Big Brother Canada Spoilage Alec: “I think Tom is one of the dumber players”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Alec


1:00pm Alec and Peter Hammopck Time talking about video games and pokemon.
ALec “I played World of Warcraft f**king forever”


1:08pm BAckyard lockdown random chit chat.. Apparently topaz has the worst Scottish accent ever.
Liza tells them that the havnots will be tomorrow (Friday) Talla wonders is every week there will be a one day break for have nots every week. Garry doesn’t think so the rest of the houseguests agree.


Just random chit chat.. looks like Peter’s finger is in a cast. (He’s probably been spending too much time with liza)


1:20pm Hot tub Emmett, Alec and Peter

Emmett says that the little blow up between Tom and Talla will be be on the episode, “We really haven’t had many of those”
Peter: “Emotions run hot in here”
Emmett: “Especially when it’s two Slop people”

They agree that Talla is a easy person to rile up so who cares. Alec thinks next week will be a lot more volatile because the entire house isn’t agreeing on this eviction like they did last week.

Emmett brings up their bro alliance and how they haven’t been talking about it very much so the TV audience will be really surprised when it comes out.

Peter says they cleaned the hot tub “It looks healthier”

Talk moves to whistler and how the clubs are all on one street. Emmett bring up tidal rafting in Nova Scotia

1:38pm Hot tub guys start talking game.

Talk is about Tom going around with independent plays. It’s a good idea to keep him around for a bit though because he’s everyones target. They just need to keep their cards close. Alec brings up that Liza told Topaz final 2. Emmett: ‘Liza is making a lot of deals” Alec: “yes she is… I don’t think we need her too far in”

They agree LIza is the biggest question mark in the house.

Alec says that Topaz is a couple steps behind because she doesn’t think that Emmett and Jillian are in on the plan to get Danielle out.

Emmett is still nervous about Aneal being in the house.
Alec: “Aneal isn’t going to put you up don’t worry.. ”
Alec says they have breathed new life into Aneal’s game so all his previous deals are out the window.

Alec: “I think Tom is one of the dumber players” They don’t want have to scramble cleaning up toms mess every day. Peter says this week was a bit of tough one for them next week they’ll be more organized. Alec tells them to keep their talks away from Tom because he’ll go around the house and tell everyone. They agree to “Keep it tight until fight time”
(looks like these 3 are going to want Tom around for a bit so the other players will be preoccupied by him, they are starting to clue in on Liza making deals with the entire house)


1:30pm Backyard Danielle and Jillian

Danielle tells her she hopes that people do not flip their votes. She’s getting worried because people are always bringing up that Danielle, Suzette and Garry are in an alliance. Danielle says it’s really hard for her to talk to people because she’s so much on the outside. She knows who she wants to evict (Tom). Jillian says it’s a bit early to make a big move like that. Danielle: “If I win HOH i know who to put up… I would only be scared if he didn’t go home” Jillian says she would be too scared. Danielle: “wait are we talking about the same person.. a guy right” Jillian: “Ya”

Danielle says it’ll be really hard to get Tom out later in the game, “Plus he’s kinda a D1ck” Suzette joins them and they start talking about the next HOH competition.


2:05pm Hot tub Alec and Emmett
Alec: “To be honest with you I don’t like Tom at all I think he’s a total A$$hole” Alec mentions how even though they don’t like Tom they need him around for a bit.
Emmett: “F***ing watch out for Liza.. she will flirt with AJ and Andrew and tell them a bunch of stuff”:
Alec: “I gotta watch Pete he talks to her a lot and he trusts her.. I trust Tom to keep the four strong but I don’t trust Liza”
Emmett agrees, Emmett warns do not trust AJ. “Aj is one of those guys back home that do not get much action so he’ll spill the beans with any girls that give him attention”
Alec: “Andrew is awesome though.. Voting Andrew out is going to be Tough Tough Tough’
Peter comes in tells them Big Brother is calling indoor lockdown


2:25pm Tom showing off his muscles

Tom was saying that someone (Suzette? ) was saying LIza is always rubbing Tom’s D!ck whose D!ck do I need to rub to move up in the house. Tom says as long as Suzette and Garry don’t win HOH he doesn’t care who wins it.


2:39pm Have nots room Alec and Peter They agree to throw the HOH comp this week. Peter warns him that Tom and Andrew are in love with Liza. Alec laughs. Alec is worried about the amount of information Tom has been giving Topaz. Peter: “He’s so impulsive” Alec: “We need to have a meeting in the next couple days to see how it will play out to evict him” Peter says they have to backdoor Tom and then deal with living with him for the rest of the week which will be a nightmare. Alec and Peter trust Jillian but they never talk game with her. Peter: “Emmett talks game with her” Alec: “once we get Garry out then Tom i’m sure Topaz is mine.. We cannot tell topaz about the Garry plan next week.. Tom will tell her” Peter: “Then he’s digging his own grave”

Alec: “It’s like playing with a baby and trying to keep the baby safe.. he’s wrecking shit”

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Although a slow and uneventful start to this season…I truly believe it’s got major potential to be a very entertaining and amusing one down the road. I felt this week sucked but now I think it’s ending on a strong note. Depending who wins HOH, shit might hit the fan pretty hard. If gary wins HOH, it will be a very interesting week. I’m all for the Alec, Emmett and Peter alliance.

One last thing, gotta admit as much as some of you dislike Tom for being a douche, he’s the perfect one to be in the role of the villain of the season. He’s not gonna as easy to get out though.


As much as I can’t stand Tom, I hope he sticks around for a while for the entertainment value….I would love to see Gary win HOH just to see Tom’s reaction to the fact the Gary would be safe for another week.