Ian “The last time I was a pawn if I didn’t win veto I would be 500K poorer.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony
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12:30pm Bathroom. Dani and Christmas.
Dani – what is the plan ..are we giving him (Kaysar) the run around or what’s the deal. Christmas – I don’t know. All I know is Enzo is going to talk to everybody today to decide. Dani – yeah that’s what he told me. Are we giving him the run around? Christmas – no, if an obvious pawn goes up. Just say you’re voting with the house. I just can’t lie like that. Dani – I know. I am the same way.. which is why I was so uncomfortable last week with Janelle. Christmas – I wouldn’t be able to look at him without him knowing I was lying. I don’t want to see him spin like he does. Dani – That’s why I am wonder what the best way is.. Christmas – I think it depends on who he puts up and how they handle it. Dani – yeah. Because I feel one way or another but I’m not sure which way he will spin out. Christmas – Iam friends with him. I am friendly. I have no problem telling him what I told him. I do mind set work with him. I don’t do game strategy. Lay low as game strategy.. because no one wants a dooms day guy walking around. I don’t tell him any information on anybody. I just don’t want him to throw my name out there. Dani – I know .. same. I think realistically .. the has said so many lies in this house already that nobody would believe anything he says .. so like I think all of our group is so tight it doesn’t matter what he says.

Bathroom. Ian and Christmas.
Ian – what are you thinking is going to happen? Christmas – he is going to talk to everyone again today and from what I know its going to be a pawn. He wants someone that would… Ian – definitely stay. Christmas – definitely stay and take it with grace. Even last night I said if you need to use me .. use me. Ian – My thing is I will take it with grace but I don’t think I would stay. I think for me there is risk. Christmas – I think you would absolutely stay. We would have Kevin, Me, Nicole, Dani.. Ian – at the beginning of this week, Kevin and I made a pawn pact. That if we were against Kaysar .. we would vote out Kaysar. Christmas – good. And there’s Tyler, Cody.. It should be unanimous. Ian – yeah it should be. Christmas – how are you with the girls? Ian – I think I am okay. The last time I was a pawn if I didn’t win veto I would be 500K poorer. So there’s that.. you know?!

2:05pm Bathroom. Kevin and Ian.
Ian to Kevin – Congrats on winning. Kevin – thank you and obviously the same pact is in play. I think you’re good though. You have my vote .. you don’t even have to worry about it. Ian – thank you. I want to work with you ..we just have to take it little by little. Kevin agrees.

2:30pm – 2:40pm Bedroom. Bay and Christmas.
Bay – what is going to happen with Memphis? Christmas – he will get better he just has to take care of it. Bay – He can’t even run. I am worried about him. It doesn’t look good. Even on Thursday when the HOH is happening .. how is he going to get upstairs? Christmas – multiple times a day. Bay – or even next week he is supposed to be a havenot. How are you with the other girls? Christmas – I am pretty okay. I feel good with Day but we don’t talk ever. But I think she is just playing close to home. Dani and I have a similar mom experience. She just asks me general questions. Same thing with Nicole too. Bay – do you think us as girls we could .. not like an alliance but protect each other. Christmas – however it is presented .. it should be presented as strategy not gender. Bay – I know David would have my back but he is going crazy. Memphis would have yours but.. Christmas – he is f**ked up. The guys that we would love and trust .. need us. Bay – and Kevin his a$$ was on the line yesterday.

3pm – 4pm Nicole and Ian.
Nicole – He (Enzo) is going to talk to you today. He asked me if you like him and I said you do. He said okay good because I like him. He’s my man. I just want him to know that he has our votes to get Kaysar out and that we will NOT flip. Ian – of course. Nicole – so make sure you make it clear that you are not close to Kaysar and you will not flip. Because he is afraid it could be five / five and he would have to break the tie. And no funky business of throwing in a weird vote. If Kaysar stays .. it is not good for me or you. He’s got to go. I just wanted to make sure you’re voting him out. Ian – yup! 100%! Ian starts studying the days / events of the season.

