Nomination Results! “You might be the f**king floater that gets to the end.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
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4:18pm – 5:21pm The live feeds are blocked for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds return we learn that as HOH Enzo nominated Kevin and Kaysar.

5:20pm HOH room. Enzo and Kevin.
Enzo – I am sorry that you’re up there but I’ve got to nominate two people. You know what I mean. You’re safe, just do what you do! That’s it! Trust me! Even if he wins the POV, you’re safe trust me! You’ve got my word on that. That’s all. I’m sorry. Kevin – I trust you. Ezno – you’re safe. There are too many people I like in this house. I’ve got to put someone up there and no one is coming after you. That’s why you’re up there. That’s it. I hate to say pawn but that’s what it is right now. There are too many f**king people in this house. I don’t trust anybody. Everyone is a flip flopper. Its good that you came up here. Kevin – is that true about the game talk? Enzo – no that wasn’t about you. That was about him. He hasn’t talked game to me all season and now today he comes up here and is all gungho. I’m like BRO where was this. Four weeks ago, or two weeks ago or whatever. That was not pointed towards you.. no! Enzo – I did campaign for you to stay and I will not put you on the block again. You’re safe! There are bigger fish to fry. You might be the f**king floater that gets to the end. That might be your game. You might do that. Kevin – are people throwing me under the bus? Enzo – no. I don’t even know who Kaysar voted for all four times. I try to talk to him and he gives me nothing. That raises a red flag for me. I definitely wasn’t one of your targets but I’m not an ally. Kevin – Enzo you are an ally for me. Enzo – you’re not a target. You’re safe. I trust you and I promise you.. you will not go on the block again. Kevin – do you think I have the support? Enzo – you’re safe. My first HOH is not sending you out. Kevin – I am trusting you this week and I promise you .. I will not put you on the block. Enzo – Kaysar has to go. He has started a lot of sh*t with Janelle. Enzo – win the POV and I have a backup plan! Kevin – do you have a backup plan? Enzo – yes. Kevin – is the backup plan more high profile than me? Enzo – yes.

Bedroom. Dani and Kaysar.
Dani – there is still the veto and then there is possibly backdoor. Never say never. Hopefully you’re good suspension .. whatever that is. Kaysar – I have to be good at something. Dani laughs.

5:30pm – 5:40pm Bedroom. Christmas and Kaysar.
Kaysar – if I get house guest choice, can I pick you or do you not want to expose yourself to save me? I totally understand and respect if you say no. Christmas – let me sit and think on it. Initially I want to say yes but I want to talk to Enzo and see where his head is at. Kaysar – they’re all working together and they know if I say in this house I am coming after them. I have got to win the veto. I never came into this game to float. Christmas – no you’ve done well. You have been the top performer in every competition. Look at the facts! Kaysar – as my heart rate starts to elevate I start to panic and I lose my focus. Christmas talks Kaysar through how to stay calm and focus in the veto. Kaysar – I see the end .. I am going to win! Christmas – oh my god .. its nice to meet you. This is the Kaysar I’ve been waiting to show up.

5:55pm Bedroom. Kaysar and Dani.
Kaysar – If I do end up staying and get myself off the block .. its just a game. We’re good. Its clear that the lines are drawn. I might have to blow up your alliance. Dani – my alliance? Dani – ahhh.. there was never an alliance. Kaysar – who was in this alliance? Dani – I swear on everything .. Janelle misunderstood what I said. I came to her and said look.. Kaysar – how are all these people voting the same each and every time? Dani – I have no idea. No one wants to go against each other. That’s the new school way of playing. Kaysar – why is Cody and Tyler .. there is something going on. Dani – obviously they’re tight. Someone is in their alliance and lying about it. Dani – I am close with some people but that four people .. is not an alliance. I can tell you that. For sure! I went to Janelle and said lets make a team and go. I asked her who she was close to and she said you obviously and Bay. The four was never a thing. Kaysar – I believe that but there is definitely an alliance and a voting block.

