Joe says he’s going to give Jojo her Cig’s back because he isn’t going to vote for her.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

1:50pm Jojo is talking to Britney in the bathroom. Jojo talks about how she realizes she is going home and says that sometimes you just have to accept that something’s are out of your control. Britney gives her a hug. Jojo starts bringing up Willie again and Britney tells her that she is tired of talking about it.
Shane and Britney are in the arcade room talking. Shane says that Danielle came to him and told him that she would be more loyal than Jojo. He says he doesn’t know and then asks for Britney’s opinion. Big Brother cuts the feeds to TRIVIA. When they come back, Britney is speculating if she gets to choose a player to come back.. she wonders if she should choose Kara. Shane says yes, Kara knows both Jojo and I voted for her. Britney tells Shane that he and Jojo have been clicky this week and that its hurt him. Britney says that Jojo being stingy with a $6 pack of cigarette is bad for her. Britney says its BS that she is down two players this week. If you win HOH this week it will turn this house upside down. Shane says that if he does he will nominate Joe and Wil. I told Frank he is safe which I think was a good idea. And if it comes down to the POV hopefully they throw it to me. Britney tells Shane to move back into the shadows if he doesn’t win HOH this week. Britney asks him if he has been studying. Shane says yes, every night.

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2:10pm Jojo tells Ashley in the storage room that they have just handed Frank the $500,000. Jojo wishes Ashley good luck and tells her that they need to gang up and fight to get Frank out. Jojo starts complaining that she didn’t get a hug from most people after she was nominated. Britney comes into the storage room and says that Joe and Frank are talking about someone in the living room. Ashley tells Jojo that the reason they want you out is because the are a bunch of b*tches … because they are scared of you. Jojo says that she knew being a strong player would make her a threat. Meanwhile in the living room, Frank and Joe wonder what will happen if next week Dan wins the coaches challenge and then saves Danielle. They says that then they won’t be able to nominate her up if they win HOH. Joe tells Frank that he needs to go have a talk with Jojo. He says that he is going to tell her that he has to give her back her cigarettes because he isn’t going to vote for her. Mike and Frank think Jojo might let him keep them. They talk about how Jojo has been nice and helping out because she thinks she is coming back.

2:40pm Ashley then goes to the arcade room and tells Janelle about her conversation in the storage room with Jojo. Ashley says that the guys are getting really cocky. Janelle says hopefully you win HOH this week. Ashley says that she is worried that if Joe wins HOH he won’t nominate Frank. Janelle says that Frank has watched every single episode of Big Brother, he is strong, has a great personality and he is physical. Shane hasn’t even watched a single episode of big brother, he was scouted by a modeling agency to come on here. Janelle says that she is tired of the guys thinking the can run the house and talk sh*t about all the girls bodies. If they said something about me eating half a muffin I am going to lose it. You need to win HOH. Ashley says that it only takes one day to get brainwashed in this house. They comment on how rude the guys are being and commenting on the girls weight. Ashley says sorry all the weight I gain goes to my tits and a$$.

3pm Mike, Wil, Britney and Frank dig into some pizza’s before the live show.. The others are still getting ready and doing their make-up.
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50 thoughts on “Joe says he’s going to give Jojo her Cig’s back because he isn’t going to vote for her.

  1. Predicatable, Boring Season……. Dan is my favorite player of all time don’t get me wrong but why would you leave a guy in this game that has already played one of the smoothest games in BB history and is likely to win it again (even with one player) this is how Survivor always turned out when they brought the strong players to the end.

  2. Good Afternoon & Welcome to special live eviction edition of Big Brother. We are almost three hours away for live eviction. Plus the third member inductee into the Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012. Before they do, let’s recap one more time:
    1.Team Britney (3-3)
    2.Team Mike Boogie (2-4)
    3.Team Janelle (1-5)
    4.Team Dan
    Stay tuned for live coverage plus the stats,mentor standings & third member inductee into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

  3. AWWW YEA if all the weight she gains does go to her tits and bum then by all means ashley make yourself more hot

    1. Really? Ashley hot? I know everyone has their own tastes but she is the LEAST attractive girl in the gam (I don’t count Jodi as she was never really in the game) and that INCLUDES Janelle and her pig nose.

  4. I’m really sad that JoJo is going home. I think she’d be a great competitor. Too bad she dug her own grave with her social skillz.

