Enzo – “No no no he’s [Kevin] not the target. He’s a good floater I like him as a floater YO.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Safety Suite –
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

12:35 pm Christmas and Enzo
Christmas says there’s a person in the house that is “emotionally” driven “that’s not how I want to play that’s first year sh1t”
Enzo says he hates the floaters “They’re like leeches in the competitions when someone is ahead the pom poms come out
Christmas says the floaters are less threatening than the quiet couples. The couples can pull them in they don’t have a team
Christmas says he should go for the couples in this HOH.
Christmas – people have to start taking shots at bigger game players versus these ‘lower totem poles’ otherwise at the end you’re battling against these beasts.
Enzo – yeah it’s harder .. it’s just you and four of them and they’re just monsters
Christmas mentions that on Cody’s season they brought Victoria with them all the way to the end.
Christmas – she didn’t win sh!t she was a vote
Enzo – yeah all the way that’s it
Christmas and a shield .. and a pawn.. you need one of those
Enzo – just to keep using yeah..

Christmas talks about her season and how her team marched to final 3 (yeah her season was a real model for Big Brother gameplay)
Christmas – it’s good to keep a couple of floaters especially ones you can pull in.
Christmas – right now you can pull in what you want. HOH has all the power
Enzo – yeah
Christmas says David is so unpredictable says Kevin gives too much information to Bayleigh and Da’Vonne.
Adds that Kevin is good with her on the side. She shook his hand the first week when he was nominated “He’s been asking to work with me”
Enzo – that’s a good floater that’s a good floater for
Christmas – that’s a good floater for us
Christmas – I didn’t know if he was your target or anything
Enzo -No no no he’s not the target. He’s a good floater I like him as a floater YO.

Enzo says he’ll tell Kevin about being a pawn. “Look yo you’re straight every one loves you YO you’re a floater that’s it. You have to trust me .. I saved you week one I campaigned for you. I didn’t use the POV on you but I gave you my vote and I campaigned for you

12:47 pm Ian and Enzo
Ian – I think one of them is pretty clear
Enzo – Like a pawn yo nothing crazy I respect you a lot I like you a lot.. You protect me I’ll protect you yo
Ian – you’re good .. that s cool
Enzo – you’re not going up
Ian – Awesome
Enzo – you protect me and I’ll protect you

1:25 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne

Bayleigh – the perfect person won .. Anyone else I would have been.. ehhh (lol)
Da’Vonne – I told them that I never threw a shot at our girl. if you ever feel in danger let me know I’ll pull the trigger
Bay – okay same.
Bay – it’s not that she doesn’t like me or I don’t trust her .. she has too many ties.. She’s not going after Cody, Ian, dani it’s me.. I’m the only option

Da’Vonne – it’s Kevin (pawn)
Bayleigh – there’s going to be a meltdown
Da’Vonne – he’ll be caught off guard
bay – so dave’s not going up
Da’Vonne – girl.

They head to the heart room
Da’Vonne says Enzo is saying he doesn’t want to get blood on his hands but on the flip side he kees p saying how the whole house is saying, David.
Da’Vonne thinks Enzo has side deals with David.
Da’Vonne – don’t tell Enzo I told you about Kevin

They’re getting excited that Enzo “brought up the four” (the connect) They think it’s a legit alliance.
Bayleigh mentions again how Kevin will meltdown if he’s the pawn. They want to tell Kevin to prevent the meltdown but they don’t want Enzo to be pissed.
They go over the entire David drama from last week ..

Tyler comes up. Bayleigh goes on about how her and Tyler’s beef is done. He told her he doesn’t want Angela to get any hat when he’s gone.
Da’Vonne – I want me and you to make it to the final 2. I know you would take me and I would take you but I’m not dumb enough Tyler wouldn’t take me so it would be you and Tyler. At least, not both one of us gets there. Tyler gets you to two. I want to work Enzo to secure me to two.
Da’Vonne – we can work this thing out
Bayleigh – the final 4 us four
Da’Vonne – Let Tyler and Enzo take each other out. Who is a neutral person we can beat? Ian?
Bayleigh – we can’t beat him
Da’Vonne – Physical we could
They continue to plan out how they will do the final HOH competitions. tactics on who to throw the first part to and who to take with them. (LOL)
Bayleigh wants it set up so in the second competition they only have to beat the third person “that way one of us is in the final no matter what.. and we can bring the other”
Da’vonne – no matter how close we think you are to Cody it always gonna be Nic and Dani
Bayleigh – yes because he’s going to take Enzo, and Nicole and Danii

