Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Janelle Stirs the pot tells Danielle “JoJo Called you FAT”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Ashley Safe)
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie
Who is Safe this Week Shane, Frank and Ashley
My prediction as of writing this post JOJO Goes Home

8:56pm Cam 3-4 HOH Wil, Frank, Janelle, AShley Watch FREE TRIAL!

Frank asks wil if he knows anyone who went through his bag.Wil doesn’t know the only person he knows that would do that would be Jojo. Frank says that JOJO was telling him earlier today that she didn’t do it.
Wil: “and she was going all around the house working for votes today”
Janelle: “She sucks”
Frank is worried that he doesn’t have his ear to the ground enough because apparently everyone is talking about this person going through his bag and he hasn’t a clue.

9:32pm Cam 3-4 HOH A bunch of houseguest Watch FREE TRIAL!

They ask Joe where the other players are. Joe says Britney and JoJO are in the Bathroom getting her going home hair done.
Dan asks Joe who his favorite Big Brother player is. Joe never really watch the show too much But he liked Jeff and thought Boogie rhymes in season 7 were awesome.
Boogie has spoke to Jeff on the phone but never met him ‘Jeff is friends with my assist manager at the geisha house” Joe thinks Jeff would be a cool guy to hang out with.
Ashley asks what the biggest deal in Big BRother history is.. Boogie doesn’t know says they should ask Ian. Boogie says he hopes that Shane or Danielle are Not sleeping in the Head of Household room tomorrow night. Ian agree says he’ll do his very best to win HOH (ian kinda over plays it)

Boogie says he hopes that Shane or Danielle are Not sleeping in the Head of Household room tomorrow night. Ian agree says he’ll do his very best to win HOH (ian kinda over plays it)

They ask Joe about his deal with JOJO. He says he did and was planning on it as long as she goes home. Janelle says he needs to get a carton of cigarettes they’ll be set for the entire summer. Joe laughs.. “If she leaves all the cigarettes are gone.. period” Boogie adds it’ll be TV GOLD if she gives you a carton and still goes home 5-1 and starts demanding her carton back from you on live TV.

They all laugh ..

Janelle laughs says she “bummed” a smoke from JoJO today and jojo said :”When are you going to pay me back” Janelle laughs some more “I told her at the Finale” (I think Janelle is meaner than britney this year)

Janelle tells the guys she’s going downstairs to cause trouble with JOJO.. She’s going downstairs to call JOJO out for saying horrible things about Danielle

They all head downstairs.

9:35pm Cam 1-2 Storage Room Shane and Frank Watch FREE TRIAL!

Shane telling him that if the vote is tied and Frank votes for Jojo to stay Shane and JOJO will go after Janelle’s players until they are all out of the house. Shane: “That’s good for your.. it’s good for us “
Shane also wants Frank to know he’s going to vote for JOJO to stay. Frank says he’s cool with it.

9:50pm HOH Danielle and Janelle Janelle tells her that last week JOJO was talking made shit about Danielle. She called Danielle fat and said her legs were huge.. Janelle is trying to cause a fight between JOJO and Danielle. Danielle clearly is mad from this (this is the girl that talks about her weight 24/7) Janelle asks her if she’ll call her out on it. Danielle says he’s not that type of person she’ll start crying. Janelle says she will do it because if she said those things about Danielle she’ll be saying those things about her. Danielle: ‘Oh I bet she is we’re the same size” Danielle: “This really making me self conscious now.. who else is saying that about me” Janelle: “no one just JOJO”

(AHAHAH finally something is going to happen.. Janelle is mean holy cow)

Frank joins and they tell him what happened. Frank tells Danielle she’s beautiful JOJO is just a hater. Janelle keeps offering to call JOJO out but Danielle doesn’t want her to because it’ll make her cry.

Danielle in the HOH Janelle just told her JOJO is saying she is fat.. Frank and Janelle in the room with her saying she has a Beautiful body they love it. Whats going on in Danielle’s mind?

