JOJO makes one last pitch Joe Shoots Straight “you’re one vote away”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Ashley Safe)
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie
Who is Safe this Week Shane, Frank and Ashley
My prediction as of writing this post JOJO Goes Home

10:15pm Cam 1-2 JoJO and AShley Watch FREE TRIAL!

JOJO campaigning for votes..
JOJO: “This coaches thing is retarded.. I know this game I studied before I came in here”

Jojo tells Ashley that Janelle and Boogie probably have a deal to get Frank and Wil in the final 2. She adds that Janelle and Boogie are ruthless they play stone cold and have no feeling they will have no problems cutting Ashley loose.

Jojo asks why don’t we start our own alliance, “You me, Shane, Ian and Jenn” Ashley doesn’t say anything she seems legitimately sad at the position Jojo is in.

Jojo is very pissed at Janelle talks about , “I swear to god if she says anything to you i will get in her face I don’t give a shit” JOJO adds that Janelle wants her out of the house she’s getting everyone against her. She warns AShley about Wil and Joe and the dirty game they are playing. Thats not the game Jojo will play she’s straight up and loyal.

Jojo: “are you scared of her” (Janelle)
Ashley: “no… i’m scared of the house .. This sounds so selfish because I love you but I don’t want the whole house against me.. what happened to Frank last night you were talking about teaming up with him”
Jojo: “I can’t trust Frank anymore he goes to Janelle about everything I told him”
Jojo: “I DON’T GIVE A F**K about Janelle I’ll stand my ground with her”
Ashley trusts JOJO and Shane but she’s not sure she can trust the other players, “Ian tells Boogie everything… thats the only reason why i’m, not jumping on board”
Jojo isn’t looking for a commitment she just wants Ashley think.
Jojo starts pushing the angle that the show is boring right now she wants to shake it up. she doesn’t want this season to be boring lik last year. Ashley: “You’re proposing 4 vs 2… I don’t know I don’t trust the other players”

Shane joins them and they start hammering the point that people need to stop playing with their coaches team and start playing the game for themselves.
Jojo goes off on a rant about how boring this season is she wants to take ian, Jenn, Ashley and Shane and flip the house. Shane thinks there is no way she’ll get Ian’s vote he tells Boogie everything. Jojo thinks she can she claims he seemed on board earlier today.
Ashley: “I feel so bad for you Jojo”
Shane: “You sticking with JoJO’s vote?”
Ashley: “I’m voting with janelle…”
Ashley is trying to explain to them if she does this everyone will be gunning for them. Jojo asks what if they can get Ian and Jen. Ashley: “Wil and Joe will be gunning for me even harder then”

Ashley tells them she can’t do it she has to vote with Janelle and her team this week.

10:40pm Cam 1-2 Arcade room Britney and AShley Watch FREE TRIAL!

Ashley explains to Britney that she just told Jojo she’s voting with the house majority.
Britney: “I don’t blame you one bit.. it’s a tough spot to be in you’re not going to take any grief from me” Ashley feels horrible about it.

10:44 cam 3-4 HOH Dan, Joe. Janelle, Jenn, Boogie
Joe comes up tells them that JOJO’s taken all the cigarettes back because ashley told her she;s going home because the house is voting against her. Boogie laughs says there is going to be some fun tonight.
They all run downstairs so Joe can confront her about the 2 packs of cigarettes. Dan notices Jenn isn’t too keen on egging Jojo on. He take’s her to the side to play chess. Says he doesn’t understand why people need to rub it in her face.. She’s going home just leave her be. Jenn completely agrees says she doesn’t want to torment people when they are down.

11:12pm Cam 3-4 havenots JoJO and Joe Joe tells her He’s 100% going to vote for her to stay and everyone knows it. Jojo give him back the 2 packs. Joe: “you’re one vote away.. work on ashley” Jojo is just worried about looking like a fool having given him 2 packs for a vote then he doesn’t vote for her. joe understands.