6:10pm HOH room. Christmas and Enzo.
Enzo tells Christmas about his talk with Kevin and how he is not the target and how he will not put him on the block again. Christmas tells Enzo about her chat with Kaysar and how she coached him. She tells him how he asked if he could pick her as House Guest choice in the veto. Enzo – Okay, that is up to you. You can win the POV but that is up to you.. Or throw it. You can say that you’re not ruffling any feathers. It takes two seconds and you put it in the box and you’re done. Thank you for coming to me and telling me that. I appreciate that. People are doing nothing and complaining. If you want to make a move.. then win something! Make a move! People get upset at who I nominated… be appreciative that it wasn’t you! Like holy sh*t!

Bedroom. Ian and Kaysar.
Kaysar – if your name gets pulled will you use it on me? Ian – I don’t want you to go and I don’t want Kevin to go either. Kaysar – lets wait and if your name gets pulled and then we can talk and see if you’re willing to take that risk. Ian – I like you both. I hate that I feel like I can’t play with you. Like yesterday I said that I wanted to. I want to but I feel like the forces are against that. Kaysar – there is only one way out of that and it is to give them a good fight. That’s one and the only way. Ian – I agree. Kaysar – eventually we just have to take a stand and not get steam rolled. We will see what happens tomorrow. Ian – good luck. I am sorry that I can’t promise anything. Kaysar – its okay.

6:20pm The house guests are working out .. Christmas – “This is how we pick things up and put things down”

6:50pm – 7:15pm HOH room. Enzo and Ian.
Ian – He (Kaysar) asked me if I won the veto if I would use it on him. Ian – he is going around asking people if they win the veto ..I mean he is really playing. But why when you’ve got a bunch of people in the house that want him out. Ian – I said to him I don’t want to give you false hope. Enzo – you’re a straight shooter .. that’s it! He’s got the stink! Ian – I like him, I like him a lot. I thought of something on a lighter note.. my season was 75 days and I think yours was too. Tomorrow is our 100th day. We should do something tomorrow night. If they give us beers we should chug one. Enzo – yeah maybe after the POV they will give us some. Or maybe they will give me more .. they only gave me a 6 pk. They gave Tyler a 12pk. Ian – I told Kaysar I would respect you nominations. It would be suicide to use it. It would be horrible but he’s got the stink. Enzo – he’s got the inky stinky pink eye. Ian – its like Rachel and Brendan. Enzo – its like they have leprosy just have to keep going after them. Ian – Frank on my season had it too. Enzo – Kevin is a pawn and I told him that too. I would love to win this tomorrow. Ian – I would too. Enzo – I want another notch on my belt. If you would win this tomorrow that would be good too. Ian – And if I did I would honor your nominations. I would feel bad but my hands are tied. Enzo – I wonder who those two votes were.. (They were Enzo & Dani) No one is coming forward. Ian – I don’t know. This is guessing .. apparently yesterday when it came up people said that David had a weird reaction but the other person I have no idea. Enzo at this point it is water under the bridge but at this point why not own it. Ian – that tells me someone is trying to push it on to someone else. Ian – who are you tight with? Enzo _ some of the girls.. like Bay. Day is cool too. Dani is cool. NicoleF is cool too. I like her a lot. Cody, I think he likes me.

7:15pm – 7:30pm Bathroom. Kevin and David.
Kevin – Janelle was offering a lot! She was offering her wedding ring. David – but no one believed it. Kevin – but that was Janelle.. what is this fool offering. David – he is offering a lot but I know if he had won, I would have been on the block. Kevin – focus on the veto tomorrow and then after that.. David – there is no after that. Visualize it. Cody joins them. Cody – how are you feeling? Kevin – horrible. Cody – what did he tell you? Kevin – I don’t know.. Cody – there is no way he wants you to go home. Kevin – but Kaysar is slippery. Cody – just focus on the veto. Kevin – how do you do so good in competitions? Cody starts talking about wrestling. Kevin – ohhhh.. did you have a onesie? Cody – yeah. Kevin – oh!

