Big Brother Spoilers Panty shots, Making out and Talla wants Garry out this week

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Gary, Alec


11:42pm Andrew and Jillian

Andrew is getting pretty pissed off about Tom calls him a “25 year old sex pleasing…..”
Liza “Hates” Alec so says everyone hates someone in this house.
Liza: “Why don’t you just be yourself. “
Andrew: “if I was myself I would call everyone out”
Liza: “So would .. I but not in here.. “
Liza tells him that Alec goes around the house saying disparaging remarks about Andrew (Something about Andrew being a “Old Man”) Liza adds who cares is Tom is walking around the house being a dick he’s still valuable. She tells him to calm down and wait it out
Andrew says he just gets worked up with TOM
Liza smirks: “You tell me about getting worked up… HUUUUUUUUUUH” (LOL)


12:00AM Bedroom Tom and Talla

Tom is talking about the 9 alliance and how they need to take out Gary, Danielle, Aneal, and Suezette. Tom asks her if she’s cool with Danielle. Talla says she talks to Danielle but Talla isn’t tight with her like she is with Liza and Tom.
Talla wonders if Topaz won HOH she would put up Danielle and Suzette. Tom thinks that she might. He asks her who is Topaz closer to Alec or Garry. Talla: “Alec for sure”
Tom: “Do you want Gary in the Jury House”
Talla: “NO”
Tom: “who will Gary put up ”
Talla: “You.. because you’re the threat”
Tom suggests that maybe he should be targeting Gary since Gary is coming after him and threating the great 9 alliance. (LOL the 9 alliance is still a factor in some peoples game)
Tom: “So Gary is going to have to go home”
Talla: “OK OK So what .. this week or next week”
Tom: “We’ll he can’t go home this week” (Talla #BBCAN = Ashley #BB14)

Liza Joins them. They start talking about the Head of Household next week and how much they need to prevent Gary to win it. Talla is getting super stressed out because she knows how important it is. Liza says she’s going to fight very hard to get it she just hopes it’s mental. They chat about potential HOH competitions.

At one point Toms tells Talla that they need to think about the Jury house and who they want in there. He adds they wouldn’t want to be in the jury house with annoying, dirty people that always want to drink. (tom is pushing gary)

(This is a funny conversation because Talla is a hell of a lot slower in the game than I have thought)

12:20am The camera operators are all over the girls behinds tonight.


12:30AM Peter and Alec Peter tells him that Liza and are willing to vote Danielle out so they have the six they need. If Alec can convince AJ they have 7 vote to protect them from someone wavering. Alec is worried about Liza he doesn’t think they can trust her. Peter tells him not to worry he’s had a small talk with her today. Alec is worried about Tom pulling Topaz over..


12:35AM Alec and Topaz Kissing They starts to giggle and run into the hallway to get away from the camera. They go into the bed room and kiss some more. (Freaking showmances everywhere)

12:48AM All feeds on showing sleeping houseguests

1:05AM Bathroom Alec and Tom Tom is worried about Emmett he tells Alec they will find out if Emmett is really true to them when they see him react after Jillian is sent home. Tom says he can’t stop thinking about scenarios. Alec agrees, they both congratulate each other for being in such good positions. Tom is thinking final 2 and he knows he shouldn’t be planning that far ahead yet. Tom knows if he sticks with Alec and Peter he’ll make it far. Alec says they need to plan for final 4 first because final 3 and 2 is too far ahead. Tom is saying how perfect it is that they have Danielle going home this week. Tom agree but he really wants Gary sent out next week. (I bet a bottle of beer Gary wins HOH.. LOL) Their conversation is broken up by production because Alec doesn’t have a microphone.

Tom heads back to bed tells tells them he had to go cry for a bit.. nobody believes him. Tom: “No I had to take a p!ss Alec had to take a Sh!t”


2:43AM Tom Studying Sh!t in the house
8:05am Everyone still sleeping

9:00AM WAke up call. Houseguests milling around getting ready for their day

9:51AM BAckyard Tom and Andrew Tom is building up the fact that they need to keep the 9 alliance intact and make a big move this week by evicting Danielle. Tom points out that Garry will go after the 9 if he wins HOH so in order for them to survive in this game they need to take out Danielle and Garry. (Andrew seems to be believing this)
Tom starts chatting about “Raising his voice” with Talla and Garry during the party. He say he was more angry at Garry than Talla. The argument was about Garry taking all the vodka ans “Slamming it” Andrew was worried that Tom was going to say something during the argument and get in trouble with production.
Tom: “I played a lot of years of Hockey and in the oil patch.. I know how to talk.. YOu know I got warned” Andrew: “Warned by who?” Tom: “Them” (Production)

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Does Topaz have only one piece of clothe?the shirt and her ass cheek always hanging out?tired of it

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your tired of seeing her ass? what a homo.. go kill yourself please


I think Topaz and Alec’s cuddlemance is so PG and so cute!

Topaz Alec are a bad couple

Topaz Alec are a bad couple