Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn and Ian agree to Throw the HOH “JoJo made some valid points but she’s going home”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Ashley Safe)
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie
Who is Safe this Week Shane, Frank and Ashley
My prediction as of writing this post JOJO Goes Home

6:15pm Cam 3-4 Britney and JOJO Watch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Jojo debriefs about her conversation with Frank. Britney wants to make sure she told him JOJO didn’t go through her stuff. Jojo says Frank didn’t even know someone would go through his stuff.
Britney: “He’s known since last week.. that’s all he talks about”
Jojo: “oh great he’s a liar”
Apparently Ashley knows who went through Franks stuff and told them she was going to tell Frank. Jojo wants to know when she’s going to do it. Britney tells her timing is everything. JOjo stresses she should do it soon time is kind of running out. Britney plans on talking to Boogie tonight she’ll let Jojo know how it goes. Britney tries to explain to her it’s hard to talk to people in private and that Britney is trying to get her the votes.

6:38pm cam 3-4 Shane and JOJO Watch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Jojo tells Shane about the talk with Frank and Britney. She mentions that Frank kept telling her he doesn’t get to vote this week and that he doesn’t control his teammates votes. Shane plans on going up to talk to Frank later tonight to make sure he knows he’s on board with Jojo and him teaming up. Jojo mentions that Janelle and Frank seem to be really close right now, she’s a bit worried. She thinks that Janelle will team up with whatever side gets the HOH.
Shane is suspecting that Ashley is a double agent she’s just hanging around them to get information and she passes that to Janelle. He also thinks that Ashley is just trying to get on their good side so if the impossible happens and they win HOH she’s not on their radar. JOjo seem to think that Ashley’s tears were real and there is no way she could of faked those, “even if she was a Actresses you can’t fake those tears”. Shane: “I don’t man.. I don’t know” (for the record Ashley’s tears could of totally have been faked here are some screencaps from it)
Shane: “I guarantee there will be a game set up tonight and that is what the HOH will be tomorrow” JOJO thought it was going to be a physical competition. Shane says no it’ll be crap shoot.

Jojo and Shane are a bit pissed that Britney isn’t doing more to save her. Shane points out that Britney hasn’t spoke with Boogie or Frank all day. Jojo mentions that Britney claims she’s going to but she’s waiting for the right time. Jojo brings up that Dan is doing all the work for Danielle, All she is doing is sleeping in the bathroom.

7:05pm Cam 3-4 Boogie, Britney, Dan, Ian, Shane, Joe Watch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ian says he saw Production working on the HOH competition in the backyard. He saw a exit light and heard someone say “Close the blinds”. Britney asks if he saw any TV’s. Ian: “no”
Dan suggests they talk about something non production related,.

Britney retells a story about going to a Arkansa Razorbacks game with Enzo and they were eating> Enzo asks her if all the people around them were from Arkansa. Britney explained to him that they were all people that went to the university. Enzo replied “Yo… It’s like the hills have eyes in here YO” everyone laughs (including me bring back Enzo yo get some grenades up in here) Boogie says he met Enzo in Vegas, “Funny as Sh!T”

7:26pm Have Nots Ian and Jojo Watch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

JoJo is campaigning telling him that she’s not going to target Ashley or Ian if she wins HOH. She points out how obvious it is that she wants to be in the game more Danielle. Ian agrees. JOJO adds that it almost brings her to tears to see Danielle not doing anything while she’s going around the house fighting for her life.

JOJO if I stay i’m going after Wil and Joe.. and if there was a replacement I’ll pop up Jenn.
JOJO: “I swear on my grandmother’s life I will keep AShley safe, She’s been the only one that has been true to me”
Jojo: “Joe and Wil are Ruthless they will back stab you to get what they want”

JOJO campaigns hard but it’s not going to work.

7:33pm Cam 3-4 Jenn, Frank and Boogie Watch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Jenn spilling everything about Ashley and her performance in the bathroom 2 nights ago. Jenn says that everything has been cleared up but she points out that Ashley has been going around telling everyone that Jenn over exaggerated everything. Jenn: “Do I look like someone that does that.. NO” Boogie thinks it’ll be alright a little bit of confusion is alright on the other side.

