“I’m putting up Kaysar and a pawn! And if Kaysar wins veto, I will f**king backdoor Ian! I don’t give a f**k YO!”

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9:25pm Bedroom. Nicole, Kevin, Dani, David.
Christmas – I want to get this HOH experience over so that I can cry myself to sleep. Christmas gets called to the Diary Room. Kevin – your babies back? David – uh oh they want the babies back. Christmas – no.. well they can have the crying babies. Dani – I literally cannot believe that Julie doesn’t ask us questions anymore. It blows my mind! Nicole – I know. What do you think that she thinks we suck?! Dani – she hates us! She’s been specifically asked to not ask us questions. Kevin – that mean something shaddy is going on. Nicole – are you sure because on shaddy seasons there are questions? Ian joins them.

9:57pm Outside the HOH room. Enzo and Cody.
Cody – so what are you thinking? Enzo – I don’t know .. Memphis is saying that he didn’t do it. Cody – this is between you and f**king me. Yesterday, Dani came in the back room and asked do you think that you’re more susceptible to doing something crazy if you’re on slop? I asked what are you asking? She said lets vote the opposite way tomorrow to try and pin it on two people. She wanted me to do that. I was like F**K NO! Enzo – I am telling you YO! Cody – don’t say a word! Enzo – I want to talk to everyone and see who they’re going to pin it on. (It was Enzo and Dani LOL) You know what I mean? I want to see who they pin it on! Because yo! you’re never going to find out. No one is going to say nothing. Cody – no. But the only person that .. she asked me to do it. Enzo – I know. I asked Tyler and he thinks it was Bay and Ian. Cody – Bay is f**king pissed!! Enzo – because people are going to pin it on her. Day and Bay! Cody – I walked into the back today and asked Dani who did you get to ..who did you convince to do that? She said I didn’t do that. Once you said no, I wasn’t going to do it. I was like… Enzo – I am telling you YO! We have to not this week but we have to make a move on them Yo! F**king crazy yo! Cody – isn’t that crazy.. she asks me to do it and then a day later it happens. Enzo – yeah. Could be Day and Bay too yo! Memphis.. Memphis was f**king with her. She is capable of anything.

Cody – do you think once she asked me and I said no it scared her or do you think she just asked someone else. Enzo – Kevin could have definitely did it. Cody – the only thing that makes me feel weird is that she asked me to. Why would she not just come out and say I did it .. what the f**k. Cody – because someone is trying to f**k sh*t up. Enzo – that is what I’m saying. Someone is trying to pin it on two other people. F**k bullsh*t YO! Between you and me I’m putting up Kaysar and a pawn! F**k it! And if Kaysar wins veto, I will f**king backdoor Ian! I don’t give a f**k YO! I DON’T GIVE A F**K! I want to backdoor one of the girls yo .. but its to early! Cody – na! Enzo – but its going to come to a point where if they don’t win something I will say you’re out of the alliance. WIN SOMETHING YO! If I backdoor Ian .. I can be like he was the CHAMP! Or whatever! I don’t give a f**k! I want to see with those girls who they throw under the bus. Everyone is going to f**king throw everyone under the bus. Everyone is thinking there is a battle back and if Janelle comes back they will be like I voted for you. I voted for you! Cody – I love Dani but I don’t trust her. That was weird. I’m not going to say anything to anyone but I want to see who’s names start coming up. Enzo – Day better win something YO! She ain’t getting a free ride. I want to talk to everyone .. everyone one on one! You and Tyler are my boys! You’re number one! These f**king girls ain’t winning nothing! Lets Go! Next week one of them better win something. I think Christmas is going to win the endurance and she can start going after these girls.

10:22pm Big Brother calls Enzo to the diary room…

10:35pm Bedroom. Memphis and Kaysar.
Kaysar – if Cody and Tyler are in his ear they’re going try and get us put up. Memphis – no Cody and Tyler are both talking sh*t about Tyler. So we need to keep that dialog going. Kaysar – Cody and Tyler are also saying David, David, David to you? Memphis – YES! I think if we just step back a couple days he (David) is going to spin out and do it himself (get himself put up on the block). Kaysar – this is so crazy. Memphis – that is what I am saying if you just step back people will spin out by themselves. No one is going to want to be in jury with that dude! I think we back off and let David do his stupid sh*t that he’s doing. People do not want to be stuck in jury with a crazy dude. Its perfect for us .. so maybe we can just sit back.