7:40pm Lounge room. Dani and Nicole.
Dani – I feel bad for him. Its not fun being in this house all alone. Like he is so nice. I like him a lot and I feel bad because he would never ever come after me. So I feel like a d!ck! To be like he has to go for Cody and Tyler’s sake. It’s not going to benefit us if they go. He would never ever come after me. I just feel bad. Nicole -but when you think about it he has to go .. just in case Janelle comes back. Dani – that and because we have to protect those idiots! You’re welcome! Just kidding! He (Kaysar) said that its obvious that Cody controls everything that Enzo does. Like that he doesn’t have a mind of his own. Nicole – did you just have to sit there and play dumb? Dani – yes, what does he think I am actually going to name people in my alliance?! Nicole – are we going to go for Bay next week or should I get closer to her this week? Dani – it would be nice for her to get next week.. but it would have to be Christmas or Ian. Nicole – I mean I would backdoor .. but I would have to talk to Day before. Dani – we have to figure out ways of pinning people against each other. You need to work on pinning Christmas against Memphis. She is already there .. you just have to give her a little more ammo. We need her to do it in the double. I think he is the perfect one to get out in the double. And no one in the comity likes him.

Dani – I hate to say this and I would only say it to you but we cannot have Enzo in the finals. Nicole – I know. Dani – So I am not touching that .. someone else can ..if its towards the end I will do it. Nicole – if I have to I will do it. Dani – if he wins one more he will be on everyones radar. Nicole – I definitely couldn’t beat anyone in the final two. Dani – its been three weeks. I haven’t done anything either other than strategize with you.

7:57pm Bedroom. Day and Kevin.
Day – what is wrong? Kevin – Kaysar is slippery. Day – yeah I heard he was down here working. Kevin – He was working before the nominations so he has an advantage on me. He was already making deals. I should be locking in prior to veto. Day – I don’t think people would keep him in this house. Kevin – I need 5 (votes). Day – did Enzo tell you are a pawn? Kevin – yeah. Day – that was it? What else did he tell you? Kevin – all the right things. Day – why are you being tight lipped? Kevin – if there a was a list of what to tell a nominee he said it all. Day – but he is not the house. Kevin – right. I think I need to make people offers. Day – like what? Kevin – safety. That’s what he is probably doing. Like 3 weeks safety and that he will do their dirty work.

8:20pm HOH room. Nicole and Enzo.
Enzo talks about how Kaysar never talked game with him. Nicole – next week is going to be even worse. Hopefully Cody is in it. Lets lock this. Nicole – then hopefully I can win the next HOH.. then we’re into jury. Tomorrow after the POV you will get to breath. Enzo – yeah as long as it goes right. If there are some good people in the comp .. it should be good. I can see Ian winning. Nicole – okay, I just wanted to check on you to see that you’re good. I know its stressful.

9:10pm Dinner time..

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with any luck Kaysar comes off the block and Kevin goes home


Everyone benefits from that. Kevin is horrible

Big Jim

side by side with David

The Beef

But it won’t be David, it will be Ian. The only way it’s NOT Ian is if Ian wins POV and takes Kaysay down, and that’s not happening, so if Kaysar takes himself down, Ian is going up.


Wow, so shocking….. Kaysar on the block… ugh… fleeting hope of a veto win but I’m not gonna get my hopes up again


Ok lets hear from the Meow Meow defenders. He was the last hope to go against the horrible pregame alliance. Lets hear how good this move is from him

Kaysar's next of kin

I’m not an Enzo-defender, but what did you expect him to do that was better? He’s aligned with nearly all of the majority alliance members. His only other options were to put up Ian, David or Memphis. None of which would’ve changed the power structure.

More importantly, he was never our last hope to go against pregame alliances. That title goes to Kaysar. God Almighty. please let him survive the week:)


Pussy move imo, so I agree…. Enzo represents NJ well, sheisty f**k boy

Holly Hill

why is dani picture black and white like the one gone?

another name

That’s Keesha.
Dani is the one in a hat.


Hey all, 

Missed you all (been busy with NBA stuff). So – I’m PISSED Janie is gone as I’m sure many are. To think of the copious times TPTB (the powers that be) have interfered to save someone but they can’t figure out a way to save the golden rating goose and her BFF. UGH 

Anyway — I’m curious about the myriad of double, triple, quadruple, etc dipping alliances and Final 2’s. 

