Big Brother Canada: Alec says that he would feel way worse cutting Andrew than Topaz.

6:20pm Alec and Peter are in the storage room talking about Aj. Alec tells Peter to not tell anything to Aj unless you are completely alone with him because he is oblivious. I was telling him about how Danielle is gone this week and then Danielle came by and Aj said out loud that Danielle is GONE! Alec says that he talked to Danielle later and tried to cover up by telling her that she was gone the other night she had too much to drink. Peter tells him good cover. Emmett joins them. They discuss how Danielle will be voted out tomorrow to an 8 – 3 vote and that Gary will be pissed. Emmett worries that the others are concerned about him and Jillian. Alec and Peter reassure him that they aren’t worried about Jillian. Emmett says that the cool thing about Jillian is that if I vote her out we would still be cool. Alec talks about how he doesn’t trust Liza and would rather vote her out. Emmett leaves and Tom joins Alec and Peter. Aj comes in and the conversation ends.

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Big Brother Canada Live Feeds: Danielle says maybe Emmett doesn’t like me because I am a keeper.

2:50am Big Brother tells the house guests that they will be on a backyard lock down at 3pm. Emmett and Peter are in the kitchen talking about the lock down and wondering if something is going to happen. Emmett wonders if there will be an eviction tonight. Peter says that he doesn’t think that will happen but that something else might because its very peculiar that the lights were flashing and the phone rang with no one there, just like on the day 1 but then there would be no pay off to it.

3:05pm Talla, Danielle and Suzette are in the hot tub room. Talla says that Andrew just caught her smoking. She says that she made a deal with Tom that she wouldn’t some and if he caught her then Tom could put her on voluntary slop for which ever two days he chooses.

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Big Brother Canada Danielle gets the plague “If my face goes that’s it because I’m not skinny”

12:51pm Garry and Danielle Danielle’s rash is taking over her body. She’s freaking out because she’s not able to cover it up. Garry also has a rash on his face.

Danielle: “Big Brother.. the rash is changing I need someone to take a look the cream and the Benadryl isn’t working”
Garry says “My face is my image Big Brother”
Danielle: “If my face goes that’s it because i’m not skinny”
They start joking that they are growing horns. Garry thinks people are jealous of them and getting them with VooDo.

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Big Brother Canada Phone Rings Peter “It’s Ultra VETO”

8:50AM Backyard random chit chat.. The phone starts to ring and the lights are flashing. Peter tells them when he answered it nobody was on the other line. Topaz: “The lights flickered Red and White” Peter: “It was nothing though.. Thought it might be ULTRA VETO.. LIghts did the same thing as day one.. but nothing”

8:57AM Kitchen

Pretty un eventful morning everyone sitting around the kitchen random casual chit chat. Andrew says something is going on today because they were woken up 2 hours early. He notes that the “Light is weird” other houseguests disregard this. No substantial conversations going on.

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Big Brother Canada Suzette “I’m not here to spr$ad my l$gs for the jury house

1:05AM Bedroom Danielle and Suzette Looks like Danielle is getting a bit worried. Both the girls feel like it’s just them in the house versus the other players. Danielle is worried how she will be portrayed “Sometimes nice.. sometime a bitch… A normal person..i’ve said some bad shit before”
Suzette about Jillian, Liza and Topaz, “I’m here for self respect.. I’m not here to spread my legs for the jury house” Suzette is shocked that there’s 3 groups of people screwing around in this season of Big Brother. She mentions that the camera is never on her it’s always on Showtime. Danielle: “Ya the cameras only on me when I’m drunk or in the Diary Room”

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Big Brother Live Feeds: Topaz tells the story of how she smelled a strip*ers a$$ crack.

8:20pm In the kitchen: Danielle tells Gary that tomorrow she is going to be a totally different person, no swearing. She says she is going to be a nice girl. Gary starts complaining about how he set up the backyard with all the stools for the fashion show and the guys moved them all back. He says that he spent a lot of time moving them out and putting pillows on each one. Gary says that it might just be stools but it more than that to me. Meanwhile out in the backyard Jillian, Liza and Tom are talking game. Liza comments on how she said in the diary room “Who’s Aj, is he in this game or is he part of the furniture.”