3:15pm Enzo and Cody are working out.

Christmas and Tyler.
Tyler – who do you think he is going to put up? Christmas – I think maybe David or Ian. Tyler – Ian is a vote for us.. Christmas – I think we have the votes to keep him over Kaysar. After Kaysar .. Bay probably needs to go next. IF she is in jury she is going to have a personal vendetta. Tyler – no one is going to want to get her out .. so they’re going to pawn it off.

4:20pm HOH room. Enzo and Kevin.
Enzo – I was like you’re making my decision so easy .. for her (Christmas) to f**king go up. She was like well you saved me with the plus one. You know what I mean. Kevin – that good. Enzo – she said whenever you’re ready you and me go get her. And I was like it makes my decision easy because you never know when people are going to volunteer for this sh*t. Kevin – that means she wants to work with you. Enzo – that’s it. We have the votes. You’re going to tell her that you’re going to vote for her to stay. Kaysar is going to be gone .. that’s it! We will talk to her later today. She will go on the block. That’s it. You’re good ..everyone loves you.

4:33pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.. The house guests run out and scream thank you BB!!!

4:50pm Memphis and Cody.
Memphis – I think it is going to be David or Ian unless he pulls something out of his a$$. Cody – I don’t know. Memphis – I mean it doesn’t really matter .. I think everyone agrees we have to get out Kaysar. Cody – but its like you burn a relationship.. when you put someone else up they essentially know that you’re at the bottom of the totem pole. Memphis – yeah, yeah, yeah. Cody – that the good and the bad of being a pawn. You know where you stand. He could just put up David. I wouldn’t be opposed to him going either.

5:05pm Bedroom. Kevin and Christmas.
Kevin – I really liked your speech.. that was very motivational. Christmas – good, good! Kevin – I was like damn people underestimated me. Christmas – not anymore. Kevin – I feel like I could be a good asset. Christmas – definitely. Kevin – and I talked to Enzo and he said that he would connect with you .. its going to be good. Christmas – wait .. to put me up? Kevin – uh.. Christmas – like to replace you? Kevin – no! (LOL) Christmas – okay.. lets just be clear about things because I don’t want to go up. I don’t know who he is going to put up as the replacement but I don’t think it matters. I hope who he picks won’t hold it personally. Kevin – so he hasn’t talked to you at all? Christmas – no, I haven’t been able to catch him. What do you think he is going to do? Kevin – he said he wanted to get all three of us together. Christmas – lets get up there. They both head up to the HOH room.

5:20pm HOH room. Enzo and Christmas.
Enzo – I can say I gave her the plus one. IF you’re willing to be the pawn for just this week. That’s it. Christmas – Okay I am good with it .. I just want people to think that I need to be up there regularly. Enzo – exactly! Christmas – that is my only concern. Enzo – that’s what I am going to say that I did the plus one for her so she is doing this. That’s it .. we just have to stay loyal. We may tickle someone in ..here or there later. We just stay strong and get past this next week because that’s jury and then we have to start going strong after people. Christmas – I was just talking to Kevin and he didn’t tell me that, that was the plan. He said that was something I would have to talk to Enzo about. Because he wasn’t going to tell me what you were doing. Enzo – he is so f**king loyal that kid. Yo he can win sh*t! He proved that! We’re good! We’re solid. You’re staying. We’re good. Kaysar is going! Plus you’ve got friends in this house .. I’ve got friends. Christmas – who is next? Enzo – Whoever wins HOH we talk about it. Christmas – good we have to brainstorm. I like that. Enzo – I always said that its your HOH .. you decide. Its your hands that are getting the blood on them. To the end, I am staying loyal to you. I trust you and Kevin. He came up 10 minutes after I nom’d him. I know I can f**king trust him.

