Big Brother Canada Live Feeds: Danielle says maybe Emmett doesn’t like me because I am a keeper.

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 3pm

2:50am Big Brother tells the house guests that they will be on a backyard lock down at 3pm. Emmett and Peter are in the kitchen talking about the lock down and wondering if something is going to happen. Emmett wonders if there will be an eviction tonight. Peter says that he doesn’t think that will happen but that something else might because its very peculiar that the lights were flashing and the phone rang with no one there, just like on the day 1 but then there would be no pay off to it.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 307pm

3:05pm Talla, Danielle and Suzette are in the hot tub room. Talla says that Andrew just caught her smoking. She says that she made a deal with Tom that she wouldn’t some and if he caught her then Tom could put her on voluntary slop for which ever two days he chooses.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 310pm

3:15pm Aneal and Tom are pumping iron. Emmett joins them and Tom starts flexing in the mirror.

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 315pm

3:30pm – 3:50pm Emmett, Andrew, Suzette and Alec are in the hot tub talking about random things. They talk about different places in Canada and then about haloween costumes. Danielle and Talla are sitting beside the hot tub talk about who Danielle would nominate if she got HOH. Danielle says that she wants HOH so that people see that she knows what she is doing. Then she says that she would probably do what the house wants. The conversation turn to talking about Emmett. Danielle says that he looks like an ex of hers. She says that she doesn’t like seeing Emmett and Jillian making out all the time. She wonders why that couldn’t be her. She says that if she was with him she wouldn’t be kissing him or letting him rub up on me in front of other people. Danielle says maybe Emmett doesn’t like me because I am a keeper. I don’t want to be someones sloppy seconds either though. The conversation end and Talla leaves the hot tub room. Danielle, Suzette, Alec, Emmett, Topaz and Aj talk about their homes and other random things.

3:50pm – 4:20pm Tom and Aneal are talking while working out. Tom tells Aneal that if he wins HOH he will put up him and Suzette with the hopes of back dooring Gary. Aneal is surprised and isn’t too happy about it. He reluctantly says that he is okay with it. Aneal asks Tom why he was nominated in the first place. Tom says that he isn’t sure. Tom tells Aneal that Jillian probably just did what Emmett wanted. Tom says that he just wants to make it to the jury house and says that he is primary worried about his own immediate threats. Tom tells Aneal that he and Liza have big plans and that they want Aneal around. Tom tells Aneal that since he is protecting him he wants the same in return in the future. Aneal agrees.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 422pm

4:25pm Jillian is in the kitchen cooking. Emmett comes by and takes a piece of food off the island. Jillian freaks out and tells him to spit it out because it was cut on the raw chicken board. She says she was going to flash fry it again. Emmett spits it out. Danielle enters the kitchen and tells them that Gary said the fashion show isn’t happened because no one really wants it. The others say that’s not true and that they will be in it.

4:40pm – 5pm Gary is in the bedroom complaining about how he is never doing anything for these fu*king people in this house again. Danielle says that she hates Liza, every time I walk past her she is talking about me. Gary says you know we are going up on the block again next week. Danielle agrees. Gary says that Jillian didn’t even look good in her outfit with her little boobs. Danielle agrees that Jillian has nothing up there. The conversation turns to talking about Liza and how she told a personal story of being the other girl in a relationship. Danielle says that she has been cheated on so many times by guys that she hates girls like Liza. Danielle says fu*k that bit*h, I hate her! I want to win HOH so bad it hurts. I want Tom up on the block. I want him gone!

5pm Emmett makes an announcement in the kitchen since everyone is present. He tells everyone that no one can make Aj any more meals. He says that Aj is a stray cat don’t feed him. Everyone agrees that Aj needs to grow up and make his own meals.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 519pm
5:10pm – 5:40pm Gary starts cooking dinner in the kitchen and tells them that the fashion show is back on. Liza wonders why, because they want it for TV? Gary says because big brother thinks its a good idea. Basically they we are being really somber and we’re not being good for TV. Gary says they said think of the Apres-Ski party, they said there might be something fun for us after it. Gary says that the fashion show will be at 11pm tonight. Gary tells the girls that at 8:30pm the girls are his to do their makeup. Gary then does a practice runway walk with Danielle and then with Talla.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 539pm

6:10pm In the bedroom: Gary, Suzette, Danielle and Talla are getting ready for the fashion show. Gary is doing Danielle’s makeup. Suzette keeps complaining about how she isn’t a size zero.

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 607pm

Meanwhile in the kitchen the guys are being lazy.

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 6pm

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Simon, you keep mentioning someone called “AJ.” Who is he and what is his connection to Big Brother? Is he a handyman? A production assistant? Is he, in fact, an actual stray cat? Since I’ve never seen him on the feeds, all I can do is wonder, but maybe you could help shed some light for me. Thanks.


HAHAHHAHA ohh sh!t thanks for the laugh yeah he’s a stray alley cat..


Can someone clear up the alliances for me? whose with who?

Can someone please donate a cow for Emmett. He really needs to get laid!


Simon do you have a link to the site that streams BB as it airs. I think it was Canadian which gives me hope is up for BB Canada!! Thanks in advance. I’m central time so when do I start watching.


onlinebigbrother streams the BB episodes and nightly feeds live

I’ll turn the stream on 10 minute before the show starts


Thanks Simon your the best…I haven’t had cable in years. Don’t see the point anymore.


Sean=Scallywag…now my entire name is out there minus the wag lol…thanks again. You guys do a terrific job.


sorry scallywag.. our stream got shutdown today.. ugh don’t understand why there’s tons of other people streaming big brother on


AJ is definately a house guest…do you not watch the show?