Bayleigh says Dani’s “Snappieness” is getting to people now that she’s a Have not. Adds that Enzo has been on to her since day one.
Da’Vonne – She snapped on David last night
Bayleigh – She snapped on Tyler.

They talk about how much they like Ian. Bayleigh says the conversations she has with him are so “Gentle” and “very sweet”
Bayleigh – this week will be interesting I don’t know who out of the two will go out the door
Da’Vonne- Kevin
They agree the house thinks Kevin is a floater. Bayleigh says Kevin told Tyler everything about Kaysar and Janelle. Tyler told that back to Kaysar so he knows everything that Kevin was doing.
Da’Vonne – he hates Kaysar..
Bayleigh – Christmas loves Kasyar to a T, Memphis isn’t going to vote him out ..
Da’Vonne – shit they already think I’m aligned with Kevin this is a set up for me.

Bayleigh says Kevin is athletic and “good at this stuff” adds if he survives this week it’ll light a fire under his a$$ to compete.
Da’Vonne says she can’t nominate Ian, Nicole or Kevin. Nicole only if she really really has to.
Bayleigh says she won’t put up Ian, Christmas and based on her word Memphis (during his HOH)
Da’Vonne – ohh sh1t that week he was in power I said that to him (Memphis). ahh sh1t on a stick
They agree Da’Vonne will take out Christmas and Bayleigh will take out Nicole.

Da’Vonne can’t understand what Dani was doing with Janelle because Janelle wanted a girl’s alliance.

2:28 pm David and Enzo
Enzo whispers to David “No matter what you do you’re going to rub people the wrong way That’s it”
Enzo – They don’t win sh1t you know what I’m saying Win something have some power
David – that’s the game
Enzo – That’s the game. Like YO all guys have won HOH’s no girls, Like YO. Going with this all guys alliance we’re winning everything. What are you talking about like. just because you can’t win nothing you’re going to us that to say there’s this all guys alliance 3 girls went out. YO we have won everything. Only Christmas won that umm .. safety suite thing. Every POV every safety suite was guys. All guys
David – yeah. I want to play in the veto

2:55 pm Dani and Da’Vonne
Christmas is with them before chit chat. She leaves.
Dani – what do you think of her
Da’Vonne – I don’t know I was going to ask you the same thing
Dani – I feel come a few weeks from now I’m scared of her.
Da’Vonne – yeah
Dani – like VERY, I think when there are less people she’s going to kick our butts in everything
Da’Vonne – yeah

Da’Vonne- I dunno I’ve been trying to feel her out she keeps her cards close
Dani – she really friendly with a lot of people
Da’Vonne- A lota males
Dani – a guys girl, Even her and Nicole are TIGHT
Dani – she’s got a relationship with a lot of people in this house
Dani – I think she’s close to Kayar

3:20 pm

3:37 pm Ian with a message “Happy birthday dad”

3:54 pm Cody, Enzo and Dani
Dani says Da’Vonne is “really mad” at Enzo she told her Enzo need to put David on the block
Enzo – win something I ain’t getting my hands dirty
Cody – bro just wash them
Dani – wash them
They talk about “classic big brother lines”
Dani – my classic line was I want to bath in blood
Cody – you’re savage
Cody says they want David to be nominated then next thing you know they’re wanting David to go home
Dani – Da’Vonne was like he’s coming after me and for Enzo to not care that just shows he only cares about himself
Enzo – win sh1t that’s it.. she’s so whack