5:45pm -6pm Kevin joins Christmas and Enzo.
Kevin – are you okay with being.. Christmas – yes, its what needs to be done. Enzo – and what I am going to say is that I used my plus one on her. Christmas – and I am repaying my debt to him. Enzo – everyone knows what’s up Kaysar is gone. Christmas – I am not going to say that I’m not going to be nervous. Enzo – they’re not going to let 4 girls go out. (LOL OMG can you imagine!) I’ve got you! I’ve got the votes. You’ve got friends in the house. Christmas – this is probably the last cordial week. Kevin – and I will make sure it follows through in that direction (Kaysar gets voted out). Christmas – anyone else it would be a black mark against him. There are a lot of emotional players in the game and I am not like that.

6:25pm Backyard workouts and pool

6:40pm The live feeds are blocked and then the feeds switch to the kitty cam… Before the feeds cut someone near the studio yelled “Nicole and Cody are playing everyone” (In the backyard – Couches: Christmas, Kaysar, Memphis. Playing Pool: Cody, Ian, Tyler)

7:05pm Still showing the kitty cam..

7:45pm The feeds are still blocked.

8:40pm Still nothing

9:56pm No feeds for you..

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One of the things I can not stand, is when they talk about a person lying when they aren’t.
The person spreading the lie about that person is spreading lies all over and then acts insulted about it. omg It drives me crazy! I also do not like the way they hate on the person going and talk so ugly about them. I have watch BB from the start but its just not the same or fun to watch anymore , yet i do hoping one season someone will come in and play like it should be done. ** sigh


Omg Robin so true. Why so nasty behavior. Why the players don’t talk to the ones on the block is stupid!!!! Nothiing Kaysar has said is a lie. Dani and nicole are spreading lies; smh.


According to them, Janelle and Kayser must be the biggest liars in the entire world.


Have the first ever quadruple eviction night and just get down to business!

The next 3/4 weeks are already predetermined, don’t let us suffer through it.


I’m totally down for this, we need some sort of excitement! Let the backstabbing begin…


Thanks for the updates Dawg and Simon, it’s gotta be tough with a boring season like this. I still can’t believe this is an Allstars with this weak play. Anyway, I sent a tip your way last night, you guys are troopers.


I’m curious about something. I feel sure Kevin will pull himself off the block.Then the big question has been who will replace Kevin, and all assume that person will be safe because they’re a pawn. Is Enzo allowed to put himself on the block and be the pawn? That would reinforce Enzo’s belief that the replacement would be a pawn. I think that would be so cool. Can an HOH be on the block if he puts himself there?

another name

I know in bbcan an hoh cannot nominate himself. One tried.

All Stars???

Wait… one tried??? Were they trying to self-evict? Why would someone put themselves up? I never watched BBCan.

Guy From Canada

The brothers offered themselves up frustrated at the house I. Season 4. Arisa said ar you sur the other brother talked him out of it. I think it was during a double eviction?

another name

Yes, the brothers was the example when Nick got annoyed that Cassandra went back on the deal to leave Tim on the block during the live double and Phil talked him out of it. but after that there was an announcement ‘remember, you can’t nominate yourself,’ in another season.


When I read this, the first thing that popped in my head was, “Is this David?” Lol


yeah no, they can’t, won’t and shouldn’t nominate themselves. The whole idea of being HOH is that you’re safe.


It’s ridiculous how every single one of them criticize Kaysar (and Janelle) about their campaign techniques. They bitch about being irritated weather they do or don’t campaign..how and what they say. No matter what Kaysar is ostracized. They forget and act like none of them are eventually going to be in the same situation! On the block!!!!. Such idiots! I can’t listen to them. Dumbasses. I cancelled feeds today. Grateful for OBB to catch up now and then.


not even looking at it tonight do not like any of those FOOLS…but kayser just can’t stand the way they are treating him.

Jan Nan

Kaysar really is a nice guy. That’s why he’s always been one of my favorites. It doesn’t matter to me that he’s never won. He’s still a big brother all star and always will be.


It’s like no one is allowed to campaign to save their games, except the cool kids. The audacity of those the block to question the ruling class – the nerve.