Boogie explains that Frank and him have been getting close with Shane and he thinks Shane will roll with them. Boogie: “The best case right now is if Shane wins HOH and puts up one of Janelle’s players.. I consider Shane like one of you three.. He’s super appreciative that we’ve offered him a deal and he hates Janelle so it’s win win for us”
Boogie doesn’t talk to Danielle very much he doesn’t really like her but he feels that Danielle is on the same page as them. Boogie tells her that winning HOH isn’t the smartest thing right now if they can get one of Janelle’s players out next week and have no bloog on their hands they are set.
Boogie: ‘By the way in the Diary room I call it the 8 is enough alliance.. because there are 6 players plus Janelle and me”
Frank: “at this point Wil and Joe are so annoyed at Ashley right now they will put up”
Boogie: “imagine this scenario the 3 boogie players and Danielle and Ashley.. one of you 3 are going to win ½ a million dollars.. Ashley and Danielle won’t be winning”

Boogie tells her they have nothing to worry about for tomorrow night, He recommends if the HOH comes between Jenn and Shane or Jenn and Danielle she should dump it. Boogie brings up how JOJO made a pretty good case to Frank earlier today when he was pretending to sleep, they’re not going to do it though.

Boogie’s prediction for the twist is that JOJO gets evicted, they play the HOH than right before the episode is over 1 of the the 3 evicted houseguests gets to come back.
Boogie: “They have to do something with Willie’s departure they have episodes to fill”

7:54pm Cam 3-4 HOH Boogie, Frank and Ian Watch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie tells Ian to dump the HOH to Shane or Danielle. Ian has no trouble throwing the HOH competition this week. Ian says that Shane is pissed and Wil and Janelle.. Ian will vote out JOJO this week. The 3 of them are all feeling very comfortable about their situation. Ian leaves, Boogie says that sometimes he forgets how young Ian really is. Frank thinks Ian has brought up some good points about if Wil and Joe winning the HOH

Boogie doesn’t think that DAn has been throwing the Coaches competitions he doesn’t see the point they all know Dan’s good he won a season.

8:18pm HOH Cam 3-4 Frank and BoogieWatch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!
Frank saying that Janelle has been talking made sh!t about Britney every chance she gets. Boogie: ‘Really! i didn’t know that.. we have to stoke that Fire”

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43 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn and Ian agree to Throw the HOH “JoJo made some valid points but she’s going home”

  1. It’s so funny to hear HGs who have no chance at winning competitions say that they will throw competitions.

  2. It’s funny all this discussion about what will happen you never know maybe Allison Grodner herself is probably saying ”oh shit, what am I going to do, how do I make sure all the weeks are covered we don’t have enough people/ what twist can I bring………” Maybe BB has a plan maybe they’re still trying to figure out what to do. And here we are thinking they have all this figured out..ha ha. Anyways I just want Shane to win HOH this week, he’s beginning to grow on me. I hate how they wanna take each other out, him and Frank. I would have loved an alliance of the two of them.

    1. same ole janelle, going to get played by boogie and dan, dan will end up being the one that gets her to make a dumb move, much like will

    2. I am not liking her as much as I did in her previous seasons. Maybe if she enters the game as a player, my feelings towards her will change, but right now, I am not impressed. Also, for some reason, she keeps doing this annoying baby voice in the diary room when she talks.

    3. I was excited to see her come back, but… she’s totally different this time and is acting out in a different way that’s not really pertaining towards her personality and her values for this game

    4. I think shes changed alot the first two seasons she was an under dog and a fighter and thought she could beat everyone I was shocked to see her say she’s to old to beat boogie and also she targeted floaters in season 7 and so far she’s been having her team float to the hoh

    5. Re: Janelle- I never watched her other seasons, but heard everyone speak so highly of her the last couple. I expected MUCH more. I am NOT a fan at all.

