Veto Players Picked! Enzo “This sh*t worked out perfectly YO! That is f**king crazy YO!”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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12:15pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – I don’t think we will play till really late. Nicole – I hope I get drawn. Dani – do you? Because then you have to try and win though. Are you going to win? Nicole – yeah. Dani – I kind of want to play but I don’t because I don’t know if I could win against Kaysar. Nicole – I would want to be the one that seals it.. so then I can be useful. I really wanted to play in the spelling one but that one is really messy. Dani – I do too.. I don’t think they will do messy ones though. Nicole – I just thought it would be fun. Dani – I will DIE if Kaysar gets it. I just want him out of here. I’ve had enough. Nicole – do you think Cody regrets last week? Dani – I don’t care .. she needed to go. I’m not afraid of him. What is he going to do take everyone out? Janelle is the one that can rally everyone. Kevin and Ian join them. Nicole – I think you’ll have to climb the wall and put together a puzzle.

1:17pm – 1:47pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the veto player pick.

Veto Players: Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis

1:50pm – 2:07pm HOH room. Enzo and Tyler.
Enzo – this sh*t worked out perfectly YO! That is f**king crazy YO! Tyler – f**king snipped. Enzo – TYLER! Tyler – you read that sh*t first. Ezno – I wanted him to pick Cody. Then we would have been like sharks in that thing! Tyler – I was thinking you were going to get house guest choice. He picked Bay so that’s good too. I just hope she is going to perform. She hasn’t won anything.. because she’s got ties with him, you know!? Tyler – its all good, we’ll win it. I’m due for a veto win to catch up to you guys. Tyler – she wants David up there. Enzo – so she (Day) wants me to get rid of a rookie!? That’s my power move!? Like come on YO! This isn’t Day’s HOH.. this is my HOH! She is going to get backdoored YO! Christmas is going to go after her. We’ve given her three week safety and you want to question me?! I am winning sh*t and getting blood on my hands and I have to worry about people in my alliance not trusting me!? Like come on!? Enough Yo! Tyler – I am stuck between wanting Dani out of here or Day. Dani is the source. Enzo – Dani is working with everybody. Tyler – she is the source of EVERYTHING! Enzo – I am coming this close to backdooring her right now! Tyler – If I win HOH next week I might. Enzo – for reals because we cannot trust these girls. She is always trying to plant seeds .. always! Tyler – and she likes to sit in the middle and feed the fire. Enzo – she really thinks that we’re dumb enough to not be onto her game. Blow up the alliance .. I am ready to tell the whole f**king house that its you me and Cody.. and that’s it! Get the f**k out of here! I am done with this bullsh*t! I have another week or two in me and then I am done! Tyler – I am done now! Enzo – They’re trying to tell me what to do! I am about to backdoor Ian. I ready to put up Dani and Day too. I don’t give a f**k about these people! Cody and Nicole join them. Enzo – David knows not to use it if he wins it. Cody – no he doesn’t! They talk about it being a night veto. Nicole – I think it will be the puzzle.

2:25pm Living room. Kaysar, Ian, David.
David – just remember Kaysar you’re a comp beast! 12 hours! Kaysar – I could have gone another 10 hours. Different time. David – different time, same person. Kaysar – we will see how it plays out.

2:30pm Kevin and Dani.
Kevin – I just picked him (David) to give Kaysar more competition. I just based it on who would beast out. Nicole joins them. Nicole talks about how bad she feels about calling Janelle out. Kevin – she called you a rat and a B**ch. Nicole – I just feel bad about saying that because I should have been a bigger person. Dani – you’re too worried. Nicole – I don’t want Victor and my mom to be fighting people off.

2:45pm – 2:57pm Bathroom. Kaysar and Bay.
Kaysar – It bothers me that you feel like you were forced or put into a compromising position. I understand that you want to stay out of harms way. They don’t need to come to us for anything. They have a monopoly on who we talk to. They put the pressure on to make you feel bad about who you talk to. They just want you to be sleeping as long as possible. Think about it!?Bay – Don’t say think about it! I’m not stupid. I am very aware. You don’t have to be condescending the points that you’re making, I’ve heard them all before. You don’t have to beat a dead horse. I get it. The points that you’re making are all through your lens. Not once have you look at it from our perspective. Kaysar – that’s all I know. Bay – you’re not a good listener. You talked for twenty minutes and now when I talk .. you interrupt. Now is not the time to talk about this. Kaysar – we’ll talk after the veto. Bay – yes after the veto would be a perfect time. There is still a possibility that you will stay here. I just need you to breath. kaysar – do you have an idea if you would use it? Bay – I am not sure but I would do what is best for my game.

