Big Brother Canada Tom lets loose: “I shot it and blam blam… slept like a baby”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Gary, Alec


10:11AM Tom and Alec

Tom and Alec confirm their plans to take out Aneal this week and Garry next week. As long as Suzette and Garry do not win HOH on Thursday they will OK. Tom jokes if they all can’t beat Suzette in a HOH then they have no business in the game. Tom says he really wants to win HOH he’s going to put up Aneal/Suzette and when POV is played he’ll backdoor Garry. “Sure he’ll try and b!tch me out because he didn’t get a chance to save himself”. Tom adds that on the 3rd week they will put up AJ and Aneal or Aneal and Talla then Backdoor Suzette. Alec: “Even if Garry wins HOH we can get Topaz to work her magic with Gary” They both agree that as long as only 1 of the four are up on the block they have the votes to stay. Alec: “If you are up against Emmett.. I love Emmett and all but you are the more powerful player”

Tom wants them to develop in code.. “Be like Dude heres your coffee I put 4 sugars in it.. thats means dude we have to talk soon” Tom says it’s too early to think final 2 but he’s got a good feeling about Alec. Tom says he was worried about Emmett not wanting to keep Aneal but after explaining it to him he’s agreed. Alec tells him that Emmett is a smart guy if you present him with a logical plan we’ll respond. Tom brings up that Emmett is getting worried about the 4 being discovered. Tom is starting to share the same concern. Alec agrees says they have to stop the 4 being seen together. Tom: “you and me need to conversate and Emmett and Peter need to conversate”
Tom: “Don’t think for a minute the Girls aren’t planning something out..” Alec is concerned about Liza thinks she’s “Itching” to win HOH, Tom reassures him that Liza will put up Garry if she wins HOH. Tom adds that Liza wants to take out Jillian but not before they get to final 6 because. (LOL Alec is totally not going with your plan.. he’s not dumping his cuddle buddy)
Alec agrees they start to joke about Topaz not really playing the game.
Tom: “Topaz is floating down the river of sleepvillie”

Tom: “I’m playing a honest game you are playing a honest game we’re keeping our integrity..”



10:40AM Backyard Emmett and Alec

Alec is running through the scenarios if they do not control the HOH next week. Alec says that topaz close wiuth Garry so he thinks they can get Garry to put up Aneal and AJ. Emmett wonders if he’ll put up Suzette. Alec doesn’t think that is going to happen. Points out that even if Jillian is up on the block they still have the votes to save her. They can easily get Garry to put AJ or Aneal up since Garry doesn’t get along with either of them. They both think that Garry isn’t as big of a “Comp Threat” as people are making him out to be.


Emmett goes to talk to Tom

Tom: “I’m telling you right now if you win HOH it’s not going to be the Emmett and Jillian show it’ll be the Tom and Emmett show”.. They decide to head up to the Head of Household
While in the HOH tom tells him that Suzette, Garry and Danielle are “locked” they are together

Tom says he was j**k!ng off in the toilet last night.. “I shot it and blam blam.. my b@lls hurt after two weeks of blu$ b@lls.. I slep like a baby” Emmett says he hasn’t done anything like that yet.

11:23AM there’s a group in the backyard chatting about sports and a group talking in the HOH about education/jobs.



11:30AM backyard Tom and Emmett tossing the football around. Emmett accidentally tosses the ball up into the lights (The backyard isn’t outside only the hottub room is)


11:32AM Danielle and Gary in the bathroom. Danielle is crying she can’t handle being in the house the people are too fake. Seems like Tom is really getting under her skin. Garry points out that the house is full of D!cks thats what the game is all about.

