Big Brother Canada Phone Rings Peter “It’s Ultra VETO”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec


8:50AM Backyard random chit chat.. The phone starts to ring and the lights are flashing. Peter tells them when he answered it nobody was on the other line. Topaz: “The lights flickered Red and White” Peter: “It was nothing though.. Thought it might be ULTRA VETO.. LIghts did the same thing as day one.. but nothing”


8:57AM Kitchen

Pretty un eventful morning everyone sitting around the kitchen random casual chit chat. Andrew says something is going on today because they were woken up 2 hours early. He notes that the “Light is weird” other houseguests disregard this. No substantial conversations going on.

Emmett mentions that JIllian “Looks like a Housewife right now”. Tom jokes that he misses Emmett’s morning protein shakes. Emmett is making a blueberry/banana super shake.

9:20AM Kitchen talk Tom starts Hockey Talk.. mis-pronounces Steve Yzerman name AJ corrects him. Tom mentions “good old Canadian Hockey” where a player took a puck to the mouth and lost 18 teeth. Tom: “F*** I love Hockey players… Football.. basketball out for a sprain pinky hockey players out for losing 18 teeth” Peter says that there are more Canadian players playing in the KHL than Russian players playing in the KHL. ..


9:34AM Storage Room Peter and Emmett

Checking out the Big Brother Rulebook to see how many days the have nots will be on slop. Peter: “Just says 1 week so .. “ he counts the days on his fingers says that they still are on slop until tomorrow night.

9:40pm Backyard Liza and Alec Chit chatting… Liza thinks that the phone said something to Peter. Alec doesn’t think anything was said to Peter. Liza: “But what if he wins something” Alec: “It’s OK you’ll be fine”

They start random chit chat.. Liza says that she LOVES tanning, “I worked in a tanning salon for 10 years.. i would rather be tanning than going to the the Junos” (I’m surprised people still tan.. isn’t it well known it causes skin cancer)
Alec: “I study attractiveness.. I tan 3 times a week” They start chatting about tanning.. Peter and Danielle joins them they .. random movie talk. Apparently they think Danielle’s voice sounds like Jennifer Tilly. Liza is surprised the house got in trouble about how they are positioning their microphones she wonders if there was just a couple people doing it and that is what set production off.
Peter: “I’m really disappointed about the phone.. I really thought there was something.. but it was nothing”
Alec laughs :”Keep saying that”
Danielle: “Do they ever have personal stories in the episodes”
Peter explains to her that they do but not this early on. Danielle is worried because she had talked about ex-boyfriends etc etc. Peter reassures her they would not air anything that is private. The personal segments are all shot with their families back home etc.


10:00AM Kitchen AJ, Jillian and TOM Tom says when he’s ready to have kids he’s going to stop drinking and doing “Other substances”. He’ll naturally boost his testorone and maybe take some “Tribulus Terrestris”. Tom “I’m going to pump out the best juice out there my kid is going to be a action hero” (LOL)


10:02AM Andrew teaches Danielle how to throw a football (From his stance you can tell he’s the right man for the job)

10:18AM Tom and Emmett Hammock.. Tom is talking about meeting girls and “Laying the pipe like a pump jack” he says the secret is getting into shape and getting out there. Tom was seeing someone before coming on the show. from the sounds of it he likes her and doesn’t “Want it to end from him F***ing some chick on a show” (Feeds cut)

10:45pm Kitchen Aneal, Emmett, Jillian Jillian says they are doing the fashion show tonight. What she was planing on wearing show her butt so she’s thinking maybe of changing the outfit. Aneal tells her They won’t mind (They = Production). Talk moves to makeup, Jillian hated the way they did her makeup before their first photo shoot.

11:01AM Talla and Garry
Garry points out that the people she trusts in this house haven’t been in a power position. He points out that Aneal thought he was in good with Jillian and next thing you know he’s nominated and the target. Garry: “Sometimes things happen and you won’t know what is going on” Talla acts like Aneal is going home. She asks Garry if he’s talked to Aneal yet. Talla: “He hasn’t asked me for my vote.. I’m voting for Danielle obviously”
Garry: “I need reassurance.. that your are someone I can trust”
Talla mentions how they’re people in the house that think they have it made. Garry agrees adds that anything can happen in the Big Brother House to flip the power. Garry jokes that
he could win HOH for 4 weeks and take them all out.