11:33pm Cam 3-4 Kitchen Ashley, Danielle and AShley Ashley tells them about her conversation about JOJO says she’s sick of talking to her and hearing her campaigning. AShley impersonates JOJO a bit..

11:44PM Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan Danielle tells him about Joe giving JOJO his vote for Smokes. Dan asks her whats her confidence for staying. Danielle thinks it’s pretty good.

11:55pm Cam 1-2 Britney and JOJO Britney telling her that the entire house is pissed at her. Britney: “At this point Janelle’s entire team is voting you out”

11:57pm Arcade room Janelle and Ashley Janelle saying that Frank and Boogie are TIGHT. Ashley adds that Ian said the same thing to her that he tells everything to Boogie.

12:00AM Janelle, JOJO and Brintey JOJO explains herself to Janelle tells her that she’s just trying to get votes. Telling players to get vote for their own game. Jojo says her and Janelle use to be close and now she see Janelle spending all her time with Danielle. janelle brings up why is JOJO going around saying Britney told you Janelle is coming after her. JOjo says that it isn’t like that. Janelle and JOJO are now talking again and it looks like all the Drama is subsiding. Britney leaves.

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Poor JoJo she looks like shes been rode hard and hung up wet. She has the natural frown too always a turnoff. There is a stripper pole longing for her return.Po


Hands down, you have the best name in this site.

(What if the twist is that all four coaches stay until the end: they vote for the BB winner along with five newbies….jury starts when the Houseguests are down to seven?) Why am I speculating on the twists? Let’s leave it to Team Production to keep things “interesting.” Go, Team Production, yo!


JoJo played a horrible social game. She can’t be mad at anyone but herself. She also got stuck with a horrible coach. Oh well, I hope Shane is smarter with his game next week, and stop holding such a vendetta against Janelle. Get over it bro.

Also, I don’t like how they’re playing with her about the votes. They just need to be upfront.

Aqua Bernie

Nothing healthy in the house. What? as they walk away there’s watermelon, apples, cantaloupe,and pineapple. Nope nothing.

Beyonce fan

Willie was the bully? Everyone in this house is bullys and jen if you don’t like to kick people when they down why you made fun of ashley and said she was fake when she was crying over kara.

BB King

I predict that Dan and not Britney will be the first coach to leave this game. I say this because I think Boogie will work with Shane for real and Boogie’s team will save him with votes if he is ever nominated for eviction again.

Though I do think Wil will be the next person gone if he does not win HOH or the veto.

Karen S

me too! And in this case, only because I am a Britney fan.


Simon. What are your thoughts on how this season is going so far. I love BB but I feel different somehow about this season I can’t quite put my finger on why this year at only 2 weeks in I have really no “team” to get behind I feels like the half way mark not the beginning of the game these people have just really rubbed me the wrong way I guess with the format. We have two or three “shelly” with rest riding in the lifeboats together. Something needs to change

Just Me

Me too. There is no excitement in rooting for the obvious.


“Dan notices Jenn isn’t too keen on egging Jojo on. He take’s her to the side to play chess. Says he doesn’t understand why people need to rub it in her face.. She’s going home just leave her be. Jenn completely agrees says she doesn’t want to torment people when they are down.” Dan’s not messing around.He seems determine to get Jenn on his side.Lol.


Watching season 10 for the third time cus I love Dan and after dark is boring lol who’s everyone else all time favorite


I have been a big “Chicken” George fan since season 1. In All-Stars, He should he had the heart of a true competitor when he took on Kaysar to stay in the game.

Dr. Will gets my respect. Played the game his way, had most of the house hating him all season and still won.

Evel Dick is a great player. He could get in anyone’s and everyone’s head, survive nomiations not by pleading and making deals but by just being badass.

Dan is fantastic. Almost evicted week 2 and never nominated again and winning the game. Played a really nice guy game. Kinda the “anti-Evel Dick.”

Loved Jeff and Jordan. My favorite BB couple.