Dani saying that Da’Vonne was mad that Enzo hasn’t told her who is going up “she’s like I thought we were in a group why aren’t we talking about it”
Cody – so I should say I don’t know either
Enzo – for someone that hasn’t won something she sure is bossy
Dani notices Christmas coming changes the subject
Christmas Joins then all of a sudden
Christmas to Dani ‘you looked guilty as f**”
after some chit chat Christmas leaves.
Dani says Kevin told her “Enzo made me feel safe”
Enzo says all he told him was “You’re not the target”
Dani – did you see Bayleigh walking around in Janelle’s jacket.. hilarious like hilarious

4:10 pm Memphis and Kaysar
Memphis – I need more sh1t to do Big Brother I’m going to lose my mind
Kaysar – yeah I need more sh1t to do. This is BB rehab you play bingo, have meetings.. what are you grateful for Memphis
Memphis – I don’t give a f** I don’t care I have zero interest.
They laugh
Memphis is pissed that he’s not able “to do his schedule” he’s waiting around for POV, Nominations it’s days’ like this he wants to walk out the door
Memphis adds he’s not the type of person to sit around and do nothing
Kaysar – me too I feel like I’m wasting my brain here
Memphis – I feel like I’m wasting my time
Kaysar – start a business in the big brother house (Instagram fashion business? )
Memphis – if I had a pencil and paper
Kaysar – why can’t we have a pencil and paper?

They hear Tyler talking about his vegan foot
Memphis – I can’t listen to his menu of food. sounds so boring his food sounds so boring I lived with it for 3 years everything about being a vegan is so boring
Kaysar – have you ever done it
Memphis – no not on purpose. I don’t believe in it. I have nothing against eating animals.
Memphis says large farming and fishing is bad but if he goes to Mexico and they cut the head off eat it yum “But at the same time the way the economy works.. imagine if we got rid of all the chicken farms how many people would be outta work”

4:18 pm Feeds go to puppies
Enzo is nominating Kaysar and Kevin. Kaysar sounds to be the target but Kevin, Ian, and David’s name are all being tossed around

5:00 pm feeds down for Nominations

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, Everytime Bay or especially Day speak about F4 deals, I just be wondering, How can u think anyone wants u in their alliances, if u DON’T WIN ANYTHING.. or am I being naive????? Help me understand????


Agree, hold on there girls…. the boys have been steamrolling so far ( Shitmas won a safety suite) with the HOH and veto wins…. hope these girls realize that when they DO win HOH , the boys are gonna sweet talk them into taking out their female alliance members ( Coin-Slots & Skeletor ) for them so they don’t get bloody hands

Kid Rock

Things are starting to pick up!

We could have a classic season starting in a week or two.

Hold in there people!

Fat Man

Yo Ding dong yo. Ding dong.


Yeah, I am so tired of the “YOs”. It’s to the point where I can’t even listen to him speak

Dean Gulberry

I’m so sick of Dani and her annoying whiny bratty phony valleygirl voice.


Valley girl .. low drop off raspy voice at end of every sentence..I know riiiiight…

Now we have to look at the top knot bun on top her head.. she just needs cross bones in it & some white powder on her face and she’ll look exactly like a skull & bones. Sorry I’m grumpy. Between Whinny Tuggy and Dani I’m not sure which one is more annoying. Drink up Simon.


Top knot buns are a bad look


It’s so bad I almost feel like it’s done on purpose. She is so exaggerated with her voice sometimes like she’s playing a fake role or something.

another name

Yeah. A daddy issues second best ingenue, bitter that she’s the understudy to Janelle, that can’t help herself but to be bitchy and backstab, because that’s who she is in her core. By the way, her bathe in blood line: yet another borrowed line. Nothing original about her but the bitchy.

another name

Y’know, I’m thinking some people may take offense to my use of bitch in reference to a female player. I have no problem calling male players bitches either, and have multiple times. But then again, the best piece of advice I ever gave one of my best friends was, “hey, if you’re upset about those people calling you a bitch, there’s one sure way to fix that. Stop being a bitch.”


Who is worse her or Nicole?


