breaks out soon, at least the CDC will know where ground zero is;)

  10. If JoJo leaves tonight. This show would be boring & better yet, AG Start fixing the ratings. Make more extreme fun.

  11. gosh I wish this was all stars. such a waste of boogie, janelle and even dan, to put them on this season. I would have loved boog to get a legit shot again to prove hes the best bb player not named will.

    instead, hes done ALL his strategizing over about a 3 hour period, and has literally used every scenario, and then played off 5 outcomes per scenario. there is just nothing left

    last night with ALL 4 coaches in one room, NOTHING. thats depressing to me, that not even one said “hey if we do come back, lets team up” NOTHING

    just either put them in the game, or sadly, I hate to say it, just send them to jury and be done with it.

    and DO NOT bring back kara. hold off, wait til someone we actually like playing the game or strongly hate playing the game, to get eliminated, and let them beat kara to get back in. sort of like last year when keith came back and it was like “oh yeah, keith”. needs to be like that for kara.

  12. BB needs to wake up these lazy turds early everyday even if they stay up late. They should’ve stayed home If they want to sleep all day.

  13. Maybe in the future, the best idea would be to not only no longer bring in veterans in any way, shape, or form, but also bring in more people who don’t necessarily ‘need’ the money. It just seems to me that the most boring seasons lately have been those involving a cast who mainly is in it because they really need the money and not the title, so they play things safe. It also seems to me that the ones who actually try to liven things up get snuffed out for the same reasons.

    1. I got to agree with Chloe, Willie definitely was provoked. And what kinda coach encourages fellow team members to distant themselves. She sent him upstairs when he was pissed instead of giving him any encouragement for POV. He could could have lead the house meeting better for sure. But the intent that Willie was coming from was good. Where he comes from, when someone puts up there “dukes” it’s on. Joe knew this. Joe even said he was going to provoke Willie when he was in the HOH room. Did anyone else see the guilt in Joe’s diary speech after Willie left? I think Willie had too much time as HOH, paranoia hit, and people talking crap pissed him off. But he didn’t completely loose it until his team member got put on have-not. And all that time Britney is having a pity party all about her. Worse coach for sure!

  14. I have the Big Brother blahs.
    It looks like JoJo is going home… or is she? For how long.

    I was remembering the seasons that people came back into the game.
    If it is America’s Vote… it has NOT been the Sweetheart who came back, but the one who could cause the most tension.

    If it is a competition to come back… JoJo would beat Jodi, but I am not 100% sure about Kera (she can do hand stands,
    that requires balance and strength.), i do not know her well enough to judge Kera on her ability in a mental challenge.

    For the house guests on Team Boogie or Janelle… they had better hope and pray Jodi walks through the door.
    Kera was sent home by a betrayal from Janelle’s Team, and Frank…. Willie is gone and Shane and Danielle voted to keep her.
    JoJo, Please if there is a god, let JoJo walk back in just before the HoH, is given the HoH for beating Kera and Jodi in a Competition
    or just given it…. Please! the carnage of a JoJo HoH is good TV.

    Perhaps more than one house guest will return

    Week one Jodi/ Kera
    Week two: Willie/ JoJo or Danielle

    Jury House: 6 people
    Week Three: Shane
    Week Four: Danielle or JoJo
    Week Five: Ian
    Week Six: Joe
    Week Seven : Wil
    Ashley, Jenn and Frank battling Week Eight

    That is one short boring Season of Big Brother.

  15. If this ends up being Janelle’s team vs Boogie’s I’ll honestly probably just stop watching. I have absolutely no one to get behind besides Shane. I would say Danielle but she’s not too bright.

  16. I gotta say I didn’t like willies tactics coming into this game thinking he was all that and a bag of chips and thinking just because he’s the brother of a survivor ex member that he can do whatever he wants, violence was no way to go about it, dick wouldn’t of done that crap -_-, and as for Janelle I prefer the way shes coaching next too boogie, Dan is a horrible coach and so is Britney I can’t wait til Britney is gone, cause she has no tactics about her game, and i watched a few clips of her season not a very good player either. I have nothing against Danielle but she needs a better coach cause dan’s ass is a moron and heartless to his own players, plus might I add he picked Jodi horrible choice, Kara could of done a good job if she would of been given a fair shot. I just think they should of made the coaches players this year, cause I hate how this is happening, plus they should of picked will to come back or even better players from 2-9 I am getting tired of these last few season players coming back when their tactics are horrible, you forget what original players did for this game, I think picking Dan and Britney was a horrible choice, plus the players in this season suck as well, CBS needs to get back to picking average players like they did back in the old seasons, at least they could play a better game.

    1. Agree Linda. I was addicted to this game. Me and my co-worker (the only person off-line that I know that watches this show) talked about it every week. But now, he has stopped watching …and I watch it while flipping channels (in the past I never flipped channels, but was glued to every move they made).

      As you said, “CBS needs to get back to picking average players like they did back in the old seasons, at least they could play a better game.” that’s it in a nutshell.

      or have a All Star Game.

      or a Game with everyone that was evicted the 1st time. But please stop bringing back these vets mixed with new players.

      And although I don’t care who wins….Dan and Brit are horrible coaches. Dan acts like he does not care; and Brit —what can I say. I have a question, has Dan talked to the HOH (Willie or Frank) at all …ever about cutting a deal for his team. Why doesn’t Danielle go and talk to Frank. Frank rejected JoJo’s pleas, but at least JoJo put it out there.

      Willie was nuts….I saw the post that he was just arrested…but at least he brought a splash of flavor to the cast.

      1. IMO, There are way to many coaches.

        First Dan got screwed and lost his first player in four hours and only had two players left making him a obvious choice to go after.

        Then Britt got screwed when a uncontrolable lunatic self-evicted himself and put targets on the entire rest of the team.

        So after two weeks we have Boog/Jan (6) vs Dan/Britt (2). Not playing favorites, but that’s not fair.

        I think two coahes would have been plenty. Dan vs Boogie would be my choice since they are the two that have WON this game.

        Jus my 2cent

  17. sittin here watchin dvr’d bbad,, and JOJO is makin sense, it will be a predictably boring season just like last season which had the stench of production all over it, they(production) chose who they wanted to win, and led a Vet to the 500k(which vet was up to the gameplay)…. Now that they know they can do it, who can deny that they won’t attempt it again, by unleashing coaches into the game??? SHIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

    I was one of the few that predicted the outcome of last season on DAY 1…. and I was 100% right the whole time….

    1. more proof , soo as it was a possibility of All Vets being evicted, “SURPRISE” pandora’s box which everybody opens, with a power to save the noms because it was the last 2 vets, we all know if there were 2 noobs up , there would not have been a pandora’s box since we are always told about it b4 by julie….

  18. anyone calling herself “JoJo” should never have been allowed into the game in the first place. she’s like one of those annoying, creepy girls you see on some hideous movie based out of NYC or maybe Jersey Shore. you don’t want to look at them and you want them not to speak. and Ashley, really? Big Brother thought SHE would be an entertaining player? YAWN.

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