This is some a**backwards game play. This mob mentality is the dumbest thing. They are literally sitting around waiting for a meeting on what to do ?!! Really?!! How do they not get this type of herd game play is literally them doing someone else dirty work and then they get picked off. Like ok ur part of decisions and discussions but are you kidding me? Where do you actually think you are on the totem pole that you are anything but an expendable number?? My goodness this is infuriating. Wth happened to actually playing for your self and your true alliance. Everyone makes 50 alliances to cover their behind to get further and lay low but they don’t even think along the way they have done jack all to be warranted a win or even attempt to win anything to do anything valuable for their alliance and will be first to be gotten rid of. Too many times useless floaters make it to the end and they wonder why they don’t win. They don’t play the actual game If anyone wants to argue floating is a game play. That’s bs. This is all stars. Floating isn’t a strategy. Idc idc. Then at the end it’s the best of the worst to win. This is trash play and I’m disgusted they want to call themselves all stars. There’s a hand full of legit noobies. Seriously they couldn’t run old game play? David is there still … For what?!!! He has nothing to show or prove at all he hasn’t aged BB yet, and isn’t now. Wth picked these all stars. New ones are garbage and old ones are arguably confused on all the ready made alliances. How the heck could they even get in when things were set up before hand. I mean some not all. Looks like a good majority had a leg up on competition. Unimpressed


Couldn’t agree more… this is no longer worth watching. I refuse to watch anymore as my time is more valuable than watching this stupid mob mentality. No game play just spiteful janellousy and I wish we could vote on none of them to win. Only reading boards to find out when voting for AFP starts so I can make sure I get my vote in for Janelle.


or kayser i think these losers have treated him so bad i really dislike all those fools

Sheila Schepp

Hopefully they will have a few “America’s Vote”. I was hoping they would use America’s vote to stay off the block or to be saved. Something to show these children what the fans think.

Not Lovin' This Season

Totally agree. James Rhine said it best, “It’s Small Stars, not All Stars.” I guess the pickings were pretty slim this year, with CoVid, pregnancies, careers, etc. I don’t think there is anything the producers can do about the pre-game alliances but that’s a big reason this show has lost so many viewers, imho.


Absolutely agree with both comments. Thank God for OBB. This I hate Janelle team thing is stupid. You are in all stars. Meaning you must’ve been a someone at some point but your hating the girl for what exactly? That she’s straight popular over all of you? This is exactly why and your proving it talking about her, damn hating idiots. Also I cannot now or ever stand Nicole and she never should have won her one season. She’s a whiny witch and plays like she’s got big girl panties on while wearing a diaper infront of everyone else crying for nothing. Victor is a moron for taking up with her and he’s changed so much he’s barely recognizable. But hey whatever works. I hope Janelle wins AFP and Nicole cries all the way home. Why aren’t they getting out players who have won before? Aligning with them while Kaysar and Janelle have done nothing to anyone but try to play a game the rest are skating through. Might as well fast forward a few weeks as we are set up for who’s going as no one else will win but this giant alliance and kick off who’s not with them. Kevin, D and B won’t win a thing. Because they don’t feel they have to. Also they would be terrified to go against the grain anyways… Useless

Team Janelle

She’s out of the house and they’re STILL jealous and hateful. Janellousy is real.


team janelle but i love me some kayser

Jan Nan

I agree. I wish he would be given some type of power. I have a feeling when Cody or Nicole are in trouble some type of power will be dropped in their lap. This show is a shadow of what it use to be.

Sheila Schepp

Haters are just really people that are obsessed with you. Jeanellousy~Love it.


i ‘m one of them did not even look at tonights show just comes here to read and hope something good happens for kayser

Not Lovin' This Season


Jan Nan

I started not to watch tonight but the discussion Day and Kayser had was so emotion and raw I’m glad I did.


