Big Brother Prison Rules JOJO: “Joe Swore on his kids… 2 Packs of Smokes for a vote”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Ashley Safe)
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie
Who is Safe this Week Shane, Frank and Ashley

3:24pm Cam 1-2 jojo and Shane Watch using Flash Back

they are worried that AShley is doing the same thing to them that she did last week.. Ashley has been telling them she will vote for them and at the last minute she will not vote for them. Shane thinks that AShley is really getting sick of Janelle, but he’s thinking Ashley still trying to play both sides and will screw them over in the end.

JOJO brings up how Wil acts like Janelle is a celebrity, “He’s stuck up her a$$” Jojo cannot understand why she’s not a celebrity she’s been on Big brother twice before and she never even won.
JOJO: “She’s just a regular person to me.. her personality makes her a ugly person”
Shane: “Maybe outside of this out she’s a nice person but I won’t give her the benefit of the doubt”

JOJO: “I wish Rachel was here.. She would give me some solid advice… Now I know how you feel girl.. I’m sorry I ever talked shit about her”
Shane: “Shout out to Rachel”
JOJO: “I respect how she played..

3:37pm Cam 3-4 britney and Dan Watch using Flash Back

Britney saying that Jojo is going home and she’s screwed, “I’ve lost 2 players in 1 week.. thanks Willie” She mentions how Dan was screwed during the first day twist.
Dan: “I Couldn’t even tell you Jodi’s last name”
Britney jokes the next HOH should be geuss the Jodi they send out Jodi wil 6 look a likes on a conveyor belt and they all try to guess which one is the real Jodi.
Britney says if Danielle goes home then the only players that can come back are Dan’s players. She thinks the numbers don’t add up for the season, unless there is a non eviction week and no double eviction something has to change in the game.
Dan : “I’m not counting on anything” he thinks the fact that Willie left will probably change what “they” (Production) do but he’s not sure what it is.

3:44pm Cam 1-2 HOH Janelle, Ashley, Jenn Watch using Flash Back
Jenn is explaining that Shane grew up in a very christian family so he never experienced many of the things that they all did.
Janelle says he never really talked to him much, She thinks he’s “Just looks” janelle does feel bad for him because after JOJO is gone the entire house is after him. janelle knows how this feels and it’s not a very nice feeling. Jenn adds that Shane is really into flipping houses and real estate so maybe bringing up a conversation about that will get him to open up.
Ashley leaves and Frank comes in and they start talking about things they want to sell on ebay. (Please people do not buy their eBay sh!t.. Frank and Janelle spend more time talking and planning the stuff they are going to sell on eBay when they should be playing the F****ng game.. )

4:07pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Ashley Hammock Watch using Flash Back

AShley apologizes to him for bringing up the final 2 accusations between him and Frank. She says she was feeling down and “You know me Loosey goosey”

Ashley asks him if everyone is still voting out Jojo, Ian isn’t’ sure but he thinks it’s going to be Jojo. Ashley: “Sounds good to me”. Ian: “I don’t see any good reason to keep Danielle”

AShley has something to tell him but he has to promise not to tell Boogie.. Ian is reluctant to promise her and is getting a bit worried.. AShley “just hear me out and promise you keep this between us” Ian wants to know if someone flipping. Ashley says that no one from their group is flipping.. she says that Shane and JOJO are trying to get the house to flip the vote. (JC people it’s 6 vs 2 you guys are running this shit who cares if Shane and Jojo can get a vote)

Ashley and Ian go on about how close ther 6 really is and how they don’t want the other side to know about it (what other side.. shane?)

Ashley is worried that Shane will win HOH and someone will win POV and she will go home. Ian is worried about that they are going down a scary road. Ian thinks that Shane will make an attempt.. Ian thinks that Shane is worth listening to. ian: “HOh will be a crapshoot so odds are our side are going to win it”
Ashley says that Shane is gunning for wil. Ian thinks that as a team they are in trouble if Shane wins HOH but as individuals they are pretty safe. Ashley doesn’t think Wil is trustworthy. Ian asks why. Ashley explains that Wil is getting super paranoid and she thinks he’ll stab her in the back.

