Aj wants to sleep with someone famous Andrew: “you should be seeing a psychologist”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec

9:38am backyard Tom, Andrew, Aneal, Alec, Liza,
Tom says he wants to read Mein Kempf, Andrew says he’s not really into reading Hitlers books. Tom: “I just want to read it to know why my grandfather went to war to kill them” Alec starts talking about a documentary by Louis Theroux that showed Neo Nazi’s in the states (He also does a great documentary about the westboro cult) Tom goes on to talk about all the neo nazis that are on the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta

Talla: “Oh my god my stomach shrunk.. I’m so happy.. I always look my thinnest in the morning” They chat about the teebo football player and the movie catfish..


10:16AM Bedroom GArry and Danielle Danielle says she’s starting to feel like she’s not safe because of how Aneal has been acting.
Garry: “It’s fuc***** Tom”
Danielle: “I hate Tom”
Danielle was starting to feel bad about the mean things she said about Tom in Diary room but right now she’s not.
Suzette joins them says she’s starting to get the vibe that Danielle isn’t safe.

Garry: “I can’t believe this is happening I feel sick to my stomach.. ” Gary points out that the entire house is avoiding looking at him. He feels like he’s the target and everyone is talking about him behind his back. Garry counts the votes he thinks they have (Emmett, Garry, Suzette, Topaz, Talla.. ) he’s not sure there’s enough to save Danielle.
Danielle starts to vacuum says if she doesn’t do it nobody will and the entire house will look dirty for the live show.

10:43am Kitchen Tom, Liza and Aneal
Tom: “Hey Liza… how about you give me a little spray on my face”
Liza: “sure later on”
Tom: “I mean bronzer”

10:45AM Backyard Aj, Talla and Andrew
Hockey Talk.. Why do women sleep around with NHL players when they are just being used as sex objects. Peter talks about a pick up line he heard a Kings defenseman say once Peter: “Hey do you like giving bl*w j*bs”
Aj said that he met this women once that told him she slept with a Montreal Canadian and it made her hotter to him.
Andrew: “I would never want to hear from a girl I’m daing I Nailed this guy I nailed that guy”
Aj says he respect Andrew’s point of view.
Andrew:”I’m just way classier than you”
Aj says that Andrew hasn’t really been exposed to the younger culture of casual dating where people can draw the line between relationships and physical encounters.
Andrew says he’s slept with between “2 and a 100 million women” that’s all he’s revealing.
Andrew comments that AJ should be seeing a psychologist.

AJ mentions he wants to sleep with someone famous one day.. He talks about meeting Sunny and Sean Michael (WWE(F) wrestlers) with his buddy @murtzjaffer at wallmart


10:54AM Storage Room Garry starts to cry because he knows Danielle is going home and he’s next

11:38am Jillian and Emmett showmancing .. UGH


12:00pm More shomancing.. ugh^2

The other houseguests are talking about Movie, actors and the film business.


12:02Pm Storage Room Emmett and Aneal talking about how surprised Danielle will be when she gets evicted. Aneal mentions that Garry has been acting weird around him. Emmett tells him not to worry just let the day happen.

12:03pm Talla freaking out.. saying that everyone is running around kissing Tom’s a$$. Talla and Liza head out to have a smoke. Liza leaves Talla for a couple minutes to grab some cigarettes. Talla starts breaking down talking to teh camera about how much of a Douche Tom is, “Why the hell does he act like that who the hell does he think he is”


Talla explains why Tom is pissing her off. Apparently there is something she is very passionate about and Tom slammed it and they got in a argument. During the argument Tom walked away acting like he won. Talla thinks he’s a huge a$$ he thinks he’s running the house and everyone else. Liza: “He’s the biggest target in the house”
Cam switches to the bathroom

12:17PM Bathroom Aneal, Tom, Emmett, Peter
Tom start to explain his argument with Talla,
Tom: “She won’t say anything if she knows whats good for her.. then she’ll leave that’s it.. ”
Toms explains to the boys nobody tells Talla to shut up so he’s going to be the one that does, “Dude like shut up nobody cares” He goes on to explain that Talla starts in on these things she’s passionate
Tom: “Oh well we needed something this morning to spark things up”

(Video has the Talla liza and the Tom conversations)

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Ugh, Tom is the worst. So miserable.


Each time I see Tom or hear Tom I dont even pay attention. He is so irritating. He gives the impression that he is GOD and no one better think otherwise. When BBCAN started and it showed the beginning interviews with each houseguest his comments didnt set well with me and I knew right away he was going to beone that caused trouble or thought he ran the house. The houseguests need to all get together and evict him. Just to show him that he doesnt run the house as he seems to think. But we all know BB wont allow that to happen because it is ratings they want and if Tom is gone week 3 then who else will cause the drama in the house? That is the down side of reality tv….there always has to be someone that isnt well liked and they are there till the end. He just makes my skin crawl.

As for Gary….he is a hoot. I recall watching a movie one time and a guy in the movie said that “he was to gay to function”. LOL I keep thinking of this line for some reason and I have no idea why. He keeps the mood up in the house from the way he walks to the way he talks. Hopefully he will be around for a few more weeks anyway.


I’m starting to like Tom the Villain. He’s starting to fire up some people in the house and that’s exactly what the show needs. The hype for drama and clashes are building up, it’s just a question of what’s gonna trigger the shit storm.