10:50pm Storage room. Dani and Cody.
Dani – what I was thinking was if both you and I had thrown our votes too.. that would have been 4 (votes)! That would have been crazy town!

11:18pm – 11:35pm the feeds return from being blocked. Enzo got his HOH room. Enzo – I am already starting to feel tipsy yo! I’m starting to feel nice! Tyler – I can’t believe this is your first one (HOH win). Enzo – the position I was in on my season I really couldn’t win anything. I don’t even know what the f**k I was doing on the season. I didn’t know anything about the show .. I was learning as I went. I was in such a good spot where there was no need for me to win. I did try to win some .. I just couldn’t.

HOH room. Christmas and Enzo.
Enzo – I like you! I already gave you the plus one ..you know you’re good with me. You and me have to like work with each other. Christmas – I love it! Enzo – I f**king love you! What I love about you .. you know who to talk to and what no to say. You know what you’re doing and how to compete. Just be loyal to me and I’ll be loyal to you. Christmas – I love it. Done! Enzo – you have nothing to worry about this week. Just do your thing. Don’t worry about it. Christmas – that girls are obviously working together but they’re sensitive about working together. They tried to loop me into a few things.. and I was like I’m listening, I’m listening but I am not in it. Bay and Janelle were really close. Supposedly Janelle had Bay locked in. And I am telling you this .. Memphis is my boy.. Ezno – I like Memphis a lot. Memphis is save. He won HOH and he kept me safe. And I am big on actions speak louder than words in this house. You won HOH and kept me safe.. I am keeping you f**king safe. Christmas – she (Janelle) said that she had Bay and Memphis locked in.

11:50pm – 12:05am Outside the HOH room. Dani and Kaysar.
Kaysar – We need to look after each other. I need your help! Dani – okay. Kaysar – And I would be eternally grateful. Now that Janelle has gone home .. I am assuming people still want me out. If there is anyway you could use your influence to keep me safe I would be eternally grateful. I do not want to go out like this. Dani – No, I don’t blame you. Honestly, I don’t know what he (Enzo) is going to do. I don’t know where his head is at. Kaysar – who is he close to? Who can I talk to that would have any influence on him? Dani – I feel like he might be close to Cody. IF he (Enzo) puts you up ..and if we can get him to put up David… I don’t know I think he is annoying everybody. Cody joins them.

2am Bedroom. Christmas and Bay.
Bay – what do you think he is going to do? Chrsitmas – I don’t know. Bay – you were with him by yourself.. He didn’t tell you? Christmas – we were just talking about the game We don’t talk like that. I told him how this was his HOH. And that he doesn’t have to do what anyone else wants. I don’t know who he is thinking. I don’t know who he is thinking. I don’t know if he knows.

2:30am – 3:15am Bathroom. Dani, Nicole and Cody.
They talk about who the rogue votes might have been. They think it could have been Day. Dani – Nicole and I were just talking .. we think it will be a regular eviction and then next week will be the first double. I think this week will be an endurance and the one after will the double eviction.
Cody – I just really don’t know what this new power is going to be. Cody says that Memphis is trying to get David put up on the block. I was like hey guy you’re making it really weird so that you keep trying to cover for f**king Kaysar. I am not letting you play patty cakes with Kaysar. Nicole -we had no say in Memphis’s HOH. Cody – and I am not letting him play patty cakes with Kaysar so he can stay here and then throw me on the f**king block! Nicole – Tyler needs to be careful.. he tells people too much information. Kevin joins them.

7:10 am Sleeping yo

8:25 am Memphis is up picking his nose.

8:44 am Memphis and Dani
Memphis continues to pick his nose. They Chit chat about how horrible the have nots beds are.
Dani says her butt was going numb. She considered sleeping on the floor.

10:16 am people still waking up eating getting dressed etc etc …
Sounds like Dani and Chritsmas want Bayleigh and or Da’vonmne gone this week.

10:37 am Nominations today yo.

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LO Live

Lol when Shitmas was talking and said just because she has tats and a bad mouth doesn’t make her a rule breaker… it was the mugshot for me that gave me that impression lmaooooo….