Those are my favorites.

BB King

Damn that messed up man! Giving your vote for smokes. You should only give your vote to ensure your own safety in game and further your chances of winning BB.


Brit and JoJo just has a serious talk. And Janelle is about the call JoJo out!!!! LOL!

Karen S

2 am end of BBAD and Janelle is coming down on JoJo… the start of a fight and it’s going to the fly on the wall.. lol From boring, playing angry birds tournament to … DRINK!!!! this is crap! It is not in anyone’s best interest in this house to keep Danielle. One coach down etc! geeeeze!

Just Me

I so agree. At least Jojo could be of help to some of these newbies who are so afraid to think or make a move on their own. Not a Jojo fan but have to respect her for not being afraid to play the game.

Lord Tubbington

I really don’t see why people are being so mean on JoJo. O I can’t wait to see Joe begging for mercy when he’s about to go home!!!!


joe just asked frank for advice and is going to give jojo the cigs tomorrow and say he cant give her a vote. that will go well LOL

janelle was SHOCKED and kind of upset that ian tells boogie everything….as ashley, is sitting there telling janelle everything. is she really dumb enough to believe that boogie doesnt have ian on lock? no matter what ashley does outside of sexual favors, she wont win ian from boogie because there is just that loyalty that will come from ian’s time watching big brother, he likes boogie, he wont turn on him, this will be janelle’s downfall, again.

production rigged it

it would actually be smarter for boogie and frank to keep jojo over danielle because if danielle lucks up and wins janelle will talk her into putting up shane and probably frank or ian and then if shane wins the pov then boogie loses a player but if they kept jojo and she won she would go after janelle like janelle’s piggy nose does after pork rinds

production rigged it

it’s funny how ashley said she’s tired of jojo campaigning for votes, uhhhhhh earth to stupid when you’re on the block that’s what you’re supposed to do and u will find that out soon enough.

Karen S

Yes Production, you’re supposed to sit back and be silent as Dan has taught you to do.. so you can fly under the radar and
then start winning comps’ and come in at the end with little to NO casualties strategy.

production rigged it

uhh dan isn’t ashley or jojo’s coach so i’m confused as to what you’re talking about

production rigged it

never mind i get your comment now you’re saying that jojo should do what danielle is doing absolutely nothing, but i disagree because everybody likes danielle so she doesn’t have to hardly anybody likes jojo so she has to try something.

Karen S

Good Question Simon. I personally think, they thought there would be some kind of showmance with Danielle. She’s desperate enough.


Asking the same like where do they get these people. They one minute are so worried about the coaches entering the game now they have I chance to take out Dan and janelle isn’t taking it. Right janelle the boys are not working together have another cookie and get walked on again.

Just Me

I wonder too. Although I don’t care for Jojo’s personality, at least she is not afraid to play the game and therefor gains some of my respect. Hope she stays. She will keep it interesting. When will these players ever learn to not play personal. It always comes back to bite them in the end.


im very concerned about the show getting cancelled after this year, the ratings have been dogshit thus far in comparison to previous seasons…my summers will suck without this show if that does happen

Karen S

LOL I was thinking.. future houseguests need to come prepared with alternative brands of smokes. Is this prison or what?
Just a thought…

Karen S

get out the croquet balls, shooting hoops, swinging on a rope over a river of crocodiles.. banged into a wall comp.. ask stupid questions about a all night fest of random quotes. Couldn’t be that expensive when we are predicting the outcome. And I would really like to see the strongest players win out, instead of ignorant mf’ers going home with the cash. (Can I add the most hated, baited and hair extensions?) WE can bring some crazy mofo’s into this.. give them the drink of their choice, little violence, (head butting allowed) (chest pumping) maybe a lil more nudity… and the feeds would go nuts, and we could get rich. I’m in!

Carol & Steve

Don’t forget the 2 packs of cigs. 🙂 Hell, make it a carton!