Ashley: “I hope that Shane and Danielle don’t team up”
Ian: “I think at this point it’s a guarantee”
Ashley brings up that she likes Boogie but doesn’t talk to janelle too much because AShley feels that janelle will pick wil over her. Ian doesn’t think so.

4:26 Cam 1-2 HOH JOJO and FrankWatch using Flash Back

Jojo is saying that she messed up listening to Willie and now look at where she is completely screwed. Jojo feels like a food for sticking by Willie. Frank tells her not to be so hard on herself everyone makes mistakes. She would like to start by saying the rumor going around that she went through Frank stuff week one is a lie.. She’s not going to tell him who did it because she doesn’t know for sure but she wants him to know that there is people in this house (Janelle’s team) that are trying to sabotage her.

Jojo says that Shane is a loyal person and she’ll stick with him but she wants him to know that she’s got the passion and the strength to be a real asset to Franks game. Her and Shane will really benefit Frank. She mentions that she should have voted Kara out but she wanted to stay loyal to her team and that was a mistake. Kara didn’t do any campaigning her, Shane and Willie did it all for her.

Jojo adds that it’s hard to trust people in this house, she once trusted Willie and look what he did to her. She still trusts Shane and Ashley. If she stays this week her and Shane are up for teaming up with them and they will do all the dirty work for them..

JOJO brings up that Joe is going to give her his vote in return for 2 packs of cigarettes JOJO says that joe told her that if she stays him and Wil have her back. Jojo: “He swore on his kids that he was going to give me his vote for the smokes” Frank: “Prison Rules” She asks him if he would be up for a shane/jojo team up. Frank will talk to everyone and they will see what works best.

Frank says she’s got a lot of valid points and he’s not the type of person to force Jenn and Ian to vote but he’ll talk to them.

5:16pm Cam 1-2 Boogie and Dan Watch using Flash Back

Dan and boogie start talking about where Boogie would place the houseguests in one of his restaurants. boogie lists off the positions, Jojo hears what they are talking about and moves in to chat with them. She asks like Boogie is interviewing her and starts rattling off all her “skills” in the restaurant business. After she leaves Boogie slams her to Dan pointing out how insanely annoying she is. Dan asks boogie if he had to assign roles to the players like they are going into the war where would he put them. 

Foot soldiers (meat shields) Jojo, Jodi, Jenn
Sniper: Wil, Jojo
Joe: General (The way he leads us into a meal he can lead us into battle) 
Medic: Danielle

Boogie doesn’t understand the military roles he asks Dan to designate the players into a football team. 

Linebacker: Joe
Safety:  Wil 
Short side corner: Ian 
field side corner: JOJO
defensive lineman : Jodi
tight end Janelle
Short side receiver Britney 
Fullback: Willie
Slot receiver: AShley 
Guard: Dan

5:27pm Cam 3-4 Chessboard Frank and Janelle Watch using Flash Back

Janelle asks him what he would do if the coaches enter the game. Frank says he likes Dan and Boogie as coaches but as players he can’t trust them. He would try and get Dan and Boogie nominated as soon as possible. Janelle thinks that Frank will have a hard time getting people to put up Boogie and Dan. Frank isn’t worried he thinks he can convince the house. Frank jokes that he can convince them to put up Janelle. *frank is smart in this game yet really DUMB at the same time. 

Frank isn’t really sure the coaches will come in.. he doesn’t think it will be fair because the coaches were safe for the first couple weeks and to have them drop in would be tough. He also knows the coaches have been privy to their teams strategies which means they would have to completely change their games up. 

Janelle will be pissed if they come into the game, She claims she would have never come on the show if they had a chance of playing.. she feels because of her age she can’t “bring it”. Frank thinks that janelle is the strongest girl in the house. Janelle disagree says that AShley will be a BEAST in physical competitions.Frank does not think so he’s seen her work out before and he doesn’t think she’s a very physical person, “She works out like a old lady”. Janelle reminds her that AShley does a lot of yoga and is light. 