Talla: “People in this house are too scared to do something drastic”
Garry: “I’m not”
Talla: “You gotta think what would Canada want us to do”
Garry: “Canada doesn’t want us to watch Tom picking off all the players.. ratings will plummet”
Talla agrees


11:10AM Garry and Danielle kitchen

Garry tells Danielle that Canada isn’t going to want to watch Alec, Topaz and Tom running the house picking off people one by one. Danielle agrees they decide that Tom has to be the first one gone. Garry wonders that maybe it would be best to backdoor him. Garry: “He has to go home.. F*** you motherF**** have some glitter “ (Garry talking about Tom.. when he says have some glitter he splashs some on Danielle.. LOL)

Garry: “Peter is playing everybody.. I wonder if people know he’s playing them”
Danielle: “I do”
Garry no I mean people in his alliance”
Garry and Danielle both want Tom out of the house.. Garry: “He’ll die if he doesn’t make it to jury”
Danielle: ‘We gotta get people on the same page as us.. once we get HOH”


11:21AM Garry and Danielle bedroom vanity
Sounds like Garry has the other side of the house figured out. Explains to Danielle about the bros being in a alliance and each bro having a showmance. The only oddball is Peter who seems be working the entire house.
Garry: “Peter is playing everybody.. I wonder if people know he’s playing them”
Danielle: “I do”
Garry no I mean people in his alliance”
Garry and Danielle both want Tom out of the house.. Garry: “He’ll die if he doesn’t make it to jury”
Danielle: ‘We gotta get people on the same page as us.. once we get HOH”

They joke about what they will do if they have power. Garry: “You want to make a deal we make it with Glitter” Danielle: “You have to cut your arm and put glitter in your cut” (LOL Danielle is starting to grow on me.. probably cause I cheer for the underdog)


11:36AM Jillian and Emmett Making out again..
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I would love to be a fly on the wall when douchebag Tom discovers how much he is disliked.


Agrees with SIMON 100 percent….especially when they all hooked up within a few hours of the show beginning. Makes me wonder if they had known each other before entering the house


I am starting to like Danielle too, at least she is entertaining… Aneal has the alliances figured out but he does not know how to get out of his situation and I don’t want to see another week where he is crying he is a nice guy but a bit pathetic. Keep Danielle, she stirs things up a bit.


I actually agree with Danielle sticking around to stir things up even though she annoys me. I am okay with the majority alliance for now but god, I don’t want the entire game to carry on like this.

I think if something happened that put Tom and Emmett at odds, that would be interesting. Or something destroys the Jillian and Emmett showmance and they start gunning for each other.

I hope Gary sticks around for entertainment.


Things are starting to develop slowly but I predict a shitstorm sometime in the next 2 weeks. Hopefully Gary wins the next HOH because I know it will flip the house upside down if he does. Can’t wait for this eviction to be over with already.


Hahaha exactly. Don’t know if you were the one that mentioned that on a previous update but I agree Willie should be involved in every season’s week 1. His challenge would be to find different ways to evict himself from the house…lol!


As shocking as it is I think Gary has turned into my favourite player…


Totally agree all these showmances are boring as hell and why are they in the game to play or screw each other. At first Gary annoyed the hell out of me but as the week as progressed he’s starting to grow on me. I think Aneal and Gary should make up and align. They have to potential to be a powerful couple and run the house especially if they keep it secret!


I’m thinking more of a power gay alliance. As a gay man I would love to see two gay men run circles around the hetero bimbos who are all thinking with their nether regions. If Gary and Aneal hooked up strategically not sexually or romantically the could crush the rest. Anyway they’re both bottoms so not compatible. Lol.


Somehow, there must have been a collective or simultaneous realization (and this may have even been before entering the house) that if you get on the show, start a showmance, then get evicted to the jury house and then, you’d have a paid, all-inclusive f%$kfest holiday without any of the cameras courtesy of Big Brother. It sounds bizarre, however the speed at which these pair-ups and hook-ups took place makes me to wonder if more than a few of these people came to this conclusion – almost as if getting to the jury house is a BIG PRIZE and a goal to aim for. Makes sense because it’s very hard to win at this game and in the end, there is only one winner. I was surprised at how quickly the female players gave up their personal power and latched onto a male player’s perceived power. It made me want to vomit when Aneal went to the HOH room to ask Jillian about why he was nominated and was forced to deal with two HOH winners (Jillian and Emmett) because Jillian didn’t have the guts to take the heat and deal with it. Jillian made Emmett (what a tool) an Honorary HOH.

And by the way, did I mention that I hate Tom more today than yesterday? Yup. What a goon! Had to reach for my barf bucket to handle him talking about the quality of his sperm. A goon in love with his goon groin. Please get him out before jury house! Puleeeeze!!


I must say.. I like that Peter guy. I think he can be a dangerous player.