Big Brother Canada: Tom says it’s not like I was er$ct and working with it, it was just a limp di*k.

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Gary, Alec

Big Brother Canada March 4 2013 258pm

2:55pm In the bedroom Gary, Suzette and Danielle are talking about relationships. Gary says that he is a momma’s boy. Suzette says that she is so glad that you mom accepts you for who you are. Both Gary and Danielle hope that they find someone from being on the show. They also hope they find fame and that they get an agent after the show.
Big Brother Canada March 4 2013 255pm

3pm – 3:30pm In the kitchen the house guests are hanging out making food to eat and talking about random things. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Jillian and Emmett are hanging out. Jillian says that she is going to do a workout, have a swim. Then asks Emmett to plan the day. Emmett says well I don’t think anything is going to happen today. Emmett lays back in the bed to listen to music. Jillian heads downstairs and then comes back up. They lay on the bed together. Emmett laughs and says you actually thought I was 21 last night. Jillian says oh my god, my heart stopped .. I was like what am I doing. Emmett says would you have given me the boot? Jillian says that he really got her. The conversation turns to talking about Jillian being a substitute teacher.
Big Brother Canada March 4 2013 326pm

3:35pm Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Andrew, Danielle and Peter are all sitting on the couches in the backyard talking about random stuff like high school friends. Tom comes out to join them for a few minutes. Tom talks about how his c*ck was seen by the cameras before the live feeds started. They others wonder why he doesn’t care. Tom says it’s not like I was er$ct and working with it was just a limp di*k.
Big Brother Canada March 4 2013 336pm

3:50pm Danielle, Jillian and Gary are in the bathroom talking about how much they dislike Aj and how they want to nominate him. Jillian leaves that bathroom and Gary tells Danielle if he wins HOH he is going to put up Jillian.

4pm – 4:15pm Liza and Tom are whispering on the backyard couch. Liza tells Tom that both Gary and Danielle told her they want to get Tom out. Liza asks what are they thinking telling me, you’re my cuddle buddy. Tom says maybe they were just trying to see if you would tell me. Liza says I don’t think so I just think they are stupid. Emmett joins them. Liza tells Emmett that Aneal never said your name, Danielle, Gary and Suzette said your name. Tom says that Aneal will realize that we saved him and that he owes us. Liza talks about how Danielle has already rubbed it out a couple times when she was alone in the bedroom. Tom tells Emmett that if he wins HOH he is going to put up Suzette and Aneal. Tom says that he already told Aneal that he would be the pawn. Emmett tells Tom that he needs to refrain from telling people that before your HOH because then if you don’t win they have something to use against you. Tom leaves. Emmett and Liza continue to talk. Liza cautions Emmett about how they have to stick together and not turn on each other or it is going to be a sh*t show!

4:15pm – 4:20pm Gary and Danielle are in the bathroom making fun of Emmett. Danielle says that Emmett and Jillian aren’t even a good looking couple, they don’t look good together. They said their the all american couple but they aren’t. Gary says you and Emmett would be the all american couple. Danielle and Gary talk about evicting Jillian and how much of a mess Emmett will be. Danielle says she’ll tell him to get a tattoo about it. They start laughing about how dumb the farm tattoo is on Emmett’s arm. Gary says he’s got cows on his arm. Imagine him at a bar, what are those? COWS! Danielle asks where’s the chicken and the pig? They both laugh. Gary makes fun of Jillian’s crows feet and then says that her friends are ugly. Danielle says those are her sisters. They both laugh.

4:25pm – 4:35pm Tom and Liza talk getting Jillian out 8th or 9th. Tom says we will put up Topaz and Alec and back door Jillian. Liza is worried about the way Tom is talking because that would mean that she is the only girl left in the house. She says then you guys will get rid of me because I am the only girl.

Big Brother Canada March 4 2013 426pm

4:45pm Big Brother tells the house guests that they are on an indoor lock down. They wonder if they are setting up for a reward challenge.