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82 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Janelle Stirs the pot tells Danielle “JoJo Called you FAT”

  1. I feel sorry for both Danielle and Jojo. I’m starting to (can’t believe I’m gonna say this) hat, yes, HATE Janelle this season. I think she took it too far and Danielle’s crying for pete’s sake

    1. SAME. I really liked Janelle in seasons 6 and 7 because she was a fierce competitor and managed to make it to 3rd place despite being a target for practically the whole game in both her seasons. Yeah, she wasn’t the best strategist, but she had heart in the competitions. Now, she’s just plain mean and is relying on personal attacks. I’m really starting to hate her.

      1. I can’t believe I’m about to write this.. as I do NOT like Janelle, never have. But in her defense, she is a coach. She has no vote, no interest other than to keep her people together to keep strong until she is either voted out by her last member of her team leaving or being dropped into the game and leaving by a vote. Yes, she is shallow, mean and stirring shit up. But she is not Rachel. I am happy about that. If Rachel had come back to the house, I would not have watched at all. I am wondering however, this secret talk she and Britney had last night about going together until the end. So, was the whole break up of the group between Janelle and Britney staged or random and came back together? It didn’t sound like it last night. Britney stealing beers from HOH and then justifying it to Boogie after asking to go to the bathroom? Tonight’s show (Wednesday) portrayed Ashley as a ditz. Good cover or just the spin star CBS is looking for? She’s actually intelligent and gonna get Kudo’s later on for being a mastermind? I don’t understand why keeping Danielle is the safe thing to do. She may be the one to win. argghhh I want Willie back.. the dumbass!

    2. I never liked Janelle, this is what she has was like on her first season, everyone was just blinded by their hatred for the other houseguests

      1. @Michelle. That’s what I remember about Janelle too.On both of her season’s she was mean to almost all the girls.In my opinion Janelle is tammer this season than on season6.On season6,her and Howie said mean things to the other house guests face.I think you’re right about some people being blinded of Janelle’s mean behavior,because they didn’t like the people who she was mean to.So,to them,they didn’t see anything wrong with it.But the same thing can be said about Britney.Up until this latest update about Janelle telling Danielle that Jojo called her fat.People noticed how extremely mean/catty Britney is.But earlier I posted a comment about how Britney was mean on season12.She talked trash about almost every house guests.Her main focus was on Rachel.Even after Rachel was no longer in the house,Britney&Ragan still talked trash about her.This season Britney started yet again,with trash talking almost all of the house guests.But I think the only reason why more people have a problem with it,has to do with her main focus was on Dan.And Dan is no Rachel.My point is Janelle was always catty/mean and so was Britney.The difference this season is the house guests who they have talked trash about.Or in Janelle’s case,told someone(Danielle)what another player(Jojo) said about her,aren’t hated.Therefore some people are saying,they’re(Janelle&Britney)mean this season.No.They’ve always been mean.They(viewers) just don’t have a problem with the people that are being trash talked by these two(Britney&Janelle).

    1. last year it was shelly the hillbilly everyone said what a role model she was for her daughter what with her lying and backstabbing (even denying her own sexual preferences)

      1. JoJo should b/c it can stir something up to Janelle & Boogie. Mike is right about his whole scenario about it might be a comp after either Danielle or JoJo gets evicted and Kara or Jodi might have a shot to come back in the game

    2. I can’t defend Janelle’s leaving her baby to come on the show.. nor any other mother of a young infant. There’s no amount of money that could have whipped me away from my babies. It makes me sad.. how pent up people are for fame and fortune vs. the future of their child’s moments.. we know you can never get back. Maybe Janelle’s nanny is better for her. *Don’t hate me, I didn’t leave my children to be on reality tv.*

  2. Damn, that was cold! I can’t believe Janelle told her that. I don’t remember her being this mean spirited her seasons! I’m all for getting Jojo riled up for a little house excitement, but come on, that’s low!

  3. Janelle would be a solid 7 if she got that pig nose fixed. I mean really it only makes sense to fix that before getting massive implants.

  4. Alright, not cool Janelle. This is pissing me off, because we all know that Danielle is incredibly self-conscious about her weight, when truthfully, she is not big or “fat” at all. I’m kind of disgusted by Janelle for telling her this. I never thought I would dislike Janelle, but she is preying on Danielle’s very visible insecurities. Not to mention, she is showing some catty and immature behavior.

  5. Why is Janelle telling her this & trying to start some shit? I’ve lost a lot of respect for her this season. That’s just MEAN!!