9pm Out in the hot tub: Andrew, Aneal, Alec, Topaz, Suzette and Emmett are talking about the house guests needing to stop swearing so much. Suzette agrees and says that she doesn’t want to be seen like that by her family.

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Big Brother Canada: Love at first sight. Topaz says she thought Emmett was hot and no not from Alec’s photo.

5pm In the kitchen, Tom talks to Topaz about her diet and what she should be eating. Gary, Suzette and Danielle are sitting at the kitchen table painting their nails red for the fashion show. Meanwhile out on the backyard couch, Liza Alec and Aneal are talking about Alec’s research papers on psychology. Peter joins them. Topaz joins them and the conversation turns to talking about past seasons of the US version of Big Brother and Survivor. Suzette and Aj join them.

5:30pm – 5:45pm Suzette asks Topaz if it was love at first sight with Alec. Topaz says umm.. at first when they asked me in VD (Video Diary) I said that Emmett was hot .. and then they asked me about Alec and I said no not from his picture. They all laugh. Topaz says sorry to Alec. The conversation turns to talking about how bad slop is to eat. Topaz says that at first she only had a spoon full and was on the toilet …she says someone had to hold up the blow dryer it smelt so bad.

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Big Brother Canada Tom lets loose: “I shot it and blam blam… slept like a baby”

10:40AM Backyard Emmett and Alec

Alec is running through the scenarios if they do not control the HOH next week. Alec says that topaz close wiuth Garry so he thinks they can get Garry to put up Aneal and AJ. Emmett wonders if he’ll put up Suzette. Alec doesn’t think that is going to happen. Points out that even if Jillian is up on the block they still have the votes to save her. They can easily get Garry to put AJ or Aneal up since Garry doesn’t get along with either of them. They both think that Garry isn’t as big of a “Comp Threat” as people are making him out to be.
Emmett goes to talk to Tom

Tom: “I’m telling you right now if you win HOH it’s not going to be the Emmett and Jillian show it’ll be the Tom and Emmett show”.. They decide to head up to the Head of Household
While in the HOH tom tells him that Suzette, Garry and Danielle are “locked” they are together

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Big Brother Spoilers Panty shots, Making out and Talla wants Garry out this week

11:42pm Andrew and Jillian

Andrew is getting pretty pissed off about Tom calls him a “25 year old sex pleasing…..”
Liza “Hates” Alec so says everyone hates someone in this house.
Liza: “Why don’t you just be yourself. “
Andrew: “if I was myself I would call everyone out”
Liza: “So would .. I but not in here.. “
Liza tells him that Alec goes around the house saying disparaging remarks about Andrew (Something about Andrew being a “Old Man”) Liza adds who cares is Tom is walking around the house being a dick he’s still valuable. She tells him to calm down and wait it out
Andrew says he just gets worked up with TOM
Liza smirks: “You tell me about getting worked up… HUUUUUUUUUUH” (LOL)

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Big Brother Canada: Tom says it’s not like I was er$ct and working with it, it was just a limp di*k.

2:55pm In the bedroom Gary, Suzette and Danielle are talking about relationships. Gary says that he is a momma’s boy. Suzette says that she is so glad that you mom accepts you for who you are. Both Gary and Danielle hope that they find someone from being on the show. They also hope they find fame and that they get an agent after the show.

3pm – 3:30pm In the kitchen the house guests are hanging out making food to eat and talking about random things. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Jillian and Emmett are hanging out. Jillian says that she is going to do a workout, have a swim. Then asks Emmett to plan the day. Emmett says well I don’t think anything is going to happen today. Emmett lays back in the bed to listen to music. Jillian heads downstairs and then comes back up. They lay on the bed together. Emmett laughs and says you actually thought I was 21 last night. Jillian says oh my god, my heart stopped .. I was like what am I doing.

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