Oh brother


All Stars Season 7, they found out about pre-game alliances, then put in the double HOH with both having to agree on the noms or would themselves become the noms. Dani R pointed out that if Jase didn’t agree with Janelle, they could vote Janelle out. Allison took that idea and ran with it, all the way out the door as first eviction. Back then they cared, not so much now.

Think: Kaitlyn gets that friggen puzzle, Michie gets away with havenots and that cable comp cheat, it’s funny they wouldn’t save Janelle. It’s funnier that the HGs didn’t think enough to keep her – solid jury vote based on best game (or not NicF).


I think CBS needs a show where BB players watch the game back so we can seem them see how stupid they were.


Big Brother Punked

another name

A Slight Problem. A little thing really. Just logistics.
Say Enzo nominates Christmas as a volunteer.
What is the Da’vonne Bayleigh response? Another woman, but the guys don’t have a thing?
What is their response if told Christmas is a volunteer? Since when are you working with Christmas so much? So wait, our alliance of 6 now has a 7 and an 8… and we’re just hearing about it now? But we’re not the bottom of the totem pole? mmmhmmm.

On the other side of the coin, Bay asked Christmas about the women bonding to look out for each other, not an alliance, just an understanding. Christmas refused saying she wanted to play according to strategy not gender.
UH yeah, that’s because Christmas’ latest strategy is to target her gender. That’s the strategy of every woman in the house. But refusing to look out for other women is going to make Bayleigh feel a certain kind of way. And if Christmas is the volunteer on the block?

Took longer than expected, but Enzo has spilled his convo with Da and Bay to Cody. Setting up more of Cody’s Da’vonne has to go talk. Bayleigh will cling to them if they get rid of Da’vonne. The sad thing is, the Foutte in her just might.

another name

Ur Enzo in final 2.
Try to explain taking out the guy who sucks at comps because he named a target he’ll never hit because he sucks at comps, and that target wasn’t you anyway, instead of making a move for your own game and interest.
Puppet says what?
There goes jury respect and at least one vote if not more.
Just saying, working to take out Cody’s target for him AND keeping Nicf’s shield in the game to protect her (his sentiments)? Not a vote getter. A game loser.


This type of game play is soooooo unappealing. I don’t even care enough as a superfan to discuss.

Why would you get rid of Kaysar when you could backdoor Dani ? Enzo knows Dani is sketch .. even though I don’t like the Enzo Cody Tyler alliance they could take a shot at Dani and hit. Pull Kaysar in and your alliance gets even stronger.

That’s the play. But group think doesn’t allow for free thinking players.

Side note if Cody or Nicole win this year please discontinue the show, thanks CBS (joking, but kinda not)

Another side note — I love Ian but I also remember how much I disliked his early game play during his win… very rat-like game and he is doing it again. Ratting on Boogie and Frank who treated him like crap was one thing, ratting on J+K was unpleasant to watch. He will catch a major break of he isn’t backdoored this week, but unless he wins HOH and establishs a relationship outside of Miss Hand Job he is toast


Yet you discussed. ?

My 2 cents

I’m just gobsmacked with these women. Probably the strongest group that’s ever played in a season, and they have just given the game to the guys. Seems like women can only unite when they mutually hate another woman. Truly sad that this trend continues with this supposedly “enlightened” generation.

Canadian Cate

Let the viewers have more input/votes. Even though social media followers may interject…better than this predictable crap. Or give us some say on ANYTHING to make this show more interesting…so boring & predictable…was hoping for that old, guessing what was going to happen next…?

Sheila Schepp

YESSSS..America’s Vote

another name

Check the Tyler Christmas conversation.
She’s lying to him. And he knows she’s lying. And he’s lying back.
Just last night he showed preference for Christmas over David by saying he’d prefer david as the pawn over Christmas. And now they are playing liar’s tag.
She tells him the renom is likely Ian or David.
He knows she volunteered. He was told by Enzo.
I’m thinking this means Tyler has lost control of his toy, and he’s figuring out he’s practiced poor maintenance.
But what is Christmas’ agenda?
I’d suggest keeping an eye on this development. I think it’s going to become significant for some reason.

another name

Add in Nicf telling Ian that Christmas might try to flip the vote to save Kaysar, leading Ian to believe he’s in danger if he’s the renom, and might be in danger from Christmas. Nicf knows that Christmas volunteered. She was in the HOH the same time Tyler heard. Odd.
People are getting sloppy.