Frank: “I don’t think the coaches are coming back in.. it’ll screw up my game” 

AShley joins them 

5:55pm Cam 1-4 Dinner

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90 thoughts on “Big Brother Prison Rules JOJO: “Joe Swore on his kids… 2 Packs of Smokes for a vote”

  1. I’m really getting tired of Brit blaming Willie for everything that’s happened. She is as much at fault for her team than he is. And it’s very convenient for JoJo to be scrambling for votes now. I think it may be too late.

    1. I agree britney blaming willie is messed up. Yes, willie made mistakes and the HOH got to his head and he played way too fast BUT britney is his coached and she NON STOP kept telling willie how much he messed up and screwed them all. Before the fight with Joe Britney was in the kitchen bitching at willie again. He tried to talk to her and say yes i screwed up but i will try to fix it but she just kept on him. Its fine to tell him he screwed up but 20 times a day non stop made willie crazy. Anyone would of went crazy hearing non stop. Then they all gang up on him and call him bully, homophobic and then they all bullied him.
      Willie shouldnt have left and i think BB should of had both the guys sit down and talk as Willie said something to Joe , Joe said something back and willie ran after him to yell more and joe put his hands up to fight. Willie didnt gi after him with his hands up only joe did and willie only was in his face. WHY is joe still there when he put his fists up to fight?

  2. Frank saying nominating was never easy as if he has done it before. Boogie with the chilltown t shirt he needs to let that go. maybe change it to illclown

    1. why let it go? it led to 500k for him, and 500k for his best friend. he also got a car out of that season, a plasma and other things

      my question is why do you hate the guy so much, all your posts are super negative. why does “chilltown” bother you so much. who cares. we all know hes a complete fool dressing up like a guy trying to fit in, in 1992. big deal, if anything its comical.

      1. He needs to let it go because Dr Will isn’t there and Frank is nowhere near the villain that Dr Will was. Boogie is a washed up bully. He tries so hard to bully Britney and others but they see right thru him. He has to remember that these people saw his game play and know how he rolls. He needs a new strategy but he isn’t smart enough to figure that out.

  3. Whyyyyy tf are they blaming Willie?
    So they wanted Willie to stay so that he could get evicted so that they could have a chance?
    Come on now.

    And the way that Frank is speaking to JoJo (on the show) is annoyinggg.

    As well as Janelle’s flip flopping self.

    Since when is she buddy buddy with Boogie?
    Oh yea, once his player becomes HoH.

    I feel like the team thing is a huge blow to this season because everyone is being loyal to their team ( playing for the coaches because as long as they play for their team, all 3 of then will be around, thus keeping the coach in the game ) instead of taking out people who will be hard to compete against in the future.

    This cast is playing with their emotions, not their brain & as a longtime fan of Big Brother, it’s pretty annoying to watch.

  4. I thought Willie wasn’t in the game. But, JOJO and JOE must think he still is? That’s all they talk about. Hell, I tell the other teams that YES, I talked to Willie and was on his team. But, HE’s GONE., get over it. JoJo., again getting BAD advice from Brit: She should have told Frank that it was Janelle and Joe that first said to put up Frank and that Willie didn’t want too. She should tell him that JOE is talking chit about him and went through his stuff. Got to create doubt on the HOH to save yourself and talk some sense into these dumb evictions so far. And Ashlee must be like Michelle (Jordan season) and just doesn’t remember anything she says to anyone. She just fell from my like list and that leaves only dawg.