      My dream for tomorrows show is for Julie to say “Houseguests, there will be no eviction tonight”, and for Shane or JoJo to kill it in the HOH comp.
      Alas, that is just a dream. I fully expect production to set up HOH for Janelles team to win it since it seems like they are favored. (Kind of like how Brendon “won” Americas vote last year to compete to come back, when just about everyone was screaming for Dom to come back that I could see!).

      1. Just to disprove your “Production Conspiracy Theory”, I, for one, voted for Brenden to return. I didn’t want Dom. I have read many posts about Production directing everything in the house. The instances of predictions of what Production will be directing come true to about 5% of the time, not very conclusive.

        My conclusion is that when things go the way a person wants it is great game play and when it doesn’t go the way they want then Production has forced things to go the way they want it.

        I am open to be conviced otherwise. Please provide proof.

        1. LOL if I worked for CBS maybe I could give it to you!
          Entitled to think what you want, as will I.
          Even if I was a fan of Rachel and Brendan though, I would have to be blind to not see them getting a bit more advantage than others.
          But that was then, this is NOW…..let’s see how this plays out =)

    6. It looks like she isn’t any smarter, and going to get played by Boogie again. I hope not, but thats what it seems at this point. She hasn’t even made an attempt to speak with Shane at all. She should be trying to recruit him to take out Frank at this point, and then attempt to take Shane out the following week when he cannot play for HOH. She seems to be too busy baking cookies and trying to appease Dan and Boogie and Brittany bashing to plan ahead. She also seems to know that she is not really leading her team anymore, but makes no attempt to put a bandaid on their problems. Just thoroughly disappointed in her so far this year. She is riding on her past reputation, and not bettering it.

    7. Same as every other season she’s been in:

      Arrogant, Vindictive, Under-handed, Mean (especially to other women), and pretty much skanky.

    8. I’m with the majority here.. I’m not a huge Janelle fans this year, I did like her in 6/7 Having listened to hours of her conversations I find her as fake as everyone is says. Maybe she was like this in 6/7 I don’t know I didn’t watch the feeds as much back then.

      Any 6/7 feed watchers want to chime in on this

      I hope there’s a blow up between Boogie and Janelle this week.

    9. janelle comes across as fake like shes acting. she also seems very self concious not like when she was on the other seasons. she doesnt seem like shes having fun just going to the motions so she can get the money and get home. I agree that when shes in DR she talks like chrissy from 3s company but in house every thing is swear words and voice drops to barotone

  3. Someone help me out here please. What did Dan do in BB10 that made him a good player? From watching this season, he clearly is, but I don’t remember him doing anything special in BB10.

    I remember Janelle, being ultra loyal and competitive. Also, exploding at any moment, and having little gameplay skills.
    Boogie, everyone remembers.
    Britney was awful in season 12, but she was so fake that I guess you can give her credit for it.

    1. Dan was a good social player and won a few comps he started the renegades alliance with Memphis he had Ollie throw hoh and then backdoored him a few of my other fab Dan moments wa when he gave the renie April and michelle motivational speeches in a endurance comp and at a vetovmeeting he made everyone say out loud who they wanted him to put up to make everyone mad at each other

  4. this is gotta be the most stupid dumbest most retarted group off bb players ever,i cant believe how boring and stupid this people are,there just stupid stupid stupid,lol but serious its almost unbearable to watch.

  5. No, no, no! Considering Boogie is a “genius” at this game he is so unbelievably stupid this week I just don’t understand… If one of Janelle’s players (or Danielle) are HOH next week Frank is out of this house no questions asked, he will be backdoored. Shane will even turn on Boogie as well (I think he would nominated Wil+Frank), the way I see it Boogie has Ian and Jenn facing Wil Ashley Joe Danielle and quite possibly Shane in the HOH 2 vs 5. If Boogie keeps Jojo then Shane will also be loyal to him and it will be a 4 vs 3 in the HOH in favor of Boogie.

    Coaches are under thinking this season and players aren’t thinking at all.

