“Cody doesn’t want you to say anything nice about Kaysar because it’s annoying to him “

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
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9:30 am Memphis up drinking a bowl of coffee.

9:51 am Kaysar and David (when David turns around in the gif is when he says Dang)
Kaysar – are you going to put me up
David – dang.. what makes you think that? you coming after me Kaysar? you tell me
David – I feel the least amount of blood on your hands if you were to beat me would have been me
Kaysar – I don’t believe in the least blood amount I don’t believe in going that way
David – you know what my problem is I’m too honest and in a house of lies..


9:57 pm Kasyar and Memphis
Kaysar – morning with Memphis lets do your f**ing show
Memphis – wheres my intro music
Kaysar does the music collections of beeps and boops
Memphis – Mornings with Memphis.. fade out (queue for Kaysar to stop beeping)- welcome everyone mornings with Memphis
Feeds flip to David in the kitchen. we can still vaguely hear them in the background. (WTF)
When we’re back Memphis and Kaysar are chatting about Patrick Swayze writing the song for Ghost.
Chit chat about Patrick Swayze.
Kaysar – are you a big Patrick Swayze fan
Memphis – yeah he’s awesome.. Ghost, roadhouse, outsiders, dirty dancing.
Kaysar – point break
Memphis – 5 massive movies
Kaysar – I’ve never seen roadhouse or outsiders.
David joins them. Chit chat about movies.
10:28 am Kaysar and Memphis still chatting about Movies and Actors.
Kaysar says right after season 6 he got called to do a couple of roles he was on a sitcom on UPN and he did young and the restless. Comments how hard it was.
Kaysar says he then got a call from a major casting director, “it was the lead role for The Kite Runner. I told them I’m not an actor I can’t act.. So of course I blew it.
Kaysar – I hate failing so I enrolled in some acting classes.

11:04 am Dani complaining to Nicole about the bed in the have nots
Dani says she hung out with Enzo and Cody until 2:30.. “Enzo is obsessed with you”
Nicole – Aww I’m glad he likes me
Dani – Cody and I had our first fight he snapped at me for no reason and I got really mad. He got called into the DR
Nicole – it Happens, Just cause you disagree on something or what.
Dani – something about what I told him he was actin really weird.. I snapped at him and said LOOK, first of all, you’re being rude
Dani – he’s (Kaysar) is not coming after me it’s for you (Cody) what’s wrong with you right now
Dani – Kasyar went up to Enzo and was like tell me one thing did Dani throw me under the bus. I was like what.. I couldn’t believe it
Nicole – he’s trying to catch you
Dani – I know it really made me mad. He kinda trusts me but with him saying that he kinda doesn’t trust me at the same time.. whatever he’s going home BYE
Nicole – Cody doesn’t want you to say anything nice about Kaysar because it’s annoying to him
Dani – exactly
Nicole – I had to sit there and listen to him talk about Janelle and I just sat there unless I had a point to make.
Dani says Cody gets frustrated really easy – something about him saying all he does is Bicker with me and Nicole .. I was like go away … I almost left the room I was like really mad. It’s weird because you are not use to people talking to you a certain way
Nicole – I don’t get out much let’s be honest I’m used to the same 5 people
Dani – me and Dominic we don” tell each other to shut up that’s disprespectful, We have boundaries we don’t say a certain thing to each other out of respect.. so it’s kinda weird.

11:33 am Tyler, Memphis and Kaysar
Tyler tells them about the show “awake” where they count quarters for 24 hours. He explains it in detail.
Kaysar – what network is this on
Tyler – Netflixs.. it’s huge
Memphis shares a story about taking ayahuasca and finding his spirit animal. Says it was a Polar Bear. “The whole point of it is you have an out of body experience”

Memphis explains all the “rounds” taking ayahuasca “they add more stuff to the fire and it gets hotter and hotter the steam.. you’re not breathing smoke it’s more of a vapor. it’s more like being in a Steam room. I made it to the fourth round and started seeing sh1t had an out of body experience.. you pass out”
Tyler – where’s the polar bears
Memphis – I kept seeing polar bears I passed out for a period of time it was crazy
Memphis – once you cool down you’re fine. They use it in ancient time to see dead ancesters.

Memphis – some of my buddies did the full-blown ayahuasca where you eat it and you sh1t yourself for 24 hours
Kaysar – why would you want to do that
Memphis – that is an enlightenment thing it changes your perception .. Different people different stuff.

Feeds cut .. when we’re back

Memphis – it opens up different parts of your brain and the way you think of things
David brings up Joe Rogan and how he talks about DMT, psychedelics. Feeds cut when we’re back
David – that’s what got me into meditation
Tyler – you meditated on mushrooms?
David – no I tried it and then ..
Feeds cut.

11:53 am Waiting for the Veto players to be picked.

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We can only pray! But with Kaysar’s luck recently, he’d find a way to still lose!?


