Big Brother Canada: Tom says he felt bad for voting out Danielle because she was looking hot tonight!

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec

11:20pm The live feeds come back, Alec and Peter are in the storage room talking game. After their short conversation Alec and Peter head into the kitchen. Alec tells Peter that he is going to ignore Tom this week to keep the heat off them.

Big Brother Canada March 7 2013 1145pm

11:25pm Tom already got his Head of Household room. Emmett, Andrew and Tom are talking game. Tom says that he is going to put Gary and Suzette on slop if he gets to choose. Tom says that both Gary and Suzette wanted to lose weight so those are the two I will pick to go on slop.

Big Brother Canada March 7 2013 1152PM

11:30pm – 12:05am The conversation turns to talking about Suzette and how she was talking about how the guys were getting blow jobs and sh*t. Tom says that regardless he wants Gary out. Tom looks at the camera and says that they noticed how Danielle told them all that she didn’t like Gary and then next moment she was best friends with him. They talk about how they all need to discuss how they will vote and follow through with the votes because if one or two of them had changed their votes tonight it would have totally change the results. Andrew says that you have to walk out with a bit of class. Tom says that Danielle left with no class. Tom says first guy to win POV and HOH! They cheers their wine glasses. Andrew says that if we put up Gary and Suzette, who would want to change those nominations. Tom says we can then talk to Suzette and tell her that we can make it a 10 – 0 vote if she doesn’t come after us. They discuss how they can hint for Suzette to go after someone else like Talla if we save her. Tom says he felt bad for voting out Danielle because she was looking hot tonight! The conversation turns to talking about how good the show is getting. They think Gary will have a lot of things happen for him after the show. Tom says that he has his own room and will enjoy it for himself and tell Liza she can come up tomorrow. Tom says that his door is always closed but if they want to come up and chill that’s cool. He says that he doesn’t want people coming up game talking. Gary and Suzette are going up on the block and that’s it, nothing’s changing that. They talk about how Tom’s letter is current because his family knew he had won the POV. Andrew says that Peter and Alec are super tight …with Topaz as the weird ménage à trois. He says but we can talk about them later. Tom says that this week is a week to really start looking to see who want a the ninth member of the nine: Aneal, Aj or Talla. Talla is the wildcard. Aj is the week duckling. I trust Aj more than Aneal. Andrew says he wouldn’t mind keeping Talla around to run his hands through her hair and look at her little body. Tom and Emmett talk about wanting to keep Aj but that he needs to prove he can stay. Andrew says lets get to the jury house and then lets have some fun. Tom says that Gary and Suzette better come up here and talk to me and when they do I will tell them they are guilty and going up. Tom says that he lost 9 pounds on slop, well with my clothes on. Andrew says don’t take your clothes off, I have already seen your dong 3 times. The finish up their conversation and head down stairs.

Video of the conversation will be posted here:

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Simon I think you have already said this on another thread but I think why I am liking this so much is these are all rookies. No veterans coming in with attitudes! Everyone is scrambling around trying to find their way. This is the best part of BB


Yeah it’s the single best part of this season.. I wish they would do the same thing for BBUS.


Speaking of BB US I know it’s early but is there any whispers of the next season yet? Could we possibly get an all rookie season there too?


We know there are casting calls so it’s not a full allstars.


Tom is a bully and thinks he is better than everyone in the house Get him Gary rocks!


Is this the best season of Big Brother umm? No? My favorite season of ALL TIME was Big Brother 11 LOVED LOVED LOVED that season and Jeff and Jordan they are my favorite couple. Simon do you ever watch any other realty shows? Like American Idol, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor(ette) OMG I am addicted to them shows so much. You should watch the season finale of the Bachelor Sean on Monday at 7:00 PM oh and he is hot and sexi lol.