Big Brother Canada Fashion Show: Gary says “I have a pu$$y now!!”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 848pm
8:50pm All the girls are still getting ready in the bathroom for the fashion show. Liza comments on how she doesn’t want to go after Jillian. Danielle is complaining about how she wants to zip up the leather jacket she is wearing because she is embarrassed about her belly is sticking out. Danielle says “And my thighs look like sh*t!” She says that she is so self conscious right now. Gary comes into the bedroom and says “I have a pu$$y now!!” Danielle keeps practicing her runway walk. Big Brother turns on music over the house letting the house guests know that they will have music during the fashion show. All the girls are super excited. Meanwhile all the guys are patiently waiting at the runway Gary created with the stools. The guys beg Big Brother for music and alcohol otherwise it will be really bad television for them to sit there in silence.

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 905pm

9:15pm The girls talk about the order they will be walking out in the fashion show: Talla, Danielle, Suzette, Topaz, Jillian, Liza and Gary last. Talla tells the other girls to stay focused ..we are Canada’s Big Brother Models. Danielle is freaking out about her breasts, she says if my nips come out I am going to be so embarrassed. Big Brother asks them if they are ready? They say yes. Big Brother tells them to please being the fashion show in 30 seconds. The fashion show begins and Talla starts it. When it’s Suzette’s turn she trips and falls. The final of the fashion show is Gary walking in drag. When Gary finishes his walk all the girls do one final walk together. On the girls final pose before entering the house the guys get down on the ground and bow. Big Brother tells the house guests to stay in their costumes for their diary room sessions. And BB tells them that since they did such a great job they get as a reward: To sleep in an extra hour tomorrow morning. Tom says great, but food or alcohol would have been better.

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 923pm

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 925pm

Video of the Fashion show will be posted here:

9:40pm – 9:55pm All the house guests are sitting around talking about the fashion show. Tom confronts Talla about the bet they had about her not smoking for two days. He tells her that he saw her smoke so she has to voluntarily go on slop for two days. Tom tells her that she couldn’t even last a day without smoking. Talla asks you didn’t even think I could do it? Tom says well you didn’t do it. Tom tells her that people that smoke are disgusting. She says that she thinks he is being mean. Tom says that he has seen a lot of friends die from smoking so he tries to get people he cares about to stop. Gary is parading around. Andrew says now’s my time for a showmance. He goes over and grabs Gary.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 958pm

10pm – 10:15pm Out in the backyard: Suzette confronts the house guests and tells then that if she had followed through with their ultimatum to get rid of Gary ..then none of this (the fashion show) would have happened. Suzette says it twice to make sure they heard her and then leaves the backyard. Andrew and Aj both discuss how they can’t believe Suzette just said that and brought it up out of no where. Talla joins them and Aj explains what just happened. Meanwhile in the havenot room Topaz and Alec are talking about the fashion show and other events of the house.

10:30pm – 10:45pm Andrew, Jillian, Emmett, Liza, Tom and Peter are hanging out in the kitchen talking about random things. In the bedroom Danielle, Suzette and Gary are talking about how the others want Aj out but they like him and want him to stay. Danielle says who would you rather be up against final two, Aj right! Gary says that Aj is annoying as sh*t but I like him and he can stay as long as he wants. Meanwhile Alec and Topaz are cuddling and chatting in the havenot room.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 1020pm

Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 1053pm

10:50pm Liza says goodnight and goes to get ready for bed. Suzette and Liza are in the bathroom taking off their makeup. In the kitchen Andrew, Talla, Peter and Alec are talking about random stuff.

11:10pm Gary heads up to the HOH room to talk to Jillian and Emmett about the votes tomorrow to make sure Danielle is still safe. Gary says everyone better watch out if Aj wins HOH ..he will put up Emmett and Talla. He has no clue what is going on in this house. Gary says that he isn’t as close to Suzette as people think we are .. it’s not like I am licking her pu$$y. Gary says that he just wanted to come up and clear the air because he saw Tom being best friends with Aneal. Emmett comments on how he and Peter have been keeping track of the time its 3am now and Big Brother will be waking us up in 3 hours. Gary heads down stairs. Jillian tells Emmett that she hates lying straight to someones face. Emmett says don’t worry about it if you said anything it would create a sh*t storm tonight. He says besides the heat will be on me.

11:35pm – 11:50pm Jillian & Emmett Hot Tub make out session on cams 1 & 3.
Big Brother Canada March 6 2013 1136pm

11:50pm – 12am Meanwhile Alec, Aj, Andrew and Peter are hanging out in the living room. In the havenot room Tom is talking to Talla. Talla keeps asking if she can vote to keep Danielle. She wonders if the others will be mad at her. She says that she doesn’t trust Aneal and doesn’t understand why the rest of the house does. Tom asks her why she doesn’t trust the house. Tom tells Talla that she can vote for Aneal to go home. Peter joins them. The conversation turns to talking about getting Gary out next week. Even after Talla gets approval from Tom that its okay if she votes against the house, she continues to bring it up and ask again and again. Tom tells her to stop second guessing it. He says it’s not like I am going to tell the house to vote you out because you voted against us. Talla says okay good, you better not.

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That’s crap. Why were all of the women on display for the men? Such objectification. Very disapointing.


No, that’s crap. They wanted to do it and had fun. It was a good time for everybody.

Juli Chen

Wow can’t believe BB gave them music,!!!! Would BBUS ever do that ??