(Feeds are cutting in and out because of all the swearing)

Garry tries to make her feel better about the situation says that Tom was brought into he house to be a A$$. He tells her if she self evicts he’s screwed she has to be strong.
(Video being uploaded)


12:12pm Kitchen Garry and Talla start fighting. GArry is getting tired of people not doing their dishes. Suzette and Danielle decided to to all the dishes since the house was starting to look like a pig pen. Talla gets heated about Garry because she thought he made it sound like it was her no doing the dishes. She says that the dishes will be done once the hot water comes back because hot water makes washing dishes “So much easier”. Garry: “So everything was fine before the hot water was off?” (the dishes are not getting done and Garry is pissed about it. Talla is one of the houseguests that isn’t very diligent in cleaning up)

(Video uploading)


12:25PM LIza and Peter talking in the backyard. Liza says she usually m@sterbat$s once a day. She adds that she needs the release but since she’s been in the house she hasn’t. Peter says he’s a once or twice a day guy but since he’s been in the house he hasn’t done anything. Liza says the main reason why she hasn’t is because she needs a specific toy, If she has that toy she can go in 90 Seconds. Liza starts to explain her “Treasure” chest and the special toy.. and the feeds cut. (I swear there hasn’t been this much talk about m@sterbat!on ever in BB history.. and yes we need to censor words like m@sterbat!*n because apparently it’s flagged a “bad” word by our advertisers)


1:00pm Kitchen Suzette, Gary and Danielle talking about Talla. Danielle says if they were in the real world she would punch that “B!tch” in the face.. They all agree that Talla was very disrespectful to

Suzette says she’s heavy because with motherhood you never get any sleep, you have a million things to do and you never think of yourself. Danielle says she’s heavier because she eats a lot of “Convenience Food”

About 30 minutes ago Garry had called a house meeting for later tonight. They all want to make some cleaning schedule because people are not doing their choirs.


1:15pm Garry in the kitchen wearing the best in Post Apocalyptic clothing. He’s telling Danielle she should get to know Aneal before he’s evicted on Thursday (LOL.. Danielle, Suzette and Garry are 100% clueless that they plan to keep Aneal this is going to be a massive blindside)


1:40pm Backyard Jillian telling Tom and Liza that her sister knows some of the same people Emmett knows. She swears she’s never met Emmett before coming into the Big Brother Canada House.


1:42pm Hot Tub Andrew and Alec

Alec is telling Andrew that they have to be wary of Emmett and Tom because once the numbers go down a bit those two might latch themselves onto the floaters and start to take out some of the strong players. (He means Andrew and himself) Andrew says Jillian and Emmett may be a problem since they are so close.

Emmett joins them
Emmett: “Suzette is a pure floater she doesn’t talk game with anyone she just kinda wants to be carried along”

Peter joins them. They chat about trying to keep the Have Have-nots teams the same which will ensure the otherside stays on slop.

Emmett tells them that he’s getting worried about Aneal, Everyone thinks Danielle is strong player but in his opinion Aneal is more dangerous. Alec: “Ya you gotta keep one eye open with that cat”

Peter brings up that Garry and Danielle have a “Showmance” whereas Aneal has nobody.

Peter: “Next week’s play should be a Gary Backdoor.. thats the play” Emmett says he’s not good at memorizing things and he thinks Aneal will be good at it. Andrew points out that Aneal will be shitty at physical comps. Peter: “Last night Tom was walking around the house studying everything.. I think we have enough tools between us to be alright winning the competitions”

Peter gets called in to the Diary room

Emmett tells them there is one person in this house that really talks inappropriate and it’s bugging him. He knows it’s a game and he knows he’s here to win the game still he thinks people should watch what they say. Andrew and Emmett both know who he is talking about and agree with him.

2:16pm Tom, Liza and Jillian in the kitchen Tom is rattling off all the thing he’s memorized. For example the competitions, the steps on the stairs, etc etc.. Jillian: “WOW you have a really good memory” Tom: “I really want to win this HOH”


2:28pm Head of Household Jillian and Liza

Jillian tells her she wants to know what’s going on with these nominations because she thought Aneal was the target now everyone wants Danielle gone. Jilllian was close to Aneal and now they obviously are not. Liza says she is on the outside but from what she sees taking Danielle out was the boys.