Bedroom. Cody, Nicole and Dani.
Cody – David .. now I just want him to go home. Dani – we will just see how well he does because he is trying real hard but not getting anywhere. Cody – his whole goal is to get it to jury. Dani – that’s what everyone’s goal is the first time so that they don’t look like a loser.

3:40pm Living room. Memphis and Christmas
Christmas – I honestly think that Bay is a bigger competitor. She is more likely to win stuff. Please keep this between us.. I think the order of hierarchy would be Bay, David, DaVonne .. Bay can win more comps. Memphis – lets see what happens today. Christmas – worst case scenario Kaysar wins and pulls himself down and Enzo puts up David or one of the girls. Memphis – he would probably do David. Christmas – but if David wins and takes Kevin down. Then he would probably put up one of the girls. (Enzo said he would put up Ian.

4:10pm – 4:20pm Bedroom. Memphis and Kaysar.
Kaysar – Honestly if no one is going to do anything I might as well go home because I am going to lose my damn mind. Whether its social or physical I am going to give it my all this week. And if people don’t get their a$$es together and wake up. Memphis – obviously you winning veto would be the best case scenario. Even if Kevin wins the veto its a better scenario for you than someone else winning because more than likely he is going to put up David. Kaysar – they won’t put David up against me because that would be too unreliable. They would have to put up someone that they feel they can send me out against. Memphis – we will see..

4:55pm The house guests are all sitting around waiting for the veto to start..

5:50pm Lounge room. Bay and David.
David – you wouldn’t change the noms if you won? Bay – no. Would you? David – no.. I kind of want to though. Bay – but the person going up .. that is the question mark. David – I wouldn’t want it to be me. Bay – no if you pull someone else off you can’t go up. David – yeah I don’t know who it would be. Bay – my fear is that it would be someone that would be a bigger target than Kaysar and Kaysar would stay. David – yeah Kaysar has to go.. he’s manipulated enough people to f**k me up. Bay – yeah I’m exhausted. David – he’s a good human though. I like him. Bay – yeah he’s a good person.

5:50pm – 6:10pm HOH room. Enzo and Kevin.
Enzo – I like Christmas a lot. Kevin – Yeah I do too. I just don’t know who she is aligned with. Enzo – I don’t know either. And Memphis is the type of player that I want to just be friends with him ..just in case he wins HOH. I don’t know if he is with Kaysar and I think he is.. I think he was on that whole other side type of thing but now I think he is seeing that it is f**king crumbling. Kevin – he is smart. He’s a numbers logical guy. Enzo – but he is winning sh*t this season too. And I think he won POV’s on his season too. Kevin – he was the POV king. Enzo – I like Day and Bay. Where is Ian at? He hangs out with Nicole. Lets see if he wins an HOH. Kevin – I think he will do whatever Nicole wants. Enzo – thanks for coming up. After this week and I prove myself to you .. we work! I’ve got an idea of who else to bring in too. Kevin agrees and leaves.

6:10pm – 6:30pm HOH room. Cody, Enzo and Dani.
Enzo – I think we’re going to lock in today. Cody – Bay has a good chance too. Dani – I don’t think she would want to be put in that position either. She wouldn’t want to keep getting bugged by him (Kaysar). They talk about how smart Ian is and how he’s playing dumb. Cody – he can’t be dragged into the end of the season. Dani – he won’t 7 competitions at the end of his game. Cody – yeah that ain’t happening.. he is getting clipped before that.

6:50pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cam.. The veto is happening now!

9:12pm Still blocked..

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Cody always “joins” them keep your nosey ass downstairs geeze

The guy

It’s weird watching Enzo do exactly the same exact thing he did on his season… Team up with strong people and end up eliminated at the end

The Beef

I like Enzo, and he’s doing great right now, but unless he’s willing to cut Tyler and Cody BEFORE the final 3, he’s going to lose again, just like you said. Teaming up with strong players has it’s advantages, but going to the end with them is NOT one of them. I just hope he knows this from his first season.

Lady E

I wouldn’t mind if Enzo made it to the end.


Well he made it to Top 3 and didn’t win the comps he needed to. I think he put himself into the right position to win.
He also didn’t win any HOHs that season so no one was going to vote for him anyway.