    1. Absolutely. And Brit even has some blame for Willie’s outburst. She told him stuff that she should have known would get him worked up, a lot of it wasn’t even real, it was her paranoia. Her advice is not good. Last night she should have been with Shane and Jo Jo, helping them get ready to campaign for today. Jo Jo did the right thing by laying low the last few days, and last night her and Shane were planning and talking about how to get votes for her to stay. But where was Brit? She was drinking with the “enemy”. And now she tells Jo Jo not to give up the dirt on Janelle and her team. BAD ADVICE!!!!! The coaches have ruined the game. If there had just been newbies, Willie would never have aligned with Shane. They are so different. Joe and Wil also would probably have never aligned. They would have found their natural alliances themselves. I think it’s unfair the way the whole house hates on Jo Jo because she was loyal to Willie. Can any of them honestly say that they wouldn’t have done the same week one if they had the misfortune of having WIllie on their team? I say no. At this point in the game, some of them know that they will need to take out players on their own team, but none of them have the balls to actually vote differently than their team, so they are hypocrites, while Shane and Jo Jo are up front about their loyalty to Willie. Boogie and Janelle’s teams are stupid if they want to ride their final 6 deal to the end. If they keep Jo Jo, her and Shane are kind of like a 2 for 1 pizza. They have proven their ability to be loyal. They are two votes, one is a strong guy, and the other is one of the strongest females, people that could win competitions. Another thing is, with Brit’s performance and attitude, it wouldn’t take them much encouragement to abandon Brit as a coach and do what they please, which is much riper pickings that Danielle, who is just Dan’s chess piece. There are tons of reasons why both Boogies team and Janelle’s should have been trying to strike a deal with Shane and Jo Jo. I don’t know if Joe was sincere last night, but he seems to get it, even if Janelle doesn’t because she is still ranting about Willie.

  5. And why are they targeting Britney’s team only?

    Because of the situation with Willie?

    This entire cast is beginning to piss me off.

    It’s probably gonna end with Mike Boogie’s team vs. Janelle’s team so they can make it to be like some sort of redemption for Janelle.

    1. Because Janelle teamed up with Mike to make it 6 against 3. Why would they vote out their own? I don’t like Janelle or Mike but I see why they are doing what they are doing.

    2. I am so ready to see the house get stirred up. Joe needs to go…cause I can’t stand the way he yells instead of talks. Frank needs to go..cause I just don’t like him. Janelle as turned into a mean girl who tried desperately to cause drama between Danielle and JoJo and it failed miserably…all she did was hurt Danielle’s feelings. Too bad they can’t put coaches on the block….and why is it that the coaches can’t be made have nots????? Sorry but that is BS. Damn Willie why’d you have to go and screw up the fun????

  6. Fight jojo trying..but not gonna work…i think they are going to still vote her out.

  7. why does Joe scream in the diary room sessions? does he think it makes more of an impact as to the lame comments he makes

    1. Joe scream-talks everything! I hate watching BBAD when you’re trying to hear people talking game & he’s on the other side of the yard – all I can hear is him trying to overtalk somebody else!! Ugh – wish he’d gone up as a replacement player! LOL

  8. franks expression when shane won pov priceless and it cute the way brit jumped into that pool of whatever and hugged shane

    1. Yea, as much as she was annoying me with the references to Willie, I did smile when they hugged. It was so cute.

  9. dans tough love game is horrible he should be campaiging also (making deals with booger and jan) so him and danielle can stay instead he t ells her shes on her own. I like dan but his coaching is worse than brits

    1. totally agree. ive been saying that..he just accepts the fact that his team is falling fast..i have never heard him fight for his girls.. and hes mean to danielle imo

      1. he made her cry thats not cool even brit stuck with willie (up to almost the end) and even now she is there for her team. dan dan dan if she goes you go dont you remember ( i do like him as a person though)

        1. @jasonvoorhies. If you read the updates on this site,then you should be aware that Dan is campaigning for her.CBS didn’t show it on tonight’s show.Danielle is to sensitive and insecure,that’s why she cried off of what Dan said to her.

      2. Dan’s using tough love to get Danielle’s head into the game and Boogie and Dan have a semi deal to save Danielle. Danielle has to put up Janelle’s team for the favor if she wins HOH.

    2. Dan is campiagening for danielle he said that so she would to he has a deal with boogie because dan loves dr. will boogie wants to work with dan dan is a good spot

    3. he did make a deal with boogie. a solid deal. they are playing janelle and will go at her with numbers when kara returns to the game

  10. Mann, if only Frank would’ve stuck with Shane’s plan to backdoor Wil. That would’ve been an amazing move.. I mean, what’s the point of gettin rid of Danielle or JoJo, who are weak in comparison to Wil, who you’ve admitted was your competition.