BBAS2 baby

Another shitty six alliance week…
Bye everyone I’m done watching
Thank you to Simon and Dawg for updating us through this dreadful season

I’m pissed… I had such high expectations for this year


Yeah I think I’m done too! This season is going how 2020 has been going lol. I can’t believe what Big Brother has become!


I would say I’m done too, but it is 2020 and there is nothing else to do.


2020 is the year you want to forget but never will!

Kid Rock

See you next week


You nailed it man, people comments on every single page on how whiny nicole f is then gonna stop watching the second things dont go their way LOL would be fan girling if kaysar won HOH silly sheep


At least a Kaysar win would have made this retched season watchable….not the same ol same old every freaking season


If the shows boring and you hate it so much dont watch it LOL you guys act like you’re forced to watch it. Just go rewatch season 6/7 and gush over them there. Simple enough


Give us a couple of days to mourn


Sure go for it, im sure you’ll be whining a lot longer then a few days but i’ll give ya the benefit of the doubt ?


Allstars Yo! What an awful season. No one wants to make moves cant wait to see them get picked off


I am a DIE hard BB fan and sadly I feel the same. Last night was a disappointment


dani is so annoying i want her to leave


Does anyone know how many thumbs up a post has gotten on here? Anyway I want to break the record for most likes so if everyone would just vote up on my post I really would appreciate it. Again, please don’t vote down. Thanks!

Yo Yo

Would everyone please not vote one way or another on that post.

Lady E

Yeah, the people chasing clout are in the BB House. We don’t need that here lol.

Lady E

LOL @ Enzo playing dumb.

another name

only three have nots that i’m aware of.
da’vonne dani and tyler.

First time one of the production six aren’t hoh.
Memphis already trying to bond and “play” with Kaysar. This is the week Memphis learns he’s not the top of the food chain, he isn’t even a predator on the food chain. Poor Mr. midlife crisis. He’s getting a rude awakening.
Yuck so greasy:
Ian telling Cody he can be a rat for them because Kaysar talks to him. Ew. Sorry. Ian offering to be the fink is so disappointing. Was his game always so… this? He’s telling Cody he wants David to go this week, but also just told him that Kaysar said he’d go after Cody and Tyler. mixed message or targeting without consequence?
The hinky votegate:
Most of the house think Dani was one of the votes. Da’ saying she’s been called to d/r twice since the HOH is why Dani was one of them. Nobody is on to Enzo, but hey, that’s why Enzo has been the hink vote for two weeks: to see who the house blames.
Everyone is going to toss it on Da or Bay anyway. oh fuggetaboutit. Dani is going to whisper Bay to everybody before lights out. But first she’s got to play with Kaysar, because you can’t just plot to evict someone, you have to humiliate them for jollies.



Ian’s DR in the show last night was to remind people he’s still there.

another name

Why bother. His entertainment value this season has been the equivalent of that feeling the day before a yeast infection strikes. That’s not about him. That’s about what he contributes on a daily basis to entertainment and game factor.

All Stars???

Ian was 1 of the people I was rooting for at the start of this season… now I forget he’s in there most of the time.


Ian’s on the show?


He’s hiding behind Veronica.

Feeds Gold

snakeole really wants americas favorite player and thinks she will win it

make sure to send her a message by voting for jani

another name

oooooo. you’re going to be told ‘you probably don’t want to go to the wedding anyway, so don’t bother’ if you keep up with that.

All Stars???

What a petty goodbye message that was.

another name

She was going for the victim’s violin edit.
sounded more like fakeass fiddle.