The ONLY thing to look forward to is when they have to go after each other….. I’m hoping Tyler takes out Cody

Feeds Gold

hope they have a ‘how bad do you want it’ veto including shaving your head

kaysar shaved his head in a veto in bb7 all stars

i dont see tyler, bay ever wanting to shave their head

i dont see enzo, kevin, david doing it either for this pov

kaysar would for sure


They said there is some sort of swinging apparatus they saw outside they thought was for POV.

All I know is if it’s timed Grodner better make up for letting Janey go by giving Kaysar the POV and then TPTB trying to get Enzo to put up Dani.

My preference would be Nicole but she’s sitting back now that Janie is gone just chilling b/c she doesn’t even need to play. She got all these layers of protection –Ian, Cody, Dani, Xmas. They took out the one person who would’ve come full bore for her so mark my words she won’t even try to win anything until double eviction.


Well, Enzo wouldn’t have anything to shave!


I want Kaysar to win veto just to piss Cody & Enzo off…. they’re both assholes imo


Glad to see the Janellousy virus is still running rampant in the house. I wish someone, anyone would wise up and get Dani out.


Victor & Dom must be so pussy-whipped to put up with Whiny & Bitchy


omg that was my thoughts too.


Anyone else notice how quick Bay and Da have flipped on Kaysar since he’s been nominated? It pisses me off. Just shows how he and Janelle were right about how much this game has turned into a mob mentality. Everyone has to play nice and be on the side of the house. No one has the guts to play for themselves anymore.

another name

They are doing exactly what they did in week 2 and 3.
Play middle.
Listen to what the rebels say, filter it, choose which parts to relay, and going up to the castle and reporting to the Lords of the realm.
If there were numbers for an actual stand, they’d join. There aren’t numbers.
You don’t fall in behind the village idiot shouting in the town square, unless he has a mob behind him already. That’s game suicide.

The Beef

They aren’t playing the middle. There is no middle in this game.
There is only the strong side. Then there is the sheep.
Kaysar and Janelle tried to develop an opposition, but the sheep were too weak to join. They preferred instead to play the “new school” game of, “Let’s inform the strong side of what the opposition leaders are saying, and then maybe they will like us. Maybe then we can become members of the strong side.”
But instead, they will become the new targets when Kaysar is gone. They aren’t middle. They are sheep, standing in a pen, waiting to be lead out to be slaughtered.

How can there ever be an opposition side to such a strong alliance, if the sheep are so weak and so afraid to even attempt to go against them, unless it is assured before hand that they have the numbers? You say it is game suicide, but are they not dead already (dead men walking, so to speak, just standing in their pens – yes a mixed metaphor, but an appropriate one, because they are both sheep and dead men walking), because the numbers are so against them, and do they not know this? Why sit back and watch potential ally after potential ally get sent packing, and watch your chances dwindle further, yet trying to do something about it is game suicide?

I get it. It would be a bold move by people who haven’t shown EVER that they have that kind of heart to make that move, but still, if they don’t, they will be just as dead in the game as they continue to sit back and watch the power pick each of them off, one by one, until none of them are even left to try. I say, at least TRY and fight back! You may lose, but at least you tried to save your game. The way they are playing it now, it just appears they are waiting for someone to throw another bale of alfalfa into the corral.

another name

WE know there isn’t a middle.
THEY don’t know there isn’t actually a middle. They believe there is one.
We can’t cast our omniscience as feed viewers on to what they know as their facts in the house.
They believe they are playing the middle.

The Beef

Okay, so if they think they are playing the middle, who exactly do they think is the other side? Kaysar and who else? Certainly not David, as they know David doesn’t trust Kaysar. Not Kevin either, as they know J&K worked against him to keep Keesha, Kevin knows that, PLUS he still believes (at least partially) NicA’s insane drivel that J&K conspired against her to get her out. If they are silly enough to believe Christmas is working with him, I feel sorrier for them than I do for Nicole A., because they are dumber than she is. Ian is pretty clearly aligned with Nicole F., who is clearly with the power alliance.

Who is left to form this other side with Kaysar, so that there can even BE a middle? Can one man be considered enough of a threat to even be considered the other side? I think not. He is just one and not really a threat to anybody. Even if he miraculously wins POV, takes himself off the block, WINS the next HOH, and puts up TWO of the top members of the power alliance, they STILL control the vote, will most likely win the POV, taking down one of their most beloved members, forcing Kaysar to nominate a lesser nominee, and while still taking out ONE of them, THEY will decide who goes. Then, Kaysar will go the next week. And all of that is only if two miracles happen, and Kaysar does it all by himself.

