Big Brother Spoilers – Week 6 Eviction results

Last week Christian was Evicted from the Big Brother House. Kyland goes on to win the Head of Household and nominates BIGD beside Claire. Veto is played and won By Alyssa. Due to the high Roller Twist Kyland also gets a veto. Kyland uses the High Roller Veto on Claire putting Brit up in her place. Alyssa doesn’t use her veto. Once Brit was nominated up against a cookout member her fate was locked. Regardless of how many times she reminds us she’s been on the block for XX amount of days.

This week the High Roller twist can randomly nominate someone via spinning a roulette wheel. This twist could facilitate some drama on the feeds, We don’t have to deal with a Kyland HOH for at least another week and The Tiff and DF feud continues to fester. All things to look forward to in the week to come.

Results from the show

Xavier Votes to Evict Britini
Hannah Votes to Evict Britini
Claire Votes to Evict Britini
DX Votes to Evict Britini
Azah Votes to Evict BIGD
Tiff Votes to Evict Britini
Sb Votes to Evict Britini
Alyssa Votes to Evict Britini

Britini Evicted

Head of Household Competition Dash to Dinner

Claire = 34.97 sec
Alyssa = Eliminated
BIGD = Timed out
SB = 21.03 sec
Azah = Timed out
Hannah = Timed out
Tiffany = Timed out
DX = Timed out
Xavier = Timed out

Sarah Beth is the new HOH

Chopping Block Roulette

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With BigD on the block, there was no “sadly to evote” this week.

Also, I’m interested to see how Tiff will manage to blame SB winning HOH on Kyland.


Tiffany always has a complaint.


Come on derick x or Claire


Really time for the cookout to turn on each other. Voting bucks to Claire, Derick X and Derick F.


I NEVER EVER check the spoilers on a Thursday night, (my West Coast time,)
until after the “live” show.
But, no surprise, no shocker, we all knew who was gonna be evicted, and it pisses me off.
The CO will have a final six, and that bores me.
Can’t lie, I will be glued to the feeds when ‘they’ accomplish “their mission” and it’s only black houseguests left in the house, the black 6, otherwise known as the CO to take each other out.

I’m still pissed that the CO’s “other” was referred to as a “side dish” by CBS last night.
F**kng bulls**t edit by CBS, and IT’S HONESTLY NOT OKAY!

I REALLY REALLY am anticipating how the black 6 will justify voting people out that “look like them.”
Thanks Dayvonne…you sucked at BB not just once, but a few times,
and you also you sucked at The Challenge.
This game will NEVER EVER be played the same.
— no white person in their right mind will EVER vote out a black person ever again….


An alliance of people who don’t even like each other is anything but boring. It will be a great final few weeks of this is the case. Backstabbing left and right. And guaranteed the first black winner. It’s gonna be fantastic.


Just to quote you: “guaranteed the first black winner.”
Nope, nope, nope, this season is not based on race whatsoever….gtfoh


So… I guess it’s safe to say you are not on board with changing the jury roundtable host from Dr. Will to Da’Vonne?

ICYMI – Da’Vonne announced her interest in hosting this season’s jury roundtable and the BB Twitter mob is all over Julie Chen Moonves, CBS Studies, and God Himself to give her the job.


I did miss that. Are you serious?


Yes, I’m serious. Da’Vonne tweeted that she’d like to be the jury roundtable host this summer and the BB Twitter Mob is all over it.

Jan Simmons

So true!!! All reality shows will be skewed in the future.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

I mean good grief, I already predicted this in June what would happen and it has gone exactly to plan;BBCAN led the way.

Why Simon could not see this coming from KM’s away is beyond me. Keep it real guys and you shouldn’t have to worry about being cancelled by the woke mob. This really is appalling and disgusting how racist BB has become and execs condoning it. This is what happens with an entitled group being able to say and do absolutely anything they want without repercussions. I guess the house is mirroring what’s going on in the US.

The good news is that The Challenge which just started is in Europe and is not full of gangsta mouth pieces and looks promising. The producers tried so hard the previous season to have a POC(btw blacks, white is a color)win and POWC CT pulled the cat of the bag and drug 1/2 white Amber to the finish line to the dismay of the entire production team. It was great. BB is so much easier to manipulate…

As I said at the end of last year on this site, just put BBUS on the BET channel and have 16 POC on and making absolute jackarses of themselves…That is 100% where it’s headed. They can have their segregation; ironic ain’t it yo.

The Beef

Actually white isn’t a color. White is the lack of any color.


So tippy toes chaddha going on block right? I don’t even see KY trying to talk her out of it


I wish. But she will prob do big D and azah.


SB HOH this “might” get interesting.


do you think Ky may set her loose to put up two members of the B6 so that it frees him up to not having to do it himself?

JR Ray

What’s B6?

No fave yet

Naw…..whatever Ky tells her to do

Jan Simmons

Not likely. She’s not smart enough to see the writing on the wall and even if she does snap, it’s too late.


I put all my votes towards Derek X this week

another name

Just refreshed to see SB is HOH.
Whatever Ky and X want.
SB’s last stated plan was either two pawns backdoor Dx or Dx and Hannah on the block from the jump.

Ky has already told SB his preference is Dx or Claire leaving. With an added but do what you want ot do (in that come to my conclusion, but act like it’s your wish kind of way).


Congratulations Sarah Beth!! New HOH


Come on SB…shake it up!


This might be the weakest season ever.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Might? Production doesn’t even bother hiding the strings anymore. BBCAN 2021 even made Fonzi blush as they jumped the shark 12 times give or take 1.

Yellow Ducky For The Win

C’mon SB, put Tiffany on the block!!!


I really cannot stand Britini. The constant crying and claims of being “picked on” because she is nominated AS PART OF THE GAME..and then tonight’s incessant bragging about her “underdog” story…ugh.

How did she get 100 BB Bucks????

Bye bee-yotch.

No fave yet

Now we’ll hear how everyone “threw” the comp.

Paul Sucks

Not a fan of SB but I hope that means the CO goes on the block…Tiff/Hannah? Maybe?

No fave yet

SB has repeatedly said she would put up the Jokers. Since they are both CO, I don’t see Ky letting her.

another name

That’s what she said to people outside of Ky and the Kings.
To them she said Dx backdoor, or Dx on the block from the jump to get him to spend his roulette money.


Why don’t Big Brother this time let the fans vote someone out. Maybe in the double elimination? Just a thought so that the Cookout will be rattled.


I’m so f*cking happy that a female finally won and even more that it was a non CO female in Sarah Beth!

I’d love for her and Kyland to be final 2 since my # 1 pick would win the season.

I’m sure when I catch up on feeds Tiffany will be going CRAZY lol.


Here is my concern with this years game play. I have no issue with the Cook Out alliance being all black. It was overdue that a person of color won. Also there have been many alliance of the best game players that happened to be all white. Whether it was by design or not it happened. But after this year now every white person going in watched this happen and will form their own white alliance. So going forward in BB it will be white against black. Just what this country needs a TV show that will now be divided like the country.