5:05pm – 5:40pm All the boys in the kitchen get in a circle and pray for a reward in the backyard. Tom calls for Gary. He says if you have a peni$ you need to get over here and pray with us. Tom gives the prayer “Dear old football gods or any other manly gods out there, we pray that there is some type of booze / pizza / carbs out there for the brothers we have on slop and for the brothers that need a drink. Bless us righteously!” The house guests continue to chat about random things while other house guests cook food. Tom explains to Alec and Andrew how eating pinapple makes your load taste sweeter and celery makes you have huge loads. Alec asks really? Tom says yeah its an old p*rn star trick. In the kitchen, Topaz is complaining to Gary about having to have cold showers. She says that she is going to boil water and wash her “a$$ crack, cooch and pits.

5:45pm – 6:15pm Danielle is in the bathroom complaining to Talla about how she doesn’t know if she can do this any more. She says that if she was on slop right now she would just give up. She says that this fu*king sucks, I don’t know why I signed up for this … I am in such a bad mood. I can’t stand how boring it is in here, some days we have challenges and then other days we have nothing to do. I can’t fu*king stand some people in here! Talla asks who? Tom? Danielle says yeah he is such a fu*king ignorant b*tch! Big Brother cuts the live feeds. Gary joins them.

Big Brother Canada March 4 2013 610pm

6:20pm Danielle, Talla, Jillian and Gary are sitting at the kitchen table chatting. Danielle comments on how she still needs to come up with a speech for eviction night. She says maybe I will just say I am not going home so it doesn’t matter what I say. Jillian says yeah at that point you could say that. Jillian and Gary go up the her HOH room to look through her closet to pick out stuff for the fashion show tonight.
Big Brother Canada March 4 2013 620pm

6:35pm – 6:40pm Jillian and Emmett talk game in the HOH room. Jillian feels like she burned a lot of bridges this week. Emmett says that he can scare Aneal into doing whatever they want.

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Tom’s a classic douche lol how boring would the house be if gary wasn’t in it?


I didn’t care for Gary in the beginning but after watching him on the feeds I find him hilarious.. I may be drifting towards #teamOutcasts


I feel that Danielle should stay this week, and then hopefully, Tom goes next week (he’s a proper tool)


I thought Tom was a douche the minute I laid eyes on him. I have been so disappointed in Emmett this week since he looked like a nice country boy but is coming across just as douchey and arrogant as his “bro”. Can’t wait to see the two of them grt sent packing which I believe is inevitable. Players like them making plans on who they are going to get rid off this week or that week have no clue and will not last.


Gotta say Tom is just playing the early classic jock game. Sense of power, ect. The real contender to minipulate herself to the top is Liza. Watch her for some good TV unless folks get a clue. Between the girls and Tom she likely know more about what’s happening than anyone. If she can keep from playing end game strategy to early she has a shot at the 100K.

Farewell to Jillian. She played a terrible week as HOH and she’ll ultimately go home for it. Might be several weeks down the road but it will happen.

As I believe many of these alliances will fracture prematurely I’m looking to find a quiet floater that might make it to the final 2/3. It’s tough sleding but perhaps Peter? I just haven’t got a feel on that yet.

This house is crazy I am so tired of these romances are these girls on the show to find a man or play a game. If they are looking for a man they should have joined lavalife or Its disgusting!!!!

There is game talk and personal attacks which is truly not good sportsmanship.

Emmett and Jillian have to go when the cameras are on them making out it sounds like a couple of cows. Grow up act your age. You’re not in high school anymore or maybe you are.

Tom what a disgusting pig the way he talks is so degrading he definitely has some kind of complex.

Talla if she touches her hair one more time I will scream!!! I think she thinks she’s on Keeping up with the Kardashians

The only ones who have shown any class in this show is Andrew, Peter, Liza and Aneal that should be the final 4

The rest need to be raised again because something definitely went wrong the first time.