For example: 

Cody has F2s with Enzo (The Root), Memphis (The Commission), Dani, Nicole, & Tyler plus other bigger alliances (as per below) — I mean seriously Cody who are you going to nominate if you win another HOH b/c the ONLY people NOT in an alliance with you is Kevin and Kaysar. He does have something with David but can use his gaffe as an excuse — but that’s it everyone else is in an alliance with him. What is annoying is it’s so obvious he made more than half of these deals before they even walked in the front door. The entire Memphis-Cody week one conversation was so obviously pre-decided as was his deal with NicF (YUCK), Enzo, and Dani. In fact, it feels like TPTB are trying hard to set him up for the win. 
Nicole has her typical meat shields with Ian (the Million Club) and Cody plus Dani and is also close to Xmas. I’ve probably missed others and again all of them feel like they were worked out prior to coming into the house. 

Dani had a F2 with Janelle prior to coming into the house & we all saw how that worked out. She’s also in a F2 with Cody and Nicole and uses her words wisely to make people think she’s would take them deep but won’t. The Cody deal seems strong based on how she talks to him but I think her goal is to take Nicole knowing no one will want to reward a previous winner. She’s working overtime on setting up dirt on everyone in the house but puts the most effort in shading Ian, Tyler, Memphis/Bayleigh/Xmas b/c she wants to free up the people closest to them ie: Nicole, Cody, Day and of note she feels she has Kevin wrapped hence why she’d rather David go before him.  

Enzo has Cody, Bayleigh, and Christmas although his deals are less definitive other than Cody.

Tyler has F2s with Christmas (the Carolina’s), David, Cody, and Bayleigh

Then all the bigger alliances (note how often Dani and Cody show up) 

The Committee: Memphis, Cody, Tyler, Dani, NicF & Christmas
Many in the group don’t trust Memphis in spite of him creating the group b/c he ran his HOH how he wanted instead of backdooring Janie. Ironic that NicF/Dani are ticked he was double-dipping with alliances considering how many extra alliances they are in – but that’s typical of BB – hypocrisy abounds. 

Slick 6:Cody, Enzo, Tyler, Bay, DaVonne, and Dani
Four Prime: Cody, Dani, NicF & Ian 
The Core 4: Cody, Dani, NicF & Enzo 
The Connect: Cody, Enzo, Bayleigh, DaVonne
The Freeze: Tyler, Enzo, Cody

In addition, Bayleigh/Davonne have their Black Girl Magic F2 and also have a teetering trio with David plus Day is close to Kevin.

My question is who do you think the core calling the shots TRUE F2s are? We know Ian would take Nicole and Day/Bay are for real but who is the preference for Cody? Dani? Nicole? Enzo? and Tyler?

I include Enzo in this group b/c I’m not sold 100% he wants to go to F2 with Cody- — although depending on how he plays things and who makes jury he does have a better relationship with Xmas/Bay/Day than Cody does which could be reflected in the votes.

My guess is Cody would take Nicole over Enzo b/c he would think no one would pick a previous winner again. I would’ve said Enzo but he’s won a lot already so that hurts his chances but things could change.

Tyler I’m not sure of but I could see him stick with Christmas unless she starts winning too much and I’d bet on him taking Enzo over Cody if he sticks with that trio. I think he was keen to bring David until the mess up.

Nicole ??? who knows probably Ian or Dani (who would take Nic F over Cody unless there was an available floater left).

As for the game the only interesting aspect (for me at least) is who out of Cody, Dani, Tyler, Enzo or Nic F ends up controlling the targets b/c it’s different for each of them. They can all agree on Kaysar/Kevin/David but then who? Cody sure seems confident he controls Enzo as per his comments to Nic F and he seems to think he also controls Dani and Nicole.

