Ian says he misses math. Britney says oh good Ian finally misses something.

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

9:50am When the live feeds come back from waking up the house guests. Shane and Jojo are up, they change their batteries and they head to the bathroom. Frank and Mike are up in the HOH room packing up their things. Frank asks Ted if he is sleeping in this morning. The other house guests are slowly getting up and getting ready for the day. Mike, Frank and Jojo are sitting in the living room talking. JoJo starts talking about Willie, she calls him a sociopath and tells them that he brainwashed her. JoJo tells then that she may be a physical threat but she isn’t the smartest person. Meanwhile in the bathroom Ashley and Danielle are getting ready. Danielle comments that Jojo is in the living room talking about her. Ashley tells her that it doesn’t matter, you are safe.
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10:30am – 11am Mike and Shane are talking in the living room about the HOH practice game in the backyard. Shane comments on how Ian was getting pretty good. Mike says that the real one will definitely have a bank shot on it. Mike starts doing stretches on the living room floor. He then heads into the kitchen. Mike, Ian, Joe, Wil, Britney, Ashley, Jenn and Frank are in the kitchen talking and eating breakfast. Britney tells Wil that she had a dream about him last night where they were trying to kill each other with weapons. Wil says that he wishes he had that dream he says in his dream he was trying to solve a math equation. Ian comment that he misses math. Britney says oh good Ian finally misses something.

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11:10am Ashley comments on how once you get a spray tan from her you will never go anywhere else. Mike yells Oh boom, boom, boom. She explains that she has the best product that you can only get when you sign up through this company. She says their machine sucks, but she just bought her own off ebay for $300. She tells Britney that she should just go on ebay and get her own machine and do her own spray tans. Two seconds later she says oh maybe I shouldn’t be telling people that…

11:30am In the living room, Frank, Ian, Ashley and Britney are talking about the HOH competition. They discuss how they think it will be a one shot deal to hit it in. Ian talks about how he was starting to get pretty good at it. Britney tells Ian that if he gets HOH this week, she would be happy for him. She says that her next week is going to be pretty rough. The conversation turns to talking about college versus high school.

11:50am Big Brother tells the house guests they are on an HOH room lock down. All the house guests head up to the HOH room and find a place to sit or sleep.

12:40pm The House Guests are still on an HOH lockdown. In the mentor room, Mike, Joe, Britney, Ashley and Britney are talking and joking around. The conversation turns to winning the lottery. Janelle says that if she won the lottery she would give each one of her relatives a cool million dollars. Britney and Mike joke that she should make them all play a miniature big brother game in her backyard for the money. Janelle yells it’s time for the veto competition! They all laugh laugh and say that Aunt Sallie would be the wild card and that someone would offer their cigarettes and then take them back. (Making fun of how Jojo offered Joe her cigarette for his vote and then took them back.) They talk about how Shelly and her family were threatened by Jeff fans and the FBI got involved. They also talk about the Jeff / Dumbledore scandal.

1:10pm Ashley wonders if there will be no Pandora’s Box this season because the mentor’s room used to be that room. Britney says that she doesn’t know. They talk about how they could still do it .. Big Brother then cuts the feeds to TRIVIA.

1:40pm HOH lock down is over. All the house guests are down stairs getting ready for the live show and eating.

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41 thoughts on “Ian says he misses math. Britney says oh good Ian finally misses something.

  1. Dawg or Simon, If you haven’t already heard, sent you. Tweet about Willie being arrested for drunk driving via TMZ

  2. Good morning Big Brother Fans.

    Today, someone goes home. Then someone or more than someone comes back.
    I counted weeks, without judges joining the game. and there will be six left jury starts next week.
    Unless, One or two come back.

    1) Who do want to see return?
    2) Who do you think will return?
    3) Will it be Americas Vote? Competition? From the winner of the next Coach Competition?

    Or will all three return with a New All Star Coach?
    4) Who would you want to return as the New Coach?