How can you or they call it the “middle” when it’s 7 or maybe 8 on one side, and only 1 on the other? You can’t even call the remaining 4 or 5 players “floaters”, because there is nowhere for them to float to! The power team doesn’t want them and they are unwilling or afraid to align with each other and Kaysar. So they are sheep and dead men walking. Next on the block – Bay and Dayvonne.


I don’t know how Bay and Day think they are a part of an alliance without Nicole and Christmas being included in it. The slick six has Dani in it but not the other two. They know that Dani and Nicole are bff and Nicole is always also hanging around with Christmas. This has been known since week 1. There is no way they’d be excluded from an alliance. Cody and Nicole were also on the same season as were Bay and Tyler. Why wouldn’t Bay think that maybe they are working together this time like she and Tyler?

They probably will blame it on their association with Janelle and Kaysar though like someone else said and not see that they were at the bottom of this very large alliance.


It’s going to be fun when next week day and bay are on the block. Where’s the slick 6 now?


Because they are idiots?

D from FLA

They’ll get theirs when they are both on the block next week


They’ll blame Kaysar. Never themselves.


Agree Every single one of them are dumbasses. None of them tho k for themselves or have their own strategy. God forbid you have an opinion that strays from group think. The shunning is just horrible. None of them learned anything from past seasons. Follow the leader or else. In this case it’s Cody.

The Beef

I agree that Cody seems to be the physical leader, especially for the boys, but watch out for Dani! She is a schemer and will backstab ANYONE (including Cody, I believe) if she thinks it will benefit her game. Tyler seems to be aware of this, but I’m not so sure Cody is. He seems to trust her too much, and may pay the price for that. We shall see as the game progresses.


And Janelle gave them her clothes when she left. Bay has been wearing her star jean jacket. I can’t pretend to be around people that are annoying for the money, I’m sorry. I would be going with Kaysar until the end. Why not, your going to be following him out the door next week. Might as well take a chance. I hate the ” I’m doing what the house wants”. So silly

another name

David trying to gain Ian in his rebellion. So that would be David Ian and Kevin take on the world?
Aww, someone’s been getting d/r lessons. deadpan stare.
We were all thinking it.
Half the time i think David and Kevin are the Ren and Stimpy of Big Brother Smallstars.

Someone was asking why Tyler was sick yesterday: He’s a have not for the first time this season, and the slop is not agreeing with him. Though really, Slop is pretty vegan except for the milk and whey protein powders.

The Dani / Da debate between the mens-age a trois Simplified

  1. Dani is spreading crap around the house to stir the pot. She lies
  2. Dani is the source of a lot of the information on Da. And they still believe it.
  3. Cody is used to shunning, and everyone waiting by the door to leave. Da’vonne hasn’t been practicing safe shunning.(his thought of this isn’t how it worked in 16 is a near constant thought bubble over his head).
  4. Tyler knows David spilled too much to Da’vonne.
  5. Enzo doesn’t actually want to hear the opinion of women in his alliance, he actually just wants a Britney, the rest can take a hike, sit down, shut up, make him a sandwich, and vote how they are told at the end of the week (somebody had a bad divorce methinks).

Some of the chchildren are getting cranky…goodie!


I feel like a Kaysar veto win and an Ian backdoor would make this freaking ALL STARS! I’m ignorantly hopeful….


Wow is Enzo getting cocky criticizing others for not winning when he won 1 POV on his season. Funny to see Janelle still on people’s minds, Nicole always trying the innocent “I’m not a mean girl” act when she’s the one who starts most of the drama. It’s killing me to see these people almost half Kaysar’s age (and half his intelligence level) talk down to him. He’s a genuinely nice guy and if he leaves there will be nothing redeeming about this season.

another name

I like Kaysar. I’ve liked him since 6 (but honestly will NEVER forgive him for throwing away the Pressure Cooker).
He does have the tendency to broken record and talk down to people. It worked when his soldier was Howie, because…. welllllll… Howie. I mean…. Howie. Howie was David before David was David.
Kaysar: He’s very smart. He’s not very tactically flexible.
He sees the game as chess. In both of his seasons it was chess until he was taken out.
That’s why his first instinct is to take out the lower tier. That’s why he sees everything as black and white.
Janelle was more tactically flexible because she’s had to be in the grayscale more often than black or white out of necessity once Kaysar was gone.
I don’t think Kaysar is capable of grayscale extrapolation.
This is his problem in this season. He started out in danger. He wanted to marshall forces. That worked in 6 because of the secret pairs set up. That worked in 7 because the house knew their was a pregame alliance the moment feeds started. Against the 4 members of season 6. That doesn’t work today because of sheep mentality deferring to the HOH.


