Big Brother Canada Danielle gets the plague “If my face goes that’s it because I’m not skinny”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec

12:00PM Alec and Peter weight area

Talking about past big brother seasons. Peter likes James Rhine thinks he was understated. Alec thinks he was a bit overstated.

Liza is on the hammock and Aj, Danielle are milling around.

Alec and Peter start talking about video games and pokemon. Both use to be huge pokemon fans when they were kids. Alec says a bit ago he was sick and decided to play some pokemon so he hooked his laptop up to his TV and using his XbOX controller played Pokemon Black all day. Peter says he only bought a Nintendo DS so he could play pokemon. Sound like they still like pokemon. Danielle jumps into the conversation starts talking about pokemon. Her brother was really into it so she was exposed to the shows and card game. (I know a bit about Pokemon and from the sounds of it Alec and Peter are pretty big fans of it)
Alec: “Wasted childhood”
Peter: “No way … to the max yo.. Liza can you help me make a To THE MAX YO t shirt”
Liza: “Yup.. can one of you fix my coming period”
Peter: “Sure”
Alec: “Do you suffer premenstrual symptoms?”
Liza: “no but I messed with me birth control… “

12:12pm Aneal, Andrew, Aj and Jillian

Aj is saying how yummy the muffins were that Jillian made this morning. Aj: “I’m in yum-sville population AJ”

Jillian brings up that Emmett said she has a strange bone (Or bone placement) on her sternum she proceeds to go arounds the kitchen table getting people to touch it. Topaz says it’s normal, Andrew doesn’t know. Jillian all of a sudden is acting self conscious about her body. (Maybe fishing for compliments)

AJ and Andrew with Aneal doing the dishes. Aj says that Emmett is playing a really good game but making Jillian feel insecure. He says that is what men do to keep women with them. Aj: “Right now there are girls watching this show wishing they looked like Jillian” Jillian comes back says she feels fat she’s been eating like a pig.

(Nothing really interesting happening on the feeds random conversations..) talk about Donovan Bailey and Michael Johnson race. Aj says that Michael Johnson faked getting injured because he knew he was going to lose the race. Aj mentions that Michael Johnson was smack talking leading up to the race then pulled out, “That is how they do it down there” Andrew: “Down where” Aj: “America”


12:25pm Hammock Liza telling Danielle, Suzette Topaz and Peter that she’s dated multiple guys at the same time.. She brings up that her last boyfriend was a comedian and she loved him with all her heart. Alec asks why they broke up. Liza says At the time I would have said I broke up with him because he didn’t want to get married and have children but thinking back it was Liza that freaked out and didn’t want to be married with him. Talk shifts to soul mates, Topaz thinks there is a handful of souldmates per person. Suzette says in 4 years she’ll have her 20 year anniversary.

Tom jumps on the hammock asks Peter whats up with the phone call this morning. Peter: “It was nothing”


Topaz and Suzette are having a small side discussion near the gymnastic mats. Topaz asks her if her husband was her first boyfriend. Suzette goes on to explain that she had a boyfriend in highschool who was a snowboarder. Suzette: “He was a compulsive cheater.. one day I found all these DVD’s.. (feeds cut.. I wonder what was on those DVD’s)
Talk shifts to Vancouver beaches..

Cam cuts to the hammock.. Emmett, Liza and Tom they are saying how slow and boring the house is right now. Liza thinks it’ll be unbearable when they go down to 6 players (nope it’ll be chaos)
Tom: “No way it’ll be great.. as long as I have a bro to chill with.. I would rather a bro than a chick”
Liza: “Oh don’t worry I know”

12:51pm Garry and Danielle Danielle’s rash is taking over her body. She’s freaking out because she’s not able to cover it up. Garry also has a rash on his face.

Danielle: “Big Brother.. the rash is changing I need someone to take a look the cream and the Benadryl isn’t working”
Garry says “My face is my image Big Brother”
Danielle: “If my face goes that’s it because i’m not skinny”
They start joking that they are growing horns. Garry thinks people are jealous of them and getting them with VooDo.


1:08pm pretty slow on the feeds right now.. A good chunk of the houseguests are sleeping.

Once funny thing that is happening is Danielle doesn’t know she’s going home tomorrow. Since the rash has started she’s been saying to a few people (Talla and Garry) if this rash get really bad she’s going to leave.

