Big Brother Canada: Love at first sight. Topaz says she thought Emmett was hot and no not from Alec’s photo.

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Gary, Alec

Big Brother Canada March 5 2013 448pm

5pm In the kitchen, Tom talks to Topaz about her diet and what she should be eating. Gary, Suzette and Danielle are sitting at the kitchen table painting their nails red for the fashion show. Meanwhile out on the backyard couch, Liza Alec and Aneal are talking about Alec’s research papers on psychology. Peter joins them. Topaz joins them and the conversation turns to talking about past seasons of the US version of Big Brother and Survivor. Suzette and Aj join them.

Big Brother Canada March 5 2013 508pm

5:30pm – 5:45pm Suzette asks Topaz if it was love at first sight with Alec. Topaz says umm.. at first when they asked me in VD (Video Diary) I said that Emmett was hot .. and then they asked me about Alec and I said no not from his picture. They all laugh. Topaz says sorry to Alec. The conversation turns to talking about how bad slop is to eat. Topaz says that at first she only had a spoon full and was on the toilet …she says someone had to hold up the blow dryer it smelt so bad.
Big Brother Canada March 5 2013 538pm

5:45pm – 6pm Danielle and Liza are in the bedroom talking. Danielle is complaining about how some people in the house are being super cocky and talking about stuff right in front of me. Liza comments on how she is hearing a lot of stuff too and that some people that you think are in an alliance really aren’t. The conversation turns to talking about Suzette’s menstrual cycle. Suzette says that Emmett and Jillian don’t talk to anyone anymore ..they must be crazy in love. I want that! Liza laughs and says been there done that, now you got a husband. Suzette says yeah. She says that Emmett follows her around like a puppy dog. Gary joins them. The conversation turns to Danielle and Suzette talking about and asking why the guys don’t want to fu*k them. Suzette says that she is going to start sucking some di*k so that the guys like her. Liza laughs and then leaves the room. Danielle says we did that on purpose to see if Liza will go tell the guys about how we feel. Gary tells them to not be like that because you aren’t safe yet, I don’t want you to go home. Gary says we all know we can’t trust Liza. Danielle says fu*k it send me home.
Big Brother Canada March 5 2013 549pm

6:40pm The house has been pretty quiet the last hour. All the house guests sitting around talking about random stuff. Andrew and Aj are talking about Gary. Andrew says that sooner or later there is going to be a Gar-bear stare and an Aj face off. Aj says that Gary just needs to go, he is annoying everyone. I don’t know why I have to be the one to confront him but I will. The conversation turns to talking about sports and other random things.
Big Brother Canada March 5 2013 645pm

7pm – 7:20pm Up in the HOH room: Jillian gives Emmett a massage. Emmett asks Jillian if Topaz has fake t*ts. Jillian says yes, I think so.. I don’t know she hasn’t said anything. Emmett says that there is no way her small frame could have those. Jillian says maybe I will find out tonight with the girl sleep over in the HOH. After the massage, Emmett falls asleep on Jillian.
Big Brother Canada March 5 2013 720pm

Meanwhile in the backyard Tom and Liza are laying on the hammock talking. Liza jokes that she wants a week 5 swap with another guy. Tom jokes that she should give Canada what they want and shack up with Topaz. The conversation turns to talking about how Aneal is getting way too comfortable. Tom says that he is having second doubts about keeping Aneal. Liza says that Danielle is talking about how no one can tell her what to do. Tom says well she is going home. Tom starts talking about how Danielle wants to be an actress but says that there are a million other girls that want that too that are way more attractive than she is. Liza brings up how Suzette was making comments about Emmett and Jillian being love birds. Tom says he doesn’t care what Suzette says but that it does look bad how Emmett and Jillian are acting. Tom says that he talked Emmett about it and he said he just liked how it was a way to escape the game.

7:35pm Suzette, Gary and Danielle are in the bedroom talking. Suzette is upset and complaining about how Talla got after her about the dishes. Gary tells her that she should just tell Talla off. Suzette says that she wants to but they are all in an alliance. Danielle says that it doesn’t matter anyways they are still gunning for us. Gary says that he thinks they are still going after Aneal this week. Danielle says good. Gary leaves the room. Danielle says that when she wins HOH and people try and tell her who to put up she will tell them to go do their own dirty work.

7:45pm – 8:05pm Talla is out in the backyard talking to Tom, Liza and Emmett about how she doesn’t understand why Aneal hasn’t campaigned to her for her vote. Liza says maybe he has just given up. Talla wonders if she gives Aneal a pity vote and votes out Danielle, will they be mad at her. Tom tells her that it will be fine and jokes they will just vote her out next week. Talla starts talking about “the dream team”. Tom tells her not to ever talk about the 9, the people in the 9 know they are in the 9 and don’t need to talk about it. Talla leaves. Tom and Liza talk about how Aj has a big mouth and thinks he is in the 9 but he really isn’t. Tom also says that Talla needs to control herself and stop blowing up at people. Tom says that he wants to say things to Danielle that will make Canada say oh snap. Liza and Tom talk about this weeks HOH and how bad they want to win it. They start studying facts just in case its a mental competition. Emmett comes over and tells Tom and Liza that they need to stop telling people stuff. He walks away. Tom comments to Liza that Emmett thinks he is running this house but he’s not. We need a ninth person for the 9 and its better to have Talla than Aj. Talla will be the first one voted out of the 9 and the excuse is because she blows up. Tom says that he has Emmett’s back but that he has no problem dropping him and changing lanes.

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so is aneal staying, i really hope sooo, keep the people who want to play like danielle come on ur on big brother im canadian and i would die to be on that shwo, plus never ever ever nominate urself for eviction shes need to go home plus i cnt wait to see everyones faces


I’m pretty sure Aneal is staying


vote dawg


Ha…Tom is ahead by a mile….SHOCKER!!!


HAHA ya Tom’s got this one.. sorry Dawg this might not be a poll you want to win


Jillian is really starting to annoy me..even in her DR sessions on the show -she doesn’t talk normal but shes smiling and acting weird.