Big Brother Canada 2 – POST Finale Interviews, Photos, and MORE..

Last night on the finale of Big Brother Canada 2 the winner Jon Pardy was crowned by a vote of 6-1 and took home the grand prize of $100,000, $25,000 gift certificate to the brick and a $10,000 vacation sponsored by Twistos. Sabrina Abbate took second place and left with the second place prize of $20,000. The visually bitter Neda Kalantar walked away with only regrets and disappointment in not being the one to have been able to cut Jon had she beat him in the final part of the 3 part HOH competition.

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Big Brother Canada REUNION SPECIAL

After almost a week since the Big Brother Canada Finale episode the house guests have been reunited for the ET Canada Reunion Special. The special reunion was hosted by ET Canada’s Roz Weston where he interviewed and spoke with all the house guests. Roz speaks with the season 1 winner Jillian about how she won the grand prize, as well as with Topaz where she explains what happened and how despite the mix-up runner-up Glitter Gary gracefully took it all in stride. In addition, Roz also puts Alec and Emmett in the hot seat when he shows their showmances Topaz and Jillian footage they hadn’t seen before.

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Big Brother Canada: The Morning Show – AFTER the Finale! Is GARY okay with SECOND PLACE?

Love it or hate it, the events that transpired on last nights Big Brother Canada Finale Episode could not have be predicted. There is only one rule to Big Brother and that is to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and that was surely what happened last night.

With a SHOCKING Big Brother Canada FINALE episode last night, everyone is wondering what the house guests are thinking about conclusion of season one. Last night’s 2 hour finale episode was filled with surprises and jaw dropping moments. First the season front runner Emmett was evicted by the final HOH winner Gary and then by some insane mix up Topaz mistakenly voted for Jillian to win when in fact she wanted to vote for Gary. The shocking reveal of the votes by host Arisa Cox will go down in Big Brother history as one of the most unbelievable mistakes that ultimately cost Gary the Big Brother Canada Grand prize.

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Big Brother Canada: The House Guests Compete in the HaveNot Competition this Morning!

8am Big Brother turns on the lights in the house to wake up the house guests. In the havenot room Topaz comments on how there is a havenot competition in one hour. Talla complains about having cramps. She stumbles getting up and Alec calls her a sloppy mess as she leaves the room. They all get up and head to the kitchen and bathroom to make breakfast and get ready. Liza talks to Andrew in the kitchen about how they need to have a havenot competition so that those on slop can get off it. Emmett and Peter are talking out on the backyard couches. Peter says that they are probably still 4 hours away from the havenot competition. He says that they still have to lock us out of the backyard, set up the challenge, then call us into the living room.

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Big Brother Canada: Tom says he felt bad for voting out Danielle because she was looking hot tonight!

11:20pm The live feeds come back, Alec and Peter are in the storage room talking game. After their short conversation Alec and Peter head into the kitchen. Alec tells Peter that he is going to ignore Tom this week to keep the heat off them.

11:25pm Tom already got his Head of Household room. Emmett, Andrew and Tom are talking game. Tom says that he is going to put Gary and Suzette on slop if he gets to choose. Tom says that both Gary and Suzette wanted to lose weight so those are the two I will pick to go on slop. The conversation turns to talking about Suzette and how she was talking about how the guys were getting blow jobs and sh*t. Tom says that regardless he wants Gary out. Tom looks at the camera and says that they noticed how Danielle told them all that she didn’t like Gary and then next moment she was best friends with him. They talk about how they all need to discuss how they will vote and follow through with the votes because if one or two of them had changed their votes tonight it would have totally change the results.

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Big Brother Canada Live Eviction / HOH Results!

Live Eviction Episode: March 7th, 2013 @ 10pm ET/PT
On the block for eviction tonight are Danielle Alexander and Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon.

PREDICTION: Danielle is evicted. Danielle is evicted. There is about 0% chance that Danielle will make a classy exit out of the Big Brother Canada House.

As big brother leaked the type of head of household competition earlier this evening on the live feeds, we learned that the house guests will be competing in a mental A Or B Question competition. Both Simon and I predict Gary will win tonight’s HOH compeition. Who do you think will win?

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Big Brother Canada: Danielle says if she’s evicted she is going to freak out and reveal everyone’s secrets.