Why dont y’all just make a go fund me and mail janelle your every penny. You guys say the houseguest worshipped her? My lord you sad boys are pathetic


Thanks for the idea 🙂

Jan Nan

I’m a woman but I will join that sad boys are pathetic club. Janelle the Queen



Feeds Gold

snakeole after talking shit about jani for 23 straight days, and snakeole thinking she will win afp, she needs a reality check and some karma

if julie announces jani as afp during the very last moment of the season before the credits roll, it will crush snakeoles psyche…then she will see how much of the fan base dislike her, and how much jani is loved

if snakeole doesnt win the season she will get $40k, or $50k for 2nd

if jani wins afp she will have made $65k for far less effort, and that will annoy snakeole

its not about the money for jani, just winning afp knowing how obsessed snakeole has been to her and how much snakeole wants to win afp, it will mean snakeole will have been overshadowed by jani in terms of $ and fan appreciation, and give the last laugh to jani


In a game full of sheep… I gotta say I love enzo throwing rouge votes on eviction night, and casting doubt in everyone’s mind. He’s already planting seeds with cody about certain people he might think it is. Its pretty smart because it lets him place blame on other people that cody is going to perceive as a bigger threat than ezo. He stays good with cody and his friends, and at the same time can create bigger targets that the house will want to come after

All Stars???

But Dani was stupid enough to bring up the possibility of her voting the other way… terrible game play when you plan to blame someone else. At least Enzo can keep his mouth shut about his hinky votes.


Yeah no reason for her to do that


If they have a clear pecking order and one side stay in power cause they are the main alliance, with small subs. Wtf are we even watching??.. like it’s boring. Predictable. You know what’s to happen. Only chance of change is .. actually no. Even veto someone else winning would never use it. Worthless season. I’ll go watch old BB.


The other side (outside) has to win an hoh. It’s not anyone in the alliance fault they keep winning. Say for instance janelle and kaysar came in and just won hoh back to back for 6 straight weeks they would go through their pecking order just the same and it wouldn’t be their fault the other people couldn’t win an hoh. You can fault production for not rigging the game but i find that silly. I know that I hate when production rigs the game or keeps people off the block or swings votes and so do a lot of other people (Nicole f and Paul being two instances). It doesn’t show who is playing the best game when they rig shit. I wish janelle and kaysar would have come in and won 6 straight hoh’s but neither one won any of the first 4 so we are here. Big brother isn’t a game of everyone gets a trophy just for playing you have to earn your victories in comps or stay off the block with your social game.


Everyone’s got a side alliance with one of the main members of the larger alliance or to a strong person. Someone like B or D winning wouldn’t even make sense because they 1- feel they don’t have to and are safe and don’t Wana put anything on themselves to make a move or cast a light on themselves and 2- wouldn’t use it for the same reasons. Like the girls in that larger alliance. Are they trying? Maybe. They know the guys got this and will win. They just have to supply the votes. They are all covered until they have to pick eachother off and the way this is going might as well we just fast forward to that part cause this is the worst game play I’ve seen in a while and this is friken all stars. Also saying anything about production rigging is ridiculous.. they have many many timesin various ways over the years. All of a sudden they have nothing in a game that’s to ” expect the unexpected”. Sure it’s week 4 or whatever and we can give it time but there are no comps to watch, nothing for them to be doing, they all have made alliances prior to coming or most have. Those who Wana play old school are scared. Flip the votes, flip the house. No one’s doing anything for their own game whatsoever but in the DR, talk alot of cra* when someone tells them what to do for their game. Yet they do nothing.


You couldn’t pay me to watch Enzo and 6 alliance live it up all week. I’ll tune in next week. Good luck Kaysar and Ian


Kraken week 4


Wow, is that tne earliest you’ve krakened up?


Feels that way.

another name

But the promotional release for the new HOH on the Canadian network says the “new HOH is ready to stir up trouble.”
You mean that’s not accurate???
so much eyeroll. gut reaction: not even with a spoon.
Yeah, an entire week of hinky votegate which is pretty much a man blaming his pet for farting. Sooooo much trouble.
Betting the Enzo plan in terms of Ian is just to see how much Dani and Cody push back he’ll get before noms. Not to do anything about it, but just to see. Before he falls in line as number 3 in alliance of 3 and 4 in alliance of 4. And then agrees to keep noms the same after veto.
How many times has he said previous winners gotta go. But he’ll only choose the renom option?
Enzo is so going to be the Matt in this year’s little brigade knock-off.


Hit the nail on the head. Enzo is going to end up getting turfed out of his new brigade early like Matt did.

another name

The way I see it, the only thing fans have left to hope for is that some of these asshats get karmic retribution.
like: enzo gets matt’d.
or memphis gets Keesha’d.
A few of these doofs need some ego checking.
Before Social Media decides we have to cheer for SOMEBODY and all that’s left is the jerks so let’s cheer for least jerky and make them the season savior… a role they don’t deserve in the least.
Seen it too many times.