  • Cody wants to take out Kaysar & DaVonne and eventually Ian
  • Tyler wants to take out Dani/Ian
  • ditto for Enzo – hence why I could see him getting closer to Tyler due to mutual interest/targets,
  • Dani wants to take out the closest allies of her F2s (or people she thinks she has wrapped) ie Ian/Tyler/Bayleigh/Xmas/Memphis
  • Nic F wants Kaysar/Day/Enzo/Memphis out – pretty much anyone who doesn’t kiss her butt but she won’t take (or can’t) take the shot at Day

What are people’s thoughts on the true motives of the players and their F2s?

another name

In order for TPTB to WANT to save the golden geese, they would first have to not have complicity in the pregaming.
There are some details Cheif Wiggum is under an NDA not to discuss as per Cody in week one feeds. If they weren’t aware of pregaming, why an NDA?
Given Derrick did a video with flimsy denials, what’s the info that he can’t discuss?
They’d have to call Nicf and Cody on their demands and threats to production about portrayal (Nicf) or that they’d walk if Janelle and Kaysar stayed (Cody).

Slick Six (always fake) breaks into the four with Dani, Cody, Tyler and Enzo (the original freeze that David was being groomed to join). That breaks into the final three of Cody, Tyler and Enzo. It’s only real to Enzo. And even then only about 80% real. Tyler and Cody are actually long gaming their target on each other.

Mother Nature

If Cody wins or even goes final 3–it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. I may throw things. Get that sucker out and send Nichole out with him. Work your magic


“Busy with NBA stuff”? Lol, like the NBA boycotting itself you mean? We got a bit of the BLM going on in the house right now, solidarity between those 3. David is well protected because of his skin color. We’ve come so far, haven’t we.


I write about NBA which let me tell you has been a trip since this pandemic hit. Strangest season I’ve ever covered – well strangest year for that matter. The last three days were yet another u-turn (let’s just say the young stars in the league don’t bow to the King & that wasn’t received well — the times they are changing!).

Hope everyone and their loved ones are healthy and staying safe.


Can’t believe I’m saying this but if Kaysar leaves I’m rooting for Memphis cause he’s the only person that actually made moves for himself.


Same, even though he’s a super douche. I like Bayleigh too, but I don’t see her lasting long. Maybe Bayleigh can hook up with Enzo and do some damage, I doubt it though. Fingers crossed Kaysar wins POV and sends the rest of the house scrambling. I wouldn’t mind Kevin or David getting the boot this week, if Enzo can’t put up a bigger target.

another name

Let’s say Kaysar wins veto (nobody else is using veto on him in a new school game)… that would most likely entail some sort of veto where you have to put events in order that they happened (not your usual pre jury veto scenario) because that was his strength in the past.
What then? He’s still a castaway that is throwing out target names left right and centre trying to gain traction in a house that is daisychained with incestuous alliances.
His only real hope is an individually timed comp where production does what they always do with individually timed comps: throw the actual times away and make up new ones according to drama and the storyline they are after. They are not after a Kaysar-centric storyline. They already got the Janelle and Kaysar reunited goodtimes for the old school viewers nostalgia they wanted. Back to our regularly scheduled new school style line up at the door and remember to do what the house says crap.
And I like Kaysar. I’m just being devil’s advocate.

Let’s say you root for Memphis. Name a situation where the jury votes for him. These people. This new school oriented vote by your feelings of how he treated you first, and game somewhere way down the line in fourth or fifth. He’s everybody’s nasty black sheep uncle that nobody admits to being related to when they see him walking down the street.

I’ve read in the past here that some believe it won’t be a bitter jury. Honestly look at the personalities of the people in that house. They’re bitter now. What are they going to be when they get to vote. And they’ll think that’s what the audience wants to see so they’ll ham it up even more. Bitter jury basing everything on who hugged them most before they left the house, and who humiliated them least with betrayal that made them look like the 3-11 place losers they are.


Kevin is not a floater, not even close.
Ian is the floater right now.

Miss Impression

I just spoke with God and requested he recall your existance.Bye.


I like Kaysar so I feel bad saying this but no one can complain he’s not winning nothing he’s trying poor guy he just lost it I hope he pulls it off tomorrow like I’ve been saying for weeks if Ian don’t go soon he’s skating to the end!! Sad Cody is calling everyone’s HOH if he makes to end he deserves to win point blank!

another name

Immediate Thought While catching up on Convos that I missed Today.