    Idiots. I really dont get it -_-

      1. WOW? you mean you want boogie’s team member frank to fail? what a shock, tell us more we don’t know about your hatred for all things boogie.

        watch frank go to another team next week and become your fav houseguest.

        i guarentee if frank is nominated next week he wont go home. boogie will keep him with his ridiculous ability to keep people safe while on the block, he did learn from the best in dr will

    1. the last few years everybody is scared to show some balls..people just want to be sheep and tugged along. stupid fucking cast.

        1. Agreed, they could have shown some balls and stirred the pot by going against the house and voting Danielle out and keeping JoJo. But nooooo they’d rather lay low and do nothing. UGH. This season really has the smell of SUCKAGE!!!!! At least when Willie was there we knew there would be some fun and drama LOL.

      1. they seem to be casting this way. and having a lot of people who rarely watch reality tv shows, and seem totally clueless

        1. Lately they’ve only been casting models & people based on who they are related to, whether their famous or not.
          I’m willing to bet the majority of this cast has never watched BB a day in their life before being casted.

          As a matter of fact, people aren’t even casted now, they’re recruited ( ie. Shane, Kara, etc. )

          There’s kind of no point for people to even go to casting calls anymore. A waste of time really.

          1. when BB auditions were held here in mich (dearborn dans hometown) the ad was run in cl for actors to appear on BB) just saying the word actor was boldly put on there. (sheila said it too on her season that she applied under want ads that siad now hiring actors)

  11. Ok, I think I figured it out. (voting strategies although it is lame) this is a popularity contest !!!!!!! Not a game. Ugh, this season sucks big time.

  12. I guess it’s the price to pay when a person like MALIB-oogie is in the game. Mike is so lame, he reminds me so much of Jamie Kennedy’s character in the movie. He would be no one without Will, no wonder he licked the Dr’s balls in their season and took it up the ass. Sorry, I do not like mike. I had to vent.

    1. Dr Will carried him to the end. Somehow he misconstrued that into thinking he’s the best player ever.
      I guess he thinks that because he won.
      But what he doesn’t realize is that just because you won, doesn’t mean you deserved it or worked for it.

      (hint: Jordan)

      1. don’t attack jordan she had a great social game everyone voted for her to win because everyone liked her. physical isn’t everything social gamers win more often

        1. Could you Jordan lovers quit with the delusions?

          I could understand if she said that she was going to lay low, as if it was a plan or whatever but it wasn’t.

          She’s naturally a sweet girl and she was simply being herself. It wasn’t a social game for her. Jordan is not some great amazing BB player. She’s a sweet girl and that’s the only reason she won, because she practically did nothing all season, therefore stepping on no one’s toes, which is why she got the votes.

          That season was a vacation for her with a prize at the end, period.

          Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for her when she won, but in hindsight, I don’t think that she deserved it.

          1. i didn’t say she was amazing(i said dan was) but they didn’t ruin bb forever because of them the brought rachel on and she stired the pot i just plainly stating
            would you have prefered nasty nat won ?

        2. i get it about having a good social game..but if your gonna win half a million need to have some skin in the game and some blood on your hands it all goes hand in hand..i think it was because of jordan now we have lame ass players who want to be liked and not make any moves, and expect to just hide behind people..Jeff and jordon ruined BB FOREVER!!!!!! all the jeff and jordan freaks in 5…4…3…2..1

      2. except hes not freaking jordan. the guy dominated all stars season, he got himself off the block with 1, maybe 2 pov’s, he won a car, he won the final HoH over Janelle, everyone’s fav HOH Queen, so Im trying to figure out exactly how thats doing “nothing”