I don’t remember them ever playing music on the feeds for BBUS.. Except for maybe that time Sheryl Crowe was on


Tho the thought of the fashion show was a good one to break up the boredom(?) of the house, just having the women involved is very sexist. Why werent the men put on display? Makes one think that the women are viewed as meat on display. And what was with the Suzette outburst? I missed it which is why I wish that we had flashback….I also have to laugh at one comment from a few updates ago about AJ…I had to go back to were the houseguests were introduced to see who the heck AJ was….lol. That is just to funny.


yeah the house has been hit by a serious boring bomb..

Just chatted to DAWG (woof woof) whose watching the feeds. He said there was no outburst from suzette only that she wiped out during the fashion show. It’s in the video attached to this post.


Angela, like it or not, gorgeous, buxom girls in bikinis has been as essential as oxygen, to the success of both the BB brand, and reality TV in general. It’s not sexism. Production has another word for it – ratings! (Besides, for you, the “buff BB males”, like Tom, always find ways to go shirtless, almost daily.) A full, indoor pool for the BBCA house was an absolute *must*! To me, not having one built was a *catastrophic* planning error. Outdoor hot tub? A huge fail, with two HG rashes to boot! And tonight’s “fashion show?” It was the first “cleavage free” such event in history!!!!! Nuns in training would’ve shown more skin! The truth is (DQ-ing Suzette, with all due respect) that only Danielle (who insisted on buttoning up her leather jacket last-minute, citing “belly issues”), Topaz and Talla (and I’ve even had to “pad her bra” for her here) aren’t just “stick figures.” (Lots of nice legs, though.) Why have all the BB girls decided to give up showing both skin and cleavage for Lent? And, although I like these HGs overall, the BBCA girls are, by a *mile*, the “least curvy” cast in BB history. (Trust me, Allison Grodner *never* makes this mistake.) So, with Kat already gone, and Danielle tomorrow, just go ahead and call the remaining BBCA girls, “Topaz, Talla, and the Tomboys!” Mainly, I just want to see a BBCA season 2, that’s all, and I’m *very* worried about the ratings. Angela, FYI, I have 4 younger sisters. I respect women. BBCA wanting to be different than the US version? Fine. But, for business, showing 100 times less skin is the *last* thing I would’ve ever done, in its first go-round. Have a good night!


Oops….I just saw a big indoor pool, for the first time, inside the BBCA house, as I was watching the YouTube replay of episode 4 tonight – my apologies to BBCA production for my earlier, now-inaccurate “no indoor pool” criticism……


Ugh I hate these feminists…..none of the straight men requested a fashion show. The women agreed (albeit reluctantly) to do this so why are you victimizing them and making this into an isse about sexism…..if you care so much about equality then why don’t women do any heavy lifting jobs? Why do guys have to buy women flowers on valentines day? Why are there special times for women in a gym or at a pool? Feminsm was cool maybd 50 years ago but now society has put women on such a high pedestal that God forbid if you say something to a woman and you are labeled as a sexist pig? Where’s my equality huh?


I guess this was a nice change of events. I’m really tired of watching Jillian and Emmett make out; I’ve seen enough of that for the whole season. Liza has stirred the pot for Gary to be sent home, but I’m not sure how interesting the season will be without him.


Having the 3 showmances picking off the other players will be boring but I doubt it’ll pan out that way it never does. AJ’s still in it ;)


This season is about sex. they aren’t playing the game. All they want to get to is Jury, to have a party, (fuck each other tommy style) let the others win.


I will go to the missisauga house and deploy both emmitt and tom. If they think thier big. Fuck you. Aneal desevrves to stay so does everyone except Tom and Emitt. This is not a fuck fest and who can get who. This is a game and, play along.


I actually think this is a good cast. They make up all the requirements for a good BB season:

– Hot guys who walk in to the house assuming they are the ruler of all. Who immediately form the “guy code” and promise to stay true to each other til the end.

– Hot girls who say they are there to win and won’t let any guy stand in there way, and within 10 minutes have scoped our their “cuddle buddy” all the while still trying to convince themselves that it means nothing and they don’t care how it ends up. And yes it may seem like he is telling her everything she needs to do but it’s really what she was going to do anyways….yeah…. that’s it!

– The awkward girls who relive all the horrors of their experiences from high school in the house. The other girls are bitches and the guys are just pigs who wanna get laid. It couldn’t possibly be them. Oh no!

– The brainiacs who seem weak and quiet but are the true masterminds. The ones who are underestimated yet quietly play mind games with all their puppets in the house. Love these players!

And let’s not forget all the backroom, sideline and secret coded alliances. They must need ALOT of Advil in that house cuz their heads must be spinning with all the deals each of them are making!

A perfect recipe for some entertaining future backstabs, tears and heartbreaks!

Just keep in mind people that like BB USA and BB UK, this is a carefully crafted and produced show to produce ratings and money so just like all the other BB seasons, production will sway the house in the way they feel it should go.

I don’t care who makes out, freaks out, screams or cries. It all adds up to some seriously fun train wrecks that we can all see comin a mile away.

I love BB!


yeah I’m thinking these showmances are going to cause some major critical mass Drama.


I totally agree! I can’t wait. I’m gonna have my popcorn all ready for that show! lol


Does anyone else chuckle at how Tom equates himself with the “house”…if you go against Tom you are going against the house. There is no house there’s just Tome and Emmett the two douchebags telling everyone else what to do. It is amusing what a overblown view he has of himself.