3pm Tom, Andrew, Aj and Talla are in the kitchen talking about random things. Andrew is running his hands through Talla’s hair. Meanwhile Topaz, Emmett, Jillian, Danielle, Liza, Peter, Alec, Aneal Gary and Suzette are in the bedroom chatting about random things.

3:20pm Jillian, Emmett, Peter and Aj are in the kitchen discussing what the HOH competition might be like tonight. Peter says that it will probably be booths set up for them to answer questions. Jillian says that she is nervous. Peter asks why, you’re not playing. Jillian says yeah but I am nervous to see who wins. Peter and Aj start talking about the havenot competition that will happen tomorrow. Peter says he thinks it will be 3 teams of 4 again since the havenot room can’t sleep 6 people.

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Big Brother Canada Spoilage Alec: “I think Tom is one of the dumber players”

1:38pm Hot tub guys start talking game.

Talk is about Tom going around with independent plays. It’s a good idea to keep him around for a bit though because he’s everyones target. They just need to keep their cards close. Alec brings up that Liza told Topaz final 2. Emmett: ‘Liza is making a lot of deals” Alec: “yes she is… I don’t think we need her too far in”

They agree LIza is the biggest question mark in the house.

Alec says that Topaz is a couple steps behind because she doesn’t think that Emmett and Jillian are in on the plan to get Danielle out.

Emmett is still nervous about Aneal being in the house.
Alec: “Aneal isn’t going to put you up don’t worry.. ”
Alec says they have breathed new life into Aneal’s game so all his previous deals are out the window.

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Aj wants to sleep with someone famous Andrew: “you should be seeing a psychologist”

10:45AM Backyard Aj, Talla and Andrew
Hockey Talk.. Why do women sleep around with NHL players when they are just being used as sex objects. Peter talks about a pick up line he heard a Kings defenseman saw once Peter: “Hey do you like giving bl*w j*bs”
Aj said that he met this women once that told him she slept with a Montreal Canadian and it made her hotter to him.
Andrew: “I would never want to hear from a girl I’m daing I Nailed this guy I nailed that guy”
Aj says he respect Andrew’s point of view.
Andrew:”I’m just way classier than you”
Aj says that Andrew hasn’t really been exposed to the younger culture of casual dating where people can draw the line between relationships and physical encounters.
Andrew says he’s slept with between “2 and a 100 million women” that’s all he’s revealing.
Andrew comments that AJ should be seeing a psychologist.

AJ mentions he wants to sleep with someone famous one day.. He talks about meeting Sunny and Sean Michael (WWE(F) wrestlers) with his buddy @murtzjaffer at wallmart

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Gary cracks the Cuddlemance Code “If they were smart they would get me out now”

12:38pm Topaz and Garry Kitchen table

They are chatting about how excited they are to be in the Big Brother House. Topaz says she’s been watching this show for years and now she’s finally in the game.

Topaz: “The only person that was yapping their mouth today was suzette”
Garry: “I know she needs to stop… “
Topaz mentions Suzette is talking a lot about the showmances it’s making her a target. Garry is proud of Suzette for participating but feel sorry for her falling. Garry: “It was all about empowering women”
Topaz: “I love how the guys were into it.. I’m really proud of you.. getting it all ready, doing everyone’s makeup”
Garry: “When the music started I felt like OH my God even Big Brother is onboard”
They start chatting about how surprised they are that Big Brother encouraged them to do the fashion show..
Topaz tells him she’s extremely happy for Garry “you were fighting for it.. and i’m happy that we all were able to participate in one way”

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Big Brother Canada Fashion Show: Gary says “I have a pu$$y now!!”

8:50pm All the girls are still getting ready in the bathroom for the fashion show. Liza comments on how she doesn’t want to go after Jillian. Danielle is complaining about how she wants to zip up the leather jacket she is wearing because she is embarrassed about her belly is sticking out. Danielle says “And my thighs look like sh*t!” She says that she is so self conscious right now. Gary comes into the bedroom and says “I have a pu$$y now!!” Danielle keeps practicing her runway walk. Big Brother turns on music over the house letting the house guests know that they will have music during the fashion show. All the girls are super excited. Meanwhile all the guys are patiently waiting at the runway Gary created with the stools.

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