  3. Good Morning & Welcome special live eviction of Big Brother 14 Highlights. Let’s take a look at mentor standings (Live eviction).
    1.Team Britney (3-3)
    2.Team Mike Boogie (2-4)
    3.Team Janelle (1-5)
    4.Team Dan (0-6)
    Right now, Team Dan is getting ready to throw a towel or JoJo will go home with 1 player remain. Also, let take a look at the tales of the nominees
    -0 HoH win
    -0 PoV win
    -1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition
    -2 HoH Participate Competition
    -1 PoV Participate Competition
    -2 Nomination on the Block
    -1 Survival eviction
    -0 HoH win
    -0 PoV win
    -1 Have/Havenot Participate Competition
    -2 HoH Participate Competition
    -1 PoV Participate Competition
    -1 Nomination on the Block
    Prediction:JoJo evicted 5-1
    Stay tuned! Plus, the results of the stats, mentor standing & Third member inductee into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012 After the results of live eviction & HoH Competition. Stay tuned!

    1. Continue:We are back of special live eviction edition of Big Brother 14 Highlights. Let’s review the scenario of Danielle vs JoJo
      Scenario 1 (Whole House Majority)
      JoJo evicted 5-1 leave 1 player remain
      Scenario 2 (Whole House flips)
      Danielle evicted 4-2 with knockout Dan in the game
      Scenario 3 (Split vote)
      Frank decided vote either Knockout Dan or 1 player remain.
      Stay tuned for live eviction of Big Brother 14 Highlight.

      1. Additional:Plus let’s review the two inductee member of Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2012
        -The Four Horsemen Alliance (Jase,Drew,Cowboy & Scott:BB5):Diane (Candidate for Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2013) & Nakomis (BB5 & BB7)
        -Zingbot 3000 (Celebrity wing:BB12 & BB13):Inducted by Rachel (BB12 & BB13),Daniele (Candidate of Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2013),Jordan (BB11 & BB13),Matt (BB12) & Ragan (BB12)
        Who will be the third inductee? Will find out after Live eviction. Stay tuned!

  4. This is how much I can’t stand Creepy lying Joe, He frickin doesn’t know what tapioca is and assumes it’s a protein.
    As a “chef” he should know it’s a starch with absolutely ZERO protein. (I’ve said my piece, I feel better now)

  5. I was thinking someone will re-enter when each coach has at least one player gone. Or, if there are four players eligible to come back in, they do a comp and the winner gets to choose their coach as long as the coach doesn’t have a full team.

    Maybe BB should stop trying to out-twist itself.

  6. whats does everyone think..
    A) we find out about the twist tonight and it goes down next Thursday
    B) we find out about the twist tonight and it goes down Sunday/Wednesday
    C) We find out about the twist next Thursday
    D) Dawg
    E) Other

    1. I feel it will be Twist next Thursday. The reason is that the “twists” tend to either last 3 or 5 weeks in the games. For example, last season the “gold key” twist ended after week 3 or in season 5 they revealed Nakomis and Cowboy to be bro/sis at the end of week 3. Week 3 in season 6 was when Julie Chen confirmed all the players to have a person they came in the house with. In BB11, the “clique” safety ended in week 3. In BB9, the partners ended in week 3. Or for 5 weeks, for BB12 the saboteur would have been revealed in week 5 if this wasn’t the worst twist ever. In week 5 in BB5, they revealed the twins to be playing the game. Week 5 was the coup d’etat in BB11. Week 5 is usually when they bring someone back into the game if they do like last year or with Kaysar in season 6.

      SO, Big Brother twists usually end in week 3 or week 5. From the past, “safety” twists such as the cliques, or the golden key rule, or partner BB9 rule, tend to end about week 3. So, if next week they do anything…I would guess mentors become players after the 3rd week and their twist “safety” would end. Either way…I would expect something announced by Julie Chen tonight for next week.

      Just some BB 101 going on. (No…this is not Ian talking…but like him….have been watching since I’ve been 5.)