She truly reminds me of the mean girl types. What I funny though, is she thinks people really like her and want to keep her around. I just hope that Cody doesn’t believe that she isn’t one of the two votes for Janelle. Maybe Cody can convince Tyler that it was her too so that they can figure out how to get rid of her early. I feel the same way about Da’vonne and Bayleigh too, but, before they go, I want one of them to win HOH and shake things up because I think they will take a shot at the guys, which will be good. Memphis too, annoying as hell and needs to go. I just wish Enzo would stop with the YOs, it makes him really hard to listen to. YO, is harder to take than people who use “like” every third word in their sentences..LOL

Dixie Rekt

Does anyone know what is in the slop they eat? Is it like already made and they cook It? Also what else can they eat on slop besides pickles and honey? I know they can’t eat regular food But its always confused me what all constitutes as slop.

another name

Cut oats, flax seed, water, spices, protein powder, milk powder, whey protein, vitamins.
Every year the recipe changes slightly. At the beginning of this year they were making the mistake of not soaking the oats before including it in the mix. That was causing a lot of gastro issue.

They can technically use any condiment or spice in the prep of slop. what they could be doing if they had brains, is adding more water and cooking it to a runny batter consistency, then either making flapjacks with the batter, or letting it cool, putting it into a blender with ice and cocoa powder to make themselves a slop smoothie shake. Since they used to be allowed coffee while on slop (i think they still are?) they could be making themselves ice coffee mocha smoothies.

Dixie Rekt

I wish they would let us vote for an alternate food an addition to that like they use to. What happened to that? They use to think of some nasty shit. Like sardines and sour krout.

another name

I’d rather if they went back to food comps. especially when they were on feeds.
You could only eat what you won.


The recipe is online. I asked goog3

Dixie Rekt

Yeah but I’d rather ask a professional. Ok wise ass.

another name

Janelle interview. Re: Dani
‘I’m not going to go for Dani like that. If Danielle Donato wins, well she doesn’t have much going on with her career, so she likely really needs the money, so good for her.”
shaaaaade. Especially with facial expression. definite shade.
Haven’t seen a clip yet on her feelings about Franzel or Anthony. I’m sure they’re coming.
Somebody play her NicA’s stupid podcast. I want to see the facial expressions.


She also said in another interview that she probably won’t be friends with Dani after the show

another name

Dani is going to end up with just Nicf as a female bb friend.
isn’t that… well deserved.
I mean, the days where Reilly, Janelle and Dani were buds are gone.


In the long run, does Dani really GAF about that?

another name

When it comes to getting invited to paid bb appearances, or even getting on another program? Yeah.
Being on someone’s do not call list can be a real bitch if you’re trying to capitalize on reality program celebrity. If she doesn’t win, and people take her personal attacks personally, she’s toast for getting those group appearance paid gigs.


Janelle has already started following Nicole Anthony on social medias. Sorry she doesn’t hate Nicole A. You could see it on her face when Julie told her about Memphis being in an alliance with the 4 people janelle called out as that side of house to Memphis. Janelle is very smart she realized right then she was the one who sunk her own ship. Whether Nicole said anything or not Janelle was the target and going home because of that. That is partly why she said I’m pissed when asked how she felt about it.

another name

Oh her ship was sunk waaay before talking to Memphis.
Her ship was sunk before she walked through the door.


Hey Another Name,

Janie’s interview on Rob Has a Podcast is worth the listen.

Highlights from it include:

She had one pre-game deal created with Dani & was hoping Tyler would be there b/c she wanted to work with him. She knew immediately Dani wouldn’t stick to it b/c she found the four strategizing. Dani’s pre-game comments about ‘taking down the Queen’ was surprising but she laughed – & that fact now probably confirms to her that Dani/Nic F had the pregame deal.

She did NOT know Kaysar would be there, was surprised by Memphis lies (gave him props) & thinks Dani or Memphis could win (I think once she sees more footage Memphis will fall off that list).

She laughed her ass off when they asked her how upset she was by being dis-invited to Nic F’s wedding & said she hadn’t planned on going anyway but would still send a nice gift. There was the appropriate shade thrown about Nic F’s game (pretty funny) and said she figured NicF would be there b/c she changed her wedding date.

As for Nic F saying Janie trash talked her pre-game that was a lie but she said it “was typical Nic F game play” It was very clear Janie has zero respect for how Nic F plays & tbh – can anyone blame someone of Janelle’s ilk for feeling that way?