  5. The guys are just too cocky right now cause they’re in power (except for Shane of course). Seeing Frank being buddy-buddy with Joe is sickening me like uuggh!!!

    why Shane wants to keep boogie’s player safe… uuugh!!! Like cant you read the house???

    I want to see Ashley or Danielle getting HOH this week… I would love to see how Boggie will start to kiss their ass…

  6. i hope if some1 comes back it’ll be jojo then if she can she’ll win hoh and kick frank’s ass out of the house she would gladly walk him out the door

    HERE”S HOPING JOJO COMES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  7. The girls in this house (except JoJo) are even bigger SHEEP than what Boston Rob had on survivor. Ashlee., Joe and Wil are still taking YOU down even if you didn’t vote for JoJo and will still HATE you. Chicken George could beat the girls in this house when it comes to a game plan. BRIT, your FIRED.

  8. Well this time around, it isn’t the big surprise on who is going home, but more so who will win the HOH. It I have a gut feeling that another twist with the coaches is going to be announce since they didn’t get the payoff of the “trade twist.” If people do stick to their word, it would look like Frank has the greatest chance of sticking around for the week and honestly, I think Boogie has been the best coach, so far. He has got Frank on the fast track to playing a great social game. Who do you guys think would be the one to really flip the house upside down with an HOH win?

    1. I read that they asked Daniele (BB8) and Rachel to be coaches but both of them turned the offer down in hopes of returning for All-Stars. Britney originally turned it down as well, also hoping for All-Stars…and then she was informed that there was no way in hell she would be an All-Star LMAOOOOOO.

  9. I’m getting a bit annoyed with all the coaches criticizing Brit for not being able to control her team. Really? WHO could control Willie? He proved he had a dangerous temper when crossed – is Brit a match for that? And, JoJo? JoJo doesn’t stop talking long enough to hear anything anyone else says. I think that they should have provided the coaches with ways to discipline their wayward players – they could have had something where they got put in solitary with slop (like they did with Shelly) – something to give the coaches some control. Dan criticizing Brit takes they cake. 1) He is an experienced coach in real life and 2) he had all girls. I’d like to see how any of the coaches would fare with either Willie or JoJo. That’s why they were all so nervous over last week’s coaches challenge – no one wanted the responsibility of Willie!

    1. Yes but brit is the one that chose Willie in the end and wanted to make that decision. She really hasn’t done too much in either season to impress me

      1. like she knew willie was going to be a loose fucking cannon..this blaming brit and her team for willie is bullshit. willie a grown ass man. he had a temper..what was she suppose to do hit him in the head with a frying pan.

        1. Hey that’s an idea – can’t you just picture Brit chasing Willie around the house waving a big ol frying pan over her head! LOL

      2. Team brit mayne..hope shanes wins tonight..that whole team just been picked on and plunked for dead..bye boogie ugly ass and janelle fat ass teams. Hope dan comes back and wipe them all out.

    2. Really Cruxin? If she can’t coach, she shouldn’t have come on. Strong competitors have strong personalities. What kind of coach sends their player to the other side when they are pissed? She should have been talking to him about trying to redeem himself and winning the POV. And having their team turn there back on him? Kicking him when he’s down is not a good coaching technique, to me. She blamed him for everything when her and Jannelle encouraged him to put up Frank to begin with. Then blames him for all the fallout. He did screw up, no doubt, but coach Britney was too busy having her own pity party and not coaching. (in my opinion)

      1. …got to give Britney credit today, she did insist on 10 seconds with JOJO today. Brit should have told JoJo to stop the F**in interupting when other are trying to talk on day one! Too little, too late, Brit!

      2. There is a difference between a strong personality (aka someone like Rachel) and a ticking timebomb. Go back and watch some of the conversations Brit tried to have with Willie after he went off the deep end. I think that at one point tho, she became afraid of him. When you are coaching and you have a player that is hampering the team, you bench them. Exactly how was she to do that? Also, when you have a distruptive influence, they get dropped from the team as they poison the well.

  10. jojo is truly intent to continue talking trash all the way back to whatever dumpster in staten island she crawled out of and she wonders why people don’t like her or can’t stand to be around her. i understand it’s kind of a foreign concept to her, but that girl needs to get some class. and ashley and janelle annoy me so much, they’re so catty and fake it’s ridiculous and they’re “best friends” with whoever, in their minds, holds the most power in the house at the moment…such floaters.

  11. I really don’t like when HG’s say that they “deserve” to be in the house. Especially, in the first few weeks. Like how can JoJo proclaim that she shouldn’t be leaving? People keep saying she would keep things interesting, but she has a horrible social game and no one likes her. She would be a continuous target.