    1. Many people are being mean spirited this season. Telling Wil that Willie was being derogatory towards him for being gay (which he didn’t) and now Janelle lying to Danielle. It is extremely cruel and I wish it would stop. It’s terrible. Why do ugly people get rewarded for the ugly things they do?

  6. even jojo is saying how boring and predictable everything is right now unless someone does something to shake things up and janelle is totally disgusting, classless fat ass fake hypocritical bitch and karma’will come back and bite her, not cool at all telling that to danielle making her insecure like that.

  7. That was messed up what Janelle did and she didn’t even call JoJo out, so all it did was hurt Danielle. And you could tell she couldn’t just shake it off. Both Ashley and Britney noticed and asked Danielle what was wrong, she looked so sad. People are playing stupid and personal.

    Remember back in the day when people made moves? This is a house of scared followers.

  8. Jojo said it janelle spread it get over it love janelle love her and jojo said them things about danelle because shane like her and not jojo.

    1. wtf…really…Janelle is a jealous paranoid BITCH…She is obviously past her prime, and jealous every other woman in the house

  9. Janelle is projecting hard on Danielle. With those monster hips and cottage cheese fat ass janelle can fire babies out of her cannon with ease.

  10. Janelle is really mean. As much as i love Britney, I would love it if Rachel was in this season. She would cause so much drama and be a perfect match against Janelle. I really think Rachel is getting more mature while Janelle is getting more immature, I loved her in 6/7 while i hated Rachel in 12/13. I really expected more from her this season.

  11. I have a question:

    Did Jojo actually say that, or is Janelle lying? I know Jojo made some disparaging remarks about D in the past, but was “fat” one them? I don’t really remember.

    1. There’s a very good chance JOJO said that she did talk mad crazy Sh!t about Danielle to the point that I think Britney told her to stop. the current champ of smack talk this week is Janelle last week it was Jojo.

      1. Oh, really? Well, Jojo (and I hope she reads this one day), you most certainly aren’t that hot yourself. I guess she was hoping Shane would like her instead of Danielle.

        1. Hey Colette,
          You’re totally right Shane wants nothing to do with Danielle. She is probably the most boring worst casting choice of the year. Someone who spend their entire time fishing for complements about her weight and intelligence brings poison to the feeds. It’s really too bad she’s the only person left in Dan’s team..

  12. i hope danielle doesn’t develop an eating disorder because of what janelle said to her but that cold hearted bitch probably wouldn’t care as long as she got a good laugh out of it while they’re in the house, it’s gonna be that much sweeter when she realizes boogie has played her again and it’s too late for her to do anything about it, cant’ wait i wonder what everbody else would think about janelle saying what she did if they knew i think what she did was a helluva lot worse that what willie did.

    1. What is going to be even sweeter than that is when Janelle sees that she is not loved by the viewers. She constantly talks about how much the viewers loved her in her seasons, well not any more.

  13. oh my Janelle what are you doing???? It’s becoming very hard to root for her this season she’s become so ruthless. I can’t believe i’m starting to enjoy boogie now too, but im rooting for Dan out of the coaches. Just dam of all 4 coaches Janelle is the only one I was rooting for in their respective original seasons and allstars for her. I disliked the other 3 in season 7, 10 and 12 but now, why has she changed so negatively AFTER becoming a wife and mother, dam never get married people it changes you it seems

  14. sounds like danielle has more than weight issues. maybe BB should give her some anti depressants. she seems to cry over everything (and nothing) thought she was this smart grade school teacher. maybe her students are more mature than she is. what danielle did was catty (it is a game known for this stuff) but instead of taking it to heart daniele should have just saw past it and blown it off (not giving jamelle the satisfaction of letting her see it bothered her). jamelle is very disappointing this season and i hope this is the end of the road for her on BB. if they have an all stars please make sure her (and the over the hill) booger aren’t included

    1. danielle does need to toughen up but she’s not a grade school teacher she’s works in a hospital or something and i remember she said 1 time that she’s so high up that if someone died she could be in trouble.

      1. Danielle is a nurse…pretty much everyone who works in a hospital runs the risk of being held accountable for someone’s death. What Janelle did was horrible and I dont even like Danielle. She’s way too insecure and is NOT playing this game whatsoever. She wants everyone else to play it for her.Janelle just sold what little class she had left for $100,000.