Isn’t it because they are trying to control what information gets back to David because of what happened last week ?

another name

I didn’t get that impression.
I got the impression that Christmas is intentionally trying to obfuscate with Tyler.
Perhaps I’m wrong.
It would NOT be the first time I missed a set up to why a conversation sounds completely out there.
For example, since I pretty much mute Kevin as soon as he makes whineface… I have no clue what he’s actually doing 1/2 the time.
BUT later when Christmas and Enzo are agreeing who they feel comfortable with: Day, Bay, David and Tyler are the names missing from their list.


You are not alone in your sentiments about Kevin. I compared him to last season’s Cliff in terms of Nicole A but don’t know what he is doing now

another name

Because i typed that edited last sentence mid convo…
Enzo says later in that convo he isn’t going to target Cody/Tyler/Memphis any time soon.
Just for clarity.

Feeds Gold

if zingbot shows up…

nic f: “zingbot youre sooooo annnnoooyyyyyiiinnnnggg”

zingbot: “oh yeah, wrists of fury aka princess tuggy? well, the jerk store called, and they are running out of you…zzzzzzzziiiinnnnnnnggggg”


So much material, Zingbot should be a multi-episode experience this year.

All Stars???

Zingbot might have to be virtual this year. Or quarantined for 2 weeks before going in.

Feeds Gold

yeah probably virtual…it is supposed to be allstars…it would be weird not to have zingbot at all


There is an extremely solution for the house this week. Enzo nominates Memphis and the vote to send Memphis home. The back pains appears to be extreme and they can walk around and feel like they are doing someone a kindness by voting him out.

None of them but Cody seems to even like Memphis. On some levels they all want him out. The only concern is that they should be worried about Memphis blowing up their games… but most of his crap is only on Cody.

All Stars???

Why send home someone that likely won’t win anymore and has a terrible social game? Get out a threat… like Xmas.


Funny thing is… in Big Brother someone who was not a big winner ended up in final three, two, or won. Big Brother is filled with winners that did not win comps until the end. There is a long history of competitors not winning Big Brother. Memphis is an excellent person to get out early… how many times in Big Brother did someone with an obnoxious personality that worked peoples nerves get in the final two because someone thought that person was so hated nobody would vote for them to win.

Dr Will, Evil Dick, Boogie, lets be honest Mitchie last years winner. At times the asshole does win… and the ones walking around thinking they are saints loose.

Remember Christmas injured early, she ended up in the final two. If someone hold off too long on that person who is hurt, injured, not a risk… they end up going further than the ones who win everything. Consider Memphis a guilt free mercy eviction. Mostly a mercy because most everyone can’t stand him. Jordan was next to useless and she won Big Brother. Franzel spent most of her winning year bouncing checks and whining.

Yes, nominating a Memphis is the perfect choice for Enzo to nominate… get him out now, and they have a great excuse for pullingthat trigger. Unfortunately, Enzo is spineless and not “Hey Yo, I don’t give a f**k” as he talks… my guess his choice is David as the replacement nominee… not Ian, not Memphis, and not Dani. David insures Kayser goes home because he locks in 3 votes… Kevin, Da’vonne, and Bay. Where as Ian, Da’vonne, and Ian might be tempting choices that can save Kayser.


Are you watching the feeds??? Bay & Day are over David they would not vote for him anymore.Enzo is working with Memphis and Cody so he would not nominate him.Also Xmess was not in the final 2 her season.Paul took her to the final 3 because she didnt do anything but it was Josh who was in the final 2.Christmas has told Enzo to put her up as a pawn.She is nuts for that.I would honestly love to see that and backfire and her leave.Also Enzo said he would not put up David.