  13. There is literally no reason for Danielle to stay in this game and I’m afraid by the end of tomorrow’s episode she will be safe. The question is why? Wille left the game house guests! That’s what you wanted right?MOVE THE HELL ON. Look I get it Frank nominated Shane and Jojo because they didn’t vote for him to stay last week fine. I get it. However Shane won the POV fair and square, he takes himself off and you put up Danielle yet the house still wants Jojo out? They’re morons and the coaches know this and are capitalizing on it. Look Jojo is pretty annoying I get it but she brings a little more to the table than Danielle. Danielle is a carbon copy of Kara except maybe with a little better social game. Like Brittney said if Jojo leaves tomorrow it’s because it is 100% personal. The obvious move is to get Danielle out and Dan is gone too. Who gives a damn if one of them comes back into the game? Then you get them the hell out again. People like Ian, Ashley, Jenn, Joe, Wil I feel like they are all doing whatever the coaches want. Lord have mercy if one of them win HOH tomorrow. Personally I’m rooting for Shane he knows exactly what he is doing and if he wins HOH tomorrow it will be funny how many people will be kissing his ass. NOTE TO HOUSEGUESTS: This is YOUR game. NOT the coaches game. Stop being sheep.

    1. let’s see who would i rather compete against danielle or dan i gonna go danielle dan is the best player ever(dr. will close 2nd) and the off chance he’s
      dropped in i’d be teriffied i’d rather work with him because he is the best player ever plus danielle hasn’t had time to prove herself judge after they’re evicted

  14. You light a fire under your players and the will fight to keep going (dan’s strategy) that’s how real coaches do it that’s how my coach does it make them want to win

  15. Rachel giving solid advice. BWAHAHAHAHA. That’s funny as hell.

    When times were tough Rachel had an emotional breakdown and started crying so much so that a shrink had to evaluate her, while she was still playing the game.

    It was Brendon who gave Rachel solid advice and told her to keep on fighting when times were tough.

    Rachel is a good athlete I will give her that and her memory abilities and fitness helped her win (and production helped her as well), but she will not be a good coach for several reasons (1). She gets power hungry and starts fights with people instead of being diplomatic and (2). She draws too much of a target to herself by winning comps from the start instead of when she needs to.

    1. Rachel is so annoying but dare I say I kind of miss her.

      She would be a horrible coach though. Rude to her players when they don’t win, rude to other players when they do, getting emotional when she loses.
      She would be all over the place & would be a target on day one.

      But Atleast they’re would be some form of entertainment.

      The only entertaining coach we have now is Boogie & since I’m not at all rooting for him, it just comes off as annoying.

    2. Good points. Maybe though people think as a coach she’d be more inclined to give advice because she knows the mistakes she made in her game.

  16. If they do a fast forward 3 people have to come back into the game. In order for there to be enough people for them to have a fast forward and have the rest of the game go as scheduled, there needs to be 11 people after tomorrow’s eviction. Bringing back one player, or even two won’t do anything. They can’t bring back three players. To me the only thing that’s possible is for three of the coaches to enter the game. They need to get 3 more people one way or the other and I don’t see how else they are going to do it.

      1. I didn’t forget about Dick leaving, but last season started with 14, including Dick, two more than this season. This season lost Jodi and Willie, who were two of 12 players, without them being voted out in the traditional way. There was 11 people after week 2 last year and there will only be 8 this year, which is why I say they need to bring 3 more players into the game. It is true that last year had 2 double eviction weeks (weeks 7 and 9), but Brendon also came back into the game, as both weeks 5 and 6 started with 9 players. That is why I say if you were only to have one double eviction week, as most of the recent Big Brothers have had, then you need to have 8 players at the start of week 6. We are on pace to have 5 players at the start of that week, meaning 3 need to be added. You can look up the timeline from this season and all previous seasons on wikipedia.

      2. they did not replace him danielle played as 1 and got the golden veto or some shit like that either way dick wasnt replaced and no one was brought back

        1. Brendon was brought back. He was voted out in week 4 and then battled Lawon to see who would come back into the house, following Lawon’s eviction in week 5. Go on wikipedia and look it up. They didn’t bring anyone back immediately after Dick left, but Brendon was evicted twice, meaning that someone did come back in the same and there were the same number of evictions as they would have had if Dick had stayed in the game until the finale or being evicted. It’s all laid out just go and look it up.