  15. It seems marriage made Britney a better person. She isn’t as b*tchy as she used to be on BB 12.

    And didn’t I just read the Ian said he will throw the HOH? Now Ian is saying he will win it! LOL! People can see right through this dude and his exaggerations. He says whatever pleases the crowd he is around.

  16. I kept wondering who Janelle’s nose reminded me of. It’s KARL MALDEN!! She really is not a nice person. Two-faced mean girl, clinging to her looks, which are fading fast, and she KNOWS it.

    1. LMFAO (shes sexy and she knows it) maybe Jamelle watched Rachells first season and took notes since she pretty much is mimicking the boy george :) and just like rachell who had a huge honker of a nose jamelle does too :) who nose only the nose nose

  17. @Simon. I still think Britney is worse,she doesn’t have a nice thing to say about anyone.What Janelle did was mean,but it also confuses me.What’s the point of Janelle telling Danielle about Jojo calling her fat?Either Jojo or Danielle will be evicted from the game,in less than 24hours.What does Janelle hope to achieve from this?Does Boogie know if it’s a tie,Frank will vote to evict Danielle?Did Jojo really call Danielle fat?I know I’m asking a lot of questions,but I just want to be clear on what’s going on in the house.

    1. I think by telling Danielle this and sayign JOJO is probably calling her fat to it’s giving her something to bond with Danielle over. Just in case Danielle wins something next week.

      1. On BBAD she said she was bored and wanted to get JoJo going cause Boogie said that they never will get to see JoJo go off it would probably be a good show.

  18. Janelle’s behavior is causing me to rethink the way I thought about her during season 6. All of the girls hated her, and I thought it was because they are jealous. Now, I wonder….

  19. Good god, Brit was trying to talk to Frank and the old BB rejects had to come in and fall onto furniture. I find it funny that it was right when Frank was asking Brit who Jojo think is running the house. Look, people can say all day that Brit was played in her season, but Janelle was played twice, if she’s played this time, she will be the dumbest player in BB history, cos that’s 3 chances and no win. Sorry Janelle fans, but you’re rooting for an already dumb broad who’s third go around consists of walking around the house like she’s better than everyone and constantly shove her Miss Piggy face with junk.

    1. LMFAO (shes sexy and you know it) janelle is like a used up inflatable doll that boogie bought and is done with but keeps around just in case

  20. Umm, does anyone remember season 6??? Janelle has always been mean lol. That’s one of the reasons why I love her. Do you recall her getting really drunk and personally attacking everyone in the house and the fight between her and Beau? Janelle is what makes this show interesting, even if she does get too mean sometimes.

  21. Im going to try to talk the wife into a polyamorous triad. Caught an episode of that before after dark and it looks like fun. Got a feeling it will go over like a pregnant pole vaulter but its worth a shot.

  22. it would actually be smarter for boogie and frank to keep jojo over danielle because if danielle lucks up and wins janelle will talk her into putting up shane and probably frank or ian and then if shane wins the pov then boogie loses a player but if they kept jojo and she won she would go after janelle like janelle’s piggy nose does after pork rinds

  23. Danielle is THE MOST WORTHLESS PLAYER I HAVE EVER SEEN! Seriously!!!!!….. this girl got pissed because Dan won’t do her campaigning for her??? This girl should never have been invited to be a player in BB…… what a waste of a perfectly good house guest position. “Oh poor me, I feel so deserted in this game.” PA-LEEZE!!! Just go to your room and cry some more….. it’s all you know how to do.

  24. Wow Janelle was that really necessary??? I mean it’s already pretty much set in stone that jojo is going home so what’s the point in starting shit? Don’t get me wrong I love drama, but I really hate this for Danielle. I know it’s been said a hundred times already…but Janelle, you’re a bitch and I hope you get cheated out of a half a million for the THIRD time!