        1. Either tonight or Wednesday. If it is tonight, Julie will end with something like “And, a week from today join me as the houseguests are in for yet another twist….that they may or may not have seen coming. From outside the Big Brother house, I’m Julie Chen….goodnight.” ~plus, if the producers didn’t have the mentor-joining idea in mind…why would they show the whole segment of Britney on the main shows with her talking about it.

          If it is said on Wednesday, as the veto meeting is breaking up, the announcer will say something like, “Who will leave the Big Brother house? Houseguest 1? Or Houseguest 2? And when a new twist is revealed tomorrow night how will the houseguests react? Find out tomorrow night LIVE at 9PM/8C on Big Brother…” (the show fades)

    1. In my opinion they are good cast for the most part.. what is killing the excitement is the coaches and the one sidedness of the game right now. We need the teams to be shuffled up and/or Janelle’s team to go after Boogies team.

      I think Boogie is playing a very solid game however he is not mingling much with the other players like the others coaches are, I have a feeling this will hurt him in the end. If he losses Frank he takes a huge hit.

      This mix up will stir the pot a bit…
      Janelle – Shane, Joe, Jenn
      Boogie – Ian, Ashley, Danielle
      Briney – Wil
      Dan – Frank

      1. Maybe that’s what it is, Simon. I just find myself bored with this season so far. Almost to the point where I don’t want to watch, but I love Big Brother so much, that I can’t not watch. The only excitement was Willie and well, he’s gone. Maybe something exciting will happen soon.

      2. how would boogie lose frank?

        and say he did, why would boogie REALLY care? thats the coach problem here

        he can only influence so much, and if frank gets further going against boogie and his zero votes, then thats fine, boogie earns 100k if he wins

        1. If a coach can trade players.. so for example Dan wins a coaches comp and picks/trades for Frank resulting in Frank going onto Dan’s team. If Frank wins Big BRother 14 then Dan gets the 100K not Boogie.

          AS it stands now Frank is one of the strongest players in the house. losing Frank would reduce Boogie’s chances of having a player win BB14 and therefore reduces the chances of Boogie winning the 100K

      3. boogie doesnt mingle with other hg’s for VERY good reason

        hes the one who people watch, the one who if he randomly has a convo with joe or someone in the hot tub, people assume hes talking game, so his best move is to just not. he comes off as less of a threat just walking around quietly.

        so far, hes in complete control of this game, has dan in an alliance with him, and has all angles covered with jenn and ian. its funny to me that people think he could do more, if he did, he would be found out and or people on team janelle would get paranoid. realize a reputation in big brother as a liar and a throat cut type of guy, will easily turn something small into something big or calculating

        1. @TeamBoogie.You said,”so far, hes in complete control of this game, has dan in an alliance with him, and has all angles covered with jenn and ian.” As of now,what you’re saying is right.However,it looks as though if things stay the same,CBS/Big Brother ratings will continue to drop because the show will become predictable.I’m going to guess that most viewers won’t enjoy and continue watching it,if as you said,Boogie has complete control.This also apply to any of the house guests that seem to have everything going in their favor.In response to this,”how would boogie lose frank?

          and say he did, why would boogie REALLY care?” Simon already answered your question about the scenario of how Boogie could potentially lose Frank,and he also answered your second question.But I want to add Last week on the live eviction show.Julie Chen announced to the house guests that the coachs will have the opportunity to trade a player,if they win the coach’s competition,while Julie was saying this, Boogie had a scared look on his face.That is until Julie mentioned that the coach’s can’t trade and get Frank,because he’s HOH.Boogie said,”boo ya”(I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it)which made it clear that the possibility of Boogie losing Frank,scares Boogie.Therefore he does in fact care if he doesn’t have Frank on his team anymore.On a side note.Boogie’s out burst,also let it be known(I picked up on it.I’m not sure why the supposedly smart guy,Ian or Jenn didn’t ) that the only member on his team that he cares about is Frank.Which means that Boogie doesn’t give a crap about Ian and Jenn.If he did,then he would’ve still had a worried look on his face,after Julie said that Frank can’t be traded to another coach,because his other two players(Ian&Jenn)were not guaranteed safety from being taken off of Boogie’s team.This also shows that Boogie doesn’t care what happens to Ian&Jenn.He plans on taking Frank to the end.All the Janelle&Boogie fans,I’m sure you guys have nothing to worry about your favorites will make it to the end.