Dani saying Bayleigh stole Janelle’s clothes, Janelle wouldn’t have left them for her. To Nicf.
Got some thoughts on that. Damn near biting through my tongue wanting to call a spade a spade here.
This is the sixth or seventh time she’s said something that just doesn’t sit right.
But then we’ll just have the same old same old well she didn’t actually say whataboutism argument. She accused someone of being a thief with no evidence whatsoever. Fine. Leave it right there if you want.
And I’m not really a Bayleigh fan cus well FOUTTE and sweet wounded baby bird bad gameplay last time
But really?
What automatically makes you assume she’s a thief there Dani?
I mean… did you not see the mansion she grew up in on her season?
Dani can go. Away.
Before I actually do say what I really think in bold print.


Janelle said in an interview that she left many of her clothes to DaVonne and Bay. Dani is a MEAN GIRL. Period.

another name

it was shown on feeds the clothing loans until finale.
It’s just Dani’s combination of ugly remarks.
The weave thing. The scares me so uncomfortable thing. The well look at them they have to be an alliance thing. The autism as a strategy thing. the dance monkey dance thing. the just look intimidating thing. the she just took them thing.
She passed mean a long time ago.


Janelle’s clothes are from Wamart.

another name

This affects one house guest accusing another of theft in what way?
They could be third hand rags from the Saly An Thrift store.
That’s completely not the point.


Lol Kevin has meltdown every time he’s on block he acts like he’s supposed to be immune

Feeds Gold

janis first few interviews…

she was still gonna send snakeole a wedding gift for the wedding she wasnt planning on attending anyway, and would be happy for dani if she won

janis interviews after evel dick and others filled jani in on everything…

jani is probably not going to be friends with dani after the show

and re snakeole: “I am so glad that I do not have to live with that whiny, horrible, insufferable voice any longer. I cannot stand the horrible accent and the nasal way she talks. I’m so thankful I don’t have to live with her anymore.”

snakeoles beef stems from a charity event where jani didnt hang out with room mate snakeole and instead spent her time with rachel, elissa and others and that annoyed snakeole as she wanted attention from jani…then the snakeole backstab of rachel happened on amazing race

sounds like jani would be ok with seeing any of kaysar, bay, enzo, memphis, tyler, cody, ian win


U forgot to mention she thinks Dani will win


Thanks for the updates, not even Jokers is staying on top of the feeds.

Janelle’s exit interviews and the Jaysar re-connect have been the best parts of this season, oh and also James Rhine pointing out old school not being boring!

He also had a great saying for this season, “smallstars”…


It’s so hard to try and stay enthusiastic about this season now that Janelle is gone. I’m trying to stay here and participate just because Simon and Dawg put in so much work every day. We appreciate you guys!

BB is my show and I’ll never quit it, but I wish they would re-vamp big time.

Feeds Gold

visualise snakeole and dani melting down on the block and enzo and memphis laughing at them in one of these upcoming weeks


Who is snakeole?

Feeds Gold

princess tuggy




True story. This is all I’m following right now, since the show’s edit isn’t even anywhere close to what’s actually going on. What a joke season.

another name

Excuse my ignorance, but this is actually an honest question.
Other than that bland pasta meal that looked like it came from Raven’s cookbook for one of the havenotsgivings, (the one where she asked people their favorite part of the meal and everyone said Janelle’s nachos so she got butthurt)
has Nicf actually ever made herself or anyone else food?
As far as i can tell she whines, reclines, and waits to be fed.
insert season 18 joke if you must.
insert toddler joke if you must.
Ian is no better. He’s been clocked twice as an eater no cleaner upper. (his words)
they’ve evicted two of the house cooks and cleaners.
Most of the rest can only shove a frozen pizza in an oven or reheat frozen precooked tofu and tvp products. A few STILL haven’t done their own laundry and we’re on day 23.

Ultimate in Old School. I’d be evicting the ones that contribute nothing to the upkeep of the house cus Grod didn’t hire me to be raisin no babies.


Kevin staying over kaysar at this point is going to be hilarious. All the people who hate whiny nicole f will be the whiners for weeks LOL just watch past seasons now. Save yourself