  6. People keep saying that Boogie played Janelle on Allstars. I don’t see that. Will played Janelle, and she got him back. Boogie played Erica. Much easier to do than to play Janelle. Boogie was first player on jury (correct me if I am wrong) in season 2. He never would have made Allstars if it hadn’t been for Will. Janelle blew the last competition and that’s why she lost. When Boogie named the last evictee, it was a no brainer that he would beat Erica. I don’t think he’s that great a player. He’s better than Brit, about the same as Janelle, and not in the same league as Will or Dan or Danielle R.

    1. Boogie is playing the game the hardest out of everyone, even though Dan was dealt a bad hand. Him and Dan are easily the most strategic in the house. Janelle is an mentally-stable version of Rachelle, I’ll take Janelle’s fakeness anyday over that horrible excuse for a human being. BB better make it up to Britney for casting an obvious gutter character; why the hell did they need to pull from an unstable hick family that has already made too much off of their circus act on TV?

      With that said, this is still the most tolerable season since Dan’s.

    2. @Chloe. I agree.I also don’t understand why some people on here,keep saying that Boogie played Janelle on All-Stars(season7).Dr.Will played Janelle.I completely agree with this,” He’s better than Brit, about the same as Janelle, and not in the same league as Will or Dan or Danielle R.” Dr.Will,Danielle Reyes(season3&7)and Dan(season10)are the only people in my opinion,that has played the best strategic and social game.

  7. I can not believe the way this game is being played. Frank should have gone last week and now he is HOH. They need to get rid of the strong players like Frank, Shane, JoJo, Wil, Joe. They all have agendas or they are devious. It does not make sense to me, why they are holding on to these people. They keep having chances to get them put and they don’t. Floaters are easy to vote out in due time. These people need to get their act together, screw these coaches.

  8. it would be nice if just one player would dig deep and find a set of balls somewhere even if they had to borrow them and actually think for themselves for once they only have to listen to their coach give them advice they don’t have to do everything they tell them to. hopefully shane will win hoh and actually make a decision by himself and put up frank and wil.

  9. janelle is a evil bitch..shes on feed right now trying to start shit with danielle and jo jo…i wished willie would have shoved that pork in her fat pig face.

  10. At this moment Janelle is being a little bitch and telling Danielle everything JoJo has ever said about her (nasty stuff)….JUST BECAUSE JANELLE IS “BORED”.

    Say what you want about Wille, he was dead on, Janelle is a C***.

  11. Dan admitted to throwing coaches competition in the diary room. Dan is supposed to be a coach in real life, but he sucks at it in the BB house. Boogie who I believe has no experience coaching is doing the best job as a coach.

  12. Janelle is so evil for making up lies to get Jojo and Danielle to fight for their own amusement. Go team Jojo

  13. karma’s a bitch janelle and so r u and it’s gonna come back and bite u in that big fat ass of yours, real nice and classy of u making danielle feel like shit can’t wait until you’re out the door.

  14. if u wanna confront her so bad janelle then quit talking about it and go do it or r u scared of her, anybody can talk shit but i guess u r all talk though, such a hypocrite, how much shit has she talked about britney and jojo what a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be awesome if word got back to jojo and on her way out she knocked janelle’s teeth down her throat. so classless on janelle’s part making danielle feel self conscious now.

  15. Janelle is really fake. I really hope that Shane can really build up a solid alliance this next week to go after her team..and JOJO..haha..i hope she does go out with a bang tomorrow bring some excitement back in this season!!

    1. Production should encourage Jojo to have a verbal altercation with Janelle by telling Jojo about Janelle making up these lies about Jojo.

  16. @Simon. Enzo replied “Yo… It’s like the hills have eyes in here YO” everyone laughs (including me bring back Enzo yo get some grenades up in here). As soon as I read what Enzo said I bust out laughing.He had me laughing almost the entire season.They should have brought back Enzo over Britney.I don’t recall Enzo being played by three guys the entire season,but that’s exactly what happened to Britney.Lol.

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