BB SmallStars

Need someone to tell me what are the “so many lies” that Kaysar is telling. What lies?! If the man sneezed, they’d accuse him of lying. They nitpick absolutely anything and everything about him. And blatantly rude and obnoxious comments; to his face (Bay) and behind his back. Yeah, everyone talks about everyone but the things they say about him? Uncalled for. And what happened to “expect the unexpected”. Nothing…could have been useful for Janelle and Kaysar. I mean, they did it for Paul in his second appearance when they gave him 50 weeks of safety! Janelle and Kaysar deserved better. BB did them wrong and ruined what could have been a great season. Bad casting, bad decisions, bad boring mob mentality “gameplay”.

Sheila Schepp

And Bayleigh telling Kaysarthat he and Janelle ruined her game. Did she tell Janelle that while she was handing her her designer clothes that she no longer wanted. Bay is trying to rewrite history and blame Kasysar. Not cool. And damn ungrateful. I might add

Not Lovin' This Season

While I am sad about Janelle’s and Kaysar’s evictions, I am also glad they won’t have to deal with the unpleasant, rude and immature players in the house. Good for them for going home to their families and getting on with their lives. They truly are All Stars in real life.

another name

only reveiwing recap.
They’ve dropped the Cody Memphis masterminds.
Now it’s the Cody Enzo relationship that is the big masterminds with the Slick Six being the big alliance (it’s fake from inception) instead of the no name Memphis alliance that was pretty much fake to everyone once Memphis was an HOH.
But it’s like revisionist history of revisionist history in my book.


I can’t believe they spent as long as they did on the “Who were the 2 votes?” Lol


Raticole treats Ian as if he’s her lap dog or a child she’s babysitting. He goes along with it..wtf? They all act like they are holier than thou with their moral game play. The girls including Shitmas are going to feel like idiots when the lightbulb goes on how stupid they have been. Just a joke. All of them could of used Janelle and Kaysar to their advantage. Zero strategy…just follow the leader…monkeys. ‘‘Tis the season of Morons.


Not completely. I say that title for a season is reserved for Derrick’s season. At the very least, there are hinky votes this season preventing the “properly maligned” unanimous vote


It’s going to be some funny sh*t if Christmas goes on the block and gets voted out, especially since she volunteered. I can see Dani rallying some people to vote her out, she already sees her as a threat. The look on Christmas’s face if she got the boot would be priceless.


Welcome to FOUTTE, Christmas.

another name

Wall Yeller.
in backyard are Kaysar, Memphis, Christmas on couches, along with i think Cody by the pool table.
What was yelled
And feed cut.

Quick Check of Twitter:
lots of Yays from people saying hey they pregame cheated so fair is fair.
mixed with less but the same small number responding to every yay with quit praising cheaters for yelling over the wall, poor Cody.
Don’t care at this point.
They’ll all be told to disregard this one with a bigger debrief than the last one because it was much clearer.


I must admit hearing about the yeller brought me some joy… I know ..shame on me but…Karma did just slap Nicole and Cody right in the face:-) hehe

All Stars???

Is it too much to hope that Xmas goes up and out? She is a bigger threat than Kaysar. He has nobody and hasn’t won anything.

Feeds Gold

there was another wall yeller:

“NICOLE AND CODY ARE PLAYING EVERYONE” was said repeatedly very clearly and loudly

closeup cam was on sh1tmas and she looked very interested, her eyes lit up like a xmas tree

kaysar and memphis heard it too, not sure who else…i think i heard ian in the background, and bay i think was outside too, maybe others, as the backyard had just opened up for the first time in a while

instant lockdown

well done wall yeller…sure feeds will be down for a bit, but we are not missing much, thats gonna hopefully create some paranoia and chaos for future weeks

evel tweeted pretty much that exact line as a suggestion to the likely yeller when the yeller was taking requests for what they should say a few hours ago


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(sorry for posting the feed clip…no worries)


I wonder why they left Tyler and Enzo out.