Not A PH D Student

I don’t necessarily blame the cast for this season not being as entetaining as some in the past. You have to look at AG for being douche and not sticking to what got BB to where it used to be. Her rigging and bringing back old players and bringing in people that are living off family names should not be their (willie and Frank).

Maybe it’s time for AG to get gased and go back to basics because this is not working. I want to see Dani go home this week to see what actually happens to Dan.


Ratings dropped last 2 seasons but I doubt it will be cancelled next season they’ll prob either do another back to basics like ten with no vets and all strangers or another all-stars with only vets


if there is one thing that will keep it alive, its via ego. realize they just sued another company for glass house, and if its on the bubble, the last thing network execs want is to say “you won” by trying to cancel big brother. it lives on another year thanks to glass house in my opinion


I agree Simon it’s comical. It’s even more comical that the house guests don’t have the balls to actually evict her and shake the house up.


Jojo needs to go, I do not like her


JoJo will leave and then once the HOH is crowned tomorrow half the house will realize how dumb they are for not making a big move. It’s the same damn story time and time again. Why do they never cast anyone with some balls and sensibility?

Just Me

Well said.


Who trades a vote for 2 packs of cigarettes? Seriously, its pathetic and JOJO should have kept the cigarettes and realized she was CLEARLY getting screwed and he wasnt going to vote for her. Personally, I think Boogie is amazing and is definitely sitting pretty in this game. BUT Dan really is a great strategist, always thinking like 5 steps ahead. It is stupid to send JOJO home when there is an opportunity to get Dan out of the game. With that said, I am glad they are all stupid because I enjoy watching Dan outsmart everyone. One thing is clear, Britney is by far the worst coach and it isnt because she got bad players, she just has no idea what she is doing.


Janelle is a cold hearted beep. Brit is packing it in, Dan is dominating from a position with no power, he needs to drop Danielle for anyone else. Say what you want about Boogie but he is outcoaching everyone from a power position.

Just Me

I am not a fan of Jojo’s but these newbies really need to listen to her. If she leaves then Frank, Joe, Will, Boogie and Janelle will run the house till the end. At some point the rest of the newbies need to see this coming and understand they need to allign with someone outside of the 3 man team who actually stands a chance of winning HOH and is not AFRAID to make big moves. Keeping Jojo is a smart move for anyone other than F, W, or J. Unless they are just hoping to be the floater who is brought to the end to be able to get the fifty thousand dollars. The house really does need to be altered. Hoping the coaches a forced to change players. To me that would be more interesting than having them back in the game. I do not have a favorite yet, too soon for me, I am just hoping to see some more of the newbies start playing the game and using their brains. At this point it is so predictable.


Are u kidding me “muffdiver” ??? That’s not right to say u don’t even know the damn girl, she’s not a stripper, and she’s actually a really good person! No one cared to get to know her! Because her accent , and she’s not stereotypical , this just pisses me off!


Here’s another solution. CBS Production, find the way to make the ratings go up. 1)Bring Back evicted Houseguest,2)Coaches enter this game,3)Bring another tryout player, and 4)Bring back another Veteran. Big Brother will end up being Cancelled (2000-2012)! If it not cancelled, All-Stars:Legends vs Rookies, Heroes vs Villians, or even Celebrities.


if they dont send dan home then i hope he wins this whole damn thing..just so they can all look fucking stupid.

Janelle's worn out lip

are you heavily censoring the comments this year?
I have made a couple of comments that never appeared.
I also noticed there are far fewer comments this year than in precious years.
If you are censoring, no problem, I won’t waste my time commenting.

Janelle's worn out lip

It was on this thread. I can’t remember what it was now. I do recall I used the word “beyotch”. Perhaps that caused it to get bounced.

Lady E

Why doesn’t she wait until AFTER the votes to give him the cigs? I understand if he wants to smoke so badly but she doesn’t wanna look like a fool? LOL

Janelle's worn out lip

I believe the agreement was for his vote and not if she stayed.

Lady E