    1. I keep hoping there will be a draft of new players that have been held in sequester up until now. It would breathe new life into the season. For a long time now I thought it would be a no brainer for production to have alternates in sequester just in case someone gets sick, or self destructs like Chima and Willie, but AG seems to do things on the fly and relies on her favorite has beens time and time again. If one of the evicted players comes back, I hope it’s Jo Jo. I would love to see her in HOH and watch the cockroaches kiss her ass for week.

  17. Who else is getting tired of Janelle talking about people working out. To her its however you work out determines your Big Brother playing skills. I think I’ve heard her say “boogie works out 3 hours a day” atleast 10 times from her. Now she’s starting on other players. Just stfu and let them play.

    1. Perhas that needs to be the new BB drinking game – everytime she brings up how much Boogie works out…. It is annoying – I mean if you’re that threatened by then stop making the cookies & go workout more yourself. Just saying…

  18. ah Janelle it’s not your age that would hold you back it’s the size of your azz. She is a lurch for sure!!!

  19. Are we watching the same show, he is campaigning. Danielle needed her fire lit n that im alone bullish is just paranoia setting in. If the fixer (AG), has her way its Janelle vs Boogie, if she lets it play out Dan will find a way. Sometimes i really hate this game but thanks to Simon & Dawg im full blown addicted.

    1. @GoGators4Lyfe. I agree.I basically said the same thing on another update.My mouth will drop,if Dan makes it to the end,because that would mean the producers have decided to not interfere with the game,and you know that’s not going to happen.Boogie is rich,I don’t think that Boogie would want to stay in this house for about 2 or 3 months(however long this show is).And risked all of his big talk about how he’s the best player.Just to make a fool out of himself, if he doesn’t win/make it to the end.I listened to Shane’s plan,that he told Frank.About back dooring Wil,then taking out Joe next week.Keep in mind,when I read about Shane’s plan earlier on here,that Frank told Boogie about Shane’s plan,and Boogie said that’s a dumb plan,and that Shane doesn’t know how to play the game.I thought Boogie was right.But tonight I was able to hear Shane’s plan,out of his own mouth.I thought it was a good bold strategic move.I think the reason why Boogie shot that plan down,has to do with production telling him(Boogie)and Janelle that if both of them agree to come on the show,then they(production)will do everything that they can in order to get the both of them to the end.Why else would Boogie have a problem with Shane’s plan?He would have Jojo,Shane,Danielle and I know Dan would help get rid of Janelle’s team.Isn’t Janelle’s players(Wil&Joe)a threat to Boogie?My point is,I have a feeling that I’m atleast 95% right,about this season being about Janelle VS Boogie,and that’s disappointing don’t understand why CBS doesn’t trust that they will still get ratings without them manipulating the game in favor of who they want to make it to the end.

  20. Simon you do a very good job of keeping us up-to-date on BB even though this is kind of a slow season…. Thank You!

  21. 1st, thanks simon and dawg for all that you do.
    2nd, I don’t get the feeds so don’t get to actually see these players all the time so only get to see the shows.
    With that said.
    3rd, Did I really hear Ashley say she wants a man that eats. If so, she just fell below Jordan on the smarts scale.

      1. Don’t think that was playing, that was in the diary room. Just wondering if I actually heard that right.

  22. to me, it’s a no-brainer (for boogie’s side at least): danielle needs to go. aside from the fact that she annoys me (jojo annoys me too), she’s a worthless competitor and her social game consist of desperate attempts to get in good with janelle’s players. i mean, get rid of one worthless player who sits around crying and complaining all day in exchange for two players who have proven to be fairly loyal (and resentful of janelle which is a plus for boogie’s people) and physical threats…that’s a gain of two votes and two physically inclined players at the expense of one player who reiterates constantly how smart she is and blah blah but lacks any useful skills in the game; in my opinion getting dan out would just be an added bonus to getting rid of danielle. also has anyone else noticed that danielle is really trying to go the distance with this whole “kindergarten teacher” story (today on the feeds she was talking to janelle about how cute the principal and gym teacher are)!!! i imean really, you’re a nurse, not an astrophysicist plus intellect (or in her case, alleged intellect) isn’t exactly transferable into the game of big brother, take bb 12’s matt who claimed to be a mensa member/have a “high iq” he was evicted seventh and bb12/13’s brendon who was working on his phd in physics he was evicted 3 times two of those times were consecutive evictions.