Glad someone yelled that, this shitshow needs a boost lol. Meanwhile I saw this one twitter…go Janelle!

Nicole rulez

The fan was right. Nicole is the real queen. She is a BB winner and still in control of the house. She also will have the most beautiful royal wedding ever at the most beautiful location, with many famous BB celebs planning to attend. Poor Janelle she will never have that.

Also, I think we forgot to put “New queen of BB – Nicole” at the top of this webpage.

Nicole rulez

The fan was right. Nicole is the real queen. She is a BB winner and still in control of the house. She also will have the most beautiful royal wedding ever at the most beautiful location, with many famous BB celebs planning to attend. Poor Janelle she will never have that.

Also, I think we forgot to put “New queen of BB – Nicole” at the top of this webpage.


Sorry guys. I know this is random.. but where did the nickname tuggy come from for ratcole?

Miss Impression

See tweet above.


Thank you! Lol


It’s not the fact that her story tugs at your heart strings?! I would never have thought it was because she spent both of her seasons giving handys under the sheets…


Her constantly working out her wrists (hand jobs) under the sheets with both hayden then Corey in her two previous seasons.


Coin slots is absolutely disgusting. I have never liked her and I don’t get why she keeps returning. Paul’s not better but he was robbed. She has no business playing BB. She’s a whiney, sniveling, infantile disgrace for a woman. She hates Janelle because she has balls to call people out without crying and doesn’t let things effect her and keeps on moving with the next strategy. Nicole literally picks up men every season and degrades herself on national TV. Nothing wrong with sex. Nothing wrong being sexual. But she’s like a 12 year old with no sense, style or anything and watching her feels wrong like child por*. She flops around like a giant toddler but wants to play like she’s a grown woman. Shes in for a rude awakening whenever she leaves and I hope it’s soon. She doesn’t deserve anything but a kick in the a**

Jan Nan

I was excited to watch the show and read the spoilers, but now I’m just meh. I would love if the votes would flip and Christmas would go. That would make the game exciting again instead of the same ole same ole. Back in the day that would definitely happen but with these people nah. I will keep watching just hoping for Nicole and Cody’s down fall.

The Beef

So it looks like Christmas may be going up as the replacement nominee.

Shout out to “another name” – I was wrong when I said in an earlier update there was no way Enzo would put her up. You correctly pointed out that she volunteered, which we all know is not a very bright thing to do, but still, looks like she is going up, so I was wrong.

So is there any way to take advantage of this somewhat unexpected development? Most likely not, especially since Kevin seems to be 100% dedicated to keeping Christmas safe, and his vote would be needed in order to flip the house, get Christmas out, and save Kaysar.

10 people vote, and by putting Christmas up, the power alliance is giving up one of their most reliable voters. That leaves Cody, Tyler, Dani, and Nicole to for sure vote Kaysar out in my opinion. They along with Enzo and Christmas make up the strong six in the house, with Memphis kind of along for the ride.

IF Bay, Day, David and Kevin were to team up and convince Ian that it was in his best interest to vote with them, because of that strong six, that would make it five to five. If Kaysar and this group could then get Memphis to also see he was also at the bottom of that power group, get him to flip as well, that would be SIX votes to save Kaysar, and Christmas, the volunteer, would be sent on her happy little way to reunite with her new born baby! They could use the fact that she VOLUNTEERED to be on the block, as a fact that she is so comfortable in the house with the power alliance, that she must be ahead of both Ian and Memphis with that group in the pecking order to hopefully sway them in switching sides.

Will this happen? Unlikely, for a myriad of reasons, the least of which most of them are afraid to make a move against the power. But if they were to wake up and see that they have no chance unless they do, it would take a concerted effort on Bay and Day’s part to turn David and Kevin first, in order to save their own a$$es. Then they would have to work on Ian, and finally Memphis. The chances are slim, but Christmas opened the door when she volunteered. Dani is trying to close it with a house meeting to shut all campaigning down (nice job b!tch – just shut-up and play).