      4. trading players makes no sense though. for boogie to lose the players hes coached into this position, it makes all strategy pointless, and simply helps those who do absolutely nothing in the house

    1. I haven’t heard her bring up anything negative about Rachel.. The ranking for catty smack talk from the girls goes in this order
      1) Janelle 2) Jojo 3) Brintey (Janelle being by far the most week 2)
      Danielle, AShley and Jenn have nothing really cruel to say about the players however.

  7. Hey Simon, did you forget Jodi as last evicted houseguest? I post the scenario & keep disappearing?

  8. So if we assume that Jodi and Willie wont be comin back into the game, then we know they only have 10 players left, one was down last week and another one is down tonight, so 8 remain.

    i think the twist will be revealed tonight. if dont, then JoJo/Danielle will have to go to jury house. If so, we’ll know for sho Kara’s not going back.

    a new coach will be awesome. If Rachel pops out in the house with JoJo and Kara in her hands, I want to see their face and they’re gonna be like “oops! it’s day 1 all over again.” like what happened with Danielle last season when Brendon returned. it was hillarious!!

    or they could only have like 5 juries this season. But how sucks that would be!!

    but you know what i would love to see, trading players. i mean if they just keep goin on with that situation in the house,,, uuggh!! that bores the sh*t out of me.

  9. i have never really liked janelle but i feel like this season really makes me hate her even more. i can’t stand how she’s the first person to call someone else mean or a bully, but she acts that exact same way. she’s a 32 year old mother who sits around gossiping and trouble making like a hormonal teenage girl; she really needs to grow up.

  10. Simon are you ready for the traffic after the live show tonight? Chenbot will layout the Coaches challenge stakes and give us fuel for the comments. CBS will twist it up tonight!!

    1. I hope so.. live shows are always iffy but we’ve made some big improvements to the servers since last week. The problem is the site does not generate enough $$ to afford the equipment needed for the burst traffic.. at the very least the site will stay up but comments may be disabled for a bit..

      I’ll run the site with comments until it crashes then reduce it’s footprint.

  11. Just two comments…1) JoJo HAS to to tonight. Just listening to her has given me a headache. She just won’t shut up! Why haven’t the houseguests, in unison said “JoJo SHUT UP!!!!”..She is the Fran Dreasher of BB – Can we start calling her Nanny JoJo????? 2) Janelle is just evil. She is truly a mean girl. I hope she takes a hit next week – she needs to be taken down a few pegs. She and her big ass are not all that! No wonder people kept saying that Porsche from BB13 wanted to be like Janelle. Porsche was a mean girl and she grew her butt throughout the season!

  12. I feel like Frank is just getting cocky with his reign as HOH…

    does everyone feel the same way?

    I mean so what you win an A-B competitions, and there were like 4 or 5 questions thrown …

    Can’t believe JoJo beat his ass in POV comp. So hillarious!!!

    i want him out next week

    the only way this to happen if maybe Danielle wins HOH

    or Janelle’s crew gets HOH and Shane strikes again with POV

  13. While this week wasn’t nearly as intense as last week, Big Brother is still one of the best shows on TV. I just started watching it this season, thanks to a coworker at Dish, but I can already tell I’m not going to stop any time soon. I watched Thursday’s episode this morning with the Auto Hop on my Hopper, which skipped the commercials since it was recorded on PrimeTime Anytime, and got through the whole episode 20 minutes faster. I am so happy at what happened in the eviction and I can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

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