I think Julie gave to much info to Jannel for a battleback

another name

who was she supposed to battle back against? NicA is already podcasting, and Keesha is already yelping bad reviews about Memphis’ restaurants. from home.


just from post People were hoping for one

another name

Yeah. I would have enjoyed having her around longer.
I’m thinking they’ll throw in a Janelle’s revenge veto where she hosts on screen not in house and call it a day.


What does NicA talk about on her podcasts? Game strategy?

another name

right now she’s doing a three part revisionist history
about how her game wasn’t her fault. So far at end of part one:

  1. about how Janelle and Kaysar never talked to her week one (complete bullshit there’s hours of them bonding with her in week one, they were the only ones putting in work with her, nobody else wanted to)
  2. about how Kevin saying Janelle was a black widow gave her Bella flashbacks (oh. puhlease) Bella gives her flashbacks but she praises Michie. REALLY?
  3. about how it was her strategy to plant false hate of Janelle and Kaysar so she could team up with them when she stayed. Go back to sleep.

Now her breakdown and stupidity was strategic?
Yeah. She’s shovelling shit.


It was her strategy .. lol what a joke.

All Stars???

Yeah, she is definitely not coming back.


Just canceled my DVR recording for the rest of the season since they got rid of the one of only two people that deserved to be there. Kaysar is likely going home this week and the mob will continue to run the show until they turn on each other. They are all childish brats and can’t watch whiny NF anymore… used to like her somewhat but she’s turned into the biggest brat of all!


There is no battle back for Janelle, she’s going home. She also told the others that left who was for or against them! ?????


More than likely because of covid. They would have to quarantine them again. Since they are already out. Its sadly unlikely


Was truly hoping someone outside the 6 would win so the week would be interesting. Yawn. All its going to be is conspiracy theory of who were the rogue votes?! This is All Stars S22? Smh


I can’t believe that Enzo and Dani did the “somebody voted against the house lets frame somebody for it move”… who cares, it wouldn’t have worked on Kayser anyway. Everybody knows people do that… it happens every Season… whatever. That is rookie stuff and not worthy of All Stars.

All live feeders want Dani and Nicole F gone. That means they will probably be in the final four LoL or guaranteed jury,

Enzo is doing exactly what everyone thought he would… Kayser and a pawn, he should have said Kayser and Kevin… we all know it will be Kevin unless Cody, Tyler, and Enzo want to punish David… make him sweat for a week and see what happens.

Strap in for another action packed week or expect the predictable… On BIIIIIG BROTHER

I have never wanted a Mr Wizard power to be dropped in Kaysers lap more than I do now. Give Kayser a Coop De Big Toe or something. I want a shake up even if it is forced.

All Stars???

If Enzo puts him up, David might act like such a fool that he actually goes. Kaysar is not much of a threat solo.

Julie's gerbils

Isn’t there a competition where they usually have to wear speedos, or is that just on BBCAN? ….asking for a friend.


Not that I recall… the closest to that was in Danis season with Evil Dick they did a everybody is naked and had to solve a puzzle and find clothes challenge. Really Big Brother had a male/ female seperation wall but they all had to be naked.

Julie's gerbils

Thanks bud


IMO dani’s vote was a little more than what it seems. in a past post, she stated if janelle was voted out she wanted production to get a hold of dom to close down instagram account (something to that effect). i believe she voted for janelle to stay to avoid the backlash from viewers she knew was coming.


I don’t think so… it was a stunt like they do every year. Enzo did it last week… it’s oold and tired. The only thing it really shows is that there are cracks in that mega alliance because neither Enzo or Dani felt safe enough with Cody to say they were the ones who did the stray votes. That mega alliance is one stray HoHo away from cracking… if Ian, or Kevin win an HoH they will crumble like a house of cards.


Well she would be a silly girl in thinking she could avoid backlash with a hinky vote. She did it to pin it on someone else. Dani thinks she’s running the game but people are on to her. She’ll never replace Queen Janelle or be as loved as J. Her alliance is aware that she’s shady & they don’t trust her. If she’s going to make it to the end, she better start winning comps. Of course, that will only make her a bigger target. Back door? Will her bestie ratcole vote with her or the boys? (Boys!)