Ahhh you brought up the pressure cooker. I legitimately facepalmed when he threw that away lol

another name

THAT and bbcan3 putting parhar on the block and leaving him there post veto are the 2 biggest blunders of tactical thinking I can think of at the drop of a hat.


I’ll add Marcellas in BBUS 3 and Lawon BBUS 13 to that list haha.


Easy there, Hurricane Howie had entertainment value and was a true all-star for it. Loyal, had some understanding, and is entertaining…he’d be better than most of who were cast this year….please don’t shame him by comparing him to David.

David – no entertainment value, zero understanding of the game, talks about being down with the movement yet he let BB21 ridicule and treat Kemi like shit and then hangs out with the d-bags post season to get pics for his social media hits – pretty sure his nieces and nephews call him Tom, Uncle Tom. To think of Day’s reasoning to not vote him out, he’d sell her out in a second.

another name

Howie had entertainment factor as a doofus. As far as tactical understanding he was capable of seeing my side their side, once someone pointed out the sides, took off his leash and said sic ’em. He was what Enzo wants Christmas to be.
A loyal attack dog.


True, I see more likable clown than doofus… it’s much better than HGs who just lay in bed or run and hide when someone opens a door. At the same time, his clownishness causes the house to get stirred up (which is needed) and cause moves to happen faster.

Janelle carries herself with class, and I think most of us would love to see her sound off on kareNicoleF, but Janelle kept herself in check (although she is doing a great job with her exit interviews and social media – might have been better for NF to keep Jani in the house!). Howie, however,….he would have found his new busto (nutso? bust-a-nutso?) and he ‘d also be taking shots at Vic…it would make the feeds more entertaining, and NF may have self evicted.


Who would he have given Jedi training to? lol – I still laugh about that to this day


This season he could have led a Jedi training workout with the HGs…for sure Ian and Enzo get into it…incorporate some yoga and stability, he might get a few more…Xmas may like the combat essence….maybe Howie could best speak the language that would reach his new young padwan, David!


Worked out? Kaysar game had never worked.

another name

The strategy was sound in 6, given the occurences of the first two weeks in the house. Given that the house was already split by both pairs, and by the cultural zeitgeist. But being the visible leader was his downfall. The season was split due to Kaysar’s ethnicity and religion during the time of the entire Iraq situation, and further split by the fact that each secret pair was trying to get to the end together for a cash bonus.


sure want be and i for one will not be watching these pack of losers

Terrible Horrific Season

Run Victor Run! Nicole is the older version of the red woman Melisandre from Game of Thrones.

another name

I’m guessing he just likes the humiliation by now.
The idea that she’s worried she won’t have at least one little blonde baby… not so much.


She’ll be a flake like Catelynn Stark’s sister. Breast feed her teenage boy and husband, too; she can’t get enough of the cuddles…

The Beef

This is just gross! Maybe true, but gross just the same. lol


I just fear Vic playing the Jon Aryn role….would Paul be Littlefingers?

another name

If I’m getting the proper read of the veto situation:

Tyler’s name got picked first by Enzo. The entire house collectively rolled it’s eyes and said oh yay, first pick at veto again, that’s only 3 times now and you were hoh the 4th.

Kaysar got houseguest choice. Chose Bayleigh. Without asking or informing Bayleigh.
Hence the Bay pissed with Kaysar.

Kevin got houseguest choice too. Chose David. The house said wtf is that? Da said no really Kevin, wtmfh is that?

So the veto choices were the guy that gets picked first in every veto and 2 houseguest choice???? hey Grod, you even trying anymore?


And I thought David was worse. Nope. Bay is right there with him.


With Janelle out of the house, these women are all going to want to prove themselves top of the line. This side of Bay was only hidden under her insecurity and friend chasing of Janelle. She thinks Kaysar is second class and probably thinks herself smarter.
I was actually beginning to like her and thought she grew up over the completion and airing of MTV Challenge….maybe not…


Still would rather see others in the house besides floated Kevin and loser David…but oh well. Hope kasar wins so we can see David or Ian up there to get some action! How could bb even consider those 2! Lol I’ll get over it soon.

another name

If Kaysar wins, why do I have the sneaking suspicion it’s not going to be David or Ian on the block?