    1. I agree Danielle serves no purpose in this game. She is as useful as Kara would be if she was still in the game a.k.a. no help at all. Just another sheep along with most of the other house guests. I hope Jojo stays.

  23. why does everyone hate danielle please i would like an answer i think she is nice and friendly and has a good social game so far. and why does everyone like jojo

    1. actually they both r equally annoying!!! And worthless. More the reason Wil should have been nominated, Frank is a complete wuss!!!.. Hope Shane takes him out nxt week…Preferably w/ a backdoor nomination…

  24. this is in response to a comment that i read earlier today why does everyone always want to see the same people over and over again like evil dick who looks like a walking advertisement for rehab or jeff/jordan “barf” or jesse who was on 3 years in a row counting his pandora’s box appearance in season 12 or rachel i mean do u really wanna hear her on there again crying and snotting all summer about how all the other girls are prettier than she is and how everybody hates her “i wonder why” don’t u think it would be nice to see some new blood without any vets showing up so maybe we can see some new great players emerge, a little off topic now dan may have been a great player in his season but he absolutely sucks as a coach he’s talking about how bad britney is hmmmmm how many players does he have left now plus he threw the coach’s competition that he could have save kara with if he had won so he’s the reason that she was evicted what kind of coach doesn’t protect his players and also boogie or dan wouldn’t have been able to control willie either i don’t care what anybody says willie said it himself he wasn’t going to listen to anybody, lastly if allison grodner insists on bringing back people who have played before every year then i would like to see a big brother redemption house next year like survivor had redemption island they could go back to season 8 the year after all-stars and bring back the first 2 evicted houseguests from each year to this year for a total of 14 players, it would be people that have played before but who maybe got a raw deal and now have a second chance like some people who have either won before or at least went far in the game who have had the chance to play again.

  25. wow the person on here known as teamboogie has got some serious issues. I have been reading his posts and if you say anything about booger ( or his team) he practially accuses you of being unamerican. (or uncanadian) I am glad I am not that serious over the BB show or cast on BB.
    This is a fun site but some of these die hard fans are like trekky fans on here. jeezzzzzz their whole lives revolve around BB show. wonder how they get by the 9 months of the year BB isn’t on.

    1. Guess I’m in for a reaming then cuz I responded to one of his posts where he was telling someone that Mike didn’t need to let go of Chilltown. I told him exactly why he did need to let it go and that Mike is just a washed up bully. lol. I only spoke the truth. Some people just can’t handle the truth lol. Oh, and since Mike is in his 40’s (and looks in his 50’s) I’d say it is time to let go of the Boogie moniker. I mean seriously…it’s time to grow up. That is why I call him Mike.

  26. Janelle will be pissed if they come into the game, She claims she would have never come on the show if they had a chance of playing.. she feels because of her age she can’t “bring it”.Isn’t Janelle in her 30’s?If she is in her 30’s,then how would that prevent her from “bringing it”?She’s acting like she is in her 60’s.Lol.

    1. It isn’t about her age…its because she has put on quite a bit of weight compared to last time she was on. She isn’t in the physical condition she was in. And…every time I see her she is eating…she even admitted last nite that she had been stuffing her face too much since she has been on. She just used age as an excuse.

  27. simon are you removing comments you think might be offensive or inappropriate? I replied to a comment on here that I know I read (something about boogie sucking dr wills well you know) and my reply is there but whole original post is gone that I replied to. just wondering. I personally would not censor a web site if I had one like this. there is enough of that going around in mainstream media as it is.
    thanks Jasonvoorhies (a cut above the rest)

    1. I don’t recall removing it.. may have been Dawg or it may have been caught in the spam filter. We need to filter out certain words and the filter is suppose to pick up on these if they go over a certain amount.

  28. never mind simon the comment is there sorry if i accused you of anything. i just remember last year you were warning people as to what was appropriate. it’s all good in da hood :)

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