Although Nic A’s bombs annoyed her she called her a lovely person, saying no hard feelings but felt she came back too soon to play and did say she would talk to her.

Called David the worst BB player of all time (Bwahhh)

Ironically, she enjoyed getting to know/talk to Ian and respects him.

The best part of the interview was when they asked if Janie would come back to play an All-Star elite player version and she laughed saying “that’s what I thought this was going to be — then I walked in and saw who was there & knew I was F’d”.

She was disappointed she didn’t win HOH to put up Cody (although she used a far more derogatory term lol) & either Dani or Nicole can’t remember which she said. Said all the pre-planned alliances left her SOL with only Kaysar, plus floaters or people “who play differently” then the way she prefers and that put her in a no-win situation from the start.

If Kaysar hadn’t been there & things had been organic I think she would’ve tried to align with Tyler, Ian, Bayleigh and maybe Memphis. It pretty obvious she figured out there was a ton of pre-gaming and alliances made so she was in a no-win situation – but all the trash talking by Nic F & Dani are letting her know just how much was set up prior.

From a personal perspective I’m super annoyed she’s out so early – she’s TV Gold IMHO. It makes sense why Janie wouldn’t like Nic F who can’t play without meat shields, spreading lies and crying. I mean can you imagine how Nic F or Dani would’ve dealt with being nominated this past week? Yeah – not even close to how Janie just rolled with the punches.

No matter what happens in my eyes she remains the Queen and I’m just pissed she’s gone far too early (damn powers that be will save people like Michie or Christie but they can’t save Janie? UGH).

It was too much to wish for Janelle, Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes to be there – now that would’ve been fun to watch that trio take down the house but unfortunately we got this group who spent their time prior to even coming in aligning and plotting. BOO!

I doubt Kaysar can stay long b/c he never has a good read of the house. I don’t actually think Tyler did any pre-planning and b/c of that reason I’d like to see him get the furthest of the Commttee. I know I’m probably on an island but I enjoyed Enzo in his season and like him even more this season. I’d rather he aligned closer to Tyler & Bay than Cody though.

We’ll see what happens — I’m keeping an open mind but with my favorite gone far too soon I’m not overly optimistic. I was annoyed by Nic A’s meltdown but tbh I doubt her bombs did as much damage as we’d like to put on her – they (Dani/NicF/Cody) had her targeted two months ago so it was over before she walked in the door.

another name

the only issue i have with saying she didn’t know Kaysar would be there, they discussed on feeds knowing. No strategizing. But knew.
a small point.
the dani alliance was also known, but i always considered it a gaslight dani used because she was already in with Nicf and Cody et al.
I don’t put the total ruin of Janelle and Kaysar on NicA, really. I think it did hurt, but not ruin. It was more a reflection on NicA. And the way she played, which disgusted me. The revision to timeline in NicA’s podcast annoys the hell out of me.
Tyler did pregame. His promise with David, Ovi spilling beans and recanting. Christmas discussing her relationship with Angela.
The ONLY people in that house that didn’t have pregame strategizing were Keesha, Kevin, NicA and Kaysar.

another name

wait until he turns the sprinklers on those damn kids for going on his lawn.

My 2 cents

We’re all gonna end up loving him, i bet. He’s the Cody Nickson of this season.

another name

Never actually liked Cody N. always saw him as the bully that lost the fight with the other bully.

another name

… Enzo is wrong again.
re Kaysar:
he hasn’t talked game with me in 4 weeks.
Week four started… yesterday. They’ve been there 3 weeks.

Damn Kaysar, should have pregamed and got in on that group chat action. Like the rest of Grodner’s Gross Goliaths.

Kid Rock

They need to revamp the whole show. People have figured it out as it is right now.

Get some fan engagement somehow.

Any other ideas how they could make it better?


DANI LIES IS ABLUT DAY IS GONNA COME BACK TO BITE HER!!! One of the guys is gonna tell Dayvonne( Tyler/ ENZO) Day is gonna flip out on her! Dani is really messing up her game with the guys! Cause she keeps talki. Ish bout Day every chance she gets! Mostly lies