  25. Well….(big yawn)…appears to be a pretty solid “goodbye Jojo” tonight with Shane, apparently, the only one voting for Jojo to stay!! It is usually several weeks into the game before we reach this point and normally tonight’s evicted would be headed to the jury house right? The only exciting thing remains is to se a twist of some sort tonight perhaps. I do not know about the majority of viewers but, I for one, miss the old BB!! Hey, “AG,”…have you not heard of the old adage….if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

  26. BTW….Watching the POV comp last night had me laughing through my disgust with Danielle!! During her on camera comments she was all gung ho about having to win that POV…well she sure as s..t didn’t play like it! If she moved any slower we could have called her “Dan-snail instead of Danielle! I wanted to give her ass a big push and tell her to move her so called fat ass!!

  27. In my opinion, Janelle told Danielle solely to start a fight and cause drama. She has had this in her back pocket and was just waiting for the right time to pull it out. JOJOs fate was already sealed, so there was no reason to say a word, especially when it is obvious that Danielle has major body image issues (which is ridiculous also). Janelle is loving playing these people, thriving on it! What is sad is that I think this is legit the stupidest household ever and therefore the 3 coaches (Brit doesnt count because she shouldnt even make an all star season never mind coach other players) will run this house until the end with their puppets making all of their moves. I dont know about everyone else, but I have watched every season of BB and this one is the worst. Incredibly boring

  28. If Rachel was around, she will challenge Janelle in coaches competition or next year All-Stars. However, I used to hate Rachel but now I love Rachel as a Fan. I also read their comment that Janelle leaving her child. Geez Janelle, your a bad example of leaving your kid. What kind of mother are you? You been set a bad example to your own kid. I’m glad that chilltown just embrassing you. Beside, you never be a winner like Rachel.

    1. Last time I checked Rachel got protected when she and Jordon were saved by production when they were in jeopardy of losing 3 Vets in 2 weeks(everybody know that pandora’s box wasn’t planned for that week, and everybody opens the box), that’s the ONLY reason she won………… Happy she won, but it’s not like she would’ve won had pandora’s box not been put in to save the entertainment of last season, she would’ve been out that week, and Jordan the next , and it would’ve been a bore the rest of the season with nobody watching noobs take out noobs…

  29. I have always kinda liked Brit, even though I can see the game getting to her this year. However, even tho I find JoJo annoying, she is not as annoying as Janelle the mean girl. She is the person who has NO “game” and she never has really. She just did well at comps. Only someone who has no game resorts to mean girl tactics….cuz she has NOTHING else…..she is making Boogie look nice!!! Do you think she bakes cookies every night out of the kindness of her heart? Hell no…there are 2 reasons for the cookies: 1) get everyone to like her 2) make the other girls fat because she is self concious about her own weight. Janelle is a bully and her tactics are passive agressive. If she were my family member, I would be incredibly embarrassed by this behavior.

    It’s not even about the game play anymore, it’s all about resorting to personal attacks. I don’t understand it.

    And WHY would Janelle want to create a rift between Danielle and JoJo if one of them are obviously going home this today?
    Even if there’s an argument between them, what exactly is the point? Is she just being mean for the heck of it? Wow, has she changed. I’m not liking this Janelle at all.

    Oh, and Danielle looks like she’s ready to kill somebody in that picture. Lol. JoJo needs to watch out.

  31. janelle is as low as you can go . And she just mean for the age she is . I think Janellie should go home and be with her baby because she is acting like the biggest baby in the hosue, And the biggest bicth ever on big brother , LOST all resect for her. SHE as forgot it just a game ,Does not give her the right to tell Danielle about her weight just to be mean.And the best of all janelle need to look in the mirror because she is alot of fat on the back side and the front side. I HOPE JANELLE TEAM GOES ON THIS NEXT THREE WEEK . THAT would be perfect because Janelle think she is all that and really she wash up and need to go . JOJO need to stay . JO THE TOOL OF THE HOUSE THIS YEAR ‘ SO SAD THIS YEAR

  32. I think Janelle has a good body for just having a baby less than a year ago, but anybody next to JoJo and Britney looks huge

  33. Only reason I hope Danielle stays is to see NAKEDS, and shane gonna hit that if either of them wins HOH…..

    Is she fat? nah not as plump as jordan is, but unlike Jordough which only thing good about her body is the fake boobies, Danielle has a nice body and is much prettier

  34. Not sure if there’ will be any sex in the BB house this season unless it;s Shane and Danielle… c’mon shane work your magic, make them panties drop, give us the only source of entertainment this season

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