1:30pm the guys are working out.. Alec has been lifting for a long a$$ time

1:40pm Kitchen Talla, Aj, DAnielle and Alec with Liza, tom and Peter on the couch listening in.
Talla is “Interviewing AJ” Aj says the people on slop have given him inspiration. Aj brings up that people’s IQ drop when they are on slop. He calls it “Slop Brain” Talla challenges him to prove that Alec’s IQ is dropping. AJ: “Just ask him a question”

Talla goes to ask Alec a question, “What what what what… “ Alec: “Hey a slop brain can’t ask a slop brain a question” everyone laughs. Finally Talla asks the question.. Talk shift to Hockey..


Emmett and Andrew are getting a little pissed about the other houseguests not wearing their microphones. Andrew has taken upon himself to remind everyone if they are not wearing it so they do not get another penalty (48 hour no water penalty)

Emmett comments that Suzette’s workout did f*** all he says he didn’t mind showing her some work out moves but was a little PO that she never said thank you..
Andrew says Suzette is just trying to get in with people and start a conversation.
Emmett agrees says it’s cool.. he adds if she ever wins HOH again Suzette will put him up.
Andrew isn’t confident she’ll get another opportunity to put people up. Emmet: “I really don’t have much in common” Andrew: “I really don’t have much in common with any people.. I can get along with young people except some I want to kill em”
Emmett mentions that suzette is always talking about “Big Plays.. Big Plays” She wants the house to put up Tom, “We’ll see how long she lasts here:”
Alec starts talking to them from the pool.

Emmett comments that his bicep is really sore from throwing the football yesterday, “I think i have bone rot”

Andrew tells him that Garry is trying to get him on his side.. Andrew asks Emmett if he’s still cool with Tom. Emmett: “YA.. Garry is dangerous for sure he wants to win”

Andrew says he likes Tom but when they get down to the 9 and the 8 who are people going to be going after? He thinks it’ll be Tom and Emmett but Emmett is soft spoken and Tom talks a lot.

Emmett asks him who he wants to win. Andrew doesn’t want a floater to win, He’s going to look at who wins comp, makes plays and wasn’t a dick. Andrew: “If it’s you and Tom in the final 2 and Tom was a D1Ck you’ll win”

2:30PM Topaz and Alec Backyard

Topaz thinks Andrew, Garry and Talla are popular with the fans because they are so funny. Alec says she looks sexy. Topaz disagrees says she looks like a Scruff Muffin.
Alec: “Sexy scruff muffin “
Alec says he hasn’t looked right since being on the show, “I have all sorts of face problems” Topaz disagrees with him says the only day his face looked messed up was his birthday when his one eye was all red.
Alec says everyone thinks he’s Canada’s player because he doesn’t fit the mold of a PhD student. He remembers during Big Brother 8 how much he disliked America’s Player, “He was some nerdy little guy”


2:40pm Havenots Andrew and Liza

Andrew is saying his target is Garry, Suzette and if Topaz keeps it up with the microphone bullshit she’ll be a target. Liza rehashed all the annoying things that Gary does and brings up that he won the POV he’s a beast. She says they have to keep the 9 intact and take out the players that threaten them.

Andrew says he’s been cool with Aj, “Aj is AJ”. Andrew thinks the other guys are making a huge mistake being a dick to AJ. Aj could win the HOH or be a vote and do you think Aj will forget how they treated him, “Not a chance”

2:45pm Andrew and Emmett Hot tub

Talking about Danielle have no clue she’s going home next week. Andrew wonders who she can’t figure it out. Emmett: “Everyone is tell her she’s safe”

Andrew gets confirmation that Garry is a target next week. Andrew is worried about the backdoor plan because there is a chance Veto might not be played. Andrew mentions that Suzette is coming to join them.. they both groan.

Alec joins them. Big Brother calls a outdoor lockdown in 10 minutes

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Ya I’ve noticed. And if they do swear, it’s usually followed by a “sorry big brother!”


Andrew is definitely moving up. I think he felt a little uncomfortable at first, but now he’s settling in. Sitting back could allow him to use the age thing to his advantage.


so whos most likely to go home?

I am so tired of Talla if she asks again if the HOH has to play in the veto I am going to scream!!! What an airhead.


Did I miss something why is Gary being spelled with two r’s ?


Oh ok, thought I missed some inside joke. He is too flamboyant for one r or something! Lol
Thanks for response I’ll be quiet now :)
Love site thanks for the efforts!