You think? The only other than those would be DAy if Tyler gets his way. Then yo! Will be a fun week! We may see Bay’s bloody mouth again! Or Day’s implosion! Would be awesome if David wins and takes off kaser! Just to see the floated leave. Then I’d like to see the arrogant and clueless, rookie ‘swing’ vote to go next. Then Nasal Nicole put up by kaser! And during the ceremony say ‘This one is for Janelle!’ I would lmao!

The Beef

So who do you think Enzo would put up instead? Inquiring minds want to know! Enzo’s been pretty adamant that he would put Ian up as the replacement, unless something’s changed. Maybe Bay or Davonne? Just curious as to what you are thinking.

another name

I’m gonna need the house Karens to stop using the word Sassy.

BB SmallStars

Bay- has a very high opinion of herself, as if she’s ever done anything noteworthy in the BB game. A complete Janelle wannabe or probably thinks she’s Janelle 2.0. She has a volatile, rude, nasty, disrespectful attitude to match. Speaks to Kaysar as if she’s scolding a child. Absolutely no respect. Have never seen Janelle speak to Kaysar in such a nasty way no matter what. Bay has such an insecurity about Being “disrespected” that she takes everything as a slight against her and pops off. That image of her SCREAMING her head off at Tyler with blood in her mouth?! Some serious anger issues there.


Janelle also knows how to stroke a princess’ ego, Kaysar does not play to princesses’.

Bay, Dani, NicF: they all think themselves queens running the monarchy, they are just princesses grown into one while eventually being pawned off in marriage to a tyrant king…think Melina Trump…

Janelle is the queen who rules the kingdom, does right by her people, will always be loved yet hated by those jealous princesses who think that ending her will make them magically become her. She’s Lady Diana….so close to the throne, inspiration, hope, shows strength by helping others rise up and become empowered, while always having to fight through the political BS and jealous bitches gunning for her….heavy is the crown, and only she is meant to wear it.


It’s disheartening to see two strong women graveling on their knees begging to be included

another name

Which 2? I mean, all 5 left seem to be in need of kneepads to avoid callouses.

The Beef

Bwahahahaha, seriously? You don’t know who he’s talking about? I do, and it’s the two you think are playing the middle. They are begging to get into the power alliance, but failing dismally.


I can’t wait until next week when Bay and Day are on the block and they are going to be wishing they had listened to Janelle and Kaysar


Sadly I don’t think they’ll wish they listened to Janelle and Kaysar. More than likely, they’ll blame them. They all seem to find excuses to fit the situation they’re in. Right now, everyone seems to blame Kaysar & Janelle. That’s this season’s cop out.

I’ve always liked Kaysar and Janelle. They may have never won, but they always played with heart & loyalty … and they were always so fun to watch. That’s an all star to me.

BB SmallStars

Bay- has a very high opinion of herself, as if she’s ever done anything noteworthy in the BB game. A complete Janelle wannabe or probably thinks she’s Janelle 2.0. She has a volatile, rude, nasty, disrespectful attitude to match. Speaks to Kaysar as if she’s scolding a child. Absolutely no respect. Have never seen Janelle speak to Kaysar in such a nasty way no matter what. Bay has such an insecurity about Being “disrespected” that she takes everything as a slight against her and pops off. That image of her SCREAMING her head off at Tyler with blood in her mouth?! Some serious anger issues there. And delusional about how adept she is at this game.


Completely agree! Could have come up with dozens better than her?! And what is with this – never vote someone out based on their color? Wow. I am a woman of color and I would go with how I can make money for my family before supporting a man who is bad for my game regardless of color. It would be different if he was loyal to them,but he’s not! I like Day but she did consider a flip so I don’t get it! Just do what is good for your game…only one winner.


The guy is playing against her and she’s still helping him. Lunacy.


Apparently “Nicole” is actually a nickname/short form version of Franzel’s legal first name, “Karen-icole”


Swaggy C knows whats up. Tweeted earlier today:

“Send Kaysar home this week, then send Bay & Davonne home immediately after so they can see that they were on the side they’re supposed to be on #BB22

They’re just target practice to the others! Smh”

Best thing to happen in my opinion: Kaysar WIN VETO and NOT USE IT as an FU to this season…. go home and enjoy his family…

Suzanne Melton

Kaysar is one of the good guys. Watched him tonight and saw him talk to Da. Some people are just too good for the world, and he is one of those. Too bad no one will stand beside him and help him get rid of the ones who need to go.


No he isn’t. Clueless in many aspects of life.