That’s too PG. How about a POV where they are all confronted by their own worst fears and the winner is who deals with theirs the best


let’s hope


Funny how anytime they actually talk about some semi interesting things the feeds cut. Also, what the heck was David doing in that gif with Kaysar? Was he picking lent off of his shirt? Comforting him? or…? It looks so funny and weird out of context.


comfort and cleaning, its a hominoid trait


It’s just weird. He just follows him around and touches his shirt randomly. I noticed it the other night too. Putting the tag back in his shirt.


Cody is such a prick. And the way he’s talking to Enzo and Dani lately is really obnoxious. He sits up in Enzo’s HOH room like he’s calling the shots. If I were Dom I would want to beat his ass for the way he spoke to Dani last night. He talks to Dani like she’s his side ho. He did the same with Christine on his season. While she was in a relationship as well. Dani needs to cut it out also. She totally flirts with him as much as he does her. She treats him the same exact way she did Dom on their season. It’s so obvious they want to bang. I liked Dani a lot better on season 13. Bring Brunette Dani back!


I’m surprised at Cody for talking to Dani like that! Please do not act the way your brother Paulie did in his season and on Mtv’s The Challenge! If this keep up, Dani might leap to the other side of the house like she did on BB13!!


He’s reminding more and more of Paulie each day. His mask is slipping. He’s just a little more upbeat than Paulie. But still just as much of a douche as he is.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Cody is a horn dog. Derrick is not there to tell him how to eliminate his pent up hormones,so he takes out his frustration on the nearest female,(verbally)!


Yea she was great on 8 for being the veto queen and great in 13 for going after Jeff. But shes always been a brat


This a what nasal Nic has turned Victor into….ugh



Team Janelle

What in the actual hell? This looks nothing like victor. Yikes


so that’s why Production wouldnt let him shave on his season

another name

She went and done Ubly’d him.
How long before she has him bleaching his hair?


Nicole – I had to sit there and listen to him talk about Janelle and I just sat there unless I had a point to make.”

Bahahahahahahahahaha! I had just taken a drink of coffee and nearly spit it all over my keyboard when I read that.

Feeds Gold

janelle wants to do survivor, that would be great to see!

when they film in fiji again is still unconfirmed, hopefully season 41 airs february


I like Janelle but can’t picture her on Survivor. No hair products, dirty, living off of rice, etc? I just don’t know how she would manage. Really?

Feeds Gold

i know what youre saying but she loves survivor and sounds like she would do it for sure if asked

if she played survivor, i think she would be the first to play all 3 of amazing race, survivor and big brother


Have you seen Survivor? Do any of the people on it really look like they are going without their makeup or hair products?


why was Tyler sick last night? they said he puked


so Day was busting Enzo’s balls about not putting up David, she wants him on the block now. Her “moral” compass is spinning around so much it’s making me dizzy.

another name

As long as he was saying he was down for the cause, she was keeping him for the cause.
He’s NOT down for that for anyone except himself as a tool. He’s using that because of social media reaction to his comments post season. He’s team alphamale, and always will be at heart.
It’s just at present the closest thing to an alphamale that strokes his ego… is Kevin.
As soon as he started dragging her name, she was done with him.

These girls!!

I never heard her say put David up. Is that Tyler making it up or did it come from dani. or was it when his name was mentioned she said she didnt care, or she said she thought Enzo was going to put David up?

another name

She wanted David to be the pawn instead of Kevin.
Her questions started with why Kevin, Why not David because she knows Kevin will spiral, and she fears without knowing who is renom, it could be her. She’s expecting a back door this week.

another name

Look at someone pulling a Dani. On Dani.
Tyler telling Enzo that Dani revealed team freeze to Da’vonne.
Tyler knows it was David.
Tyler wants Dani gone.
Pretty easy to scam an HOH this season, they all seem to spend so much time in the HOH that you could probably tell them any lie you wanted and it would sound somewhat true.


Yeah – she planted too many seeds with too many people and you know Tyler probably also caught her in other tales – Cody – Kaysar – Bay – Xmas – Day — all talked to Tyler b/c he was HOH & he could watch her on the TV. Plus he pays attention to all the little things going on so he sees her constantly working everyone & flirting with Cody.

This little ditty puts a target on her with Enzo who wants to take out a big target & Ty needs to start cutting off all Cody’s side people of which Dani is right near the top & he knows she’ll take a shot at him or more importantly plant seeds for others to take a shot at him.

another name

with Nicf already pushing subtle stage one targeting on Tyler to Dani, you know Dani is running with it.
The minute Tyler paid Janelle a compliment after her eviction you HAD to know the ‘he makes me uncomfortable’ line was coming.


I HOPE that Enzo takes a shot at Dani or Nicole…and that the other ones go along with it. They all talk about big moves and do nothing…

Terrible Horrific Season

Nicole F. Aka the Older Version Melisandre from Game of Thrones


HEY PRODUCERS! Want to really make this show BIG BROTHER is watching you? Want to really turn it into a fear fest? Sit everyone down and turn on hidden cam video clips of plotting behind closed doors….one clip per player…and watch the battle begin! Maybe even fistfights as all the back stabbing friends is no longer just rumors….then watch how tense ii gets for everyone to continue….trying to find anywhere to conspire that cameras aren’t watching! Meanwhile watch the ratings skyrocket.