Geez I want ratcole out so bad.

Big Sister

Coup d ‘etat


Haven’t watched the show in a week and I don’t miss it. Just come here for updates and see that everyone pretty much feels the same way I do. Before long I’ll stop looking at updates cause I just don’t see the point. I’m guessing final 3 are Tyler, Cody, Enso. Have a nice day everyone.

Julie's gerbils

Nobody cares whether you will or won’t be watching. Lady we don’t know you. Stop wasting space where we come to talk about the game, not some strangers daily activities. You’re not the only one who does this , others do it to but I had to start somewhere. Sorry you had to be the 1st billygoat on my list.


That’s right bitch, you don’t know me. And I will waste space anywhere I want – just like you. Gee, I thought I was the only one that does this but now that a brilliant individual like you set me straight I feel so much better. And your statement “others do it to but I had to start somewhere” makes no sense to me. It just sounds stupid, just like your “billygoat list”. Seriously, what the hell is that. And put the booze away, its too early in the day to be drinking. Goodbye bitch.

another name

The superduo of Kevin and David.
An ALL-STAR SEASON has a duo of KEVIN and DAVID.
D: I keep a lot of things to myself, can I tell you?
K: oh i’m great at keeping secrets.

And everyone goes oh ffs, here we go again.

What A Joke.
Oh Grod. You vengeful hateful spawn.


Nicole’s whinny voice is bad enough but then you add Dani’s valley girl voice (low voice drop off at end of every sentence) I can’t listen to their conversations..any of them. Now yo we have yo yo talking all week yo!

Not Lovin' This Season

It was funny that all the HGs were dressed for an endurance comp last night. Nicole with her hair. . .wtf??? I hope Nicole and Dani hire professional stylists with some of their money for being on the show. If ever two people need a stylist. . .!


This is BB16 all over again but without the twists making it worse. Instead it’s all been pre-gamed up the wazoo

another name

wonder how much Derrick and Dan try to get from Grod for preseason storyline editor royalties?
Twists aren’t coming until one of the Trio of Dani Cody and Nicf are in trouble.

All Stars???

God I hope you are wrong about that… but probably not.


Will there be any twists? Never a BB without and there are no signs. Granted people can’t come in and out of the house like before. Maybe not zingbot( god that’s all I hope for at this point ) but Julie hasn’t even said expect the unexpected has she.. what a season.


I hope there are no more twists. If the GROD must put twists in the game I hope it goes to a person that will do something exciting with it.

another name

Flashback moment
That didn’t take long.

Knew when Tyler complimented how classy Janelle was leaving that there’d be something.
Nicf to Dani: Tyler’s so awkward. it makes me uncomfortable.
That’s stage one.
Just wait until she says he scares her and makes her uncomfortable. That’s the beginning of the whine fest we all know is coming.
In the same convo Bayleigh has to leave before Ian. Pretty whiny and insistent.

Okay Dani, you have your marching orders. Don’t want her to threaten to hold her breath.


Looking forward to hearing more about CoinSlotNostril-Nicole’s wedding this weekend. Can’t wait to find out what her three wedding dresses are going to be like.
I wonder what colours she’s picking. What flowers? where’s the honeymoon?

So much to find out.. LOVE these feeds 🙂

another name

You just know she’d that bride that puts her bridesmaids into the ugliest polyester tablecloth nightmare dress right? Like she’s making them all get the same pattern from the fabric store and sew it themselves nightmare.
In bubble gum pink.


She will choose the ugliest bridesmaids too to make sure she has all the attn


Hahahahaha………” Daaaaannneeeeee, will you be my tenth bridesmayyyd because motherfreakin’ Janelle had eeeeelevvven?”


Yes, let’s get Ian out. But Nicole will have a problem with that.

Houka Inumuta

Guess who’s getting evicted on September 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ian remains supreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two time winner right here.

10’ away

I like Janelle, but her leaving maybe the best thing for the season. Now there is not anyone I have a vested interest in at all so I can just sit back and watch them devour each other. Oh, and pray that somehow they could get Rachel into the house to rip each and everyone of these players a new one.