Jillian: “I’m worried that the boyz have a final 4”
Liza knows but for now they have to get the numbers down a bit. Jillian is just worried that the boys will overpower the girls. Liza: “Don’t underestimate the power of girls” Liza tells her that Danielle isn’t targeting her but she’s close to a person that is going around saying they are going after her shomance. (Tom) Liza: “I need Garry to go home”

Jillian asks her who she is voting for, Aneal or Danielle. Liza: “yesterday it was Danielle to leave all the way”

Talla joins them.. asks them that the plan is for Thursday, She asks Liza if she wants Aneal to stay. Liza: “Ya.. kinda..”

Liza: “Who do you trust who do you feel close to”
Talla is worried that Aneal is going to move towards the guys.. she can’t trust Aneal. Talla and Liza both think if Danielle stays this week the guys will try and take her out next week. Talla asks Liza if she wins HOH who will she put up. Liza jokes says she’ll put up Tom. Talla believes her (LOL) Liza adds that it’ll be either Suzette and who stays this week.

Liza tells them that there are too many floaters in the house for them to make any move and think they have any power. Every move has to be safe until later in the game.

All three of the girls do not like AJ, Talla about AJ thinking he’s allied with the boys “He thinks he’s tight as rocks” (LOL).. (Just a side note Liza is playing a strong game i’ll give her that but man is she getting annoying)

(Video part 2 uploading)
the one highlight of the conversation is Liza tells them it more important to take out Alec and draw Topaz and peter in than to take out Topaz. Talla and Jillian want Aneal gone and Liza wants Danielle gone. Liza really beats the war drum to get Garry out next week.

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Is anyone else totally turned off by Tom? I have never come across another human being who is as crass and disgusting as he is. Do we really want to know that he snapped one off last night? Do we really want to know that he took a crap yesterday? There is such a thing as TMI and Tom doesnt seem to have a filter between his mouth and his pea sized brain. OMG. Reading back on the update I am glad to see production finally cutting the feeds because of the language. Maybe they will have a talk with the whole house or give them another punishment until the language declines. I can see why they got the punishment of cold showers and no games….hopefully now they will learn they are on BB time clock. Well here is hoping to a better day today.


I hope Gary wins HOH and puts up like TOm and Emmett. It would make for a way more interesting week. If I was Alec, Tom and Peter…I’d push for Jillian to go out soon like in the next couple of weeks because otherwise I’m not soo sure Emmett will be easily keen on getting rid of her. With time, I think he’ll drift away from the group.


Angela – I disliked Tom from the first time he opened his mouth. It’s reached the point that I can’t look at Tom and the sound of his voice makes me reach for my MUTE button. A total douche bag and a waste of oxygen. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work for him and even more sorry for any woman who has to service this pig, even if she’s getting paid for it. My happy day will be to see his nasty ass as he walks out the door!


I’ve thought Tom was a total dick and douchebag since he first opened his big arrogant yap. Simon is right though its going to be great when he snaps and he does bring drama to the show. Another guy like that douche Jeff that I love to hate!!!


Topaz and Suzette seem to be BBCAN floaters They havent been seen to do to much except for Topaz who spent most of the day in a bath tub(haha) and hooking up with whomever it is(dont know most of the names yet) and then Suzette who hasnt competed in any competitions so far. I have 3 kids and do you know that I never knew that weight gain had to do with having kids and lack of sleep? haha….


That is pretty great to wake up to a breakdown + Fight. That’ll do, Big Brother Canada, that’ll do.

I’m rooting for Liza. Grodner couldn’t appreciate Shelly’s game, but they have(2nd episode) and will appreciate what Liza brings to this game.


I totally agree Simon.Tom is a wildcard and I suspect a closet homophobe. Anyone aligned with him should be very scared!!!!

Julie Chen

Did Rachel sneak in the house to workout for a bit? Silly girl.