  12. please please please please a twist… and a GOOD ONE.. it is PAINFUL to watch right now………………..

  13. My jojo has been strong and I’m so proud of her! #teamjojo!!! I hope to god she doesn’t come home! I wana see there faces when she walks back in the house and tears some shit up! Let go Jo its time to get dirty if u walk back into the house!

    1. Jojo needs the time off. Her rep is not good right now because of all the lies that have been flying around. She needs the HGs to get pissed at someone else and then return with a better social game.

  14. Just tweeted by Julie Chen

    Hey #BB14 fans! I’m announcing a BIG game-changing twist on 2nite’s LIVE show. Who do you think is going home? See you at 9pm

    1. Saw it, maybe they have it so they cast the votes then say JoJo really isn’t evicted? Or the teams get shaken up? Idk.

    2. I am pretty sure Julie did not tweet it but BB production did but whatever we all know there will be a twist

    3. Well. I wonder how “BIG” it will really be….player swap?…the door is locked and JoJo stays and competes?….. coachs added to game?…. America votes on houseguest returning… a special power to HOH?? …I just hope it’s something that works this time and brings some excitment..the last twist failed.

    4. LOL..or maybe players can choose their own coach…everyone chooses Dan and Boogs, Brit and Meanelle leave!!

  15. JoJo should give them 4 packs. That should be enough for them to develop a habbit. They’ll be dying when they run out.

    1. Janelle, Joe, JoJo, Ashley, Frank and Willie all smoke this season. Ian has smoked a few smokes. I think Willie and JoJo are the only ones bright enough (which really goes to show how dumb the others are) to bring lots of cigarettes though. I remember Janelle begging for smokes in season 6. I think the rest of them brought in too little, smoked them too fast, and shared them too readily. I smoke and if I was going into the Big Brother house (a stressful/boooooooring environment) I would bring enough cigarettes to smoke so that I would never run out. Like 10 cartons or something. Cuz production won’t buy them more (unless you are evel dick.)

  16. There wouldn’t have been a game changing twist this week, if one player hadn’t got expelled and another evicted. They would have saved it for next week.

  17. Britney sucks. Jojo isn’t a prize but, she is on the block & knows she is going home. Jojo knows she only has two semi-friends in the house, Shane and Britney. No matter who you are, you would be devastated to think you left your home, friends, job family, and are getting tossed out on national television. Jojo was just venting hours before losing her chance at 1/2 a million. Brit says to Jojo, “I’m tired of talking about it”. Wow, what a total bitch. I wish the players were voting to evict one coach tonight.

  18. Wow, Big brother is like prison, Joe will F*** someone for two packs of cigarettes.

    Hoe (I did not misspell his name.) is out he door next week unless Wil , Ashley or Hoe win HoH.
    He has done enough crap talk to earn him a nomination. Put him up against Wil, see what happens.

    It is strange I am still apathetic about who go’s and stays this year… I do not even dislike someone
    enough to hope they get evicted. No villains and no good guys. I was hoping Jenn would become a Nakomis,
    Shane would become a Jeff to Danielle’s Jordon… why has JoJo not become this years Rachael or Frank turned
    into the Evil Dr Will for Boogie. Ian isn’t even a Matt and Wil isn’t even a Bunky let alone Regan, Marcellus or The Other gay Will.
    I had hopes… I still have a flicker of hope.

    JoJo please come back and turn the house Psycho Crazy Good time up on it’s A**

    P.S. Janelle can not complain too hard about the lack of Girl Power considering that her and her alliance spear headed
    voting out Kera (to piss off Willie) and trash talk every girl in he house, just saying, hypocrite.

  19. Before everyone gets too excited about JoJo staying, BB wouldn’t be THAT blatant about undermining this HOH. At least last year, Brendon had to compete to be allowed back in the house.

    And don’t count on a comp that allows someone back in the house unless BB is really gung ho about only having two people compete to return. Jodi wasn’t sent to sequester so the possibility of her coming back to even compete to get back is slim.

    Personally, I hate the idea of an evicted house guest getting a second chance but this season is going to need it.

  20. Didn’t Dan loose two players in 1 week as well? I am so sick of Britney whining and crying about it so much about it. Dan didn’t. I really am not a fan of this mentor theme this year. I really hope next year they just bring in all new people and let them play with no interference from previous house guests.

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