Big Brother Canada Suzette “I’m not here to spr$ad my l$gs for the jury house

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec


11:55pm Bedroom Danielle and Suzette

They are laughing about how the guys have a plan to get with the girls and have a ‘ho’mance and they are picking girls that will “Give H$ad” in the Jury House. Suzette jokes that after they saw Talla gripping the tree in during the HOH comp they wanted her in the Jury, “She works her kegel she’s in the Jury”.. They joke that when casting asked them what their strategy would be they said Blow J*bs. (Talking about Jillian, Liza and Topaz)

Suzette points out that it’s a given that the boys have an alliance With Liza. She notes that Liza is always asking her questions like “Who are you targeting.. Who do you trust.. Who would you put up”

Suzette says if they find out after the season that Jillian and emmett had really fallen in love it would be great but if they find out it was game UGH.
Danielle: “Saying you are just friends is so f***** stupid”
Suzette: “we know have Liza, Tom, Emmett and Jillian in the HOH…. ugh disgusting”
Danielle: “This is like taking all my insecurities in high school and Sticking them in a house”


12:06AM Hottub Garry and Topaz

Topaz tells him that Garry’s name is getting thrown out there as a target. She adds that Danielle is the next target after Aneal. Garry knows he’s the third one to be targeted by the other group. Topaz says she’s been trying to hint to people that Garry isn’t a threat. (Feeds switch to Emmett and Jillian making out.. ugh I officially am sick of this)


12:16AM Emmett and Jillian HOH Kissing, cuddling, chatting.. Emmett says that Aneal thinks tomorrow is live eviction… Jillian starts up a story about when she slept walk naked into her neighbors house after they had a party. Apparently she was smoking east coast green all night with her friends, she suspects she was also drugged but isn’t sure.


12:00AM Hammock Liza and Talla They are worried about the guys taking over the house. Emmett has Jillian, Alec has Topaz and Tom thinks he has Liza. Liza explains to Talla that you want to be in a final four with players you can compete against not powerhouses. Liza doesn’t know where Talla stands in the long game. LIza asks her what would she do if she won HOH. Talla says she would roll with Liza. Liza: “Sooner or later you need to plan who your final 4 final 2 is” .Talla wants the final 6 to be “her, Liza, Jillian, Tom,.. Umm it’s really just hard to say i want to just focus on the girls right now” Liza says she wants Talla and Jillian final 3. Liza instructs her that they need to get Garry and Suzette out the next two weeks, Talla must fight for HOH. If Garry wins HOH “IT IS NOT GOOD.. He will gun for the guys and Jillian.. someone on our team” Talla: “I wonder who Topaz will put up. Liza: “First of all Topaz isn’t going to win shit.. she’s going to sleep through the HOH Competition.. um she will do what the house wants”

Liza adds that Emmett and Alec have to be put up at the same time it will cause chaos in the house. she notes that Alec is a Lynch-pin in the game because he’s close to both Tom and Emmett. Liza says the HOH will be mental and she’s playing to win it.


12:57AM HOH Liza and Jillian Liza telling her a variation of the same conversation she just had with Talla. Liza stresses that Garry is dangerous, they need to get rid of Gary, The girls are against the guys but right now they need the guys for protection. There’s also a lengthy discussion about bloating due to menstruation. Liza says that Andrew really likes her and has been glaring at Tom all day long. Jillian says she see Talla really trying to get close to Tom. Liza: “FLitrting with more guys isn’t going to help her game.. being a hussy..” Liza says she came into the house wanting to have sex in the house. She looked at everyone and thought “Who do I want to sleep with”. They both think Talla is stupid. Liza bringing into the conversation that Andrew is a big problem for her because he’s going to take out Tom and that doesn’t work for her long term. feeds cut, when we come back Liza is saying Andrew could cut Tom for her and there would be no blood on her hands.
Jillian: “How does Alec find that attractive
Liza is surprised the guys in the house thought she was the most attractive on day one.

Jillian asks Liza if she believes that Kat and Emmett “Hooked Up” Liza doesn’t think so it was too early for something like that to happen. Liza: “But who knows in this house”

1:34pm They continue to talk about Garry, Liza is really drilling home the fact that Garry has to go. Jillian is 100% on board. Liza says she feels like her cognitive skills are decreasing while in the house, “You know I’m a smart cookie”


1:05AM Bedroom Danielle and Suzette Looks like Danielle is getting a bit worried. Both the girls feel like it’s just them in the house versus the other players. Danielle is worried how she will be portrayed “Sometimes nice.. sometime a bitch… A normal person..i’ve said some bad shit before”
Suzette about Jillian, Liza and Topaz, “I’m here for self respect.. I’m not here to spread my legs for the jury house” Suzette is shocked that there’s 3 groups of people screwing around in this season of Big Brother. She mentions that the camera is never on her it’s always on Showtime. Danielle: “Ya the cameras only on me when I’m drunk or in the Diary Room”

1:15AM Aneal and Garry Bathroom Chatting about some of the drama that has been between them. Essentially Garry is trying to smooth things over.

1:38AM Looks like everyone is getting ready for bed with the exception of AJ who is walking around int he backyard. Alec and Topaz make out in the hallway.



8:47AM houseguests are up waking up

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liza is overplaying.

most of them are.

peter is killing it. he’s playing the game hard, but keeping wayyy under the radar.


Liza is going to be in trouble when people start talking to each other. She is playing too hard and she thinks a bit too highly of herself. She is annoying, but I am really sick of Jillian and Emmett. I hate showmances! The conversation between Danielle and Suzette was pathetic. Danielle was saying that she doesn’t understand why none of the guys like her, she thought she was the hot girl and that they would all want her. And for Suzette, whatever happens, she reminds everyone that she is aboriginal. This is a multicultural cast, but you’d think they were all white and treating her bad because she is native. No, Suzette. If people don’t like you, it isn’t because you are aboriginal. It’s because you made a stupid move last week and because you have a chip on your shoulder about being native. Get over it. They talk like the couples are making out and having sex everywhere, but it isn’t true. They are just jealous that they aren’t getting attention like the other girls. The only ones I have seen making out heavy is Jillian and Emmett. Liza and Tom aren’t really in a showmance, and Alec and Topaz are keeping it cool and I don’t think either one is going to ruin their game for some hanky panky on the live feeds. Topaz is a pretty classy girl compared to the rest. I’ve heard some of the players say she is just sleeping, but that’s what she should be doing, lying low for now. She is in no danger of going home this week and even if Gary wins next week, he wouldn’t put her up either. She is safe for now and doesn’t have to play hard. I am officially on team Peter. Everyone talks to him and tells him everything, and he just kind of says yeah, mhmm, ok, I see, you’re right, and then he tells them what to do and makes them think it was their own idea in the first place. Nobody sees him as a threat when he is the most lethal player in the house. They all underestimate Andrew, but I think he could go far. He’s a smart guy and notices everything, but so far he has kept his mouth shut. Someone needs to shake up the showmances and cause some drama between Emmett, Tom and Jillian. Peter is owning the game!!


In all fairness, Suzette is at a big disadvantage by not being thin and single, she can’t hook up with the other guys, but could try to make up for it by being outgoing and fun more. The first people eliminated so far have been those trying too hard or those playing too fast. She just needs to slow it down. You have an alliance of 8, if you can’t get in, you do no favours by isolating yourself. You need to try to get into that group or just sit back until they destroy each other